Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Also known as: IIM Bangalore

Quick Facts

Ranked in Universities
Average Salary
Average Salary in Management and Business Administration
22.76 Lakhs
Genders Accepted
  • Estd. Year: 1973
  • Type of Institute: Institute of National Importance
  • Campus Size: 99 Acres
  • Total Faculty: 113
  • Total Students Enrollment: 824

About College

Just like fellow IIMs- Ahmedabad and Kolkata in particular- the one in Bengaluru (erstwhile Bangalore) occupies a place of massive respect among people of India. This was the third IIM to be built in 1973 as the massive popularity of the first two IIMs confirmed the need for one more. The then Prime Minister of India, Smt. Indira Gandhi inaugurated the institute. Initially, it used the complex of the St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, before relocating to its present location in the south of the city. It now has a 100-acre campus. The sprawling academic block was designed by Pritzker Prize (architects’ Nobel) winning architect B.V. Doshi. Leading academicians T.A. Paid and N.S. Ramaswamy played a major role in the establishment of the academic standards here. 

The courses offered at IIM-B include the flagship 2-year PGP, but also the one-year EPGP for industry professionals, a doctoral programme and several short-term and online certifications. Student exchange programmes have been inked with some of the leading academic institutions world over such as University of Cologne and the National University of Singapore. IIM-B also prides itself on its Centres of Excellence. They operate in different fields such as Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Indo-Japan Study, IT Management, Entrepreneurial Learning, Supply Chain Management and Teaching. Bengaluru being the Silicon Valley of India, no wonder the IIM here is one of the leading adopters of tech into educations. The use of MOOCs is widespread. This year, IIM-B will be hosting the sixth edition of the Pan-IIM World Management Conference. Like a lot of the legacy IIMs, this institute too mentors several of the younger ones. Under its wing lie the mentorship of Trichy and Visakhapatnam.

IIM-B was earlier, like several of the other IIMs notorious for its relative low levels of diversity among the student pool. Majority were male, engineers with work experience. That is why the government has introduced diversity norms to ensure there is better representation among women, freshers and those from diverse career paths such as commerce, management, law, medical, the general sciences, the social sciences and humanities. Another major development that the IIMs including Bengaluru have been part of has been the passing of the IIM Bill, 2017. This has allowed greater levels of autonomy to the institutes, with greater freedom from government interference. In addition, IIMs are now able to dole out MBA degrees and not the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) as was earlier the case. In 2018, IIM-B became the first of its kind to award the MBA degree as approved by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). 

The Indian Institute of Management in Kolkata has featured prominently in multiple international institutional rankings. The Financial Times London has featured IIM-B C at 19th best in the world. The highly prestigious QS Global Rankings meanwhile assigned IIM-C as 9th best in the Asia-Pacific region. The NIRF (National Institutional Rankings Framework) which is a government body has placed it 2nd nationwide in the management category. In addition, several national publications such as Business Today and Outlook have allotted the top few ranks overall. One of the reasons for the high rankings is the top- notch faculty here, recruited from both academia and industry.

The institute is like the other top IIMs renowned for its excellent placements track record. Top recruiters from different fields regularly visit the institute and pick up students en masse. And that is why getting a seat here is considered tougher than a place at any of the Ivy League colleges in USA even. Unless one gets in the top 1 percentile of the CAT exam, there are few chances of getting a call in the general category. In addition, sectional scores and past records are also scrutinized. Post the shortlisting based on CAT, there is the equally rigorous WAT-PI process. Like several of the other IIMs, Bengaluru too has given up on the GD (Group Discussion) section and replaced with the WAT (Written Ability Test). This is because managers of the future need to hone their writing skills while the GD was not providing ample scope to judge from a crowd. Due to such rigorous selection procedure, IIM-B has seen several top business leaders pass through its gates. Organizations such as Reliance Retail, Career Launcher, Saatchi & Saatchi, Perfetti Can Melle and ISRO are led at present by IIM-B alumni. In addition, several top players in politics, government, literature, social work and academics have emerged out of here. 

Like most great institutions, the Indian Institute of Management in Bengaluru too prides itself on its flagship annual events. They have much diversity such as Unmaad being a cultural fest while Eximius is for entrepreneurship. Vista is an international business summit and Yamini is a festival purely for music. There is also an annual leadership conclave titled IIMBUE. IIM-B has also had its brush with Bollywood, with the campus featured heavily in the movie – 3 Idiots- shot mostly here. 

