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Top Online Courses for Jobs With High Salaries in India

Top Online Courses for Jobs With High Salaries in India

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Why take online courses and certifications? Well, you have got your degree and maybe you are already a working professional. These two used to be just enough. But not anymore. You need to upskill yourself with the latest skills to be on top of the competition. With top online certification courses in India, you can land your dream role anywhere! In this article we will go through top online courses and certifications that you can take to become a sought-after professional in top industries.

Top Online Courses for Jobs With High Salaries in India
Top Online Courses for Jobs With High Salaries in India

If you are still not convinced as to why online certification courses are effective, read along:

World-class Education

Gain world-class education on the go. Gain top online certifications from top universities / providers.

Mobility and Convenience

You could be a homemaker or a working professional who is struggling to find the time and pace to learn something new. Now you have it. The online courses and certifications give you the adaptability and flexibility to the education. Now education can fit into your lifestyle.


Most online certification courses in India are within your budget and most of them provide various financial aids. Also you can apply for online free certification courses as well! And that too from top providers! Think about this. No cost that is required for a conventional off-line education. No travel, accommodation expenditure. Learn from the best from the comfort of your home. Since there are free online courses with certificates, you can start with those and then only move towards paid online certifications once you have narrowed down your area of interest.

Variety of Specialisations

These online certification courses in India cater to the professional in you who wishes to upskill in a particular niche. Choose from a plethora of online courses.(Languages, Finance, Mathematics, Economics, etc.) to trending subjects (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Cyber security, Cloud Computing, etc).

Accessibility of content

The old conventional education meant that you got one shot at absorbing the knowledge. One class and that’s it. And then you have to rely on friends or request your professor to repeat things. With these online courses with certificates

you don’t have to. Pause, review what you have learned, and continue. These online certification courses in India do away with the ordeal of time-bound limitations. And the best part is that most of these online courses allow you to schedule individual learning sessions with your instructors so that you clarify your queries.

Now that we have got that covered and finally got you excited, let’s go through these top online courses and certifications one by one.

Top Online Certification Courses with High Salaries to pursue right now!

Data Science And Machine Learning

Let’s check out the best online certificate courses in India in Data science and Machine Learning.

  1. Master of Science in Machine Learning & AI

One of the best online certification courses in India would be ML and AI. This Master of Science in Machine Learning & AI is developed by Liverpool John Moores University in collaboration with IIIT Bangalore. The course is available on the course provider upGrad. This 18-month programme is India's only online M.Sc for professionals in the field of Machine Learning and AI. And what’s more this Master’s program is accredited by the WES (World Education Services. The online course contains 30 case studies and ten capstone projects. Some of the core topics in the course are: machine learning, Statistics and exploratory data analytics, deep learning, natural language processing, reinforcement learning, etc.

  1. PG Diploma In Data Science

The online PG Diploma in Data Science course by Vitti in collaboration with IIIT-Bhagalpur. The course includes scientific approaches, processes, systems, and algorithms for extracting meaningful data and information from structured and unstructured data sets, as well as applying new learning and actionable data in a variety of sectors. This 12-month course covers topics such as Python and R programming, data visualization using Tableau, machine learning algorithms, and NLP principles through an online learning approach that includes teaching sessions from global instructors, IBM Hackathons, practical labs, and capstone projects. Candidates who complete this PG course successfully will be entitled to sit for the IBM Exam and get a digital badge and e-certification from IBM.

Choose from five specialization tracks: natural language processing, deep learning, business intelligence/data analytics, business analytics, and advanced data engineering.

The huge scope for data-realted operations, make it one of the best online certification courses in India that you can pursue.

Top careers

  1. PG Diploma In Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence

Again we have to revert to ML and AI, to give a special mention to this course as one of the best online certification courses in India. This 12-month diploma in Machine Learning and AI by IIIT Bangalore via upGrad covers a variety of topics, including Machine Learning – I, Machine Learning – II, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Data Science Tool Kit, Statistics and Exploratory Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Deployment & Capstone Projects, etc.

There are also case studies, live projects, and a variety of Data Science activities using Python, Scikit-Learn, Keras, TensorFlow, NLTK, AWS and MySQL. After the completion of the course, the candidates get 360-degree career assistance (mentorship from industry professionals, hackathons, peer-to-peer networking, etc.

Top providers offering online Artificial Intelligence courses


Let’s check out the best online courses with certificates in India for management.

  1. Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM)

This two-year PG Diploma in Management is divided into three six trimesters and four specialisation tracks:

Some of the core topics are as follows: Financial Management, Strategic Management, Marketing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Managerial Economics, Human Resources, Data Analytics, Statistics, Managerial Accounting, Organizational Behavior, etc. After completing the PG Diploma course, students will receive a degree from BIMTECH. The institute is famous for offering top online certification courses in India that can land top jobs with high pay.

