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Most Respected Jobs In India: Check Eligibility, Exams, Expected Salary

Most Respected Jobs In India: Check Eligibility, Exams, Expected Salary

Edited By Anindita Nandy | Updated on Jun 21, 2023 10:29 AM IST

Most Respected Jobs In India: Out of the several career options or jobs out there, only a few happen to fetch the kind of respect, admiration, and recognition that’s genuinely satisfying. Wonder why? The professionals in the best-respected jobs in India burnt the midnight oil and worked their fingers to the bone, to get to the point where everyone looks up to them and wants to be like them. The dream of every student, especially when he or she is in high school, is to earn a life of good fortune and make his or her way to respectful jobs in India.

Most Respected Jobs In India: Check Eligibility, Exams, Expected Salary
Most Respected Jobs In India: Check Eligibility, Exams, Expected Salary

A Student desires to have a career that gives him or her a sense of meaning and fulfillment in life. And therefore this list has been prepared, keeping these concerns in mind. Stay on this page for insights into the most respected jobs in India, the educational requirements, exams to be taken, and average starting salary packages for the same.

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The Most Respected Jobs In India


Educational requirements & exams

Average starting salary

Civil Servant

10+2 any stream

Graduation-any stream


Rs. 8-12 LPA


10+2 PCB


Rs. 10-12 LPA

Defense Officer

(Army/ Air Force/ Navy)

Army- 10+2 any stream

Air Force/Navy- 10+2 PCM/B


After 12th- NDA

After Graduation- UPSC CDS

Rs. 7-10 LPA


10+2 Arts/ Commerce/ Science


Rs. 7-10 LPA


10+2 any stream

Bachelor’s + Master’s + Ph.D.

Published research works in peer-reviewed journals


Rs. 8-15 LPA


10+2 Science

B.Sc/ B.Tech + M.Sc/M. Tech + PhD

Research & Doctoral fellowships

Rs. 5-9 LPA

(Note: Data has been collated by Team Careers360)

Now that we have attained a bird’s eye view of the most respected professions in India, let us understand a few of them in detail.

Most Respected Jobs In India-Civil Servant (IAS/ IPS/ IFS/ IRS)

Perhaps no other service has earned as much honor and reverence as the Civil Services. Civil Servants in India are the most looked up to by government officials, which makes Civil Services one of the most highly respected jobs in India. Every year, lakhs of aspirants attempt the examination out of which a few hundred make the final cut. This makes this service the most challenging, coveted, and one of the best-respected jobs in India.

The most popular services are the Indian Administrative Services (IAS), Indian Foreign Services (IFS), Indian Police Services (IPS), Indian Forest Services (IFoS), and Indian Revenue Services (IRS). Civil Servants are the brains behind policy formulation, policy-making, and its implementation. Their work has a huge potential in eradicating evils from society and contributing towards the nation’s growth and development, thereby attaining the goals of a welfare state.

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Educational requirements and exam: To be eligible for the entrance exam UPSC CSE, one needs to be at least a graduate with any stream from a recognized university.

Salary package: As an entry-level officer, you will be making anywhere in the range of Rs. 8-12 LPA. However, this varies from service to service.

Most Respected Jobs In India-Doctor

A Doctor in India holds the position next to that of God and the reasons are well known. As a doctor, you will be doing service to mankind by treating people and saving lives. It is undoubtedly, one of the most respected jobs in India. Post the Covid pandemic, the healthcare industry is set to grow by leaps and bounds giving way to plenty of opportunities. Also, due to the lack of specialists, the demand for skilled and professional doctors is increasing manifolds. You can be a general physician or a specialist like a dermatologist, neurologist, orthopedic, cardiologist, surgeon, and others. It is the specialization and experience that determine how much you will earn.

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Educational requirements and exam: To pursue MBBS, aspirants should have studied PCB in 10+2 and need to qualify for UG NEET which is an all-India level aptitude test.

Salary package: A specialist or a surgeon earns a handsome package of Rs. 10-12 LPA. And this is bound to increase with experience.

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Most Respected Jobs In India-Officer In Army/ Air Force/ Navy

Indian Defence Service is the dream job for most Indian youth. IDS instills an immense sense of pride, along with the experience of a very satisfying career for a lifetime which makes it one of the most respected jobs in India. It mainly consists of three branches, Army, Air Force, and Navy which are highly respected jobs in India.

Indian Army is the second-largest in the world after China, with almost 1.4 million active personnel. And the Government has ensured that the families of the serving personnel from all services lead a comfortable life through various perks and benefits.

