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B.Tech in Geo Science Engineering - Course, Admission, Eligibility, Fees, Jobs, Scope

B.Tech in Geo Science Engineering - Course, Admission, Eligibility, Fees, Jobs, Scope

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B.Tech in Geo Science Engineering is a four-year undergraduate programme that deals with the study of the interpretation, analysis, and extraction of hydrocarbons, and digging techniques. B.Tech in Geo Science Engineering basically deals with the technical information needed for the extraction of petroleum from the earth. Students with 10+2 in Science can apply for this course.

Geotechnical Engineering focuses on the physical properties of the rocks and the soil and the thorough study of the mechanism of the extraction of petroleum. In India, BTech in Geo Science Engineering is only offered by RGIPT Amethi. However, many colleges offer geoscience engineering as part of their BTech Civil Engineering or BTech in Mining courses.

Entrance examinations like JEE Main and JEE Advanced will help candidates gain admission to RGIPT Amethi’s BTech Geo Science Engineering programme. The total tuition fee for four years is around Rs. 10.0 lakhs. Geo-Science Engineer, Seismologist, Mining Engineer, and Survey Geologist are the job profiles available for graduates.

Highlights- B.Tech in GeoScience Engineering



Course name

B. Tech in GeoScience Engineering


Four years

Eligibility Criteria

10+2 or equivalent qualification in Science from any recognised board.

Admission Process

Entrance test / Merit-based

Average Course Fees

Rs. 10.41 lakhs

Average Salary

Rs. 4.5 LPA

Job Profiles

Geo-Science Engineer, Seismologist, Mining Engineer, Survey Geologist

Top Recruiters

Mineral Exploration Corporation Ltd, Reliance Petroleum, GSI, ISRO, ONGC, National Mineral Development Corporation, Environmental Consulting Firms

B Tech Geo Science Engineering Eligibility Criteria

Candidates can easily find the eligibility criteria on the programme brochure or the official website of the college. Below we have provided the general BTech Geo Science Engineering eligibility criteria required by most colleges.

  • Students must have cleared 10+2 or equivalent qualification from any board with an aggregate of more than 50 per cent of the marks in exams.
  • They must have taken Physics, Chemistry, and Maths as the major subjects in class 12th.
  • Students must have appeared for the entrance tests according to the requirements of the respective institute.
B.Tech Cut off
Candidates can check B.Tech Cut off for Top IITs & NITs here.
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B.Tech in Geo Science Engineering Admission Process

To gain admission, candidates must follow a certain procedure defined by any particular college. Below are the steps that candidates should take for BTech in Geo Science Engineering admission.

  • Students should also stay updated about the exams conducted at the institutional level and appear for the entrance tests conducted in the colleges of their interest.
  • Based on the marks obtained in the entrance exam and class 12 boards, students need to apply for admission through online or offline mode as available for a given institution.
  • They should be well aware of the important dates regarding the admission process. Various institutes provide management quota seats, however, the fees through the same are quite high.
  • Once the shortlisted students list is out, they need to get the documentation verified and the fees paid within the dates mentioned.

Top BTech in GeoScience Engineering Entrance Exams

JEE Main and JEE Advanced are popular entrance exams conducted at the national level for engineering admission. RGIPT Amethi considers the scorecard of the JEE Advanced exam for BTech in Geo Science Engineering admission.

Exam Name


Conducting Body

Exam Schedule

JEE Main



JEE Main Exam Date

JEE Advanced


IIT Bombay

JEE Advanced Exam Date

B Tech Geo Science Engineering Cutoff

B Tech Geo Science Engineering cut-off determines the student's admission to a particular college or university. The cut-off is different from one university to another and depends on the number of students, and the difficulty level of the question paper. Colleges publish the cutoff on their official website and other mediums.

Skills Required for B Tech in GeoScience Engineering

Candidates must possess certain Geo Science Engineering skills to get the most out of their career. After earning a B Tech in Geo Science Engineering, students will need the following skill sets to advance in their careers:

  • Knowledge Related to Science and Earth
  • Research Skills
  • Statistical Mind
  • Computer Skills
  • Communication Skills

B Tech Geo Science Engineering Syllabus

Candidates should review the B Tech in Geo Science Engineering syllabus before beginning the course. Here, in the below table, we have discussed the B Tech in Geo Science Engineering subjects taught at RGIPT Amethi.

