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Nobody likes chaos. You want clarity so that you can make the next move which will lead you to the one after that and so on. This is how you do business: Make good decisions based on analysis of clear data. No clutter, no confusion. Hence, step in, business intelligence. Vast amounts of data are churned out day after day about consumer interests, competitive products, and financial decisions of bodies (private and public) around the world. So for a business, not just to thrive but to grow and expand, they need to make sense of all this information. Then they need to make the right decisions. One wrong step could lead to failure. This is where you come in. If you have an analytical mind with a creative spin to go toe to toe with the market, then you are the person all companies will be after. Choose from the best business intelligence courses to forge a strong career for yourself.

What is Business Intelligence?

It is the process by which enterprises use strategies and technologies to analyse data for their business. They look at the past and present records (structured and unstructured data), make sense of them by analysis and then make future decisions (new products, and financial decisions). Some of the common functions include analytics, reporting, predictive analytics, online analytical processing, business performance management, benchmarking, text mining, data mining, process mining, dashboard development, complex event processing, and prescriptive analytics. 

So in simple words, Business Intelligence allows easier interpretation of vast amounts of data. Companies and individuals discover new opportunities and implement effective strategies based on the insights they got from business intelligence. It ensures the enterprise's long-term stability and competitive market advantage.

Who can pursue Business Intelligence courses?

  • You are a professional who has experience in programming with SQL and complex data. 
  • You are in college pursuing a related field (data analytics/ programming) and wish to learn more

 Do any of the above reasons appeal to you? Business Intelligence courses are for you.

Eligibility Criteria for Business Intelligence courses

To have a career in Business Intelligence, there are different ways you can go about it.

Whether it is a Business Intelligence specialist, Developer or analyst, you must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or business intelligence. For this, you need (10 +2) qualifications with a minimum passing percentage (science/commerce stream).

You can go for advanced programs such as MBA in Business Intelligence, an Advanced management program in Business Analytics, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics, and more. For these business intelligence courses, you will need a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field (computer science/ business analytics, data analytics, and more) with a minimum passing percentage.

You can also take Business Intelligence certification courses. You should have an understanding of SQL. Thus computer science/ computer applications/ computer science engineering courses (which teach programming) become useful.

Important skills for Business Intelligence courses

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Vskills Business Intelligence Courses & Certifications
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Mindmajix Technologies Business Intelligence Courses & Certifications

What will you learn in Business Intelligence courses?

Depending (certification, PGDM, MBA) on the course you will learn the concepts of Business Intelligence, data analytics, data visualisation, programming, knowledge of data warehouses, and more. Here are some of the prominent concepts you will learn in Business Intelligence courses.

  • Data collection, NoSQL and SQL, APIs, geocoding 
  • Python algorithms, object-oriented programming, data frames/data warehouse 
  • Dashboards via tools(Tableau, Folium and PowerBI
  • Business Analytics 
  • Dynamic and interactive data visualisations (Bokeh and Plotly)
  • Statistics 
  • Database theory
  • Data Science
  • SQL + Tableau
  • Performance Dashboards 
  • Data Visualization Pitfalls and Guidelines 
  • Balanced Scorecards Versus Six Sigma 
  • Performance Measurement System

Popular Business Intelligence certification courses

There are many best business intelligence certification courses that aim to make you familiar with the processes in business intelligence, i.e. how BI technologies help the company make a decision. You also get to use these theoretical concepts in practical application. Candidates must check the business intelligence course fees before enrolling in their desired course. Here are some of the best Business Intelligence courses offered by top institutes:

Career Opportunities after Business Intelligence courses

Business Intelligence Analyst

As a business intelligence analyst, you will analyse the past and current trends by going through the data and then provide clear information to the companies which helps them to understand their market better. You will also chair meetings providing organizational data as well as giving insights for taking future directions.

Data Analyst

As a data analyst, you have to utilise your expertise in programming as well as analytical skills, effectively convey analyse data. Then you relate this information to the team and clients. You will find work in different environments such as IT, banking, healthcare, and others.

