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    Secret For Students: How To Become Mentally Strong

    By Irshad Anwar
    1 Aug'22  8 min read
    Secret For Students: How To Become Mentally Strong

    We invite you to think about what bad mental habits are and how they are preventing you from achieving your goals. What false beliefs prevent you from having a healthy mental state? What fledgling steps could you possibly take today to eliminate bad mental habits? And what simple action could you take right now? How to be mentally strong? Scroll down to find out!

    Secret For Students: How To Become Mentally Strong

    We invite you to think about what bad mental habits are and how they are preventing you from achieving your goals. What false beliefs prevent you from having a healthy mental state? What fledgling steps could you possibly take today to eliminate bad mental habits? And what simple action could you take right now? How to be mentally strong? Scroll down to find out!

    Do you have a friend whose life appears perfect to you, either in real life or on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram? Alternatively, do you have a friend who excels in school or is successful in their line of work, or perhaps a friend who has a beautiful home, a fulfilling job, a loving family, and who perpetually posts on social media how fortunate they are? Your friend isn't just trying to impress you for Facebook's sake; rather, they genuinely believe what they're saying. Perhaps they know how to become mentally strong. There are probably many of us who have friends like that. How many of you kind of dislike that person at times? That's what we all do, right? It's difficult not to do. But we pay a price for that way of thinking. And Amy Morin discusses what our bad habits cost you and how to be mentally strong in her educational TED talks. Amy Morin discusses a Facebook friend.

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    Amy Morin is a certified clinical social worker and psychotherapist. The world has taken notice of Amy's expertise in mental strength. More than 20 languages are currently being used to translate her best-selling book, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do.

    Maybe you’ve scrolled through your Facebook feed and you think, “So what if I roll my eyes?" It only takes five seconds of my time. How could it be hurting me?” Researchers have discovered that envying your Facebook friends can actually cause depression. That's just one of the traps our minds can set for us.

    Have you ever complained about a boss or teacher? Or looked at your friends’ lives who get a good score every time and thought, “Why do they have all the luck?" You can't help but think that, don't you? Right now, it seems like that way of thinking is limited. In fact, it might even temporarily improve your mood. But that way of thinking is eating away at your mental strength. Thus, it becomes very important to know how to be mentally strong. Are you curious to know how to make mind strong? Let's learn how to be strong mentally and emotionally from Amy Morin.

    There are three kinds of destructive beliefs, or ways of thinking, that makes us less effective and rob us of our mental strength.

    Unhealthy Beliefs About Ourselves

    The first is having a negative view of oneself. And while it’s OK to be sad when something bad happens, like a bad result, self-pity goes beyond that. You begin to amplify your bad luck at this point.

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    When you think things like, “Why do these things always have to happen to me? I shouldn't have to deal with it. It shouldn't be my problem to handle. That way of thinking prevents you from moving forward, keeps you fixated on the issue, and prevents you from coming up with a workable solution or doing well in the upcoming exam. Furthermore, even if you are unable to come up with a solution, you can always take action to improve your own situation or that of another person. But you can’t do that when you’re busy hosting your own pity party after a bad result.

    Unhealthy Beliefs About Others

    The second type of destructive belief that holds us back is unhealthy beliefs about others. We give away our power because we believe that we can be controlled by others. There are, however, very few things in life that you must do as adults living in a free nation. This means that when you say, "I have to work late," you cede your authority. It's true that working late may have consequences, but you still have a choice.

    Or you give away your power when you say, "My mother-in-law drives me crazy." She might not be the nicest person on earth, but you have the power to decide how you will react to her. Another example is when you say, "I have to take extra classes every weekend."

    Unhealthy Beliefs About The World

    Unhealthy beliefs about the world are the third type of unhealthy belief that holds us back. We frequently believe that the world owes us something. We believe that if we work hard enough, we will succeed. However, hoping for success to come to you as some sort of divine reward will only leave you disappointed. But it’s hard to give up our bad mental habits. We've been carrying those harmful beliefs around with us for a very long time, and it's difficult to get rid of them. However, you cannot afford to keep holding on to them. You'll encounter a time in your life where you'll need all the mental strength you can muster, sooner or later.

    How to Become Mentally Strong

    Everyone has the capacity to increase their mental strength, but the majority of people are unaware of how to be mentally strong and how to do so.

