Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Degrees offered: Diploma, L.L.B, L.L.M, P.G.D

What is Corporate Law

Corporate Law is a specialisation that one can pursue while taking up a degree course in Law. Choosing the field of Law as a career has a great scope. As this is a legal profession, it applies to sole proprietorship, partnership, associations and corporations. A Corporate lawyer's day-to-day activities include safeguarding the legality of commercial transactions, preparing corporate agreements, filing taxes and managing government reporting.

Corporate Law can be pursued at the Undergraduate level as well as Post Graduate level.  Degrees like LL.B (Bachelor of Legislative Law)  B.A. LL.B , BBA.LL.B  BBA.LL.B(Hons) in  B.Com.LL.B, B.Sc.LL.B can be pursued in Corporate Law.

The recent decades have been a trendsetter for "Corporate" since we are living in a corporate era. Most of the people are ambitious to get a corporate job in a top-notch organisation. But their thoughts are limited to software and IT only. The growth in this sector brought lots and lots of career avenues worldwide. Corporate Law is a highly reputed and rewarding career in the corporate world.

Corporate Law Course Highlights


Undergraduate (UG)

Postgraduate (PG)





  • LL.B (Bachelor of Legislative Law) ,
  • B.A. LL.B ,
  • BBA.LL.B
  • BBA.LL.B(Hons) in Corporate Law
  • B.Com.LL.B
  • B.Sc.LL.B

  • LL.M in Corporate Law
  • LL.M in Corporate and Securities law
  • LL.M in Corporate and Commercial Law
  • LL.M in Corporate and Business Law

  • PG Diploma in Business and Corporate Law
  • PG Diploma in Corporate Law

Minimum Duration

(in months)

36 months

12 months

24 months

Maximum Duration

(in months)

60 months

24 months

24 months

Admission Criteria


  • Merit-based and
  • Entrance based like
  • Private Examinations


Entrance Based :

  • CLAT
  • LSAT
  • University level exams

Entrance Based :

  • CLAT
  • LSAT

University level exams

Minimum Fees

Rs.50,000 per year

Rs. 1,00,000 per year

 Rs.50,000 per year

 Maximum Fees

Rs. 3,00,000 per year

Rs. 6,00,000 per year

 Rs. 2,00,000 per year

Minimum Salary

Rs. 2,50,000 per year

Rs.6,00,000 per year

Rs. 2,00,000 per year

 Maximum Salary

Rs. 10,00,000 per year

Rs. 20,00,000 per year

Rs. 8,00,000 per year

Expected Jobs

  • Lawyer
  • Lecturer
  • Law Officer
  • Legal Administrator
  • Legal Counsel


  • Corporate Lawyer
  • Legal Counsel
  • Associate Advocate
  • Corporate Events Associate
  • Legal Advisor
  • Corporate Lawyer
  • Lecturer
  • Law Officer
  • Corporate Events Associate
  • Legal Advisor

Eligibility Criteria (UG & PG) of Corporate Law

Corporate Law Course Eligibility Criteria

For UG:

i.    LL.B   

  • Completion of a degree in any discipline. The candidate must be a graduate to pursue LLB

  • A minimum of 35% (for SC/ST category) to 45% (general category) is required as some colleges fix percentage requirements to fulfil admission for LLB.

  • Based on the results of Entrance exams, the candidates will be accepted in some law colleges and universities.


ii.   Integrated LL.B  and Integrated LLB in Corporate Law

  • Completion of 10th and 12th exam from a recognised board with a minimum passing range of 50% as it may vary from college to college.

  • Age limit – Should be above 17 years.

  • Admission for this integrated course will be based on the Entrance exam either the national level or state-level to get into Government law colleges and other colleges. Most of the private colleges admit students based on merit and the Entrance exam conducted at the university level.


For PG

i.      LL.M (in Corporate Law Courses)

  • Completion of an undergraduate law degree that is LL.B or an equivalent degree from a recognised university with a minimum passing range of 45%.

  • Candidates must appear in the Entrance exams like CLAT and AILET to get into top law colleges for their Post Graduate.

  • Counselling can be taken after the entrance examination for the admission in colleges.

Corporate Law Entrance Exams

Corporate law courses can be pursued during both undergraduate and postgraduate. Corporate Law can be pursued in UG by taking up BBA.LL.B (Hons) in Corporate Law. To pursue Master of Law in Corporate Law and other related to corporate Law, the eligibility criteria is to hold LL.B after pursuing a degree or an integrated law degree like BBA.LL.B etc., Entrance exams are held to get into top law colleges and some law colleges admit based on merit.

  • Common- Law Aptitude Test (CLAT): CLAT is a national level examination conducted for the admission of UG and PG law candidates. This exam paves a way to get into top colleges like National Law College and other universities. CLAT scores are accepted by 122 colleges all over India.

  • Law School Admission Test (LSAT): It is conducted by the Law School Admission Council for the admission of UG and PG candidates in more than 85 colleges in India.

