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The healthcare sector is a constantly evolving field, and nursing is no exception. In today’s times, nursing courses right from diplomas to postgraduate studies have gained immense popularity. Various universities and colleges offer nursing courses online like degree programs, along with diploma, and nursing certifications courses so that they can build a career in the nursing field and serve people in need.

Nursing over the years in India has evolved a lot. Many students start applying for nursing courses because they want to attend and help patients 24*7. Whenever we think of the backbone of healthcare sectors then it ought to be nurses. Not only degrees or diplomas but nursing certifications have also become quite famous over the years. Moreover, free online nursing courses with certificate are also offered to interested students.

What are Nursing Courses?

The Nursing profession basically is concerned with taking proper care of different kinds of injured or ill persons. Nurses usually offer preventive healthcare services and are the most important persons who are looked up to after doctors after learning online nursing certification courses. They work in various institutions, including hospitals, public health departments, businesses, public schools, long-term care facilities, and also mental health centers. The responsibilities that fall under nursing are patient care, creating nursing plans, making assessments of patients, and also making the patients aware of their conditions.

Additionally, nurses also follow the responsibility of keeping the medical records properly of all the patients they are caring for. Those working in hospitals may also be specialized in different sectors like pediatric nursing, caring for older adults, gerontology, and psychiatry.

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Who can Learn Nursing Courses?

Whoever is ready to cater to the healthcare needs of patients by providing special care and assistance during their illness or is ready to perform research work under different circumstances can become a nurse after pursuing nursing courses online. One can learn about the different aspects of nursing, they can do so by pursuing free online nursing courses with certificate. 

Eligibility of Nursing Courses 

There is a certain extent to which the students can become eligible for nursing courses after the 12th. The colleges usually want these students who have successfully completed their 10th, and 12th classes under some recognized institutes, or boards with the science stream. The minimum marks that need to be obtained by the students in their 10+2 level. The different eligibility criteria for the online nursing courses after 12th are as follows:

For Undergraduate Nursing Courses

  • For admission to BSc. courses the candidates need to have completed their class 12 with Biology as a compulsory subject.

  • Mostly for these online nursing certification courses, the candidates will have to clear an entrance examination at the state, institute, or national level.

For Postgraduate Nursing Courses

  • Those who have completed their Bachelor's Degree in Nursing with 50% marks will be eligible to choose their own field of specialization and opt for postgraduate nursing courses.

For UG Diploma and Nursing Certification Courses

  • For a nursing graduate diploma or nursing certification course, the candidates need to have at least a class 12 passport keeping Biology as a compulsory subject with the minimum percentage varying from college to college.

  • Some colleges may even expect the candidates to have English as a compulsory subject.

  • For undergraduate diploma nursing free courses, the candidates must again be a class 10 pass out.

Entrance Exams for Nursing Programmes

The certain entrance exams that are required to get admission to the different nursing courses online are as follows:

Skills Required for Nursing Courses

There are certain special skills that are mandatory for every candidate to have before they are stepping into this noble nursing profession, and choosing nursing certification courses to pursue.

  • Stress Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Patience
  • Endurance
  • Problem Solving
  • Selflessness
  • Empathy
  • Presence of Mind
  • Medical Capability

Popular Certification Specialisations

What You Will Learn in Online Nursing Courses? 

The learning depends on what kind of nursing certification courses are opted for by the students. In the case, where undergraduate courses for 4 years have been selected the curriculum covers the various medical aspects like training and practical application. Also, in the final year's internship is offered for working in government hospitals. In the postgraduate nursing courses, when a specialisation is selected, the candidates get in-depth knowledge about a particular field of nursing. Some of the topics that the candidates will be learning in online nursing certification courses are:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Sociology
  • Pharmacology
  • Nutrition
  • Pathology
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Physiology
  • Environmental Science
  • Biochemistry
  • Genetics
  • Psychology
  • Microbiology
  • Nursing Foundation
  • Child health nursing
  • Basic of computer science
  • Community health nursing
  • Mental health nursing
  • Research
  • Management of nurse Service
  • Communication Technology
  • Advanced nursing
  • Nursing Statistics
  • Gynaecological Nursing
  • Psychiatric Nursing

Popular Online Nursing Courses and Certifications

Some of the most popular range of nursing courses and certifications are offered online by learning providers like Medvarsity online, edX, Coursera, and more.


