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Top 11 HR Interview Questions and Answers

Top 11 HR Interview Questions and Answers

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Companies, be it in India or anywhere in the world, thrive based on the strengths and work ethics of their employees. Hiring the right people for the right job not only saves time, but also ensures that your investment in resources is reaping the desired strategic and business results. Human resource is one of the sought-after career options among students and pursuing online courses and certifications will help you prepare for HR interview questions and answers to make a successful career in this field.

HR practitioners contribute to economic viability and profitability through the strategic management of human resources. The field continues to expand its status as a career option sought by many students in today's ever-changing, highly competitive market.

Human Resources is a way of conceptualizing a collection of activities aimed at efficiently managing workers of an organization, usually referred to as human resources or human capital. HRM practitioners oversee the management of employees in an enterprise that covers salaries, benefits, HR online courses for beginners and their development, hiring, and strategic HR management, among other functions.

Human Resources As Profession

Human Resources Management (HRM) is a concept that encompasses a collection of activities aimed at efficiently managing workers of an organization, usually referred to as human resources or human capital. HRM practitioners oversee the management of employees in a company and structure staff programs to hire and retain the best staff by making the business competitive in terms of its appeal to prospective applicants, so that they can choose to take up a role with and stay employed by the employer.

Top Human Resources Courses

There are many online degree courses and certifications to pursue human resources. Let’s have a look at some of the best HR online courses.


Master of Business Administration in Human Resources is a 2-year degree program. It focuses on concepts like recruiting, management, and advice and guidance for people who work in an organization. The MBA in HR program also provides instruction and expertise in handling the organization’s employees. You can pursue this program in both offline and online modes. MBA in human resource management is available in the form of MSc or MBA degree. Even then, some management schools offer courses in HR as part of their overall management degree.

What is an MBA in HR?

It is a postgraduate program in the field of human resource that provides expertise and experience in managing the organization’s workforce. The specializations offered in this program are labor laws, diversity management, etc.

Master's degrees in human resources are in the type of an MBA or MSc degree. Many business schools offer HR management programs as part of their Master's degree, integrating HR with business studies.

The HR department offers the required resources, training, professional support, talent management, legal advice, and strategic planning that the company needs for effective operations.

Eligibility: To be eligible for an MBA in HR, a candidate must have a bachelor's degree with at least 50% (45% for SC/ ST candidates) or equivalent CGPA from any recognized university.

Duration: 2 years

Fee: The total fee for the MBA Human Resources Management program is Rs 60,000 - Rs 8 LPA.

Diploma in HR

The diploma program in human resources management equips students with basic information and management skills with talent management. Students can develop their knowledge base and management skills in the respective domain through online diploma courses. These courses are primarily domain-specific programs aimed at providing students with basic knowledge and skills of the subject.

Eligibility: To pursue a diploma in HR, aspirants must have completed 10+2.

Duration: 1 year

Fee: Rs 7,000 to Rs 30,000

Certificate in HR

With increasing demand for HR professionals, online courses & certifications from top providers are also increasing day after day. Administration of human resources is vital to the success of every company and every employee. HR certification courses can be helpful to learn in detail the importance of ensuring compliance with the legislation, while also being value-adding when it comes to keeping workers involved and engaged in good work. The ability to combine both is a skill that takes experience and practice.

Many startups, small companies, and HR managers depend on compliance. While business practices and labor practices are significant, they do not drive the success of your company.

If you are a small business owner who wants a better understanding of HR, someone who is searching for a career in HR, or an administrative professional whose duties include human resources, HR certification courses are for you. A certificate course in HR provides you with a general introduction to the position and duties of HR, with some insight into taking your recruitment responsibilities to the next level. You can even take up numerous HR online courses to hone your skills.

Eligibility: No specific or advanced training is required, except for some fundamental understanding of the field.

Duration: HR certification courses can be completed within a few hours to several weeks.

Fee: It varies from course to course.

