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The market of e-commerce has seen significant growth over the last few years. Taking an eCommerce course online will help individuals not only enter the field but also flourish. E Commerce courses equip learners with skills like business management and marketing strategies to effectively and efficiently operate an online business. Studying e-commerce courses in India opens enormous career opportunities in diverse sectors. You can pursue e-commerce courses at UG, PG and diploma levels - B.Com in E-Commerce, B.Sc. in E-business, MBA in E-Commerce Management, M.Sc in E-Commerce, M.Sc in Information Technology & E-Commerce, PGDM in E-Commerce Management, Diploma in E-Commerce, and more. There are also free online ecommerce courses available. 

Today, eCommerce has become a sought-after career option among students who want to build a career in the online marketplace. There are many online E Commerce courses in India you can pursue. Many top institutes and universities worldwide also offer e-commerce courses free. After completing E Commerce courses online, you can explore various job opportunities in e-commerce companies, online auction services, consulting firms, software companies, business process outsourcing and many others.

What is E-Commerce?

The term e-commerce refers to the process of buying and selling consumer goods over digital platforms. Today, e-commerce is very important as everything is going online, from businesses to people. Creating an e-commerce business is indispensable to building a better business worldwide. This type of business has become more effective these days as it delivers round-the-clock services at all times. As the e-commerce industry has boomed, there are also many career opportunities available for those who have completed online commerce classes and diploma in ecommerce.

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Who Can Pursue E Commerce Courses?

  • Candidates who are interested in entering the online business.
  • Graduates with any background can pursue e commerce courses online.
  • Individuals having internet and world wide web proficiency with good knowledge of e-commerce applications.

If you belong to any categories mentioned above, the ecommerce courses in India and ecommerce certification courses are the right choices for you. 

Eligibility Criteria for E Commerce Courses

The eligibility criteria for the online ecommerce courses will vary based on the level of the programmes as well as the college the students to chose to pursue them. The prerequisites of the e com courses and certificate in e-commerce are as follows:

  • Candidates who have completed 10+2 in any stream with at least 60% from a recognised board are eligible for undergraduate e-commerce courses.
  • Students can apply for postgraduate e-commerce courses after completing a bachelor’s in e-commerce or equivalent from a recognised college/university.
  • Eligible candidates are required to sit for common entrance examinations for e-commerce courses.

Entrance Exams for E Commerce Courses

Some institutions and colleges conduct entrance exams for admission into the e commerce courses after 12th and courses in e commerce. Check the list below to know some of the entrance tests for the e-commerce certificate programmes: 

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Skills Required for E Commerce Courses

While taking the ecommerce online courses as well as working in the industry, having a set of skills will help the learners highly. Some of the skills required for the e commerce training courses are listed below. 

  • Knowledge of Internet
  • Basic understanding of e-commerce applications
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Basics of SEO
  • Designing skills

What Will You Learn in E Commerce Courses?

What you will learn in the e commerce online course in India and free online commerce courses with certificates is based on which level course you take and which institution you choose. Some of the topics covered by commerce related online courses and ecommerce certificate programmes are:

  • Marketing, Business Statistics, and E-Commerce Trade
  • Software Development, Business Finance, and Auditing
  • Business Environment
  • Computer Application in Business
  • Financial Management
  • Business Models for E-Commerce and more.

Popular E Commerce Certification Courses

With e-commerce certification courses and free e-commerce courses, you will be able to understand how an e-commerce business operates. Through the online certification courses for commerce students, you will learn essential concepts and skills required to work in the e-commerce industry. You can pursue these online e commerce courses at your own pace. Many e commerce courses are available for free, while some are at a few costs and may require paying the e commerce course fees in India. So, check the e commerce course fees and enrol in one of the best courses for e-commerce and e commerce online courses that suit you best.

Here’s the list of some best e commerce certification courses and best ecommerce courses :

Course Name

Offered by 



B.Com E-Commerce

Mizoram University, Aizawl

3 years

Rs 84,000

M.Com E-Commerce

Mizoram University, Aizawl

2 Years

Rs 80,000

Digital Business Models

Lund University

11 Hours


Complete E-Commerce Course - Java, Spring, Hibernate and MySQL


20 Hours

Rs 490

Sourcing and Customising Best Selling Products for e-Commerce

Theo McArthur via Alison

1.5-3 Hours


Ecommerce Marketing Training Course: Learn How to Use Ecommerce to Attract, Convert, and Delight More Customers

