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Quick Facts

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EnglishSelf StudyVideo and Text Based

Course Overview

The engineering field has grown a lot of popularity and made many people gain knowledge and great career opportunities. Engineers are often working with systems to control the mechanics of the entire system. Many companies who are benefiting from the knowledgeable mind of the candidates are excelling in their market. The candidates who have complete details about the basics, as well as the advanced working of different systems, can grow rapidly in their career. 

By getting enrolled in the Control Systems Course on Swayam, the candidates can become familiar with the components and factors that affect the control system. The course is beneficial to understand the topic in detail and use it to move higher in the employment rate. 

Many companies are present in the market who can know the right way to use the skills of the candidates to improve their quality.

Candidates who are interested in learning the mechanics of any system and getting the method to calculate the efficiency of any system can take the help of this course. The students who dream to become engineers in the electrical or mechanical branch should use the course to their advantage.

The Highlights

  • Affordable certification
  • Quality services for candidates
  • 100% online course pedagogy 
  • Access to high-quality jobs and internships
  • Recommendation for course learning
  • Experienced faculty members
  • Various options for test centers
  • Discuss doubts and engage with the student community
  • Free of Cost learning 
  • Local chapters & teams for easy coordination 
  • Affiliated to Government institutions such as IIT, IIM, NLU among others

Programme Offerings

  • offline exam
  • 100% free courses
  • Free registration
  • Weekly Assignments Based Learning
  • shareable online certification
  • Top-level Faculty Members
  • credit transfer
  • Weekly Assignments & Doubt Clearance

Courses and Certificate Fees

Fees InformationsCertificate AvailabilityCertificate Providing Authority
INR 1000yesIIT Madras

The payment amount for the general category

Rs. 1000

Eligibility Criteria

According to the official guidelines by Swayam, the candidates willing to appear for the examination concerning Control Systems Course should possess an undergraduate degree in engineering in addition to mechanical skills. 

It will help the candidates to understand the basics of the control system as they have some knowledge about it. Furthermore, if you are someone who has previously studied the Physics subject, it will help immensely to understand what is being taught as part of the course curriculum. 

Certification Qualifying Details

Swayam has set two different scoring methods for the candidates- weekly assignment and ultimate examination. For the assignment, the candidates need to score at least 10 marks out of the 25 total marks. For the final exam, the candidates need to score 30 marks or more out of 75 marks to get qualified for the certification. In failing to score the required marks, the certification will not be granted to the candidate.

What you will learn

Knowledge of electronics

The career of the candidate will take a big jump after obtaining this certification. They will become eligible to work in big companies or even start-up their business. The level of knowledge obtained by this certification will act much higher for the candidate. The candidate will become proficient in the following topics:

  • creating mathematical formulas for multiple electrical systems, 
  • accessing body diagrams for getting a clearer picture of the anatomy
  • components included in the battery system
  •  conversion-related process for electrical and mechanical system

Who it is for

The candidates with a background in different engineering branches are targeted with this course. Below mentioned are the people who get targeted by this course:

  • Electrical students
  • Program developers
  • Engineering professionals
  • Candidates interested in learning about different systems
  • Mechanical Professionals 
  • Electrical Engineers

Admission Details

The first step is to register yourself and get the lessons provided on the website. Swayam charges no fees for registration and obtaining the lessons associated with the course. When the candidate decides to take the exam, then they are required to make the payment and choose the center for the exam. It is important to choose the test center properly so the center does not get cancelled.

The certification will be awarded only when the candidate scores the required marks in the weekly assignment and the ultimate exam. The certification will get highlighted in the resume of the candidate and make them appealing to the hiring panel of big companies.

Application Details

The enrollment process of the Control Systems Course By Swayam starts when the candidate accesses the official portal and goes on to follow the below-mentioned steps

Step 1: Creation of the account 

Step 2: Log in with email address and password

Step 3: Application form to be filled with personal information

Step 4: Address and college details to be provided

Step 5: Process of uploading the latest picture and signature 

Step 6: Selecting the course from the list

Step 7: Marking the date convenient for the certification exam 

Step 8: Provide three test centers

Step 9: Choose different locations from the given options

Step 10: Adding the course to the cart

Step 11: Check the cart for a final review

Step 12: Make final changes, if any needed

Step 13: Exit the cart

Step 14: Choose the payment option

Step 15: Instantly receive the receipt for the payment

Step 16: Hall ticket sent to the email address

The Syllabus

  • Introduction to Control
  • Classification of Dynamic Systems
  • Closed Loop Control System with Feedback
  • Mathematical Preliminaries – 
    • Complex Variables
    • Laplace Transform

