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Nobody likes websites or application interfaces that are dull looking. They should be dynamic and user friendly. Javascripts does it all. From development of a web site to its modification in later stages javascript is a user friendly language that you must learn.

One of the most in demand languages, it provides features for frontend and backend development systems. Hence it is a language that will stay. If you are interested in engineering in software fields, then learning javascript is crucial. There are many javascript courses for you.

What is Javascript?

It is a scripting or programming language. It was created for web development by Netscape. It is used to make web pages/sites interactive and fresh. It enables you to add the following features: interactive maps, 2D/3D graphics, regular updates, etc.  Similar to ASP and PHP, it can be inserted anywhere within the HTML of a webpage.

Difference between Java and Javascript

Java is an OOP (Object Oriented Program) programming language and hence more complex whereas Javascript is an OOP scripting language making it easier to learn.  

JavaScript is comparatively faster and supports smaller executable program size. Thus it is used in a huge variety of applications. Another interesting fact is that Java needs to be compiled while JavaScript code is all in text and is visible to everyone. 

Who can pursue Javascript courses?

  • You want to be a great web developer

  • You love coding and have already mastered other programming languages.

Do any or all of these statements fit you? Then you can definitely pursue Javascript courses.

Eligibility Criteria for Javascript courses

You can learn Javascript if you have a passion for it. While having a degree in Computer Science / Computer Applications (BCA, B.Sc., B.Tech) can make you an advanced learner, javascript is something you can learn without any prior experience. Hence even after 10th you can take Javascript courses. But it makes it easier if you have a functioning knowledge of Java, HTML, HTTP, DOM structures, . Hence having a degree in Computer science related subjects is a benefit.

You can either learn Javascript courses as part of your degree or take online javascript courses.

Important skills for Javascript  courses

  • Basic programming skills preferred (e.g: HTML, PHP, CSS )
  • Logical and analytical skills
  • Communication skills

What will you learn in Javascript  courses?

  • Object Oriented Approach.
  • Data Models
  • Control Flow 
  • Error handling. 
  • Asynchronicity
  • DOM Manipulation
  • Node
  • Functional Approach
  • Scope
  • IIFE (Immediately Invoked Function Expression) 

Popular Javascript certification courses


Offered by



Angular JS Certification Training

Manipal Prolearn

20 hours/ self paced

INR 9.990/-

Certification in Node JS

Manipal Prolearn

8 hours/ self paced

INR 9.990/-

Learn Intermediate JavaScript


3 months

INR 68,547/-

Career Opportunities after Javascript courses

If you want to write software that everyone can use, then javascript is one of the top options. After completing javascript courses there are numerous career possibilities. Here are some of the top careers.

See also: 

Salary Trends

Average salary of a Web Developer based on experience

Experience in years

Average Base Salary p.a.

< 1

INR 2,41,428/-

1 - 4 

INR 3,04,860/-

5 - 9 

INR 5,72,307/-

10 - 19

INR 8,00,000/-

20 and above

INR 8,24,242/-

** Source of Salary Details: Payscale

Note: The salary details given above can vary depending on various factors such as skill, experience, company, location etc. 

Scope after Javascript  courses

Here is a list to show the versatile nature of javascript. Javascript can you in:

  • Client side scripting and  server side scripting 
  • Development of web, mobile, and desktop applications 
  • Front-end and Back-end Development, 
  • Full-stack development
  • Information security 
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning

To give you a more clear perspective, here is a survey: 

95% of the1.6 billion websites in the world use JavaScript. That is  1.52 billion websites!

**Souce: Eric Elliot, Medium

Top Recruiters











Q: Can I learn javascript courses after 12?

A: It is possible to learn javascript courses even after class 10 if you have the passion for it. Within a few months you can learn the basics. But it is still advisable to take a degree in Computer science or already have some prior knowledge in programming. Then these javascript certification courses can benefit even more.

Q: Are there online javascript courses?

A: Yes. There are many recognised javascript certification courses online. They do not require any mandatory prerequisites. However having basic knowledge (HTML for example) can help you learn in these online javascript courses.

Q: How long do Javascript courses last?

A: In degree courses, Javascript will be taught as one of the subjects. This can last for a semester. There are javascript certification courses which you can complete from a few days to a few months.

Q: How much do online javascript courses cost?

A: There are free online javascript courses as well as paid ones. The paid courses can cost from a few thousand rupees to around a few ten thousand rupees.

Q: Is learning Javascript worth it?

A: Yes. 95% of all websites use javascript. So if you wish to create software / web pages then being adept at javascript will open doors for you.

Q: Which  are some of the best javascript certification courses?

A: Manipal Prolearn offers one of the best java certification courses: Angular JS Certification Training courses by Manipal Prolearn cover core concepts such as  Bootstrap Grid Systems, Dependency Injection, TypeScript etc. Hence it's a course worth the money.

