Kishore 3 months ago

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I got 6096 rank in MET 3019. Can I get csc

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Sameera 2 months ago

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Hi, kishore.

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), which was formerly known as Manipal University (MU) conducts Manipal Entrance Test (MET) annually for admissions to engineering and other courses.

The minimum rank required for the general category student to get into the manipal university is 1059 for computer science engineering. 

For computer and computer engineering branch it is 2486 the closing rank.

As you got much higher rank than this rank, you are not be able to get into manipal university, 

You can get into





Bio medical 

Please check the link below, for the more information about the college



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_Abhishek_Vatsya 3 months ago

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Seeing your score and previous year cuttoff of MET,you seems to have decent chance of getting CSE in MET SIKKIM or MET JAIPUR.Visit below mention link to know previous year cuttoff of MET:


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Divya Sharma 3 months ago

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Hi Kishore,

To be honest the possibility is less.

CSC prefers students with a lot better rank in MET.The competition is fierce and so is the cut off list. 

But still you never know you can always give a shot.

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