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Marketing Manager Job Description & Roles and Responsibilities

Marketing Manager Job Description & Roles and Responsibilities

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A marketing manager is a professional who promotes a business or a product with the help of marketing resources. He or she is responsible for marketing a single product or brand, or may be for multiple ranges of products and services in a business.

A marketing manager is one who decides when to launch a new product and develops and implements marketing strategies. He or she trains his or her marketing team and conducts market research to identify new marketing opportunities.

Marketing Manager Job Description

A marketing manager’s job description is all about developing and maintaining marketing plans and strategies to promote a business or a product. As a marketing manager one needs to analyse market trends and patterns along with competition. He or she oversees marketing, promotional, advertising activities and manages the marketing team.

Marketing managers duties involve training and guiding the marketing team in order to achieve business objectives. They collaborate with different departments to manage the entire product life cycle, from planning to developing marketing strategies. Marketing managers are given a limited budget for all the marketing activities, therefore they must ensure to develop cost effective marketing plans.

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Marketing Manager Responsibilities

A marketing manager responsibilities include a variety of activities to promote a business or a product using marketing resources and strategies. He or she develops and implements marketing strategies, manages campaigns, market research, competitor analysis, budget management and guides marketing teams. We have discussed the marketing manager responsibilities below.

Strategic Planning and implementation: A marketing manager analyses all the marketing trends, competition and patterns to develop a strategic planning in line with business objectives. He or she finalises and communicates plans to team members and starts implementing to achieve success.

Marketing Campaign Management: A business needs to run many marketing campaigns to promote products and services. A marketing manager is responsible to maintain, design, oversee and control marketing campaigns. He or she uses platforms such as digital media, radio and television for marketing. This is one the most important marketing manager duties.

Market Research and Competitor Analysis: Market research is very crucial for any business to know the target audience, customer preferences, buying behaviour and needs of the target market. A marketing manager is responsible for thorough market research and competitor analysis to stand out from competitors. Market research and competitor analysis is one the key marketing manager job responsibilities.

Digital Marketing: Online presence is very important for business in today's world to survive in the long-term. Online presence helps marketing managers to reach a large number of audience and help in identifying target audience. Digital marketing helps marketing managers to conduct fast market research, live interaction and provides a competitive edge.

Budget Management: A marketing manager is tasked to manage the budget. He or she allocates all resources in the best manner to reduce cost and is responsible for conducting all the marketing activities within the given budget. Budget management is important for all sizes of businesses as it helps in cost effective marketing, resource allocation, performance analysis and decision making. This is one of the important marketing manager duties.

Partnership and Collaboration: As marketing manager an individual is often required to collaborate with different departments and business partners for overall growth. It helps marketing managers to build relationships among organisations and different stakeholders that help in success. Partnership and Collaboration is again one of the a key marketing manager job responsibilities.

Marketing Manager Career Progression

There is no fixed career path progression as it depends on specialisation, industry, and experience. Below we have discussed the common career path progression for a marketing manager.

Marketing Assistant: A marketing assistant is an entry level position in marketing. He or she provides administrative support to the marketing team. Duties of a marketing assistant include gathering marketing information, assisting in marketing campaigns and compiling marketing data.

Marketing Specialist: A marketing specialist is a person who has expertise in a single marketing domain like digital marketing, social media marketing or brand management. He or she is also involved in market research, campaign management and understands consumer behaviour.

Marketing Manager: A marketing manager is responsible for managing all aspects of marketing. This position includes tasks like leading the marketing team, planning and developing marketing strategies, budget management and resource allocation.

Senior Marketing Manager/Marketing Director: A senior marketing or marketing director is responsible for a wide range of marketing activities. This position comes with more responsibilities such as managing multiple marketing teams and campaigns, providing training to junior employees and developing overall marketing plans to achieve marketing objectives.

Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): This is the highest level of position in marketing. A Vice President or CMO is responsible for managing the entire marketing function within the organisation, developing long term plans, setting budgets and departmental goals.