Career Category
Job Role



Offered by


Intermediate JavaScript Programme

JavaScript is a popular programming language and one of the most in-demand skills in the web development area. In the coding world, JavaScript offers more entry points to beginners, enabling them to start coding with JavaScript right away. Furthermore, in addition to being highly beginner-friendly, JavaScript also comprises valuable transferable skills. This enables a JavaScript programmer to apply these skills to any new programming language like Python or C++, that they might learn later on.

These benefits of JavaScript have attracted a huge population globally to initiate and strengthen their careers as web developers, front-end developers, server-side developers, mobile app developers and website administrators.

The Intermediate JavaScript course online, is a nanodegree programme offered by Udacity, to provide a deep understanding of skills required to utilise the JavaScript frameworks, thereby enabling them to power and support websites, mobile apps, web applications, web servers, games and server applications of major industry leaders like Facebook, LinkedIn, Uber, Netflix and many more.

...Read More
3 Months
Skills Covered:
Programming skills

Offered by

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne via Edx

Nature in Code: Biology in JavaScript

The Nature, in Code: Biology in JavaScript programme emitting principles on- natural selection, epidemic, genetics and others with the help of programming specified to JavaScript. The Nature in Code: Biology in JavaScript syllabus does not require any prior knowledge in programming and hence provides opportunity for students belonging from a diverse background. In the course, the enrolled candidates will learn about the key concepts that revolve around biological science. 

The syllabus has been structured as “intermediate” to help students further enhance their information. With only basic biological and mathematical concepts students will receive a professional level of certificate. With the help of JavaScript, the students will be implementing biological concepts and formulas. The seven week Nature, in Code: Biology in JavaScript course will throughout be guided by experts and professionals. Emphasis will be laid on the subject of “Computer science” and students will learn about the rules that govern and rules the world of biology.

...Read More
7 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of genetics

JavaScript Introduction

The JavaScript introduction online course is provided by the online educational platform Edx and developed and designed by the ‘World Wide Web Consortium’(W3C) and the University of Cote d’Azur. This entry-level course is part of the W3C’s ‘Front-end web developer’ professional certification and is scheduled for the candidates for five weeks. The students will have to spend about six to eight hours per week to finish the course.

This computer science course is a study about making websites more interactive by improving the website content, multimedia, graphic images, etc. It helps the candidates develop skills and an understanding of the JavaScript programming language. The online training is instructed by professor Michael Buffa from the University of Cote d’Azur.  The JavaScript introduction online program will enable the students to read the source code belonging to a JavaScript example on the internet. The interactive sessions and coding videos provide a practical learning experience for the students to grasp the concepts effectively.

...Read More
5 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Programming skills Java Web application development skills Software development skills Animation skills Knowledge of CSS Knowledge of Algorithms
Programming for the Web with JavaScript

Offered by

Penn via Edx

Programming for the Web with JavaScript

The Programming for the Web with JavaScript online course is one among PennX’s ‘Computer Science essentials for software development’ program developed by the University of Pennsylvania. This course is provided by the education platform Edx for the students who wish to learn about the basics of data interaction on the internet along with concepts and ideologies to make strong web applications using JavaScript.

The course educator for this online program is Chris Murphy who is a senior lecturer in the department of computer science and Swapneel Sheth, a senior lecturer in computer and information science at the University of Pennsylvania. This intermediate-level course will enable the students to acquire knowledge about the advanced web page layout and design tools like Bootstrap

In this course, the candidates will get an opportunity to work with jQuery for Document Object Model(DOM) manipulation and event handling. This course will teach the candidates to create data-driven applications and integrate them with databases like MongoDB. The ‘Programming for the Web with JavaScript’ training is for four weeks with six to eight hours per week.

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4 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Web application development skills Programming skills Java Knowledge of CSS Knowledge of Algorithms Knowledge of MongoDB Data science knowledge
Certified JavaScript Developer

Offered by


Certified JavaScript Developer

The Certified JavaScript Developer online course is offered by Vskills, The course covers the correct ways for dealing with arrays as well as the function of NPM (Node Package Manager). The course includes various challenges and their solutions, candidates will get access to the course materials and challenges in the GIT repositories downloaded at the start of the course.

The Certified JavaScript Developer training covers JavaScript, NPM, ES6, Webpack, Node, Babel and React through a series of challenges based on real-world circumstances. The course teaches about destructuring, arrow functions, default function arguments, array helper methods, template literals and classes in ES6.

The Certified JavaScript Developer syllabus covers ES6, JavaScript, NPM, Babel, Webpack and the whole ecosystem of javascript in a single Bootcamp training. This course will equip students with all the skills they need to grasp JavaScript in order to become a full-stack web developer, frontend web developer or backend developer.

...Read More
Skills Covered:
Java Programming skills


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