HubSpot Academy

34 Minutes


Certified E-Commerce Professional

Indian Institute of E-Commerce

200 Hours

Rs 25,000+GST

Online E-Commerce Course


8 Hours

Rs 6,355

Online Marketing Strategies

Curtin University via edX

12 Weeks


Digital Commerce Reinventing Business Models

Tecnológico de Monterrey via edX

4 Weeks


Career Options in E-Commerce

There are a wide variety of career opportunities after completing e commerce certification courses. You can get opportunities in various e-commerce sectors in India once you complete your e commerce courses online or offline. Some of the popular sectors available to you include retail, education, travelling/ticketing, and classified portal. If you have good skills and experience in e-commerce, you can work in marketing agencies, accounting and management firms, companies dealing with online transactions, networking firms, financial services, and more. Online auction services, software solution providers, and business process outsourcing also hire e-commerce professionals.

Below are some of the job profiles you can explore after e commerce courses:

E-Commerce Salary Trends

Professionals holding a degree or certificate in e-commerce are well-compensated based on their qualifications, job roles, skills and level of experience. With e-commerce skills, a candidate can earn an average salary of Rs 691,000 p.a., according to PayScale.

Salary based on job profiles:

Job Profiles

Average Base Pay (Annually)

E-Commerce Manager

Rs 458,997

Product Manager

Rs 1,789,091

E-Commerce Analyst

Rs 292,774

Catalog Specialist

Rs 371,330

Project Manager

Rs 112,077

 *Source: PayScale

Popular Online Arts And Crafts Courses and Certifications

Scope of E-Commerce

With customers shifting to online shopping, e-commerce is emerging as the fastest-growing sector in the world. The sector is making everything, from buying to selling products or trading, easier and more convenient. That is why the e-commerce sector is constantly growing without a sign of decrement in recent years. This is the time to get started and immersed in the e-commerce world. It opens many new opportunities to candidates who have pursued online e commerce courses or earned a degree in this field. There is a huge career scope in e-commerce, ranging from e-business solutions companies to business process outsourcing, accounting and management firms and networking agencies.  

As per the report from the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), there will be an increase of around 50% in the next five years in the e-commerce field in India. So, as the e-commerce market will reach a high peak, the scope of this field will grow with great career prospects.

Top Recruiters for E-Commerce Professionals

Some of the companies that will recruit professionals who have completed online commerce courses and  certificate course in e commerce are:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Myntra
  • Flipkart
  • Unilever
  • Shoppers Stop

Top Providers Offering E Commerce Courses

Many online course providers like Edx, and Futurelearn offer various ecommerce certifications and free e-commerce certificate programmes. Some of the providers that offer the certificate in e commerce courses and course in e commerce are:

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Q: What are e-commerce courses?

A: E Commerce courses online include content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, Facebook ads, google analytics, digital advertising, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, and more.

Q: How can I learn free online e commerce courses?

A: Many major universities and institutes worldwide offer online e-commerce courses free, including Curtin University, Babson College, Tecnológico de Monterrey, and many others.

Q: What different fields are available in e-commerce?

A: Financial, marketing, management, and technology are among the most popular fields in e-commerce.

Q: Is eCommerce a good career?

A: As e-commerce is the fastest-growing industry worldwide, pursuing e commerce certification courses will open various career opportunities at the national and international levels.

Q: What are the benefits of pursuing certificate in ecommerce?

A: Taking up e commerce courses online or offline course in e commerce will impart knowledge of marketing, accounting, e-business, e-commerce trade, finance, and computer applications with skills necessary to build a career in e-commerce.

Q: What qualification is required for eCommerce?

A: The minimum eligibility for online e commerce courses and degree programmes is 10+2, and a bachelor’s degree for higher-level courses.

Q: What can we do after e-commerce?

A: You can go in different fields such as retail, accounting and management, software companies, networking firms and companies that operate digitally and deal with online transactions.

Q: How much can I make from eCommerce?

A: After completing e commerce certification courses or degree programmes, you will be well-compensated by employers in the industry. As an E-Commerce Manager, you can earn an average salary of Rs 458,997 p.a. In India.

Career Category
Job Role


Online Degree

B.Com E-Commerce

Mizoram University offers B.Com in E-Commerce online courses to all aspiring candidates. All those candidates who have passed class 12 in any discipline from a recognised board can enroll for the B.Com E-Commerce online degree programme at Mizoram University. B.Com E-Commerce is a three years undergraduate programme which will be completed in six semesters. By pursuing this course, candidates will be able to learn business economics and business management, basics of financial, cost, corporate, and computerized accounting etc. During the course, candidates will be awarded a total of 140 credits. The course will comprise of 36 Subjects backed by Industry Relevant Projects, Assignments and Case Studies. 