Data Visualisation Specialist

In this role, you will present complex, cluttered data into a visually appealing, accessible format for everyone. You create visual content in the form of charts, graphs,  maps, etc. You also help your colleagues, clients, and others by providing them visual, technical and editorial guidance.

Other careers

Salary Trends

You can expect the best remuneration desired by professionals in any industry. You will find great offers both in the private as well as the public sector. Here is a list of professions related to Business Intelligence and their compensations (average base salary).


Average Base Salary p.a.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Rs 6,03,241/-

Data Analyst

Rs 4,74,751/-

Data Scientist

Rs 8,73,906/-

Data Visualization Specialist 

Rs 6,14,451/-

Senior Data Analyst 

Rs 8,25,657/-

Business Intelligence (BI) Developer 

Rs 6,04,395/-

** Source of Salary Details: Payscale

Note: The given salary details may vary depending on experience, skill, company, location, and other factors. 

Popular Online IT Courses and Certifications

Scope after Business Intelligence courses

Experts predict that by the year 2030, the role of business intelligence will evolve from a simple passive tool used by humans to find information to something which has the capabilities to seek information and provide it to its consumer. This is possible because of feats in Artificial Intelligence. Instead of humans, business intelligence will be through advanced bots which are almost sentient-like beings. Source: Medium, Writer: John Thuma). So ask yourself whether you want to be left behind in what is about to come. Every new era leads to new kinds of professions, so knowing the foundation of BI can enable you to be riding the first wave itself and not swimming behind it. 

Your expertise will be needed in every industry that you can think of. So take some of the best Business Intelligence courses.

Top Recruiters for Business Intelligence Professionals

  • Apple
  • Accenture
  • Hitachi Group
  • Eli Lilly and Company
  • FedEx Corporation
  • Marriott International

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Q: Is it possible to take business intelligence courses online?

A: Yes. Industry experts as well as academics have created many online Business Intelligence courses for you. So you can learn not just the basics but also various nuances within the industry and get certified from the comfort of your home.

Q: Is it difficult to learn Business Intelligence certification courses?

A: While it is quite a challenging subject, with a good analytical mind and technical knowledge it is not difficult to master it. Hence before taking Business Intelligence certification courses, make sure you have some relevant experience in the field.

Q: What is the duration of Business Intelligence courses?

A: For UG courses in a related field (Data Science, Engineering, Business analytics), it is around 3-4 years. For PG Business Intelligence courses the duration is around 2 years. When it comes to online Business Intelligence courses, you can complete them within a few months.

Q: What is the cost of Business Intelligence certification courses?

A: There are both free and paid business intelligence courses. The paid courses can range from a few thousand rupees to around 4.5 lakhs rupees. 

Q: What are some of the basic tasks in Business Intelligence?

A: Here are some of the basic tasks in Business Intelligence

  • Data sourcing
  • Data analysis
  • Situation awareness
  • Risk assessment
  • Decision support

Q: What are some of the important features and functionalities in Business Intelligence?

A: Here are some of the prominent this question

  • Dashboards
  • Visualizations
  • Reporting
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • ETL
  • OLAP
  • Drill-Down
Career Category
Job Role


Online Degree

MBA Business Intelligence and Analytics

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Intelligence and Analytics at Jain University, Bangalore is a two-year postgraduate programme. The online MBA programme is accredited by the Institute of Analytics (IoA), UK. The curriculum has been designed with the latest industry requirements. By pursuing the Online MBA Business Intelligence and Analytics at Jain Deemed to be University, Bangalore, students will be exposed to a deep understanding of data analysis and business intelligence. They will be able to excel in their careers as business analyst, business intelligence manager, data scientist, and more. Through the Online MBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics at Jain University, students will gain mastery over programming languages and decision-making techniques.