  • Standard Inputs
  • Free and Forced Response
  • Transfer Function
  • Poles and Zeros

  • Response to various Inputs
  • Effect of Poles
  • Notion of Bounded Input Bounded Output (BIBO) stability

  • Effect of Zeros
  • Closed Loop Transfer Function
  • Dynamic Performance Specification
  • First Order Systems

  • Second Order Systems
  • Unit Step Response of Underdamped Second Order Systems
  • Concepts of Rise Time
  • Peak Time
  • Maximum Peak Overshoot and Settling Time

  • Proportional (P)
  • Integral (I)
  • Derivative (D) 
  • Blocks
  • Examples of PID controller design

  • Routh’s Stability Criterion
  • Use in Control Design
  • Incorporation of Performance Specifications in Controller
  • Design
  • Analysis of Steady State Errors

  • Root Locus and its Application in Control Design

  • Frequency Response
  • Bode Plots
  • Nyquist Plots

  • Nyquist Stability Criterion 
Relative Stability
  • Gain and Phase Margins

Control System Design via Frequency Response
  • Lead
  • Lag and Lag-Lead Compensation

  • Case Studies

Evaluation process

Once the registration for the certification exam has been done, the details about the exam and its format are displayed to the candidates. The score of the exam is added with the assignment score to get the total percentage for qualifying for the exam.

In the case of assignment, out of the 12 assignments, 25 percent of the best 8 assignments will be used to calculate the marks concerning the assignment. On the other hand, the final exam will be calculated out of 75 percent of the total marks. 

The candidate will fail the exam if they did not score 10 marks out of 25 marks in the assignment score and 30 marks out of 75 marks in the final exam score.


IIT Madras Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1: How are the candidates taught in this certification?

The elements associated with the control system are taught by someone professional who has a background in engineering. They can also keep focusing on the things that hold more importance as compared to topics that are not as important. 

The faculty working for teaching this course is very professional and provides the best material like books and notes to paint a clear picture for the candidates.

2: What is the help provided by Swayam in finding jobs and internships for the candidates?

After the candidate has obtained the certification for the Control Systems Course, Swayam does not leave their side. Swayam is available on various social media platforms where the certification can be shown off to prospective companies hiring teams. Social media is a great way to hold the attention of the people because it is accessed by many people which makes it so popular.

3: What are the different identification cards that I can take for the verification process?

In order to appear for the examination, there are a couple of identification documents necessary to be verified. In case the candidate belongs to SC/ST or OBC categories, they need to show their caste certificate at the time of verification. For the basic verification, the candidates need to obtain anyone document from the following list:

  • Aadhaar identification card
  • Driver’s license 
  • PAN Identification
  • Passport of the Candidate
  • Candidate’s Voter ID
4: What are the eligibility criteria for this certification?

The candidates need to have an undergraduate degree in engineering. The fields of engineering should be electrical, communication engineering, or electronics. If the candidate has an interest in learning about the mechanism of the control system, they would have an upper hand.

5: What does this certification offer in terms of value?

With the help of certification offered after the Control Systems Course, candidates can get an upgrade in their career and rank in a company or start-up business firm. This certification will boost the career of the candidate instantly. The candidate does not have to struggle in landing on their dream job or internship because this certification makes you proficient in your field.

6: What should you carry with you to the exam center?

The candidates should check the official website of Swayam before they are leaving their house for the certification examination. The following things should be carried by the candidate:

  • Hall ticket
  • Caste certificate if belonging to SC, ST or OBC
  • Any identification card 
  • The latest picture taken
7: What is the marking scheme of this certification?

The candidate needs to give a weekly assignment along with the final exam that will make the total marks. The total marks will be checked to see if the candidate has cleared the certification exam or not. 

Out of the 12 assignments done by the candidate, 25% of the average is checked. In the case of the exam marks, 75% of the total marks which is 100 marks should be scored by the candidate. If the candidate fails in one of the two criteria, the certification will be cancelled.

8: What is the charge of registering and certification exam?

The candidates do not have to pay any amount at the time of registering. The course and the lesson associated with this course is free of cost. The payment has to be made when the candidate decides to give the certification exam. The candidate must be updated with the latest details about the date or the center for the exam. 

9: What is the procedure for choosing the exam center?

During the registration process, the candidate has to choose an exam center where they are comfortable taking the exam. Swayam provides several options to avoid many conveniences for the candidates. More than two options for the test center have to be chosen by the candidate.

10: When will I get the certificate after clearing the exam?

Once the candidate has cleared the examination, they will instantly receive the e-certificate on their email. If the candidate does not receive the certification on their email, the institution or college mentioned by the candidate will get the certificate to further share with the candidate.


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