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I want to do fashion designing but my parent saying to do law so what can I do

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Ritika Sharma 30 days ago

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Choose the one which you're passionate about.
Both the career fields are lot different and both require lot of hard work and dedication.
If you want to pursue fashion designing, go for it. As a fashion designer you'll have following options later:
1. Go for retail industry
2. Become a stylist
3. Modelling
4. Entrepreneurship
5. Textile Manufacturing
6. Fashion blogging
7. Jewelry/dress/shoe designing
and many such fields where you can achieve great heights.
On the other hand if you want to choose law, then that is a good option too, provided you have a passion for it. You can expect the following career lines in future after doing law:
1. Practice as an advocate in the court of law
2. Become a legal advisor
3. Work as a specialized lawyer like - criminal lawyer, civil lawyer, international lawyer, real estate lawyer, tax  lawyer, and so on.
4. Prepare and qualify the exam to become a judge.
5. Become a solicitor.
So these are the opportunities you'll have in these fields. Choice is totally yours. If you want to become a fashion designer ,just follow that passion. You'll have plethora of options in future.
Hope this helps, good luck to you !!

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Vipul Chaudhary
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Both are very different career paths. Where fashion is a creative field, law is not.

In simple words, if you are more into books, studying, and find interest in “law” world then you should go for law. But if you are more into creative stuffs (i.e. totally opposite to what is required in Law), then you should definitely opt for fashion designing.

Talking about the future, scope and job opportunities for both the careers:

  • World is never gonna stop working and hence new rules, regulations and laws will be demanded and generated for improvements on regular basis. Here, you can play your role. This is never-ending-opportunity career.
  • People are never gonna stop wearing clothes and hence fashion is never going to end completely. Every person needs different clothes for different occasions (big or small), shopping is an exciting phenomena for everyone. As a designer you can act here. Even this field provides you great opportunities and scope. Its is a quite challenging field with lot of competition.

Both careers are great. It depends on you what you are really into. Just know your skills and interests properly.

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Thank you and good luck. 

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