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  1. PG Program In Management (PGPM)

This 11-month online certification course is perfect for entrepreneurs, managers, IT specialists, sales/marketing professionals, etc. Some of the core topics taught in these online courses with certificates are as follows: Marketing strategy, Business Management, Leadership, Interpersonal and communication skills, organised thinking and problem-solving, strategic thinking and planning, time management, project management, etc. Some of the perks of the online certification course includes: Case studies, live projects, Offline peer-to-peer networking, etc. As management is an integral part of any industry, pursuing these online certification courses in India can make a difference in your career. Professionals from non-management background take these courses to land top management roles.

  1. Executive Program In Blockchain Technology Management

Blockchain technology has dominated the E-commerce industry since its beginnings. UpGrad's Executive Program in Blockchain Technology Management is designed for those interested in pursuing a career in Blockchain technology or improving their current abilities.

The Executive Program in Blockchain Technology Management course takes you through the world of Blockchain technology, allowing you to grasp technical intricacies and principles before building a functional Blockchain system to solve a business-related problem. The student will be prepared to work as Domain Experts, Blockchain Architects, Managers, etc. with practical experience in top IT firms after successfully completing the programme.

Topics covered: Blockchain Delivery & BRD creation, Blockchain Technology Management, Blockchain Network & Architecture, Blockchain Testing, etc.

Top careers: Blockchain Consulting (Solution Design & Implementation), Blockchain Consultant, Blockchain (Program Manager & Product Development Manager), Business and Integration Architect,

Top Providers offering Blockchain courses

  1. Product Management Certification Program

This program is for those with a minimum of 1 year experience in Product Management. After completing the Product Management Certification Program, the candidates will receive certifications from Duke University and upGrad. The course teaches professionals how to construct product roadmaps and takes roughly eight to ten hours per week. The certification programme teaches through the use of tools including prototypes, product analysis, user research, and a customized resume-building exercise from industry experts and Duke CE faculty.

The course offers assignments, one-on-one mentoring from industry experts as well as fifteen case studies. As a pre-preparation approach, the certification programme hosts live conversations and workshops to answer questions, as well as mock interviews with top industry experts.

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Top Providers offering online Product Management courses

  1. Advanced Programme in Supply Chain Management

This is a one-year part-time by IIM Calcutta via Hughes Global Education study that combines interactive classroom discussions and cutting-edge analytical models. The purpose of this certification course is to provide young managers with critical skills in areas such as e-commerce, sourcing, and procurement, etc. The course will show you how to organize suppliers and customers effectively. Discussions about cross-functionality are included in the course, which will help learners gain a deeper understanding.

The Advanced Program in Supply Chain Management is tailored to meet the needs of individuals who are involved in SCM operational activities such as sales and distribution planning, procurement, logistics planning, production planning, vendor selection and management, product redesign for SCM, and SCM network optimization, among others.

  1. Advanced Leadership Programme in a Digital World

Effective leadership can bring back a sinking ship. The Advanced Leadership Programme in a Digital World by IIM Lucknow via Eruditus. The Advanced Leadership Programme in a Digital World Training Training is a specialist course that tackles leadership management and business transformation best practices. The candidates will delve into business design and innovation management, digital transformation, organizational leadership, etc. via the Advanced Leadership Programme in a Digital World.

The course is delivered by IIM Lucknow's professional faculty in collaboration with the Eruditus Executive Education platform. Prof. V. S. Prakash Attili of Information Technology and Systems at the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow and Prof. Ashish Pandey of Finance and Accounting will teach the course.

Software Engineering

Now let us take a look at top online certification courses in India that can help you land top roles in the field of software engineering.

  1. Master Of Science In Computer Science

This 18-month master's programme is designed to assist students get a thorough understanding of computer science, including software development. Students learn the fundamentals of programming, such as object-oriented programming, data structures, full-stack development, and Big data, among other topics. DevOps, Full-Stack Development, Blockchain Development, Big Data, Cyber security, Cloud Computing, etc. are among the six specialties available in the programme.

Students will have a thorough understanding of research methodologies in Computer Science and Software Development and computer systems, advanced programming.

  1. Front End Web Developer

The goal of Udacity's Front End Web Developer Nano degree programme is to give students unique talents within the field of Web Development. Udacity thus offers online courses with certificates that can enable the candidates the skills to design and develop a variety of websites and applications. A Nano degree holder can create responsive websites with CSS, Flexbox, and CSS Grid, develop interactive websites and user interface applications with JavaScript and HTML, connect a web application to backup server data with JavaScript, automate framework build and deployment with Webpack, and improve the off-line output of websites with Service Worker.

A network of over 900 reviewers will provide them individualized comments. They can contact technical mentors and join the Student Hub community, which is widely accessible.

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  1. Post Graduate Executive CertificateProgram in Data Science and Big Data

The Post Graduate Executive CertificateProgram in Data Science and Big Data by IMT Ghaziabad via Nulearn. A degree in Data Science and Big Data can help you advance your career in a country like India, which, according to a recent research by the c platform and the Analytics Magazine India, has surpassed the United States as the world's second largest hub in the field of analytics. Learning newer technologies such as Hadoop, python and SAS can help you make the necessary strides in data science. From 2018 to 2019, the job market for analytics and data science approximately doubled. From the year 2018, the need for professionals increased by about 76 percent, making it one of the most in-demand sectors.