Ranking / Rating

Rank Score Rating
72nd 212.28 AAAA+
Disclaimer: Careers360 Ranking/Rating is done separately for government and private colleges but NIRF ranks both together. To refer the ranking methodology click here

Exams and Cutoffs

Exam date has passed
No exam date Available
No exam date Available


Management and Business Administration (M.B.A)

Highest Package 50 Lakhs
Average Package 21.02 Lakhs
Lowest Package 11.50 Lakhs

Management and Business Administration (P.G.P)

Highest Package 60 Lakhs
Average Package 22.76 Lakhs
Lowest Package 7.50 Lakhs
Highest Global Package 62 Lakhs
Median Package 22 Lakhs
*Source: Data were taken from Official government bodies like NIRF.


  • Boys Hostel Boys Hostel
  • Girls Hostel Girls Hostel
  • Gym Gym
  • Library Library
  • Sports Sports
  • Cafeteria Cafeteria
  • Auditorium Auditorium
  • Hospital Medical/Hospital
  • WiFi Wifi
  • IT Infrastructure IT Infrastructure
  • Classrooms Classrooms
  • Banks Facilities Bank/ATM Facilities
  • Alumni Alumni Associations
  • Parking Parking Facility
  • Guest Room Guest Room

Student Reviews

4.1/5 10 Reviews

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Posted on 10 Sep' 16 by Anonymous
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Batch of Jan. 1, 2014 | MBA
IIMB is a very good college for management, especially for marketing, consulting and operations. The finance faculty and courses could be improved. The college infrastructure is excellent, with all amenities and very well maintained hostels. The faculty is also very experienced and the best in their fields. Another factor which really works in its favour is the diversity in the batch. People are from different backgrounds and the average workex is also high, leading to very fruitful class discussions.
  • Placements
  • Infrastructure
  • College Life
  • Industry Exposure
  • Affordability
  • Student Crowd
  • Hostel
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Student driven, awesome experience

Posted on 09 Sep' 16 by kotangale pratik
Batch of Jan. 1, 2018 | MBA
Infrastructure is very good. Bangalore is beautiful city, and campus is equally beautiful. Activities are student driven, and it helps a lot for students to grow. Faculty is experienced, and hostel facilities are also very good. All in all, campus provides everything a student needs.
  • Placements
  • Infrastructure
  • College Life
  • Industry Exposure
  • Affordability
  • Student Crowd
  • Hostel
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Two years at IIMB in a nutshell

Posted on 03 Sep' 16 by Anonymous
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Batch of Jan. 1, 2016 | MBA
Every time I pull through the resplendent gates of IIM Bangalore, surrounded by grey stone walls that almost harbor an oasis inside, a rush of elation courses through me. This feels better than home. I attribute that feeling largely to the environment and the vibrant, friendly, everyone-knows-everyone culture that has been omnipotent since the institute's inception in the early 70's. It's widely acknowledged that the Indian Institutes of Management are amongst the sternest tests of energy and resolve that a person can be subjected to - with sleepless nights and deadlines tighter than a shoelace knot. However, there is another side to IIM Bangalore that people don't talk about. The lifetime bonds you make with your batchmates over the course of nights toiling over a project, or over an Omelette Roll Maggi at 4 AM at Park n Eat, the opportunities to travel - exchange and international courses, and the pranks played on hostel wingmates. IIMB is also home to two of the biggest fests in the country - Unmaad and Vista, where people all over the country battle for glory. The first two terms are a hectic rush due to the added pressure of club selections, getting to know your batchmates, adjusting to a new college life and preparing for summer placements, apart from the regular academic load. Once this eases off, parties start sprouting up, especially the famous L Square parties that go on till morning. Like any other A-lister college, professors are industry stalwarts and have a wealth of experience - some are even referred to as gods. But what sets the IIMB professors apart from the others is their focus on sustained studying through the term with a mix of quizzes, class participation, active involvements in projects, frequently bringing external speakers for lectures - one is expected to study hard early on, right until the end of the term. On the infrastructure front, the newly built New Classroom Block is a marvel of high technology and comfort. The hostels are divided into two kinds - the Old Block and the New Block, both as different as chalk and cheese. The Old block is in the style of a central courtyard with rooms in a closed square, with each room opening to an open air corridor. The New block has a row of rooms that face each other and have a closed hallway, however, the rooms are bigger and have a personal balcony. I took a decision to experience both kinds of rooms, and 6 months after my graduation, I miss the old rooms more and the seniors who were always a knock away. IIM Bangalore is an experience that I hope people reading this review would get to experience someday because it's magical.
  • Placements
  • Infrastructure
  • College Life
  • Industry Exposure
  • Affordability
  • Student Crowd
  • Hostel
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Knowledge within your Grasp

