Rohit Pohankar

Rohit Pohankar 2 months ago

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My question is regarding mentioned preference of cat/xat as 2% while mica site prefer 20 percent of cat/xat , who is correct?

Mica mentioned 20 percent preference from cat and xat while career360 mentioned it as 2%

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Gaurav Shukla

Gaurav Shukla 14 days ago

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Let me tell you about process.
MICAT Application Fee is Rs. 1965.
MICAT Sample Questions
Selection Process (Batch 2018-20)
The selection process involves three steps. The process is described below:
Each candidate has to take at least one of the three exams: CAT/ XAT/GMAT*.
Step-II:MICA Admission Test (MICAT)**.
All candidates are assessed on MICAT, which consists of 6 sections: Psychometric (P), Verbal ability (VA), Quantitative ability and Data Interpretation (QADI), General awareness (GA), Divergent and Convergent Thinking (DCT), and Descriptive Test (DT).
Cheers !!

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Sreetama Datta

Sreetama Datta 1 month ago

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Hi Rohit! Yes, MICA has recently updated its selection criteria which mention that CAT/XAT/GMAT will be allotted 20% weightage and MICAT will carry 30% weightage. During the announcement of MICAT 2018, the selection criteria were same as last year, which was updated later, after the application process of MICAT I was over. The information has been updated at the articles of Careers360. 

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