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Is colourblindness a problem for taking admission in engineering ?

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Vijay Kumar 9 days ago

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Hi aspirant 

thanks for asking your query,during admission in engineering colleges especially in government colleges  medical is done for every student to check their fitness if a student is suspected of having any disease or problem which might effect its course or study then admission may be cancelled therefore carefully read all guidelines of the college before admission 


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Aquil Uzzama

Aquil Uzzama 9 days ago

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Hi there Aspirant. Hope you're having a great day. 

While colour blindness is an issue for some Elite colleges when you take admission in any engineering college you have to show a medical certificate that you are medically fit and also an eye checkup is also to be done before taking admission but it isn't a very grave matter of concern. Don't worry and fill your forms without tension. 

Hope this helps. Thankyou. 

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