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How to get good marks in Jipmer pg 2018?

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It is important that you remember these points if you are appearing for JIPMER PG Entrance exam. 1. The exam contains 250 questions and the time is 3hrs. At times time management could be a problem. So beware of that from the beginning of the exam itself. Don't let the time to be the deciding factor, as happened to many in the All India. 2. The answers are to be marked with "HB pencil", not with ball point pen(which was the case with most other exams) Be sure to take two or three good quality pencils and one good eraser with you.You can completely erase one choice and mark another,for making corrections. 3. The roll number is written with Ink/Ball point pen and circles are to be darkened with HB pencil. Take a notice of that and carry suitable pens also with you. 4. THERE ARE NO NEGATIVE MARKINGS. So always save some 15-20 minutes towards the ends of the exam and mark all the answers. Make sure that you have not missed any questions, and be sure that you are marking the correct rows. 5. Questions are mainly clinical oriented(80%).So give more importance to them. Please notice that at JIPMER they are attaching more importance to ENT, Dermat, Psychiatry and Ortho. Give a stress on these 4 while preparing. But still remember that Medicine Surgery Gyne and PSM constitue the bulk. 6. Questions are usually not that twisted and JIPMER is considered to be a satisfying exam by many. So don't overthink and make unnecessary mistakes. Remember When in doubt go for the simplest choice and First guess is always the best guess. Also please try not to change an answer which you have marked( even though it is easier said than done!) 7. Giving center in Pondicherry has its own advantages. Anyway you will have to go there to see the results. All the best !!!

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