Ruchika Chauhan 3 months ago

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How can I prepare for GD/PI rounds of IIMs?

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Vaishnavi Rajendra Kapote
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Hello Ruchika,

Many colleges prefer to give lot of weightage to GD and PI. Most of them prefer to consuct WAT instead of GDs. GDs and WATs generally are on the simple topics. The idea through them is only to judge the clarity of thoughts and your ability to take decisons. For GDs, the only solution is to practice in small groups.

For PIs, you should be thorough with your profile. Freshers need to focus on the technical knowledge and should be prepared for any question related to their projects and internships. People with work experience need to know about the work they have done in detail. Certain common things that you need to have clarity about are why MBA, which specialization and why, about yourself etc. General knowledge questions, mainly related to current affairs are also asked. Moreover, you need to know the details of the college that you are going to give interview for and few of their alumni. Be confident in whatever you say and be honest in your answers.

Good Luck.

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Shiv Kumar Gupta

Shiv Kumar Gupta 3 months ago

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Hello ruchika,
Being aware of current affairs and issues and happenings, which affect our lives, however remotely, shows a well-rounded personality
And read daily newspaper and up to date of current affairs.
Participate in group discussion.
There are many way to prepare for that
Some coaching institute are provide GD and PI classes also.
Good luck.

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