Posted on 22 Aug' 16 by Abhishek Kumar
Batch of Jan. 1, 2018 | MBA
By pursuing MBA, I developed a holistic view of the world around me; my goals both professional and personal became clear to me. The thought process though changed a bit, but I achieved what I wanted to achieve. I wanted to accelerate my growth in an operations company, and it is what I am currently pursuing. Enjoyed both the academic and non-academic life at the campus: be it the rigorous assignments, class discussions, group work, in-class quizzes, competitions or lazy time spent dreaming about the future, informal group discussions, late nights spent sitting or eating out with friends.
  • Placements
  • Infrastructure
  • College Life
  • Industry Exposure
  • Affordability
  • Student Crowd
  • Hostel
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Good balanced college

Posted on 25 Oct' 15 by Anonymous
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Batch of Jan. 1, 2016 | MBA
Faculty is really good. Sports facilities are good. Swimming pool is missing. The clubs on campus give students wonderful exposure. The cultural activities in the college are extremely good. Placements are good, but I feel it can improve a little bit as well.
  • Placements
  • Infrastructure
  • College Life
  • Industry Exposure
  • Hostel
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Questions related to IIM Bangalore

Showing 143 out of 143 Questions

what is the persentile in Cat to call IIM Bangalore???

Manidipa Kundu Student Expert 12th Dec, 2019


to get a call from iim bangalore not only depends on cat score but also it depends on your academic curriculum, work experience etc. iim bangalore has 40% weight age to cat score and 50% weight to academics and 10% is on gender diversity and work experience. see as per previous years cutoff and students review you need to have more than 95 percentile in cat exam to get a call from iim's if you belongs to general category.

so study hard and best of luck.


I have got a score of 190 in CAT-2019 slot 2. 10th - 93.83% ICSE board 12th - 97.33% ISC board Grad - Btech CSE from MNNIT - 85.6% Work ex - 1 month in Software as of July 2019 Category - General Gender - Male Profession - Engineer What percentile and calls can I expect based on previous years data?

Niveditha 3rd Dec, 2019


The score of 190 in CAT is very good.

But you have to mention the section wise marks.

For Quants:

64+ - 99.5+ percentile

52-55- 99+ percentile

41-45-95+ percentile

33-35-90+ percentile


50+    -99.5+ percentile

41-45 - 99+ percentile

32-36 -95+ percentile

22-27 -90+ percentile


80+ -99.5+ percentile

72-76 - 99+ percentile

60-66-  -95+ percentile

48-54 -90+ percentile

The colleges accepting the CAT between 98-99 percentile:

IIM Ahmedabad

IIM Bangalore

IIM Calcuta

IIM Lucknow

IIM Indore

DMS IIT, Delhi


FMS University Delhi

Colleges accepting the CAT  between 95-98 percentile:

IIM Kozhikode

IIM Shilong

IIM Ranchi

IIM Rohtak

IIM Raipur

IIM Trichy

IIM kashipur

IIM Udaipur

IIM Bodh Gaya

NITIE, Mumbai

MDI, Gurgon

DOMs,IIT  Madras

IMT, Ghaziabad

t’s wonderful if you want to study at IIM ABCKL, but there are other brilliant institutes at well.  SP Jain is great for marketing.

XLRI has a good BM course and a best-of-the-bunch HR course.

IIFT Delhi and FMS are premier b-schools as well.

NITIE has the best operations course in India.

So you have wide range of options to select the colleges and there will be GDPI sessions which will also play a key role in getting into premium institutes.

Best luck...


is iim free of cost?and what is the fee structure of IIM

Priyaanka Sarkar Student Expert 21st Nov, 2019

There are 20 IIMs. Each IIM might have its own fee structure. But the average fee structure for each IIM might range from 9-22 lakhs. And IIMs do offer financial assistance in the form of scholarships and assistance in bank loans. You can check the no.of seats available in each IIM and their fees structure at our page:


how much the fees in IIM Ahmedabad

Manidipa Kundu Student Expert 19th Nov, 2019


fees structure of indian institute of management is depends on which course you have enrolled.

for 2 years general MBA courses total  fees is 23 lakhs.

1 year executive mba program fees is 28 lakhs.

4 month faculty development program fees is 1.5 lakh.

total fees of 2 year mba in food and agri business management is 11.14 lakhs.


What ranking is good to get to IIM Bangalore and what exam should be written?

Ayshi Ghosh Student Expert 5th Nov, 2019
Hello Netra,
To get into IIM Bangalore, you need to appear for the CAT examination, which can only be given after graduation. There isn't any specific rank to get a call from the institution, but if you are a general category candidate, you need to score 99.8 or more and also have good previous academic scores. All the best!

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