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I've uploaded photo not under the prescribed guidelines ... Is there any way to correct it

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Anoosha Bhat 3 months ago

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Hey , 

Have you already submitted the application? IF so , I'm sorry but there is no option for correcting the application form. 
Your application might or might not be subjected to rejection. But there is way, by applying it again and paying fees again. 

According to the given guidelines , The photograph and signature must be submitted in the prescirbed format - 

  • The photo must be taken on or after 31.01.2019 
  • Black and white photo are not entertained. 
  • recent passport size photograph with light background is necessary. 
  • Photograph must be taken with placard while the candidate must hold the placard and it should contain the name of the candidate as well as the date of photograph taken.
  • name and date of photograph must be legible. 
  • The soft copy must be saved as Candidate photograph.jpg ( JPEG or JPG format only) with minimum size of 20 kb and maximum of 200 kb.
  • Signature must be fixed in area of 80 mm width * 35 mm height on paper with BLACK POINT PEN 
  •  Signature should be saved as Candidate Signature.jpg with minimum size of 20 kb.

All these process of aplication submission is only done after clicking "submit" button after uploading the necessary documents. Also, there is no refunding of fees. 
Once the application is submitted, they do not accept requests through any medium regarding the changes to be done in application form. Incomplete application will be rejected. 

In case of rejection of online application form, there is no reconsideration accepted. But you can re-apply as fresh application and paying fees again. 
There is no refunding of application fee, hence if you have already submitted with ncorrect details and you want to correct it, you need to pay the aplicaiton fees again.
Once you know the error committed by you, You need to fill the new application with prescribed fee and the earlier application will automatically get cancelled. 

So , there is option to correct it if you have proceeded with final submission, If not you can re-upload it and proceed for final submission. IF you have sumitted, then you need to re-apply. But again, it should not make much difference , but according to guidelines we dont know they may reject it if it doesnt meet the guidelines, hence on safer side, if ou have submitted , re-apply it. IF not re- upload the photo. 

Also, since they do not accept any request for considering the application submitted by violatiing one of the guidelines, then you can contact them and ask them what else you can do. if they suggest you as filling another application is the only other option, then you will have to go through with that. 

Here is the prospectus for your complete guidence -

Hope it helps with your query, 

Good Luck.

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