Offered by


Advanced Certificate in Nursing Administration

Medvarsity Online

3 Months

Essential Competencies for Nurse Preceptors


7 Weeks

Introduction to Integrative Nursing


5 Weeks

Career Opportunities after Nursing Courses

Online nursing courses will shower you with tons of opportunities in building a successful career as a nurse ahead. With a rise in both private and government hospitals, there is an increase in career prospects as a nurse. Some of the career opportunities that are worth considering after pursuing nursing certifications are:

  • Nursing Service Administrators
  • Industrial Nurses
  • Staff Nurses
  • Industrial Nurses
  • Nursing Superintendents
  • Nursing Supervisors
  • Military Nurses
  • Director of Nursing
  • Nursing Teachers
  • Deputy Nursing Superintendents

Salary Trends For Nursing Courses

The salary of any nurse actually depends on the experience gained in the field by you. The average salary for a fresher range anywhere between Rs. 7000 - Rs. 15000 per month. As the experience rises to 2 years, the salary jumps and becomes anywhere between Rs. 20,000 - Rs. 30,000. Again those who already have experience of more than 3 years will get a starting salary of around Rs.70,000.  Here are some of the career options that are available after one completes nursing certifications along with their average salary.

Job Profile

Average Annual Salary 

Maximum Annual Salary

Lecturer or Speaker

Rs. 2.9 LPA

Rs. 6 LPA

Nurse Instructor

Rs. 1.8 LPA

Rs. 5 LPA

Nurse Educator

Rs. 2.5 LPA

Rs. 10 LPA

Nurse (ICU)

Rs. 3.1 LPA

Rs. 4.3 LPA


Rs. 2.6 LPA

Rs. 4.2 LPA

Scope of Nursing Courses

Nurses are always in high demand, and nursing has a vast scope, and with the recent pandemic, the demand for experienced nurses has also risen worldwide. Since the medicine, and healthcare services industry is a crisis-proof industry, the career outlook is also exceptional for both doctors and nurses.

Top Recruiters For Nursing Courses

Let's look at the top-rated recruiting hospitals that recruit graduates after online nursing certification courses:

  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Breach Candy Hospital Chain
  • Fortis Healthcare
  • Wockhardt
  • Manipal Hospital
  • Ayurvedic Treatment Centres
  • AIMS
  • Government Hospitals

Nursing Courses by Top Providers

Nursing courses online are offered by many online course providers that help you in developing different kinds of skills and talents required to step into this industry. Some of the top online course providers are AIIMS Delhi, IGNOU Delhi, Chandigarh University, JIPMER Puducherry, Jamia Hamdard, Delhi, etc. Explore some of the most popular platforms for nursing certification courses mentioned below:


Q) What is the qualification for pursuing online nursing courses and certifications? 

Ans) Any student who has completed their 10th and 12th with Biology can go for nursing courses. 

Q) Can I learn and get certified through learning nursing online mode?

Ans) Yes, online nursing certificate courses are available, and can be pursued in an online mode

Q) Can I pursue nursing courses free of cost? 

Ans) There are many tuition-free universities that offer nursing free courses. Unlike the graduation and post-graduation courses, free online nursing courses with certificate can be availed free of cost.

Q) How much money will I have to spend to learn nursing courses online?

Ans) The fee actually varies according to the type of course selected. For different courses, the fee can hover between Rs. 1,600 – Rs. 1,00,000.

Q) Which course providers offer online nursing courses and certifications? 

Ans) Online course providers like Swayam, Ignou, Coursera, edX, University of Minnesota, and more offer nursing certification.

Q) Can you pursue nursing in just 2 years? 

Ans) To become a nurse at least a minimum graduation degree in nursing is required, Hence the studies cannot be completed in just 2 years.

Career Category
Job Role


Certificate Course on Lactationcounseling and Breastfeeding Management for Nursing Professionals

Offered by


Certificate Course on Lactation Counselling and Breastfeeding Management for Nursing Professionals

The Certificate Course on Lactation Counselling and Breastfeeding Management for Nursing Professionals aims to equip you with skills for providing care to prenatal and antenatal mothers. It teaches the core competencies required by nursing professionals to facilitate breastfeeding in multiple settings. You will receive handouts of the course content in English.

