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Mindmajix Technologies is a digital learning platform founded in 2013. It has the mission of moulding competent IT professionals skilled in the latest technologies. The platform has plenty of live and interactive cyber training programmes in technologies and software both for individual learners and corporate companies. The Mindmajix Technologies courses are spread across in-demand fields; business analytics, Selenium, AWS, VMware, database administration and Python, to name a few. 

Also, the e-learning platform had a collection of interview questions for various demanding roles in the job market such as Informatica, Salesforce, AWS, Workday, ServiceNow and whatnot. Mindmajix also gives placement assistance to the learners who have completed the training programmes. Go through this article to get a better idea of Mindmajix Technologies and the courses it provides.


  • Job-oriented Course Curriculum
  • Multiple Learning Modes 
  • Careers Assistance 
  • Expert & Certified Trainers
  • Mock Interviews & Resume Preparation
  • Real-time Use Cases & Hands-on Projects
  • 1-on-1 Doubt Clarifications

About Mindmajix Technologies Courses

Both professionals and business organisations can find suitable training programmes on Mindmajix Technologies. Mindmajix training is designed by industry experts and has industry-relevant curricula that cater to the potential requirements of the workplace. Also, Mindmajix courses give practical exposure to learners through various real-world projects and hands-on training. 

Mindmajix Technologies courses touch various in-demand areas such as application development, cloud computing, cyber security, data management, software automation and many more. The content of Mindmajix Technologies courses consists of audio and video materials to make the content effectively transferred to the learners. Along with courses, Mindmajix also provides tutorials on software and applications such as PowerBI, Apache Airflow and the like. 

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Types of Mindmajix Technologies Courses

Mindmajix offers IT/Tech training programmes for individual learners as well as corporate organisations. For those who plan to join the individual training, Mindmajix Technologies provided two different modes; the self-paced and instructor-led live virtual modes. In enterprise training solutions, Mindmajix gives customised live training led by instructors along the practical training through real-time projects. Some of the areas covered by Mindmajix courses are provided in the table below. 

Mindmajix Job Assist Programme

Mindmajix Technologies provides job assistance programmes for learners who have completed training programmes. During the course, they will be provided with practical training with use cases and with opportunities for self-assessment through quizzes. Post the courses, Mindmajix will give support through mock interviews and resume-building sessions to get better job opportunities in the industry. 


Q) What kind of training is available on Mindmajix Technologies?

A) Individual and corporate training courses are available on Mindmajix Technologies. 

Q) Which topics are covered by Mindmajix courses?

A) Mindmajix courses cover various relevant topics including business analytics, data science, data analytics, machine learning, and AI as well as many latest software and applications. 

Q) Does Mindamjix Technologies provide career support?

A) Yes, Mindamajix gives placement assistance for the learners who complete training including resume-building support and mock interviews. 

Q) What are the learning options for Mindmajix courses?

A) There are multiple learning modes for Mindmajix courses. For the individual training, live virtual and self-paced modes are available whereas for enterprise training, the learners can opt for onsite, virtual online and self-paced options. 

Q) Are tutorials available on Mindamajix Technologies?

A) Yes, Mindamjix provides tutorials on a variety of software such as RPA, AWS, Salesforce, Informatica, Pega, Powerapps, Workday, ServiceNow and many others. 

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