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How and when to prepare for neet pg

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You must make a timetable & Prepare for 8th months time for Neet PG. First 5 months you can solely dedicate it to thoroughly understand the concepts and to learn the facts. Two weeks or more for Long subjects and 1 week or less for short subjects. And the next three months u can keep it for revisions. You need at least 2 revisions before the main exam. You can first revise the notes of the topic and subsequently practice the MCQ’s online by registering to beattheneet.com. Preferably subscribe to 2 different online test series. You get more confidence after attending these mock test series in the beattheneet website. You can get more confidence after attending to these mock test series as it covers all the topics that are required for the NEET PG exam.

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Dr Parmanand Agarwal
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Hello Abinaya,
As per your query about NEET PG PREPARATION, i would like to say the early you start, bettter it is...
If you can complete the MCQS for each yeard in the same duration... Like complete the MCQS FOR first year ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY, BIOCHEMISTRY,... During first year and in between end of firsr year and starting of second year...
Similarly for second year and third year
But in final year usually it gets difficult to cover everything... Theory practical and MCQS..
SO cover what ever you can and then remaing with REVISION OF PREVIOUS year in INTERNSHIP...
Hopefully it helps
Dr Parmanand Agarwal
Career counselor

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Abhishek Jaggi
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How to prepare to be an English teacher
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