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24 Months
Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Analyst

Offered by


Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Analyst

Did you know that BI analysts are highly sought-after, with statistics predicting their global demand to surge by 14% by 2026? That’s because these professionals bring a hefty skillset to enhance a company’s performance, profitability, and help them make data-driven decisions. If you want to become a proficient BI analyst, enrol in Wild Code School’s Business Intelligence & Data Visualization Analyst programme. 

The Business Intelligence & Data Visualization Analyst course is a 5-month, part-time curriculum, which you can undertake remotely. In this short duration, the training will instil valuable skills in you to either upskill as a BI analyst or secure your first job as one. 

Aiming to provide an immersive experience, the Business Intelligence & Data Visualization Analyst course syllabus involves both theoretical and practical learning. While you’ll learn vital concepts like TableauSQL, data collection, etc., you’ll also participate in workshops, dojos, projects, and quests to hone your skills and remain updated with industry changes.

Lastly, you can also acquire the Business Intelligence & Data Visualization Analyst certification after finishing the entire curriculum and add it to your resume for enhanced job prospects.

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5 Months
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Python Knowledge of Data Visualization Knowledge of Numpy

Business Intelligence and Applications

Software is used in business intelligence to break down massive amounts of data into digestible insights. Through a sync tool or API, the software receives data from other data sets as well as an organization's ERP system. After analyzing the data sets, the BI tool presents its findings in reports and dashboards. Business Intelligence and Applications certification course is created by Jain University and presented by Online Jain for candidates who want to acquire knowledge of the fundamentals and application of business intelligence.

Business Intelligence and Applications online course cover the technologies, implementations, methodologies, and procedures related to the gathering, analysis, integration, and presentation of important corporate data. After completing the Business Intelligence and Applications online training, candidates will help their organization advance by supplying more useful data, learning crucial market trends, and facilitating a more strategic approach to decision-making.

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3 Months
Skills Covered:
Decision making skills Knowledge of Data mining
Business Intelligence Concepts, Tools and Applications

Offered by


Business Intelligence Concepts, Tools and Applications

The Coursera Business Intelligence Concepts, Tools, and Applications programme is the fourth course in the Data Warehouse for Business Intelligence specialisation. This course will help you master the core concepts and fundamentals of data warehouses essential for business intelligence. The certification course will also equip you with the best practices and skills to become a business intelligence developer. 

Moreover, the Business Intelligence Concepts, Tools, and Applications certification course has modules spread across five weeks, which you can complete in approximately 22 hours. You will become familiar with how business intelligence technologies support the decision-making process in several business sectors. You will also get the opportunity to combine your theoretical concepts with practice straightaway.

What’s more, the Business Intelligence Concepts, Tools, and Applications online course helps in interacting and improving core abilities with exposure to a vast curriculum and assignments. You can develop your skills in Business Intelligence and Data Analysis with the help of this course. Besides, Coursera also provides a certificate on completing the course. 

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5 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Data science knowledge Knowledge of Data Visualization Business Management

Offered by


MSBI Certification Training Course

The MSBI Certification Training is a five-week course designed to introduce you to the concept of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. The course curriculum will have a brief introduction to different Microsoft BI concepts and business intelligence.

An online instructor-led programme, the course primarily introduces the candidates to MSBI architecture as well as the importance of SSIS as a tool for data integration. The certification course contains lessons on the flow of data and its components as well.

The MSBI Certification Training online course also teaches you to successfully differentiate between different transformations such as Data Conversion, Multicast, Union, and many others. Besides, the certification course also covers how to use Foreach loop as a Hands-on/Demo.

Furthermore, the curriculum includes modules which are specially designed to provide insights into the different tools of the Microsoft BI Suite. Upon completion of the MSBI Certification Training course by Edureka, you will have a practical understanding of data warehousing and how to use MSBI tools efficiently. 

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5 Weeks
Skills Covered:
SQL knowledge

TIBCO AMX Policy Director Training

TIBCO AMX Policy Director Training certification course is made available through MindMajix Technologies Inc. as part of its educational initiative which focuses on providing an in-depth comprehension of the core concepts of TIBCO Active Matrix and policy-based SOA governance principle such as evaluating verification regulations to minimize vulnerability by imposing policies across SOA operations, upgrading regulations to launch services, and so on.