Top Providers offering online Data Science courses and certifications

Top Providers offering online Big Data courses and certifications

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  1. Post Graduate Certificate in Cyber security

Every system is at risk from breaching. The Post Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Training Course by MIT and Emeritus is a ten-month programme focused on cybersecurity. The program is offered by MIT xPRO in cooperation with the Emeritus learning platform. The students learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity, including defensive and offensive cybersecurity concepts, in the Post Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Live Course. The course will be taught by MIT professors who are experts in their fields. They will obtain a certified digital certificate from MIT xPRO after completing the Post Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Online Course. The programme offers job preparation assistance as well as skill training to students.

Top providers offering online Cyber Security courses

  1. Post Graduate Certificate in Full Stack Development

MIT, Cambridge and Emeritus provide 12-month Post Graduate Certificate in Full Stack Development. This certification is a hands-on training programme that demonstrates technologies and strategies that can help with full-stack application treatment, execution, and deployment. The training for the Post Graduate Certificate in Full Stack Development will include individualized feedback from programme leaders who will hold weekly live sessions outside of business hours. This learning programme includes some unique content that has been hand-picked by experts in their disciplines. This material will assist individuals develop their careers by establishing new skills in them. Emeritus, a partner organisation, assists with job placement and career counseling.

Full Stack Development is one of the top sought-after online certification courses in India and this course would be ideal for web developers.

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Top providers offering online Full Stack Development courses and certifications

  1. PG Diploma In Cloud Computing

The goal of this 12-month diploma programme is to teach students how to succeed in Cloud Computing. In one of the best certification courses in India, the candidates get to study the fundamentals of algorithms, algorithms, etc. as well as how to build and deploy native Cloud apps and use Virtual Machines (VMs). This certification will assist applicants to create a career as a Cloud Software Developer, Cloud Software Developer, Cloud Administrator, etc. as Cloud Computing is an in-demand skill in the current work market.

Top providers offering online Cloud Computing courses and certifications

  1. Post Graduate Program in DevOps

One of the best online certification courses in India is in DevOps. This PG program is offered by Center for Technology and Management Education, California Institute of Technology, California via Simplilearn. The Post Graduate Program in DevOps certification course, developed in collaboration with Caltech CTME, delves into Development and Operations, configuration management tools (Ansible, Puppet, and Chef to design, handle, supervise, and automate the manual configuration process to reduce product time and the effort. The online Post Graduate Program in DevOps course is meant to provide art and science knowledge to boost the team's development and operational activities. The students learn how to construct Git and Github repositories. Server automation, developing pipelines in Jenkins, and using other tools such asTeamcity, Docker, CBS, Chef, Nagios, Maven, JUnit, Subversion, and others are all covered.

Top providers offering online DevOps courses and certifications


These are some of the best online certification courses in India that you can pursue to land top jobs! These Free courses with certificate as well as online certification courses in India are perfect for beginners as well as professionals. The candidates with a time crunch can look into online certifications which offer a flexible schedule. All the courses get routinely updated to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. Also since there are many, one can choose between free courses with certificates as well as paid ones. One can also look into financial aid. In a nutshell, you can continue with you job, study in your free time, in a time and budget friendly manner!

Coming to online certifications, there are many things to keep in mind. The online certification courses mentioned above offer dedicated mentor feedback, mock interviews, Peer-to-Peer interactive sessions, timely resolution of doubts, personalized feedback, etc. And some of them also offer career assistance, which is a plus!

To discover amazing online courses and certifications, so that you can take on such projects, here we have our compiled lists for you!

Also check Top Certification courses

Explore top online courses and certifications. Take a look at our picks of most popular online courses and certifications.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What are some of the top industries that I can apply for taking these online certification courses in India?

Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, E-commerce, etc. are some of the top industries that you can pursue after completing these certifications.

2. Do I need to have a degree to take these online certification courses in India?

It is better to have some foundational knowledge within the particular area. These online courses and certification.

3. What are some top careers I can take after completing these online certification courses in India?

Software EngineerProject Manager, Product Development Manager, Operations ManagerComputer Programmer, Data Scientist, Big Data Engineer, etc. are some of the top careers you can take after completing these online certification courses.

4. Are there any free online courses with certificates?

Most course providers (E.g: courseraedxswayam) offer free auditing where you can access the entire course. However for e-certification and graded assessments, you will have to pay the specific fees. Alison on the other hand offers free online courses with certificate

5. Free courses with certificate vs. paid online certifications: Which is better?

If you are confused about which course to take and worried about the budget, the best option would be to go for Free courses with certificates. Also you can audit some top paid online certifications. If you think the course is useful, then you can upgrade.


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