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MBA Data Science Course, Admission, Fees, Syllabus, Entrance Exam, Colleges, Scope

MBA Data Science Course, Admission, Fees, Syllabus, Entrance Exam, Colleges, Scope

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MBA Data Science is a postgraduate degree programme in management. The course is divided into four semesters. It combines data science and technology for business decision-making. In India, around 5 colleges provide Data Science courses since it is a relatively new specialisation. It includes a mix of business-related subjects, a thesis and a project.

Core subjects like Accounting, Finance, Business Analytics, Data Mining, and Artificial Intelligence are included in the course curriculum. While offline MBA in Data Science courses are relatively fewer in India, candidates also have the opportunity to pursue an online MBA in Data Science from top Indian universities.

Some of the leading colleges in India offering MBA Data Science courses are KL University, Manipal University, and SCIT Pune. The admissions are based on the entrance examinations such as CAT, MAT, CMAT, and SNAP. After clearing the entrance examination, students can choose the college based on their cutoff score.

Highlights - MBA in Data Science


Degree Name

MBA in Data Science

Degree Type


Degree Duration

Two years

Entrance Exams


Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor’s degree

Admission process

Entrance test

Fees for the entire duration

Rs. 65,500 to Rs. 15.56 Lakhs

Average Salary

Rs. 14.4 LPA (Data Scientist)

Job profiles

Data Scientists, Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Product Manager

Top recruiters

Amazon, Deloitte, MuSigma, Flipkart, IBM, Accenture

MBA in Data Science Eligibility Criteria

Only a few colleges in India provide an MBA Data Science degree programme. They have some prerequisites that must be fulfilled by the students before they apply for admission. For international students, these requirements may be different. Listed below are the important qualifying criteria for the MBA in Data Science course.

  • Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree with a specialisation similar to or related to management discipline.
  • They need to score at least 50 per cent of marks in the respective undergraduate degree.
  • Students need to clear the relevant entrance examinations. CAT, XAT, CMAT, SNAP and XAT are the popular entrance examinations.
  • Work experience of one year may be required for admissions.

Admission Procedure for MBA Data Science

The MBA Data Science admission process is determined by the governing body or the college's affiliation. It involves an entrance examination as a primary basis for admission. Below, we have listed the admission procedure for MBA Data Science as required by colleges.

  • After fulfilling the eligibility requirements, students can apply for admission.
  • Students should fill out the online application form available on the website of the institute.
  • They can also apply for entrance exams directly.
  • Shortlisted candidates are required to appear for the counselling session and choose the college based on their cutoff score.
  • Some colleges may conduct personal interviews, group discussions and aptitude tests to further select the deserving candidates.
  • Once candidates have selected the college, they should pay the course fees and submit the required documents to confirm their seat.

Top MBA Data Science Entrance Exam

There are a limited number of colleges in India that offer MBA in Data Science courses, and each of them typically requires candidates to take an entrance exam for admission. These entrance exams serve as a gateway to some of the country's leading management institutions. In the table, we have listed the popular entrance examinations.

Exam NameLevelConducting BodyExam Schedule


National Exam

Indian Institute of Management Lucknow

CAT Exam Date


National Exam

All India Management Association

MAT Exam Date


National Exam

National Testing Agency (NTA)

CMAT Exam Date


University/National Level

XLRI Jamshedpur

XAT Exam Date


University/National Level

Symbiosis International University

SNAP Exam Date

MBA Data Science Cutoff for Top Colleges

The cutoff is the minimum score required by colleges for admissions. Most of the leading management institutes consider the entrance exam scores for admissions. The cutoff for a college may vary every year. It depends on various factors such as the difficulty level of the examination, the number of applicants, total seat intake and the prestige and stature of the institute.

Skills Required for MBA Data Science

Candidates should possess certain skills and attributes. It will help them in their academics and their professional careers. While not mandatory, these skills contribute significantly to a student's excellence in their respective fields. Listed below are the important skills required for an MBA in Data Science course.

  • Discipline
  • Leadership
  • Analytical Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Good Communication Skills

MBA in Data Science Syllabus/Subjects

The course curriculum of MBA Data Science combines both theoretical concepts and practical applications. It also includes a thesis or project component in the final year of the programme. The syllabus of an MBA in Data Science course may vary depending on the college, but the core subjects are very similar. In this section, we have provided the syllabus of Jain University, Bangalore.

Semester 1

Principles of Economics & Markets

Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management

Managerial Effectiveness & Ethics

Quantitative Techniques & Analytics

Accounting & Finance


Semester 2


Statistics for Decision-Making

Marketing Management & Research

Business Analytics

Python for Data Science


Semester 3

Business Environment & Strategy

Operations Management

Data Visualization

SQL for Data Science

Predictive Analytics Using Machine Learning

Open Elective Course

Semester 4

Data Mining

Text Mining

AI for Business

Web & Social Media Analytics

Cross-Functional Elective Course

Master Thesis / Project

Fee Structure of MBA Data Science

The fee structure of an MBA in Data Science depends on various factors. Private colleges often charge higher fees as compared to government institutes. The placement facilities and the location of the college also influence the fee. It generally ranges from Rs. 65,000 to Rs. 15.56 Lakhs depending on the institute.