Educational requirements and exam: Students can join Indian Defence Services after class 12 by taking the NDA exam, or after graduation by qualifying for UPSC CDS. The written exam is followed by an SSB interview.

Salary package: An entry-level officer in defence services earns a promising package of Rs. 7-10 LPA. This increases with increasing ranks in the hierarchy.

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Most Respected Jobs In India- Lawyer

Expert legal advice is required by almost all industries across all sectors due to the need to comply with existing laws and policies, and thus stay clean professionally.

Law is a five-year-long UG programme, if pursued after class 12. To enter one of the most respected professions in India, one must be a licensed legal professional by the Bar Council. There are various specializations in law like criminal, litigation, corporate, international, taxation, cyber law, and others, and it totally depends on the student’s inclination as to which one he or she opts for.

Having said that, corporate law and cyber law specializations are highly lucrative with a lot of potentials in the future. Some celebrated lawyers like Ram Jethmalani, Harish Salve, and KK Venugopal have time and again garnered huge attention from the youth for two reasons such as their sensational accomplishments and per appearance fee structure.

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Educational requirements and exam: A student who is interested in pursuing law as a career must take law entrance exams after 10+2. Some of the popular entrance exams in India are CLAT, LSAT, AILET, and others.

Salary package: A lawyer earns an initial package of Rs. 7- Rs. 10 LPA. However, it varies according to the specialization and the firm.

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Most Respected Jobs In India-Professor

Yet another noble and most respected profession in India is that of a university professor or lecturer. Professors not only teach but help shape the future of the country. Apart from imparting their valuable knowledge they also contribute to the welfare of the nation and its citizens through extensive subject-specific research works.

Even the Government has recently increased its research and development budget, which means there is a lot of demand and scope for researchers in times to come. Professors working at central or government universities are entitled to several other benefits by the GOI. Also, there is a huge demand and therefore this is one of the most respected jobs in India.

Educational requirements and exam: One can apply for the post of lecturer after completing a master's and qualifying for the NET. However, for the post of Assistant Professor, Ph.D. is mandatory along with two published papers from his or her research work.

Salary package: Professors earn a package of Rs. 8-15 LPA or more depending on their academic rank, number of published works, teaching experience, and the University they work for.

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Most Respected Jobs In India-Scientist

With the rapid advancement in science and technology worldwide, there is a rising demand for professionals in research and development. They come up with new theories, formulas, and inventions for generations to follow and benefit from.

Futuristic and life-saving inventions like cancer treatment methods and medications, artificial limbs and organs, IVF, immunizing vaccines, humanoid robots, and many more, have a team of highly skilled scientists working extremely hard for our welfare. Being a scientist is definitely one of the most respected professions in India.

Educational requirements and exam: To become a scientist, one must have studied a subject of science to the level of Ph.D., attained research and doctoral fellowships, and started a career as a research assistant with research and development organizations.

Salary package: There are no limits to the salary package of an accomplished scientist. It completely depends on the experience, achievements, and organization a scientist works for. However, they start with an initial package of Rs. 5 - Rs. 9 LPA.

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As we have seen, some careers become the most respected ones due to several reasons such as the number of years spent in education, its ability to contribute towards the growth and development of a country, remuneration packages, recognition, and its role in overall social and economic upliftment. We tried to bring to you a list of the highly respected jobs in India through the above article. Hope you found this list helpful.

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Anindita Nandy is a counselling psychologist, with extensive experience in career counselling of high school students. She is currently working with the founding body of one of the leading groups of schools and colleges in the country.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Which profession is most respected in India?

Some of the professions which are most respected in India are Civil Servant, Indian Army/ Navy/ Air Force officer, lawyer, doctor, professor etc.

2. Which is the most prestigious service in India?

Civil Services & Indian Defence Services.

3. What are the top 10 most respected jobs?

The top 10 most respected jobs in India are-

1.      IAS

2.      IPS

3.      IFS

4.      Army officer

5.      Air Force Officer

6.      Navy Officer

7.      Doctor

8.      Lawyer

9.      Professor

10.  Scientist

4. What is the difference between a Lecturer and a Professor?

A Lecturer is the initial academic rank whereas a Professor is the highest rank in academia. Also, the eligibility to be a lecturer is Masters and NET qualification and that for a Professor is min 10 years of teaching experience with 10 published research works and contribution in books.

5. What are the stages to be a Professor?

The most common hierarchy/ stages is as follows-

Lecturer < Assistant Professor < Associate Professor < Professor


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