Top 11 HR Interview Questions and Answers

Here we have compiled the top 11 HR interview questions and answers for freshers that will help them prepare for HR ques for interview and develop a career as a successful HR. So let’s get started.

1. Give a little bit of an intro about yourself.

This is the one of the first and popular HR interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced candidates that each HR asks in an interview. Usually, this is not just their way to kick-start the session, but also their way of evaluating each candidate's poise, communication skills, and manner of delivery. To answer this question, don't get into a mini-talk about your upbringings, interests, studies, likes and dislikes, etc.

They may assume that you don't have a good match for the role. So, understand what your recruiter needs to know and then keep the conversation forward. It is alright if you digress for 30 seconds, just make sure your side story doesn't go on any longer than that. Speak about your current role and boss, tell them about some of your important achievements, and speak about some of your main strengths that can contribute to your current job. In the end, tell them how you think you're going to suit the role.

Top Trending Courses & Certifications:

2. Why are you searching for a position?

If you are or have worked anywhere, you will be asked these questions. If you left your previous work, the HR might ask you why, and they usually seek clarity and integrity in your response. If you are one of those who lost your job during the layoff, don't stigmatize others for that. They will look for a situational sense in your responses and judge your commitment, your decision-making skills, and ability to collaborate with others.

If you are currently working, HR will follow strong ground and sound reasons as to why you are searching for a new career. So, you need to prepare this type of question while preparing for HR interview questions and answers. You can learn all basic HR interview questions and training by enrolling in HR online courses.

3. What is it that makes you involved in this job?

The answers to this question will let the employer know whether you are interested in the job and the business or only applying for any available position. Don't respond lightly or generalize your interest in the work. Often mention the basic requirements of the position and explain how it matches with your talents and abilities. Demonstrate your enthusiasm for work and your deep interest in the business. Give them the data and tell them why you think this is your work and why you are ideally suited to this work. So, this is another question you must be prepared for while making HR interview questions and answers.

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4. What is your style of management?

In specific, many people tend toward one type of management, and it is perfectly fine to share that. But remember, when you move to a new organization with a different culture and people to get started, what's worked for you in the past won't always be the right option. As one interview applicant says, "one must adapt to each personality and also adapt to the team as a whole." Defining one's style of personal management while also indicating tolerance to flexibility is important here. So, this is one of the most important HR interview questions and answers for experienced candidates and freshers as well.

5. How are you going to drive outcomes as an HR Manager?

HR is not just about handling compensation or resolving employee disputes - it is really about driving business outcomes through successful people management. While preparing for these sorts of HR interview questions and answers, understand the core meaning and try to explain the main measures that you would have placed in place at the prospective organization, how you would assess progress and how the measures would have an impact on the bottom line.

6. What do you like the least in the human resources world?

They are just part of their work they are not crazy about. However, it is important to avoid being overly pessimistic or unwilling to come across. If you don't like hiring, for example, you shouldn't say "I hate hiring" and leave it. Instead, you may say something more along the lines of "Recruiting isn't my passion, but I know how important it is to the success of an organization, so I don't mind taking it as one of my responsibilities."

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7. Describe the perfect place to work for you.

This question is important for you to consider while preparing for HR interview questions and answers. It helps you to explain what you need to do your job effectively, which is important in deciding whether or not the company you are interviewing is the right one. Besides, though, it is also a good starting point for you to speak about how you would shape the atmosphere of the workplace and the business if you get the job.
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8. As an HR individual, what do you think about work eliminations?

In the area of HR, you will always have to make difficult decisions. Unfortunately, one of these is work loss, whether by layoffs or shooting. That definitely shouldn't be the first step you're making (a performance improvement plan, for example, maybe exactly what you need to get an underperforming employee to snuff). But if it doesn't work, or if an employee does anything that's especially serious, there's a point where you need to let the employee go for the good of the company — and it's crucial to let your future employer know that you understand that. So, you always need to consider this when preparing for HR ques for interview.