MBA in Data Science Scope

The field of data science is dynamic and offers a promising future. It also provides candidates with opportunities for global exposure. Data Scientists can work at start-ups, private and government agencies, MNCs and research institutions. Graduates can explore opportunities in data analysis, leadership, business strategy, and management-related roles.

Due to the continuous growth of data-driven industries and the interdisciplinary nature of the work, the scope of Data Science is also rising. Students can contribute to finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and marketing. Candidates can also choose to pursue a PhD if they are inclined towards research and aspire to become academicians.

Career Options after MBA Data Science

MBA in Data Science provides students with knowledge of both management and technology. Therefore, candidates can expect a range of career opportunities. In recent times, there have been a lot of advancements in the data science industry, which will increase the chances of getting a good job. Popular job roles available after graduationare mentioned below.

Data Scientists: Data scientists are professionals who are responsible for collecting, cleaning, and analysing data to derive insights and build predictive models. They play a crucial role in making data-driven decisions within an organisation.

Data Analysts: Data analysts are specialists who focus on examining data to identify trends, create visualisations, and generate reports to help organisations make informed decisions. They often work with data scientists to deliver actionable insights.

Business Analysts: Business analysts apply data to assess and improve business processes, strategies, and operations. They work closely with different departments to enhance efficiency and profitability.

Product Managers: Product managers use data insights to make informed decisions about product development and strategy. They work to enhance the user experience and drive product success.

Project Managers: Project managers with expertise in data science oversee data-related projects within organisations. They ensure the successful execution and implementation of all projects.

Top Recruiters

  • Fractal Analytics
  • Amazon
  • LinkedIn
  • Accenture
  • Myntra
  • IBM
  • Flipkart
  • Accenture

Benefits of Studying MBA Data Science

With digitalisation, the scope of data science has also increased and many universities are trying to include the course because of its growing importance in recent times. Data Science has become the most sought-after career choice. Data Scientists are required in almost every industry to help analyse large amounts of data.

MBA Data Science benefits from job opportunities in business, management, and data science-related fields. Graduates are also offered competitive salaries due to their specialised skill sets and the value they bring to organisations. After graduation, students can also apply for a Ph.D if they are interested in research.

Salary Trends after MBA Data Science

The salary of a graduate is influenced by various factors. The skills and experience of the candidate and the job profile chosen are the important determining factors. In the table below, we have provided the average salary of most in-demand career options.

Job ProfileAverage Salary

Data Scientist

Rs. 9.34 LPA

Data Analyst

Rs. 5.01 LPA

Business Analyst

Rs. 6.64 LPA

Product Manager

Rs. 18.45 LPA

Project Manager

Rs. 13.91 LPA

Source: Ambitionbox

Top MBA Data Science Colleges in India with Fees

Only a limited number of colleges provide an MBA in Data Science since it is a relatively new degree programme. However, due to its increasing demand, many colleges may introduce the course in future. In the table below, we have listed the leading institutes offering MBA Data Science degree programmes.

Top Private MBA Colleges in Data Science in India with Fees

Many private colleges in India offer MBA in Data Science. They provide good placement facilities and other amenities for the comfort and convenience of the student. In the table mentioned below, we have provided information on the leading government institutes along with their fees.


KL University Guntur

Rs. 65,500

Manipal University, Jaipur


PES University, Bangalore



Rs. 15.56 Lakhs

NIMS University, Jaipur
IILM University, Gururgram
MBA Data Science provides students with many promising and high-paying career options. Some of the career options one can opt for after graduation are Data Scientist, Business Analysts, Data Analyst, and Product Manager. The average salary of a Data Scientist in India is Rs. 14.4 LPA depending on the company and the experience of the candidate.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What are the prerequisites for a Data Science MBA course?

Prerequisites may vary, but generally, a bachelor's degree from a recognised university is required. Some colleges also require relevant work experience.

2. What career opportunities are available after completing an MBA in Data Science?

Graduates can pursue careers as data scientists, data analysts, business analysts, consultants, and managers in various industries.

3. Do I need to have a background in data science or programming to pursue this degree?

While a background in data science or programming is helpful, it is not mandatory. MBA Data Science courses are designed to accommodate students from diverse academic backgrounds.

4. What is an MBA in Data Science?

An MBA in Data Science is a postgraduate programme that combines business management education with a focus on data analytics and data-driven decision-making.

5. What is the salary of a data scientist MBA?

Salary can vary based on factors like experience and location, but graduates often receive competitive salaries due to their specialised skill set. The average MBA Data Science salary is Rs. 9.34 LPA.

6. Are there online MBA Data Science courses available?

Yes, many universities offer online MBA in Data Science programmes, making it convenient for working professionals to pursue the degree.

7. What is the difference between an MBA in Data Science and a traditional MBA?

An MBA in Data Science includes a strong focus on data analytics and data-driven decision-making, which is not as prominent in a traditional MBA.

8. Is it better to pursue a general MBA or a specialised MBA in Data Science?

The choice depends on the candidate’s career goals. A specialised Data Science MBA programme is beneficial if a candidate wants to focus on data-related roles.

9. How can I find the best MBA in Data Science programme for me?

Candidates can compare curriculum, faculty, and facilities, and look for reviews and rankings to find the course that aligns with their goals and preferences.

10. What are the MBA Data Science entrance exams in India?

Common entrance exams for MBA Data Science programmes in India include CAT, GMAT, CMAT, and MAT.


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