In order to enroll for this course, candidates will have to visit the official website of Mizoram University and select the course. Candidates must fill the B.Com E-Commerce application form and pay the requisite fee. The total course fee of B.Com E-Commerce is Rs. 42000 wherein Rs. 14000 (Course fee of Rs.12000 and Exam fee of Rs. 2000) will be charged per year. Get other details related to B.Com E-Commerce here.

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36 Months
Online Degree

M.Com E-Commerce

Mizoram University, Aizawl offers an online M.Com degree program in E-Commerce that prepares students for mid to senior-level positions in the industry. The online M.Com E-commerce course imparts to students sound knowledge in the fields of Commerce, IT, Management, Finance, and Economics. The programme also introduces them to different aspects of e-commerce applied in business. By pursuing the online M.Com E-commerce course from Mizoram University, students will be able to integrate professional skills into their learning through hands-on experience and keep them updated on the changes and emerging trends in e-commerce.

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24 Months
BCOS 184 E Commerce

Offered by


BCOS-184 E-Commerce

The course in BCOS-184 E-Commerce will familiarise the candidates about the basic introduction to E-commerce, various models used in E-commerce, latest technology used in E-commerce. 

The BCOS-184 E-Commerce Syllabus is structured to cover the fundamentals and preliminary aspects of E-commerce, also about the various advantages of e-commerce for the buyers such as it provides detailed information, accelerates buying process, personalized store as per their preferences, reduces recurring cost, while hiring virtual support resources for the consumer, etc. 

In the last decade, the way of doing business has totally revolutionized with advancement in technologies that have impacted the e-commerce industry drastically; it has transformed the way consumers connect with brands. Customers can buy anything just with a click of a mouse and more cost-effectively, track orders and get the convenience of getting products delivered to their doorstep. 

All students after carrying out the required projects and assignments get a BCOS-184 E-Commerce from the IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) New Delhi

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12 Weeks

Offered by

Logyca via Edx

E Commerce Logistics and Last Mile

5 Weeks
E Commerce Training

Offered by


E Commerce Training Course

4 Weeks
Professional Certificate in Planning and Implementing E-Commerce Strategy

Offered by


Professional Certificate in Planning and Implementing E-Commerce Strategy

The Professional Certificate in Planning and Implementing E-Commerce Strategy in India Online Course is a 2-week long course that focuses on the strategy formulation process for e-commerce in detail. The 100% online course will introduce learners to the steps involved in implementing e-commerce analytics and strategies in organizations.

After completing the Professional Certificate in Planning and Implementing E-Commerce Strategy in India Training Course, all learners will receive a certificate of completion offered by the Metropolitan School of Business and Management UK. The course will be delivered through lectures with unlimited access.

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2 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Business sense Strategic Mindset Knowledge of ecommerce
Professional Certificate in Strategic E-Commerce Development and Management

Offered by


Professional Certificate in Role of Strategic E-Commerce Development and Management

The Professional Certificate in Role of Strategic E-Commerce Development and Management in India Course is a fully online course that explores the fundamentals of e-commerce along with the technological advancements in the digital business sector.

After completing all the steps in the course, learners will be given a Professional Certificate in Role of Strategic E-Commerce Development and Management in India by the Metropolitan School of Business and Management UK. The course provides unlimited access to lectures and can be easily availed in online mode.

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2 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of ecommerce
Professional Certificate in E-Commerce Framework and Drivers

Offered by


Professional Certificate in E-Commerce Framework and Drivers

The Professional Certificate in E-Commerce Framework and Drivers in India Training Course is a fully online certificate course specialized in the working of the e-commerce sector. The advanced level course will put forward the range of factors affecting e-commerce technologies and frameworks in an organization.

Once a learner completes all steps of the Professional Certificate in E-Commerce Framework and Drivers in India Online course, a certificate of completion will be awarded by the Metropolitan School of Business and Management UK. The course is available at very affordable fees and can be accessed online with ease.

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2 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Business Management Knowledge of ecommerce
E Commerce Marketing using Shopify

Offered by


E-Commerce Marketing using Shopify

E-commerce Marketing using Shopify Course is an online short certification provided by Board Infinity which is a digital educational platform for the learners who want to get certified in various aspects of data science and digital marketing. E-commerce Marketing using Shopify Online Course aims at imparting the candidates a clear understanding of e-commerce marketing using Shopify.

Administered by Board Infinity, E-commerce Marketing using Shopify Programme is designed for the beginner and intermediate level learners enabling them to equip with the fundamental and advanced skills and techniques of e-commerce marketing and e-business marketing and monetization using Shopify and WordPress.

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1 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of ecommerce


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