  • All India Law Entrance Test (AILET)Admissions for both UG and PG in National Law University Delhi (NLU Delhi) are based on the entrance exam that they conduct, NLU Delhi doesn't accept CLAT.

  • Andhra Pradesh Common Law Entrance Test (AP LAWCET)This is a state-level common law entrance test conducted by Sri Krishnadevaraya University on behalf of the state council for higher education. These scores are accepted in more than 50 colleges in AP.

  • Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MH CET): This is also a state-level common entrance test for Law for the admissions of law candidates. And it is accepted by 125 institutes in Maharashtra. This exam is, particularly for the three-year law program, LL.B.

Scope of Corporate Law in India and Abroad

In India

The corporate industry is a growing industry in India, and they depend upon a lawyer for taking any big decision. As the dependability is high on corporate lawyers, the demand for them is also high. Being a corporate lawyer in India can be paid handsomely based on their experience and knowledge. There are plenty of job opportunities from both the public and private sector. The job opportunities can also be from law firms, companies, banks, sole proprietorship and more.

In Abroad

Law abroad has always been a top-ranking and top paying career. Countries like the USA, Canada and more hire qualified legal lawyers as the non-lawyers have stepped into the market. And even being a corporate lawyer in India has a good scope to work abroad provided they fulfil certain conditions. Since the entry of MNEs in India has given rise to Indian lawyers to work abroad, the foreign law firms wanted to hire Indian attorneys who possess dual qualifications.

Course Fees Corporate Law

Minimum Fees Maximum Fees
Private Government Private Government
14.76 Lakhs
B.B.A. L.L.B in Corporate Law at University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun
Data not available
14.76 Lakhs
B.B.A. L.L.B in Corporate Law at University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun
Data not available
25.00 K
L.L.M in Corporate Law at Dayanand College of Law, Latur
10.00 K
P.G.D in Corporate Law at University College of Law, Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur
4.00 Lakhs
L.L.M in Corporate Law at OP Jindal Global University, Sonipat
1.82 Lakhs
L.L.M in Corporate Law at National Law University, Jodhpur
15.00 K
Diploma in Corporate Law at Indian School of Business Management and Administration, Chennai
Data not available
24.00 K
Diploma in Corporate Law at Symbiosis Law School, Pune
Data not available

Course Subjects

Corporate Law Course Subjects

The Corporate Law can be taken in UG level, and PG level and so the subjects of UG in Corporate Law (integrated course) will differ from UG in Law (3-year course). It is mandatory to take up an area of specialisation at PG level. The subjects for corporate Law are listed below:

 i. Law of Contracts

 ii. Company Law

 iii. Legal Method and Legal Reasoning

 iv. Business Accounting

  v. Principles of Taxation

   vi. Law and Justice in a Globalising World

   vii. Corporate Governance

   viii. Securities & Finance Markets

    ix. Law and Finance, Project Finance

    x. Competition Law

    xi. Dissertation

    xii. Corporate Reconstruction

    xiii.  Comparative Public Law

    xiv. Bankruptcy Law

Careers in Corporate Law

If not a lawyer, then choose corporate Law as the career. This is an emerging career in the law field as well as the corporate field. This is a versatile choice of career. The demand for corporate Law will never come down as the corporate sectors are growing at a very rapid speed. The corporate sector contributes 53% of GDP to the Indian Economy. The corporate Law plays a major role in the corporate governance it includes involving in major decisions to commercial transactions and solving disputes to negotiating settlements. Corporate Law generally revolves around overseeing all legal and external affairs. As the knowledge, experience and the potentiality of the corporate lawyer increase, it increases his/her prestige and demand in the corporate world.

Job Profiles and Top Recruiters

Corporate Law Job Profiles

Corporate Lawyer is in demand across all dominations, be it the corporate governance or business consulting firms. With foreign law firms' moving to India, the scope for Corporate Lawyers has increased a lot. The Corporate Law has become one of the most sorts after career choice for youth both in-house counsel and in law firms.

 Job Profile

Job Description

Corporate Lawyer

The work of Corporate Lawyers is to ensure commercial legality of transactions. They must have knowledge of statutory rules and regulations passed by the government.

Legal Advisor

Legal advisors work to provide legal advice regarding disputes, contractual and regulatory issues to any business or individual and so on.

Corporate Events Associate

A Corporate Events Associate conducts meeting, convention, and event planners coordinate all aspects of events and professional meetings. They arrange meeting locations, transportation, and other details.

 Associate Advocate


Associate Advocate's job is to manage and resolve legal disputes on behalf of the clients by negotiating contacts and settling claims, and so on.



Can become a lecturer in college or university by teaching corporate Law to the students. And educate them to lead their future in Corporate Law.

 Legal Counsel

The legal counsel represents an organisation in legal disputes, and they advise the Board of Directors and executives about legal issues.