Core Course Module

Geoengineering Practices

Petroleum Geology

Physical Geology

Geophysical Signal Processing



Crystallography and Mineralogy

Gravity and Magnetic Methods

Remote Sensing and Aerial Photogrammetry


Solid Earth Geophysics

Resistivity and Induced Polarisation Methods

Structural Geology


Seismic Methods

Atmospheric and Ocean Science

Formation Evaluation

Mineral Beneficiation

Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology

Engineering Geology

Coal Geology


Petroleum Geophysics

Economic Geology

Environmental Geoscience

Petroleum Geomechanics

Basin Analysis

Reservoir Characterisation

CBM, Gas Hydrates and Shale Technology

Instrumental Methods in Geoscience

Non-Destructive Testing and its applications


Other Departmental Course Module for Geoscience Engineering

Classical Physics

Universal Human values

Inorganic & Physical Chemistry

Modern Physics

Real analysis & calculus

Differential Equations

Engineering Thermodynamics

Computer Programing

Workshop Practices

Fluid Mechanics

Basic English

Engineering Graphics

Linear Algebra & Complex Analysis

Fundamentals of Electronics Engineering

Mathematical Physics


B Tech Geo Science Engineering Fees Structure

BTech Geo Science Engineering fees depend on the university or college. Before selecting a college, students should check their financial status. Fees of the BTech in Geo Science Engineering course can be easily found on the website of provider colleges. The BTech Geo Science Engineering fee at RGIPT Amethi is Rs. 10.41 lakhs.

Scope of B.Tech in GeoScience Engineering

B.Tech in Geo Science Engineering deals with the study of the factors involved in the extraction of petroleum from below the earth's surface. There are many activities included in it such as firstly it is important to interpret the location for extraction, drilling, and formation of the well for extraction of the fuel.

This BTech course also gives an overview of the risk management involved in the extraction of oil. MTech in related disciplines or jobs in both private and public sectors are all available options for graduates.

B Tech Geo Science Engineering Career Options

In this section, we have discussed some of the most prominent career options after B Tech GeoScience Engineering.

Seismologist: Seismologists investigate suitable sites for brand-new seismic stations and enhance earthquake early warning systems. By monitoring and examining data from seismic sensors all around the world, seismologists map seismic areas and fault lines on the surface of the Earth.

Mining Engineer: Mining engineers identify the locations of reserves of valuable and easily accessible materials. They come up with strategies to get them out of the ground securely.

Survey Geologist: Survey geologists carry out geological surveys and gather data for the benefit of the state and central governments.

Top Recruiters:

  • Indian Space Research Organisation
  • Reliance Petroleum
  • Geological Survey of India
  • Academic Institutions
  • Engineering Firms
  • Environmental Consulting Firms
  • National Mineral Development Corporation
  • Mineral Exploration Corporation Ltd.

Benefits of Studying B.Tech in GeoScience Engineering

Graduates in geology have a variety of opportunities after earning their bachelor's degree. Students can decide whether to enrol in a post-graduate programme, continue their education, or find employment. There are many specialisation options available in the industry, including teaching, mining, oil, gas, and conservation.

Students will gain knowledge and abilities in problem-solving, observation, data gathering, analysis, interpretation, and oral and written presentation skills important in all the sciences and applicable to other disciplines. It is expected that students will be required to work both independently and collaboratively.

B.Tech Geo Science Engineering Salary Trends

In this section, we have mentioned the B.Tech in Geo Science Engineering salary for respective job roles. It can differ depending on the experience, organisation, location, or level of education.

Job Profile

Average Salary


Rs. 6.5 LPA


Rs. 15.8 LPA

Geo-Science Engineer

Rs. 4.4 LPA

Mining Engineer

Rs. 5.5 LPA

Source: Ambition Box

Risk management training plays an important role in this profession and hence it is included in the study of geo-science engineering. Another important part is drilling which includes the huge machinery.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is BTech in geoscience engineering?

B. Tech in geoscience engineering is a well-recognised engineering course that covers subjects related to geographical engineering structures & rural engineering, post-harvest engineering, soil-water conservation engineering, and much more.

2. How can I apply for BTech in geoscience engineering?

In order to get admission in BTech in geoscience engineering, students are required to complete 10+2 with physics, chemistry, mathematics/biology as compulsory subjects. Along with this, students are required to take JEE Main and JEE Advanced Exam for admission to top engineering colleges in India. 