The Lactation Counselling and Breastfeeding Management for Nursing Professionals certificate course offers 40 hours of informative lectures, video demonstrations and PowerPoint presentations. You will also learn via 12 hours of practical sessions. These will take place in the Out Patient Department (OPD) of Obstetrics and Paediatrics, and postnatal and antenatal wards.

The Lactation Counselling and Breastfeeding Management for Nursing Professionals certification programme will make you capable of providing lactation counselling. Moreover, you will learn the aptitudes required by nurses involved in child and maternal healthcare. The course has a duration of three months. Each schedule of this course can have 10-15 candidates.

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3 Months

Global Quality Maternal and Newborn Care

Global Quality Maternal and Newborn Care is an online certification course aimed to provide students with the background and understanding related to high-quality maternal and newborn care. The online course focuses on the idea behind implementing a midwifery model of care to advance the health and well-being of mothers and babies globally. The Global Quality Maternal and Newborn Care certification course is offered by Coursera in collaboration with Yale University.

Global Quality Maternal and Newborn Care training covers the framework around Quality Maternal and Newborn Care. It provides students with recommendations, tools and techniques to gain more knowledge on advancing the health of maternal mothers and newly born babies. Global Quality Maternal and Newborn Care online course discusses scholars' views, research and personal experiences around maternal and newborn care which gives students in-depth analyses of the topic.

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8 Weeks
Essential Competencies for Nurse Preceptors

Offered by


Essential Competencies for Nurse Preceptors

Nursing programmes partner with several clinical practice sites to provide nursing students with expert clinical training. This partnership aims to prepare students to provide patients with quality care. The staff registered nurses (RNs) in these practice sites provide student nurses with a rich clinical learning experience within a challenging yet safe learning environment. That is where the Essential Competencies for Nurse Preceptors online course comes in.

Many clinical practice sites have programmes that train RNs to precept new employees, but most of these programmes do not include any preparation for working specifically with student nurses. The Essential Competencies for Nurse Preceptors course by edX is designed to train registered nurses to construct rich, effective, and high-quality learning experiences.RNs, also known as, Nurse Preceptors, who participate in programmes like this report more satisfaction and confidence in their role as preceptors. That translates into the student’s learning outcomes as well.

The seven-week Essential Competencies for Nurse Preceptors training has an intermediate-level curriculum. The programme is developed by the University of Maryland School of Nursing, an institute accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Centre’s Commission on Accreditation. The institute is a provider of continuing nursing education.

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7 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Communication skills Critical thinking Decision making skills Teaching skills

Introduction to Integrative Nursing

Introduction to Integrative Nursing Certification is designed for present nurses as well as for aspiring nurse candidates who are drawn to practice in a different way than usual ones – nurses who value whole-person care and know that the essence of nursing practice is truly caring and healing the patient. 

Introduction to Integrative Nursing Training helps the candidates learn about the principles and practices of Integrative Nursing and how you can be a healing presence to all the future patients that you serve. You will also do an integrative assessment on your own and apply the principles of Integrative Nursing to improve symptom management and overall patient outcomes. Ultimately, you will become a leader in Integrative Nursing with practice and later on create your own individual new patient care models.

All students get Introduction to Integrative Nursing certification by Coursera which is provided by the University of Minnesota.

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5 Weeks

Nursing Informatics Leadership Theory and Practice

Nursing Informatics Leadership Theory and Practice, course 3 of 5 in Nursing Informatics Leadership Specialization, is a 5 week long online certification course offered by the University of Minnesota. This course, provided by Coursera, helps learners improve their leadership success in nursing informatics. The Nursing Informatics Leadership Theory and Practice certification consists of 5 modules, with a total duration of 18 hours, covering various topics such as evaluating leadership styles, values and polarity management, and Minnesota Nursing Informatics Leadership Inventory (MNLI).

The Nursing Informatics Leadership Theory and Practice certification course will help you understand how to assess the effectiveness of different leadership styles in nursing informatics leadership in clinical and academic settings for improved leadership success.

In the Nursing Informatics Leadership Theory and Practice online course, you will recognise the polarities and competing values associated with management and knowledge leadership to facilitate effective leadership collaboration. 

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5 Weeks

Skills for Nursing Informatics Leaders

Skills for Nursing Informatics Leaders training is a part of the Nursing Informatics Leadership Specialization. This is a beginner-friendly course that will be taught in online mode by experts in nursing informatics. It involves 17 hours of learning through video lectures, readings and practice exercises.

