What is German

German - If you were ever an avid reader who enjoyed world history, a football fanatic with an inclination towards Borussia Dortmund or FC Bayern Munich, or even just a student in school who happened to get good grades in the language, the thought of delving deep into a career around the German language would have been something that eventually crossed your mind. A language that although sounds slightly abrasive, the German language is spoken by approximately 120 million people who predominantly reside in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and parts of Belgium. However, if you are unsure of how a degree in German will help you, or how you can obtain one, you're at the right place. 

Eligibility Criteria (UG & PG) of German

The eligibility criteria for German Language Courses are similar to other courses in the degree category. The students are required to fulfil these criteria to be considered as an applicant.

Undergraduate Criteria for German Language Courses

  • Aspiring candidates should have completed 10+2, or its equivalent in a relevant stream from a recognized board, preferably with German as one of the minor subjects. 

  • An appropriate percentile, not lower than 40 per cent, in the board exam is required. This number may vary from university to university

  •  Admission for the same will be conducted on a merit basis, based on the results of the performance during the personal interview, as well as the college's exam.


  Postgraduate Criteria for German language courses

  • Aspiring candidates should have completed a bachelor's degree or its equivalent in German from a recognized board. 

  •   An appropriate percentile, not lower than 40 per cent, in the exam is required. This number may vary from university to university. 

  • Admission for the same will be conducted on a merit basis, based on the results of the performance during the personal interview, as well as the college's exam. 

Entrance Exams-  

Though there are no national-level entrance exams required for this particular course, the university you have applied to may require you to clear the university-level entrance exam. Apart from clearing the exam, you will also have to fit the eligibility criteria for the particular university.  

In the case of studying the German language abroad, some colleges would require a pre-existing foundation and knowledge in the language. The exam to learn the language is divided into 6 parts: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. Some universities may require you to have cleared the B1 level before accepting you into the college. However, in India, this is not necessary in most universities.  

Scope of German in India and Abroad

Although not a common career space to venture into, learning the German language can come with many plusses. 

  • If one is looking to venture abroad or settle in a German-speaking country, a degree in German will not only help him/her with navigating the place but also with acquiring the necessary visa. 

  • For candidates looking to work for German-national companies in Germany, usually, a criterion for hiring is the ability to fluently converse in and understand German. 

  • Candidates looking to enter the educational field of languages can benefit from a degree in German. 

  • The degree can also prove useful in the scenario that the candidate wants to explore fields pertaining to global relations or international governance.  

Course Fees German

Minimum Fees Maximum Fees
Private Government Private Government
1.80 Lakhs
B.A.(Hons) in German at Amity University, Mumbai
3.96 K
B.A.(Hons) in German at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
3.15 Lakhs
B.A.(Hons) in German at Amity University, Noida
1.75 Lakhs
Dual Degree in German at Doon University, Dehradun
Data not available
2.64 K
M.A. in German at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Data not available
71.55 K
M.A. in German at Doon University, Dehradun
Data not available
23.15 K
Ph.D in German at English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad
Data not available
23.15 K
Ph.D in German at English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad
10.00 K
Diploma in German at Integral University, Lucknow
Diploma in German at University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram
60.00 K
Diploma in German at Shree Guru Gobind Singh Tricentenary University, Gurgaon
18.00 K
Diploma in German at Shri Vishwakarma Skill University, Gurugram

Course Subjects

As the course for Bachelor of Arts German is a three-year program, the course is split into nine papers. Each paper is meant to impart knowledge related to diverse topics to the reader. This subject list is based on what is being prescribed by various universities in the country: 

  1. Modern German Language

  2. Use of Modern German Language

  3. Regional Studies and Literature

  4. Use of Modern German language

  5. Geography - Information on German-speaking countries and use of the language

  6. Introduction to German Literature and Thought

  7. Language and Linguistics (German)

  8. History of German-Speaking countries from 1900 till today

  9. Introduction to Translation and Interpretation 

  10. Literature – Enlightenment and Classics 

  11. Literature -Romanticism and Realism

  12. Culture and Tourism

Please note that the above subjects and curriculum are subject to change and have been curated based on the syllabus of Indian universities in the past. These may change depending on new additions made to the syllabus, and any upgrades that may have been made to the international syllabus. 