9. Define the challenging experience you've had with your employer/ manager/ coworker and how you've treated it.

This question is often asked in interviews regardless of position, but as a soon-to-be HR Manager, it is particularly important to demonstrate successful conflict resolution. Nail this question by explaining the particular steps you have taken to solve a tough situation, how you have displayed level-headedness, and what the outcomes have been achieved.

10 Tell me about a time when you didn't follow the policy or had to deviate from the policy.

The development and implementation of policies and procedures is a key component of HR, but that does not mean that they should be set in stone. In addressing this question, you need to speak about how and why it was the right decision to deviate from the norm, and how it influenced policies to move forward. You can find HR interview questions and answers for experienced candidates free pdf to learn such HR ques for interviews.
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11. How are you going to deal with [an] immoral situation? Are there any examples?

It is not always easy to stand up for the right thing, but if you are an HR person, you are supposed to do it. You can't address this question simply by reflecting on the unethical activities you've witnessed, you need to speak about a moment when you noticed something going wrong and took meaningful action against it. If you don't have the appropriate, first-hand experience to share, make sure you're going to brainstorm a hypothetical scenario beforehand and think about how you're going to remedy the situation.


These are some of the top HR interview questions and answers that will help you better prepare for HR ques for interviews. The HR questions and answers for freshers are not only for them all to know you, but also for you to know them well. Via an interview, employers want to get a good sense of whether you want to work for an organization or are interested in a career. Preparing and facing these HR interview questions and answers beforehand can help you clear HR ques for interviews.

The very last question will affirm your sincere desire and interest in the business. Each of these questions let HR assess a lot of things regarding you. So, be patient when you answer these questions and use the terms carefully. You can find HR interview questions and answers for experienced candidates free pdf online or pursue HR online courses. Make an online course comparison to enrol in the best HR online courses and certifications.

Explore Popular Platforms Certification Courses

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How can an online course or MBA in HR be helpful for me?

An MBA in HR is a highly competent and seasoned human resource degree program where you will learn the essential skills that can help you upskill your recruitment and staffing management capabilities. It further gives you in-depth knowledge and expertise to help you partner with your management team.

2. What are the top companies in India hiring HR professionals?

Top companies that hire HR management professionals in India are:

  • KPMG 

  • Reliance 

  • Deutsche Bank 

  • L’Oreal 

  • Larsen & Toubro

3. What is the advantage of outsourcing my Human Resources Service?

A lot of small to medium-sized companies typically have someone who has an HR role to play. Generally, this individual has many other duties and wears "many hats". In some cases, HR duties may fall on owners and executives of such large firms. HR Consultancy can be a cost-effective resource to ensure that you remain in compliance, maintain continuous contact with staff, managers and executives, and provide you with the opportunity to carry out standard and realistic HR processes and solutions.

4. What is protected by the HR Consulting Audit and what is its value?

It is a full-scale review of your payroll, compensation, and administrative policies and procedures. First, we concentrate on legal enforcement and then on recommendations for best practice. As a result of the audit, you will receive a comprehensive overview, recommendations for compliance, and significant tools from our HR Materials Library.

5. What should be stored in the Employee File and who should have access to it?

Access should be confidential and maintained on a "need to know" basis. Health records should not be included in the register for workers.

6. What is the salary of HR management professionals in India?

The average salary of an HR Manager in India is Rs 731,526 p.a.

7. What's the interview going to be like?

For candidates chosen by the recruiting department, a short phone screen interview is usually the first step in the interview process. If the recruiting department wishes to investigate the candidate further, an in-person interview would be followed. Appropriately dress up and arrive in time for your scheduled interview. Once a decision is taken, you will be contacted by the recruiting department.

8. How long is the recruiting process going to take?

The hiring process varies for each department and depends on the need to fill the vacancy. When your application has been submitted successfully, the re-examination process will begin. After the department has checked all applications/resumes, a group of eligible applicants will be selected for a telephone screen interview. And there's a secondary in-person interview. A definitive decision is taken after the conclusion of these in-person interviews.