Law Administrator

 The work of law administrators is to support lawyers at a firm by doing the work assigned by them. They conduct research, draft documents, manage schedules and run the administration.



Corporate Law Top Recruiters

The top recruiters are mostly from Legal consultancies, corporate firms, Enforcement agencies etc. They are listed below :

1.  Vahura

2.  Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A Shroff & Co.

3.  Luthra & Luthra Law Offices

4.   Hyundai

5.  Attorney Associate

6.   IBM

7.   BEEL

8.  HMT Ltd

9.  Repco Bank

10. Infosys

Required Skillset for Corporate Law

Some skills are important for a corporate lawyer to possess so that it will enhance the opportunities to get a job. And the companies would look for candidates who fill fit perfectly to the job. The requisite skills for Corporate Law are in the following

 i. Communication Skill: A Corporate lawyer should have a really good communication skill to pass the legal knowledge to the company. Proper and smooth communication will have high importance in companies.

 ii. Numerical Ability:  As the Corporate law deals with taxes and accounts too, the candidates should be good at working with numbers. This may include interpretation of tables and graphs.

 iii.Analytical Thinking: A Corporate lawyer is a problem solver and problem preventer. The candidate should possess a critical component of visual thinking to solve problems quickly and effectively.

iv. Confidentiality: Candidates must have the ability to research and keep the client information confidential without disclosing it to others except under certain circumstances.

Course Curriculum for Corporate Law

The growth of the corporate sector in India has made an impact on the young law aspirants to know the importance of understanding the legal dynamics of the corporate sector. And this Corporate Law course is designed in a way to provide in-depth knowledge about the incorporation of the company, raising capital of the company, corporate restructuring, corporate insolvency, investments, foreign direct investments and other related issues. This also covers comprehension of corporate management and governance and legal aspects of accounts and audit in a company.

Questions related to Corporate Law

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what are the best private colleges for llm corporate law in india

sunkehimabindu2603 12th May, 2021

Hello aspirant !

Some of the best private colleges for LLM are mentioned below:

  1. Shyam School of Law , Rajasthan
  2. Army institute of Law , Punjab
  3. Nirma University , Gujarat
  4. Apex school of Law , Jaipur
  5. Shalooni Law college , Himachal pradesh
  6. CT school of Law , Punjab
  7. Amity University , Jaipur
  8. MS Ramiah school of law , Karnataka.

There are specific entrance tests for each college check it out through their websites.

Hope it helps.

Good luck.


does du has llm in corporate law

Hrisheekesh Singh 12th May, 2021

Hi student,

No, DU Delhi does not offer (Master of Law) LLM in Corporate Law course. All the LLM courses offered by the University of Delhi are listed below:-

  • LLM
  • LLM Three Years

Refer here for more info - Delhi University (DU) Delhi Courses 2021-22: Fees, Duration & Providers (

Feel free to ask doubts in the Comment Section.

I hope this information helps you.

Good Luck!


is there any college in kerala which offers BBA-LLB- CORPORATE LAW?

U. Janani 18th Feb, 2021

Hi Sivani!

Below are some of the Colleges which offer BBA LLB Corporate Law Course in Kerala:

  • Mar Gregorios College of Law, Nalanchira.
  • School of Legal Studies, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi.
  • Markaz Law College, Kozhikode.
  • Sree Narayana Guru College of Legal Studies, Kollam.
  • MCT College of Legal Studies, Malappuram.
  • Al-Ameen Law College, Palakkad.
  • CSI Institution of Legal Studies, Cheruvarakonam.

Hope this is helpful!

All the best!


what are the top colleges that offers BBA-LLB in corporate law in south india?

Guljabin Quadri 15th Feb, 2021


There are the list of colleges  that offers BBA-LLB in corporate law in south India:-

  • Christ University, Bangalore.
  • ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad.
  • KLE Society's Law College, Bangalore.
  • National Academy of Legal Studies and Research, Hyderabad.

For more information go through the link given below:-


best study material book etc fo preparation of CLAT exam in corporate law

Garvita 1st Dec, 2020

Here are the best book for CLAT preparation:

For English language preparation:

1. High School English grammar and composition by Wren and Martin

2. Barron's pocket guide to vocabulary

3. English is easy by Chetananand Singh

Books for general knowledge preparation:

1. Pearson general knowledge manual

2. Manorama year book

3. India year book

4. Lucent's general knowledge

For legal aptitude preparation:

1. Lexisnexis butterworths

2. Legal awareness and legal aptitude by AP Bhardwaj

3. Universal's CLAT guide

4. Bare acts of Indian constitution

For logical reasoning preparation:

1. Verbal and nonverbal reasoning by RS Aggarwal

2. Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey

3. Analytical and logical reasoning by RS Aggarwal

For mathematics preparation:

1. Quantitative aptitude by RS Aggarwal

2.  Class 10th NCERT mathematics book

For more relevant information, you may visit here:

Hope this helps, all the best.
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