Careers in German

With the global market expanding by the second, equipping yourself with a German language degree will only benefit you in the future. Get an opportunity to explore and venture into fields that not everyone can and get set to explore world history and even economics. Education in the German language will not only help you in bagging a job related to the language but will also increase your chances of visiting the country, pursuing an education there, and even settling down there. The degree is bound to open up many career opportunities; some that you may not have even previously thought of. A career in literature, history, theatre, governance, policymaking, corporate industry, are a few other fields that you can explore apart from translation and a career as a German language expert or a trainer.

Job Profiles and Top Recruiters

Job Profiles

If the thought of "What would I do after obtaining a Language degree?" has ever crossed your mind, don't worry, you're not alone. The initial assumption for anyone with a Language degree is to enter an educational space as a teacher or a tutor, but a language degree can offer so much more than just that. The world's your oyster as a degree in the languages is widely accepted in many other industries as well. Your placement and recruitment process may be dependent on your academics and the way you perform during the interviews, but if you've narrowed down what you're looking for, the perfect job need not be far. Finding professionals who have a valid degree in the German language is not easy, and something certain recruiters are always looking for. From working for the government to building a career in PR or media, a degree in the language certainly can help you explore a different world.

Here are some job profiles that you can explore with a degree in German -


Job Profile



Foreign Language Trainer


A professional Foreign Language Trainer will train his or her students in learning a new language. Every trainer will have to stress on the importance of being grammatically accurate, being an expert in pronunciation and even composition. 




The role of the individual will involve accurately translating text or any given assignments to a pre-decided language (usually English). The translator may be hired by MNCs that have just set up in new countries and require a language expert to mediate important discussions or documents. A translator may even be accompanying foreign diplomats around a country. 


Tour Guide 

The job role of a tour guide would involve travelling with the tourists according to their itinerary. In-depth knowledge of the history of the area may also be required. If you're a German Tour Guide in India, your job description would involve catering to German-speaking tourists who visit the country. 


Freelance writer 

A Freelance German writer is a highly sought career option that many big companies look for nowadays. Your role would involve writing for MNCs and the product or service your recruiter is involved in. 


Diplomatic Coordinator

As a Diplomatic Coordinator, you would get the opportunity to work at the embassy and directly handle external affairs. Your role would entail regularly interacting with diplomats coming in, and coordinating their visit and stay. People with excellent communication skills and an awareness of the working of the embassy will be fit for a job like this. 


Top recruiters: 

Although not a commonly opted course, a degree in German will open up career opportunities not only in the field of education, but also within research, the tourism industry, media, and even with German Business Companies or other Multi-National Companies that have set up shop in the country you wish to work in. Owing to a degree in the German language not being a common find, recruiters are always on the hunt for German Language Professionals. Here is a list of some top recruiters who are always looking to add experts in the German field into their organization: 

  • Amazon

  • Accenture

  • UrbanPro.com

  • ITC Infotech

  • Nielsen

  • Wipro Ltd

  • Embassy of India 

Average Salary

With not many people pursuing a course in this field, the ones who do get hired are in high demand. This is clearly reflected in the pay they receive. The salary package received for a job profile plays a huge role in the selection process.  



Job Title

Annual Salary (in Rs.)


Foreign Language Trainer

Rs. 2,50,000 p.a. (approx.)



Rs. 3,00,000 p.a. (approx.)


Tour Guide

Rs. 2,00,000 p.a. (approx.)


Freelance Writer

Rs. 4,00,000 p.a. (approx.)


Diplomatic Coordinator

Rs. 7,00,000 p.a. (approx.)

 **The salary figures mentioned anywhere in this article is just for reference purposes. Please treat them as such. Actual salaries may vary depending on respective candidates, employer, job location and numerous other factors. 

Required Skillset for German

When hiring, recruiters look for a multitude of skills in the candidate that can prove to be beneficial to both the employer, as well as the employee. Keeping this in mind, these are some skills that an employer may look out for during the hiring or recruiting process.

  • Fluent German Speech: 
    With a degree in German, apart from understanding, your ability to hold a conversation in the language may be tested. Employers, especially in the case of German employers, will look for candidates who will be able to interact with potential clients or colleagues.

  • Cultural Understanding: 
    It's not only important to understand and converse, but it's also extremely crucial to be empathetic towards traditions and practices. An understanding of the history of the culture, previous trends, and its current position, all help add value to your skill.