9. How much ideally can an HR certification cost?

There are a lot of HR certification courses available in India which provide quality education and enrolling yourself in any such certification ideally costs you Rs 5,000 to Rs 1.2 LPA.

10. How can HR certification courses help you in your career?

There are direct and quantifiable advantages of gaining HR certification courses. The degree to which qualified pay impacts and career advancement for HR pros vary from the level of jobs, geography, industry, and relevant qualification. But overall, getting HR qualification seems to be a good decision for most of the U.S. The practitioners of the HR.

11. What are some popular HR certification courses online?

There are a variety of HR certification courses you can pursue online. The major ones include:

  • HR Management and Analytics Program by Wharton University 

  • Human Resources Certification offered by University of Minnesota 

  • The People Management Course by IIM-Bangalore on EdX


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Questions related to Human Resource Management

Have a question related to Human Resource Management ?


Congratulations on completing your PhD in Human Resource Management!

While your MBA marks might not meet certain eligibility criteria, your qualification is a significant achievement. Consider highlighting your research, publications, and any relevant experience in your field to strengthen your application for assistant professor positions. Additionally, gaining teaching or industry experience can enhance your profile and make you a more competitive candidate. Network with professionals in academia and explore opportunities for workshops or guest lectures to showcase your expertise.


Yes, you're definitely eligible to apply for UGC NET after completing your PGDM course. To be eligible for the UGC NET exam, you need to have completed a postgraduate degree in any discipline from a recognized university. Since you've completed your PGDM course from an AICTE approved institute and have been awarded the diploma, you meet the necessary criteria.

Hope this helps,

Thank you

Dear Aspirant!

To avail of free certification courses in Human Resource Management or Travel & Tourism, you can follow these steps:

1. Online Platforms: Explore online learning platforms like Coursera, edX, or LinkedIn Learning. They often offer free courses, and you can search specifically for Human Resource Management or Travel & Tourism courses.

2. Websites of Educational Institutions: Check the official websites of universities or educational institutions. Some institutions provide free online courses, especially in introductory subjects.

3. Government Initiatives: In some countries, the government may offer free online courses as part of educational initiatives. Check relevant government websites for information.

4. Nonprofit Organizations: Some nonprofit organizations or foundations offer free courses to promote education. Look for initiatives related to HR or Travel & Tourism.

5. Skill Development Platforms: Platforms like Skillshare or Udemy sometimes have free courses, especially in specific categories. Check these platforms for relevant courses.

6. Google's Online Certificates: Google offers free online certificates in various fields, including Human Resource Management. Look for the Google Career Certificates program.

Remember to verify the credibility of the source providing the free course and ensure that the certification is recognized or valued in your field of interest. Always check the details, duration, and requirements of the course before enrolling.

A one-year certificate study in the field of managing human resources is called a "Diploma in Human Resource Management."

After completing a recognised 10+2 level education from a central or state board in any stream, the course can be undertaken. Based on their results in the class 10th board exams, a select few institutes also offer the course to 10th pass candidates.

Some of the popular institutes/colleges offering this diploma level course are:

  • Madras Christian College, Chennai
  • Sai Nath University, Ranchi
  • Apex Institute of Management, Nagpur
  • Avagmah Business School, Bangalore
  • Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade, Lucknow

The fees varies from INR 7,000 to 30,000 across different colleges.

Hope this helps!


The eligibility criteria for UGC NET is passed post-graduation in the relevant discipline from a recognized university securing 55% aggregate, there is relaxation of 5% for reserved categories, in case of JRF the upper age limit is 31 years, and for lectureship there is no upper age limit, hence if you fulfill the eligibility criteria in terms of aggregate/age criteria then you can definitely appear for UGC NET, the fact that you have done graduation in english literature isn't going to be any problem regarding this, as this isn't something that is taken into consideration, explore more details regarding this by visiting our page at

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