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I submitted my neet score what i should do next?

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nishant sharma

nishant sharma 5 months ago

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dear student,

You download your rank. It will have information about whether you are eligible for AIQ 15% seats. Generally this is offered to the top 15,000 ranks or less. (5 times the available seats in AIQ which is around 3500).

The MCC site opens for registration and counselling.

You have to register with a valid username, password, email etc.

Enter your details and your other details like rank and result will be pulled from the CBSE.

Enter your college preferences. There is no limit to the number of preferences. If you want you can list all the colleges in the list. List the most preferred first and then the next preferred and so on.

Wait for allotment.

If you are rank number 1 naturally you will get the first preference to the college you most prefer(1st college on your preference list). If you are rank number 4000 you have to wait for all the rest to get their first preferences and only then you will get in whichever colleges have vacancies which are on your preference list.

hope it helps!!

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