  • Accurate Grammar and Punctuation
    In the case of working as a language instructor in the educational industry, it would be imperatively important to keep in mind pronunciation, grammar, and punctuation.  

Course Curriculum for German

The curriculum for a course in the German language is designed to impart the knowledge of the language onto the learner. In the Undergraduate level, the curriculum stresses on building a strong foundation along with a slight touch-up on literature and history, which is usually taught in English. In the Postgraduate level, the course dives deeper into the depths of literature and German culture and history. Some courses even incorporate World Business and the Global Forum into its classes. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What are the requirements to take admission into a German undergraduate degree?

Answer :

The candidates who want to take admission into a German undergraduate degree need to complete their class 12 with any discipline from a recognized institution. The candidates who have studied German as their minor or major will be preferred for admission. The candidates should have a minimum aggregate of 40 percent in their class 12.

Question: What is the scope of the German language in India?

Answer :

The German language is one of the sought-after languages that is studied by various people in the country. There are many international companies, especially those based in Germany, that prefer their employees to be acquainted with their language.

Question: What is the average salary of a German language translator in India?

Answer :

A German language translator can earn between Rs. 3 lakhs – Rs. 5 lakhs per annum on an average in India.

Question: What are the jobs that can be taken after the completion of the German language degree?

Answer :

A person can take up various jobs like a translator, lecturer, German language trainer, freelance writer, diplomatic coordinator, etc. after completing their degree in the German language.

Question: What are the skills that one must inculcate to learn the German language proficiently?

Answer :

The person must have an understanding of the culture from where the language originated. This will help them to connect better with the language, and they shall be able to pick up the language faster. They should be inquisitive to learn the language, and they will have to practice their lessons regularly so that they can understand the functioning of the language. They can practice speaking in German so that their speech becomes fluent and better. These skills shall help the person to learn the German language proficiently.

Questions related to German

Showing 62 out of 62 Questions

I am not a graduate student of german language but I have completed my diploma in german language, am i eligible for MA in german language in JNU?

Papeya Dubey Student Expert 16th Jun, 2021

There is no such restriction of being a graduate in German language when it comes to pursuing MA German from JNU, you just need to pass bachelor's degree in any discipline from a recognized University under 10+2+3 pattern securing 50% aggregate, but yes proficiency in the language is required since you have done diploma you must have a good grasp over the language, to know more details regarding this, visit our page at https://university.careers360.com/articles/jnu-eligibility-criteria/amp

could you please tell me please when the diploma form of german language will be out for 2021

Suchayita Saha 11th Jun, 2021


You have to select first the university or college where you want to join for diploma in German language. Then you will check the college website when the admission form will be release.. May be it will release soon in any colleges because board examination either cancel or just completed or just happen in few days. After all of this the admission form will be release.

All the best.


do we need to learn German to study abroad in Germany? or good English knowledge (TOEFL) is enough to join German universities?

Vundela Vidya Sree Student Expert 21st May, 2021

Dear student,

Most of the degree programs requires the students to learn German to get admission into most of the German Universities. If you learn German then you can study in German Universities with free of tution fees in most of the Public Universities.

Hope this helps you.

All The Best!!


There must be four-year degree to study abroad (Canada or germany). but I only have three-year degree (BCA) to do what I do?

shivani chaudhary 2nd Mar, 2021

3-year duration Bachelor Degree is acceptable if you apply to private universities of Germany. There are 19 private universities and 93 private Universities of Applied Sciences.

But if you want to apply in public universities then you must have 4 years' bachelor degree.

You can also do your Master's in Canada after completion of 3 years' bachelor degree in some of the universities mentioned below:-

*Schulich School of Business

*York University

*Ted Rogers School of Management

*Ryerson University

* University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business

*University of Toronto,

*Rotman School of Management


Hope it helps!


can i do BA(psychology) internally and BA (german)through distance learning in SY?

Devraj Student Expert 19th Feb, 2021


UGC has approved a proposal to allow student pursue two degree at the same time in different stream one subject in regular mode and another subject in distance learning mode as well as from different universities or institutions.

You can pursue both the degree BA (psychology)  and BA (German)  at same time but you have to go for one degree in regular mode while other in distance mode but from different university. Then only , both the course will be valid for you. If, you pursue both degree from one university then,  it will be invalid

Hope this information will help you

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