3. Is geoscience engineering in demand?

Employment of geoscience engineers is projected to grow 2 per cent from 2019 to 2029, slower than the average for all occupations. The need to increase the efficiency of geoscience engineering production systems and to reduce environmental damage should maintain demand for these workers.

4. Which colleges in India offer BTech in geoscience engineering?

RGIPT Amethi is a well-known public college that offers Btech in GeoScience Engineering. 

5. What is the average salary of a Geo-Science Engineer?

In India, the average Geo-Science Engineer salary is around Rs. 4.4 LPA, as per Ambtion Box.


Explore Top Universities Across Globe

University of Essex, Colchester
 Wivenhoe Park Colchester CO4 3SQ
University College London, London
 Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT
The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
 Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh, Post Code EH8 9YL
University of Bristol, Bristol
 Beacon House, Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1QU
University of Nottingham, Nottingham
 University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD
Lancaster University, Lancaster
 Bailrigg, Lancaster LA1 4YW

Questions related to B.E /B.Tech

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Dear Aspirant
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Hey Darshan,

Fee structure of B.E./B.Tech. in BMSIT through KCET will be  2,13,840 rupees per year.


No, jee main Paper 2 is for B. Arch and B. Planning.

Jee main Paper 1 is for BE/Btech

To help you further,

JEE Main 2022 examination pattern for both paper 1 and Paper 2 is provided below

>>>>>>>>>>> PAPER -1 ( for BE / B. Tech)

JEE Mains 2022 examination paper 1 , will have 90 question, out of which 75 questions needs to be attempted

And these questions are from three subjects :-

  • *  30 questions from physics.

  • * 30 questions  from Chemistry .

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The 30 questions  in each Subject,  is divided into two sections -

  • *Section A :- A Section contains 20 MCQs or multiple-choice questions. Four options are there  out of which one is correct . And you have to choose the correct option.

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††††† One has to attempt only 5   questions out of the  total 10 numerical value questions in section B.

So, out of 30 questions in each subject only 25 questions are to be attempted, so in total  25 x 3 = 75 questions out of 90 questions are to be attempted.

Each question carries 4 marks

Exam is conducted for a total of

= 75 x 4

= 300 marks

----------------------) Marking scheme :-

  • *4 marks will be awarded for your every correct answer

  • *   1 mark will be deducted for your every wrong answer in  case of both mcqs ( section A) and numeric value answer ( i. e section B)

  • 0 marks for questions not attempted.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PAPER -2

--------------------------) 2A.    B.Arch

  • *Exam is conducted for a total of 400 marks

  • *there will be a total of 82 questions

There will be 3 sections

  • *Mathematics:- There are total of 30 questions in mathematics. 20 Questions are MCQs and rest 10 questions are questions with numerical value as the answer , out of which only 5 questions are  to be attempted.

  • *Aptitude:- 50 MCQs are  there

  • *Drawing:- 2 questions are there

----------------------------) 2B.     B.Planning

  • *Exam is conducted for a total of 400 marks

  • *there are a total of 105 questions

There  are 3 sections

  • *Mathematics:- There are a total of 30 questions in mathematics. 20 Questions are MCQs and rest 10 questions are questions with numerical value as the answer , out of which only 5 questions are to be attempted.

  • *Aptitude:- 50 MCQs  are there

  • *Planning:- 25 MCQs are there

------------------------) LANGUAGES IN which jee main is conducted

*********** Language of jee main Examination

  • English,

  • Hindi,

  • Assamese,

  • Bengali,

  • Gujarati,

  • Kannada,

  • Marathi,

  • Malayalam,

  • Odia,

  • Punjabi,

  • Tamil,

  • Telugu,

  • Urdu.

For detailed information about JEE Mains examination pattern you can visit our page the link for the same is provided below:-



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  • GBPUAT Pantnagar - College of Technology GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology
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  • NIT Uttarakhand - National Institute of Technology
  • GBPEC Pauri-Garhwal - Govind Ballabh Pant Institute of Engineering and Technology
  • HNBGU Garhwal - Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University
  • THDC-IHET Tehri - THDC Institute of Hydro Power Engineering and Technology
  • WIT Dehradun - Women's Institute of Technology and others

To know more about the colleges and placement details , refer this :

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