    We talk a lot about physical health and strength, but we don't talk nearly as much about mental health and strength. The question is how to become strong physically and mentally?

    We can decide to practice exercises that will teach us to control our thoughts, manage our emotions, and act in a constructive manner regardless of the situation—the three fundamental components of mental strength. These three components are crucial for learning how to become mentally strong. Whatever your objectives, developing mental strength is the secret to realizing your full potential. Learning how to be mentally strong makes learning how to become emotionally strong simple.

    The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong by Amy Morin

    Amy Morin teaches how to become mentally strong by describing her entire journey up to this point and how she encountered numerous issues back-to-back that required her to lose her loved ones one after another. But because she was a therapist, she was intellectually aware of how to experience and go through grief. According to Amy Morin, doing it and knowing it can be very different things. It was a long time before she felt like recovering.

    How am I going to get through this, Amy thought to herself when she became aware that she was a 26-year-old widow and motherless. It would be an understatement to say that it was a difficult time in her life. And it was at that point that she realised good habits alone are insufficient when you're really going through hard times. Just one or two little habits can really slow you down. She put all of her efforts into getting rid of bad habits, no matter how small they may have seemed, in addition to forming new, healthy ones. She never lost faith that things would turn around at some point.

    Amy occasionally questioned herself, "Why do these things always have to happen?" Why do I have to keep losing all of my loved ones? This is unfair. She eventually understood, however, that this thinking would hold me back. She was aware that in order to overcome losing loved ones, she would require all of her mental strength.She then listed all the things mentally strong people don’t do. It served as a reminder of all the bad habits she had developed over the years that would keep her stuck. She continued reading that list over and over.

    According to Amy, her experience taught her that giving up bad mental habits was the key to developing strong mental strength. Physical and mental strength are very similar. You would need to work out at the gym and lift weights to be physically fit. However, giving up junk food is also necessary if you want to see results. The same is with mental strength. You need healthy habits like expressing gratitude to be mentally strong. However, you must also give up bad habits, such as envying someone else's accomplishments. It doesn't matter how frequently it occurs; it will hinder you.

    What Causes Bad Mental Habits, And How Can You Give Them Up?

    So how do you teach your brain to think differently? How do you give up those bad mental habits that you’ve been practising for a long time? It begins with replacing those unhealthful beliefs I mentioned with healthier ones.

    How To Give Up Unhealthy Beliefs About Ourselves?

    We're often uncomfortable with our feelings, which leads to unhealthy beliefs about ourselves. These uncomfortable emotions include sadness, hurt, anger, fear, and hurt. We, therefore, make great efforts to avoid that discomfort. We make efforts to avoid it by hosting pity parties.

    The pain is only prolonged despite the fact that it is a temporary distraction. Going through difficult emotions is the only way to get through them and deal with them. Allow yourself to be sad, then get over it. Develop confidence in your ability to deal with that discomfort.

    How To Give Up Unhealthy Beliefs About Others

    We compare ourselves to other people, which leads to unhealthy beliefs about others. We consider them to be either better than or worse than us. Additionally, we may believe that we have some control over how they act or how we feel. Or we claim they're holding us back from moving forward. But in reality, it's our choices that are to blame. Accept the fact that you are an individual and that other people are not a part of you. The only person to whom you should compare yourself is the version of yourself that you had yesterday.

    How To Give Up Unhealthy Beliefs About The World

    Deep down, we want justice in the universe, which leads us to form unhealthy beliefs. We would like to believe that if we perform enough kind deeds and hard work, we will experience enough good fortune. Alternatively, if we persevere through enough difficult times, we will receive some sort of reward. But in the end, you must acknowledge that life isn't fair. Furthermore, that may be liberating. Yes, it implies that you won't necessarily be rewarded for your goodness, but it also implies that, despite how much you've endured, you are not destined to continue to suffer. The world does not work that way.


    Your world is what you make it. Of course, you can change your world, but first, you have to believe that you can change it, and you should know how to be mentally strong. Amy Morin used the example of a diabetic patient who had given up hope. But when he started to take a small step - by giving up his two-litre-a-day Pepsi habit—he started noticing improvement. He later stopped eating ice cream and began working out. He finally believed that he could change his world as he built the mental strength to change it. And just one little step was the beginning of it all.

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