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When jee consulting dates and important dates ? Full details?

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Ayshi Ghosh

Ayshi Ghosh 2 months ago

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Hello aspirant,
I'm mentioning few important dates here, you can refer to the link below for detailed dates and more information. 
Start of registration and chiice filling- 16th June, 2019,
End of JoSAA 2019 registration and choice filling- 25th June, 2019(5pm)
Verification- June 26th
Seat allocation Round 1- 27th June, 2019
Display of availability status- 3rd July, 2019
Round 2, verification, acceptance- July 4-5, 2019
Round 3 verification- July 7-8, 2019
Round 4 seat allocation- July 9th, 2019
Round 5 seat allocation- July 12th
Round 6 seat allocation- July 15th
Round 7 seat allocation - July 19th
Here is the link to the detailed article-

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SONI SUNNY ANANTKUMARLast Seen: 2 days 8 hours agoJoined on: 12-Jun-2019Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: In Graduation

As the jee main results declared on 31st january of 2019 the counselling dates queation arises in every candidates mind of jee exam

The counselling of jee 2019 is already started on 16 th june 2019

22 june-mock round-1

24 june-mock round-2

25 june-final date of registration and seat allocation

Seat allocation for round1 -27th june

Display of seats filled or availability status-6 july

Seat allocation for round 3-6th july

Seat allocation for round 4-9th july

Seat allocation for round 5-13july

Seat allocation for round 6-15july

Seat allocation for round 7-18 july

You may also refer the link of official jee2019 given below as follows :


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Himanshu Vashith

Himanshu Vashith 2 months ago

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Hello there. Please visit the given link to get all the information regarding counseling.


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