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How to prepare for jipmer and which book should follow for entrance pg??

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Hey Seshathri,

JIPMER 2019 is a national level exam which is held for 200 seats available at JIPMER, out of which puducherry has 150 seats and karaikal has 50 seats. JIPMER puducherry is one of the crucial national level exam held in country for medical aspirants. JIPMER isnt as hard as AIIMS , but it aint easy as well. It does not solely depend on Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Preparing for JIPMER or any medical entrance exam requires at most concentration and determination as well as time management.


The whole exam is computer based online test - CBT mode which lasts for 2 hours 30 minutes, out of which you need to attend 200 questions. The question paper doesnt only consist of Physics, chemistry and biology but also has english as well as logical reasoning. This makes total paper of 5 sections- Physics (60) , Chemistry (60) , biology (60) , English (10), Logical Reasoning (10).

SO, in other exams like NEET , AIIMS , a student gets atleast one minute per question , but in JIPMER it isnt the case. hence time management plays important role.

Understanding the syllabus :

syllabus knowledge is most important. Most of the questions come from NCERT based concepts from class 11 and class 12. syllabus includes that from state and CBSE board.

As said before, there are total five sections. For all , you can have different study strategies -

Physics : Physics is kind of the lengthiest because it involves calculation. If youre  a little slow in calculations you need time to solve it. Use the calculator provided efficently and calculate more faster. Special books are not needed. But you do need to refer NCERT thoroughly and know the basic concepts along with formula. For physics and chemistry , you do need to know the type of questions that can be asked, for which refering to previous year question papers as well as sample papers and taking up mock tests are avery necessary. Few books which helps you improve in this other than NCERT is -

  • Fundamentals of physics - Halliday , walker

  • 16 years JIPMER's solved papers

  • concept of physics - HC verma

  • Problems in General Physics - I.E Irodov

Either of these should help in Physics. Most of help would be by solving papers and sample papers as you will get to know the way the questions are framed and youll have idea on how to answer such type of questions, it comes by consistent practice.

Chemistry : Chemistry also is easier if you learn concept wise. You may find difficulty in solving organic chemistry part . NCERT can serve you as bible for this particular part. You can remeber few formulas for solving certain topics like electrochemistry, Atoms and particles etc. But if you solve the solved question papers as well as sample papers and mock test , you would be able to get through chemistry. Here , you need to know the type of questions asked. Apply a little of your basic knowledge in organic chemistry part like using of resonant structures,, dimers etc. so the questions will be based on the basic concepts only. NCERT will serve you as bible .

BIOLOGY : Thia ia one of the easiest part to answer. For sure the options will be very confusing or two options will be similar, but as long as your basics is strong , youve got yourself 60 questions. ALl you need to study is NCERT as well as few small topics from 10th. which you think you may know but at the time of exam when both options seems similar, your tenth standard knowledge will help you. You can also refer solved papers etc it'll help you but basics strength is must for attempting biology questions. The best book to refer fot biology is DInesh Objective BIology for NEET and other exams. This is kind off like bible for Biology section. It gives you all required information for Entrance exams.  

English and Logical Reasoning :  Any aptitude questions serves as logical reasoning. General English books should help if at all you need book. Any general english book or if you have wren and martin that is also fine. The last two sections with 10 marks each is easy to gain section. where you need to apply little logic and reason it and answer the questions followed. If you know general english and the grammar , its easy go.

These were few main books you can use to refer for JIPMER and other medical entrance exams. Although, make sure to keep more time for physics part as you need to solve more and calculations would be more. So it would be better to give head start by answering biology and chemistry questions probably by 1 hour or 1 hour 15 minutes and head with last two section and keep minimum 1 hour for physics section

Make sure to manage time and other than that make sure to review the questions and answers at end. Because a right answer fetches you 4 marks and a wrong answer results in deduction of 1 mark. Answers marked for review later and unanswered wont be considered and those marked for review later and answered is considered. So while choosing the options , choose wisely.

Hope it helps,

Good Luck.

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Zubin Mehta

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One shoul dknow syllabus fully and us ebest books for advanced level preparation and attempt maximum mock exams.
Analytics of all weak areas and revision can help score well.
Chapterwise explprer bY MTG publication is best book.
Tips snd syllabus shared below.

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