Skills for Nursing Informatics Leaders certification course is a very informative and educative course brought to you by the University of Minnesota in collaboration with Coursera. This training will sharpen your Leadership skills and train you to step into future-ready roles in the field of nursing informatics.

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5 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Leadership Nursing skills

Care Home Nursing: Changing Perceptions

Care homes are indispensable when it comes to meeting the needs of people living with social and healthcare needs. Despite these urgent needs, the sector still struggles to retain and recruit registered care home nurses. That's why, in the Care Home Nursing: Changing Perceptions online course, you will gain knowledge and skills nurses require to look aftercare home residents effectively. 

You will discuss the various myths surrounding care homes and regular ethical and clinical decisions nurses need to make. Moreover, you will also gain an in-depth understanding of how care homes function and how nurses work in conjunction with residents and their families. As an added benefit, you will gain some career insights on the opportunities available in this sector through the Care Home Nursing programme by FutureLearn.

You can also take this course for free. However, if you wish to have prolonged access to the course material and a course completion certificate, you can upgrade your access plan after paying a small fee. The FutureLearn Care Home Nursing: Changing Perceptions online course is an offering of the University of Dundee, and is a part of the Study UK campaign. 

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4 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Nursing skills
Mindware Critical Thinking for the Information Age

Offered by


Mindware: Critical Thinking for the Information Age

4 Weeks
Applying Health Coaching in Patient Care

Offered by


Applying Health Coaching in Patient Care

3 Weeks
COVID-19 Effective Nursing in Times of Crisis

Offered by


COVID-19: Effective Nursing in Times of Crisis

The COVID-19: Effective Nursing in Times of Crisis training is a two-week online course. The course syllabus was designed by the Johns Hopkins University, Jhpiego, and The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and delivered through the FutureLearn platform. Patricia Davidson is the instructor for this online course.

Healthcare systems are experiencing unprecedented disruptions in the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic, straining underneath the volume of patients and starting to struggle with a lack of critical resources. Although these issues are new to high-income countries, they have long existed in conflict areas as well as other humanitarian settings.

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2 Weeks

Mechanical Ventilation for COVID-19

1 Weeks
CSI ME Case Studies in Medical Errors

Offered by


CSI: ME Case Studies in Medical Errors

1 Weeks
Hypertension in Primary Care Improving Control and Reducing Risk

Offered by


A Guide for Nurses on Meeting the Fundamental Care Needs of Patients in Hospital with COVID-19 and other Conditions

A Guide for Nurses on Meeting the Fundamental Care Needs of Patients in Hospital with COVID-19 and other Conditions training is a one-week online course. The instructors for this online course are David Richards and Susannah Tooze. This course syllabus has been designed and offered by the University of Exeter and delivered through the FutureLearn platform.

This online course will teach nurses and carers about the COVID-NURSE clinical guidance for patients who are admitted to a hospital during a pandemic. You will also learn how to apply the COVID-19 pandemic's specific lessons to other registered nurse care situations. The mixture of COVID-19 symptoms and the significant risk of virus transmission presents unique challenges for meeting patients' and their significant others' basic physical and emotional needs. The COVID-NURSE clinical guideline was developed based on feedback including over 1000 nurses about the hurdles they encountered and the practice-based innovations they implemented while caring for COVID-19 patients during the pandemic.

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1 Weeks

Offered by


Diploma in Nursing and Patient Care

15 Hours

Offered by


Maths For Nurses


Nursing Informatics Leaders

The Nursing Informatics Leaders Certification is an online course being offered by the University of Minnesota which is amongst the largest public research universities in the United States, through Coursera under the Nursing Informatics Leadership Specialization is taught by Bonnie L. Westra, Associate professor in the School of Nursing and Director for the Center for Nursing Informatics, aims to explore the history and relation of technology to nursing informatics in order to understand the context and evolution of the specialisation. 

The course aims to introduce applicants to the AMIA Nursing Informatics History Project to gain knowledge of the leadership styles of nursing informatics leaders. The Nursing Informatics Leaders Online Certification by Coursera also explains the criteria used in selecting leaders in nursing informatics. 

The Nursing Informatics Leaders Classes help the applicant to understand how a project was conducted and who the pioneers were. The Nursing Informatics Leaders Training examines leadership lessons learned from the pioneers and compares them to the insights presented, thereby appreciating various historical leaderships. 

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