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B.Tech Dual Degree - Courses, Eligibility, Jobs, Salary, Fees

B.Tech Dual Degree - Courses, Eligibility, Jobs, Salary, Fees

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A B.Tech Dual Degree programme is a concept adopted from foreign universities by various Indian engineering institutes. It helps students earn two degrees faster, commonly in four to five years. It saves one year of academics compared to pursuing a separate master's degree after a bachelor's degree.

At present, many institutions are moving towards offering dual degree programmes to bridge the gap between students' course knowledge and the increasingly complex world. In this dual degree programme, the B.Tech degree is combined with another PG degree, such as MTech, MBA, MS, or even other bachelor's degrees.

B.Tech Dual Degree - Courses, Eligibility, Jobs, Salary, Fees
B.Tech Dual Degree - Courses, Eligibility, Jobs, Salary, Fees

Yes, that is true, a dual degree is not always a combination of a bachelor's and master's degree. But, in some cases, a dual degree is a blend of two undergraduate degrees such as BTech + BA or BTech + BBA.

List of Top BTech Dual Degree

Various courses are combined with a BTech degree to offer a dual degree programme. Below, we have provided the details of the most pursued BTech Dual Degree.

BTech + MTech Integrated Course

The most popular B.Tech Dual Degree option is the B.Tech + M.Tech integrated course. This dual degree has a duration of five years, divided into ten semesters. During the first three years of the degree, students are provided with foundational and advanced knowledge of the engineering specialisation they have opted for. The last two years of 5-year B.Tech. + M.Tech. dual degree courses generally include research work and a thesis.

Top BTech MTech Dual Degree Colleges

Around 80 colleges in India offer BTech MTech integrated courses. Among them, 14 are IITs, 7 NITs, and 4 IIITs. Following are the top five providers of B.Tech M.Tech dual degree.

NIRF Ranking

CollegesTotal Fees


IIT Madras

Rs. 10.72 lakhs


IIT Delhi

Rs. 9.02 lakhs


IIT Bombay

Rs. 10.37 lakhs


IIT Kanpur



IIT Roorkee

Rs. 11.15 lakhs

BTech + MBA Integrated Course

BTech MBA dual degree is also largely pursued by candidates. After a large number of enrolment of BTech graduates in MBA programmes, many colleges/universities have decided to combine both these degrees as BTech + MBA integrated courses.

This BTech dual degree provides business acumen in addition to engineering concepts. It also opens various career opportunities for candidates in engineering as well as business, finance, marketing, and management.

Top BTech MBA Dual Degree Colleges

More than 30 colleges in India offer B Tech MBA integrated courses. The top five providers with their total course fees are listed below.

NIRF RankingColleges

Total Fees


IIT Kanpur



IIT Patna

Rs. 13.07 lakhs


IIITM Gwalior



IIIT Allahabad



Amity University Gurgaon

Rs. 16.20 lakhs

BTech + BBA Integrated Course

Not many people know this B.Tech Dual Degree because it is offered by a single institution which is Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra. BTech BBA dual degree is of four-year duration divided into eight semesters. Footwear Technology is the only specialisation that is offered under this BTech BBA integrated course.

Subjects taught to students include Leather Technology, Footwear Machinery, CAD, Product Design, Business Communication, Management Accounting, and Business Statistics. After graduating with the BTech + BBA integrated course, graduates can pursue careers as Footwear Designers, Footwear Technicians, and Production Managers.

BTech + MDes Integrated Course

Bachelor of Technology and Master of Design is a five-year-long dual degree that is divided into ten semesters. As of now, IIT Kanpur is the only provider of BTech + MDes Integrated courses. Along with engineering subjects, a large part of the course curriculum focuses on design theory. Specialisation chosen by candidates for BTech MDes dual degree decides the course curriculum for them.

BTech + MS Integrated Course

The Bachelor of Technology and Master of Design (BTech and MS) is an integrated five-year course. MPSTME Mumbai and IIIT Hyderabad are two well-known institutions offering BTech-MS dual degrees. These colleges have partnered with foreign universities where the MS degree is awarded to students.

The IIIT Hyderabad programme is structured as three years of BTech followed by two years of MS degree. In contrast, the programme structure at MPSTME Mumbai is slightly different: three years of BTech, one year of BS degree, followed by one year of MS degree.

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Dual Degree BTech Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria are a set of requirements that candidates must meet to gain admission. Candidates seeking admission to B.Tech dual degree must fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

  • Candidates must have passed 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics with at least 60 per cent marks from a recognised board.
  • Some universities take admission to their B.Tech dual degree programmes based on entrance exams along with the 10+2 certificate.

Why Choose a B.Tech Dual Degree?

B.Tech dual degree help students in completing two programmes simultaneously. Students earn two degrees after completing a dual degree programme in a short span of four or five years. It helps students in saving money as compared to taking one programme at a time.

B.Tech dual degree programme helps learners get more knowledge within a given time frame. It helps in diversifying and opening more opportunities for growth in terms of job opportunities. Lateral entries in these programmes are also available for students. These programmes allow students more time to prepare themselves for jobs.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is a B.Tech dual degree?

A B.Tech dual degree means earning two degrees at the same time. In the BTech dual degree, one more degree is combined with the BTech course. MBA, BBA, BA, MTech, MS, and MDes are some degrees that are combined with BTech for the dual degree. 

2. Is B. Tech M. Tech dual degree good?

Yes, a dual degree is good as it helps the students in broadening their job opportunities. It also saves at least one year of academic studies of students. 

3. Can we do B. Tech and M. Tech together?

Yes, of course, the dual degree programme helps students in earning two degrees at a time (B.Tech+M.Tech). IIT Madras, IIT Delhi, and IIT Bombay are the top providers of BTech MTech integrated courses. 

4. Is dual degree in engineering good?

Yes, a dual degree in engineering helps students learn the more advanced concepts of their specialisation. Students are also involved in research work in their final two years of the dual degree, which emphasises their understanding. 

5. What is the Btech Mtech dual degree duration?

The BTech MTech dual degree is of five years duration. It saves one year of academics compared to pursuing an MTech of two years after completing four years of BTech. 

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