Chief Executive Officer( CEO ): A chief executive officer is the highest level position in the organisation, not related to the marketing but oversees all the activities of all the departments. An individual with experience and skills set can develop himself for CEO level position.

Qualifications Required to Become a Marketing Manager?

To become a marketing manager one must pass 10+2 with any of the subjects from a recognised board. He or she needs to complete a bachelor’s degree and then opt for an entry-level job or doing a master's degree can be an added advantage. We have mentioned below the bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees programmes in india.

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

Master’s Degree Programmes

Skills Required to Become a Marketing Manager

Every career demands an individual to equip themselves with relevant knowledge in a particular industry. A marketing manager must have both soft skills and hard skills to perform marketing activities successfully. Below we have mentioned marketing manager skills.

Soft Skills

  • Leadership Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Problem-Solving
  • Attention to Detail
  • Communication Skills
  • Creativity
  • Decision-Making
  • Organisational

Hard Skills

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Content Creation
  • Writing
  • Market Research
  • Brand Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Project Management
  • SEO
  • Strategic Planning
  • Data Analysis
  • Basics of User Experience (UX) Design

Top Recruiters

A marketing manager plays a crucial role in promotion of a business or a product. Top recruiters like Amazon, Tata Consultancy Services, Google and Accenture continuously provide individuals with marketing manager job opportunities. Individuals with the right set of skills and guidance can avail opportunities to work in these top companies.

  • Amazon
  • Tata Consultancy
  • Accenture
  • Google
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • IBM
  • ABC
  • Zoho
  • Freshworks
  • HCLTech

Marketing Manager Salary

A marketing manager is required in every business to promote its products and services.

A marketing manager salary is lucrative. As per the AmbitionBox a marketing manager earns between Rs. 2.3 Lakhs to Rs. 24 Lakhs with an average salary of Rs. 12.2 Lakhs.

CompanyAverage Annual Salary


Rs. 31 Lakhs


Rs. 12.6 Lakhs


Rs. 31.4 Lakhs


Rs. 5.2 Lakhs

Reliance Retail

Rs. 11.7 Lakhs

Source: Glassdoor

Note: The salary figures mentioned anywhere in the article are just for reference purposes. Actual salaries may vary depending on the respective candidates, employer, job location, and numerous other factors.


a marketing manager utilises marketing resources to promote a business or a product. It is a very important job role in any business whether a small or large company. To become a marketing manager one needs to complete his or her graduation from a recognised university and must develop a relevant set of skills.

Amazon, Flipkart, Accenture and Google are the top recruiters for a marketing manager. In fact, the salary offered in this role is quite lucrative with an average salary of Rs. 12.2 Lakhs per annum. Individuals with the passion in marketing must pursue a career as a marketing manager.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Is a marketing manager a good job?

Career as a marketing manager is growth oriented, exciting and challenging. This career is highly rewarding and one of the best sales jobs. An individual who enjoys a dynamic work environment with consistent changes, marketing may be a good choice.

2. What are the qualifications for a marketing manager?

A bachelor’s degree in marketing, commerce or any other relevant field is required and then opt for an entry-level job. Completing a masters degree in marketing will be an added advantage.

3. Is marketing manager a well paid job?

Career as a marketing manager is a high paying job with an average salary of Rs. 12 lakhs per annum. With experience and expertise an individual can make 30 lakhs per annum or more.

4. Which certification courses are best for a marketing manager?

Individuals can opt for some certification courses such as Advanced Programme for Marketing Professionals, B2B Marketing, BBA Marketing Capstone Value Creation through Innovation, Certificate Program in Marketing Management and Certified Inbound Marketing Professional.

5. What are the responsibilities of a marketing manager?

As a marketing manager one needs to perform various activities to promote a business or a product. He or she is responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies, market trend analysis, competitor analysis and leads the marketing team to achieve marketing objectives.


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