TIBCO AMX Policy Director Training online classes by MindMajix Technologies provide 30 hours of HD video lectures and 20 hours of lab training on TIBCO Active Matrix topics ranging from basic to advanced, including TIBCO AMX policy director, defining policies, authentication policies, business work governance agents, and configuration methodologies, as well as encryption, decryption, and digital signatures. Premium services like resume building and practice interviews are also included in the TIBCO AMX Policy Director Training online course to assist candidates on their professional journey.

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February 10 - February,25 2023
Skills Covered:
Business Management

Offered by


Microsoft Power BI - Business Intelligence for Beginners

The Microsoft Power BI - Business Intelligence for Beginners certification course was designed by BizticsCom King - Passionate Data Expert in the business intelligence sector and is available on Udemy for participants who wish to develop dynamic dashboards and reports using Microsoft Power BI. The Microsoft Power BI - Business Intelligence for Beginners online course focuses on providing the knowledge and analytical expertise needed to create and deploy the same business intelligence tools used by professional data analysts and data scientists.

Microsoft Power BI - Business Intelligence for Beginners online classes feature over 32 hours of intensive video learning tools, as well as 6 articles and 74 downloaded resources that learners can access at any time to obtain a theoretical reference of the topics presented. This course is broken down into 11 sections: business intelligence, data analysis, cleaning and shaping data, power BI visualizations, data modeling, DAX, BI services and dashboards, enterprise gateway, sharing, and collaboration. By the end of this course, participants will have learned how to extract knowledge from data as a business intelligence specialist, allowing them to easily analyze and visualize complex business challenges.

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Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Data Visualization
Certified Business Intelligence Professional

Offered by


Certified Business Intelligence Professional

The Business Intelligence Professional Certification course imparts skills and knowledge of participants on numerous areas in the Business Intelligence field which includes plans, designs, implementations, and maintenance of the organisation’s data. 

This course is mainly developed for professionals who are willing to make a career in Business Intelligence. This course also suits the working graduates who are looking for progression in their careers.

This course gives the candidate a glimpse of data management, data warehousing, Value proportion, Data analysis, OLAP, Implementation and Post-implementation, Case studies in Business Intelligence, and Performance Assessment. The course also contains modern technical concepts like Cloud Computing. By learning various concepts of Business Intelligence the participants can improve their decision-making skills.

As a result of learning this course, the candidate would broaden their job opportunities by showcasing their skills. Students who are a part of this certified course can improve their skills and make their resume strong.

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Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Data mining

Offered by

Offered by

Offered by

Offered by


Microsoft Business Intelligence Certification Training

Broadly, Business Intelligence (BI) is a process of converting data into useful information, where data assumes the form of raw material needed for analysis. Once analyzed, this data becomes meaningful information. BI uses a specific set of tools and techniques to transform the raw data into useful information, thereby bringing to light important statistics lying under the unstructured data and the complex network of untapped information. 

Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) is a robust tool developed by Microsoft to assist organisations with significant business intelligence solutions. MSBI has garnered immense popularity as it comprises all the important resource tools which facilitate the best business intelligence solutions. MSBI is composed of SSIS (Integration Tool), SSAS (Analysis Tool) and SSRS (Reporting Tool), which enable the developers to develop and design the most effective BI solutions for their employer organisations. The popularity of MSBI has led to an increase in demand for MSBI developers and related training in this area.

The Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) Certification Training offered by Intellipaat will enable the participants to gain knowledge and insights on SSIS, SSRS and SSAS using the SQL Server. The programme comprises 30-hours online videos, 30-hours instructor-led training, real-world projects, flexible and self-paced learning; and 24X7 access to course material. The programme aims to impart skills and training in MSBI to assist participants in clearing the MCSE: Business Intelligence Certification.

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Skills Covered:
Data science knowledge


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