Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

Degrees offered: B.A., B.A.(Hons), B.C.A., B.Des, B.E /B.Tech, B.Sc., B.V.A.

What is Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is the use of visual content like typography, colour palette, illustrations and images to portray an idea. It helps the brand to communicate to its audience visually. Graphic designing is not just for the aesthetic of the brand. Still, it majorly contributes to developing a sense of understanding between a brand, and it’s audience by communicating what the brand represents.

From the cover of your favourite book to the wrapper of your favourite chocolate to the visual aesthetic of the website you’re reading right now, ever wondered who creates all this. Since you’re reading this content I assume you already know the answer and if not, let me tell you. A graphic designer is behind most of those around us.

If you’re a tech geek with an understanding and appreciation for art, then graphic designing can be your thing. 

Eligibility Criteria (UG & PG) of Graphic Designing

The eligibility criteria differ in every college; therefore, a basic eligibility criterion has been discussed below:

For Undergraduates

  • The aspiring candidates must have procured a minimum aggregate of 50% marks in 10+2 level from any recognised board.

  • The candidates can be exempt from the entrance exam for B.Des. if they have a valid NATA score.

For Postgraduates

  • A candidate must graduate in Bachelors of design.

  • A student is required to clear the entrance exam with the required cut-off marks decided by the College or University to secure their admission into this course.

Entrance Exam for Graphic Designing

The process of admission may vary in every college; some colleges have a direct admission process while some require the candidates to qualify an entrance exam.

Some of the common entrance exams conducted for graphic designing course have been listed below. 

  • NID Entrance Exam- It is a Design Aptitudes Test conducted by National Institute of Design for providing admission to the aspirants at UG and PG level. Candidates need to clear two NID entrance exam to get admission in the 7 NID campuses. The exam is conducted in offline mode. It is held in June- August. 

  • AIEED (ALL INDIA ENTRANCE EXAM FOR DESIGN) – It is an entrance exam conducted by Arch School of design and business for providing admission in UG & PG courses. The exam is held in two stages: CAT(CREATIVE APTITUDE TEST) and GAT (GENERAL APTITUDE TEST). The exam is conducted in both online and offline mode. It is generally held in the month of March-April.

  • PAF Entrance Exam – It is an entrance exam conducted by the prestigious pearl academy to provide admission in Diploma, UG and PG courses. It is an offline written examination, followed by a personal interview round. This exam is generally held in the month of June-July.

Scope of Graphic Designing in India and Abroad

With the rapid digitalisation of the world and the ever-growing world wide web, there’s an incessant demand for Graphic Designers.

Almost all the fields require the help of a graphic designing graduate to excel in their sector, be it publishing houses, advertising sector, Marketing agencies, PR firms everyone has a demand for Graphic Designers.

If you’re a highly-skilled professional and you have a fresh mind full of ideas, then your pay scale can be swoon-worthy. There’s a high demand for fresh and innovative graphic designing graduates, and one can even work as a freelancer. 

Course Fees Graphic Designing

Minimum Fees Maximum Fees
Private Government Private Government
1.51 Lakhs
B.Sc. in Graphic Designing at Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Mohali
12.87 Lakhs
B.Des in Graphic Designing at National Institute of Design Ahmedabad
17.15 Lakhs
B.E /B.Tech in Graphic Designing at School of Computer Science, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun
12.87 Lakhs
B.Des in Graphic Designing at National Institute of Design Ahmedabad
P.G.D in Graphic Designing at DAV College for Girls, Yamunanagar
9.35 Lakhs
M.Des in Graphic Designing at National Institute of Design Ahmedabad
8.94 Lakhs
P.G.D in Graphic Designing at Pearl Academy, Mumbai
9.35 Lakhs
M.Des in Graphic Designing at National Institute of Design Ahmedabad
40.00 K
Diploma in Graphic Designing at Swami Vivekanand University, Sagar
8.20 K
Diploma in Graphic Designing at Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded
21.04 Lakhs
Diploma in Graphic Designing at Pearl Academy, Mumbai
17.00 K
M.Sc. in Graphic Designing at Bangalore University, Bangalore

Course Subjects

There are different types of Graphic designers, and the course may vary accordingly. In the graphic designing course, an aspirant might have to study all the subjects listed below or some of them or some subjects other than the ones listed.

  • Introduction to Graphic designing

  • Fundamentals of computer

  • Typography

  • Adobe flash

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • InDesign


  • Vector Graphics

  • Corel draw

  • Art and Visual Graphic 

Careers in Graphic Designing

The work of a graphic designer is required in every field. From the FMCG sector to publishing houses every sector has an overwhelming demand for a graphic designer. Some of the  industries that provide ample career opportunities for graphic designing graduates are:

  • Corporate businesses

  • Film and Television

  • MNCs

  • Publishing houses

  • Multimedia companies

  • Ad Agencies

  • Marketing firms

  • Design studios

  • Commercial packaging

  • TV and film company

Job Profiles and Top Recruiters

Job profile in Graphic Designing Sector

Graphic designing is a highly sought profession nowadays. There’s plenty of jobs out there in the market, some of the most common job profile and their description have been tabulated below: 

Job Profile


Graphic designer

Graphic designer communicates with the client, understands their requirement, visualises the concept and provides the client with a suitable design that communicates their idea and satiates the aesthetic and informational demand of the audience/consumer.

Multimedia Artist

A multimedia designer is an artist that produces engaging videos, images and sound after understanding a client’s need.

They work for websites, advertising, marketing, television and movies. It is a mixture of high-technology and fine arts

Art Director

Art director manages a team of artists and their art. They determine the timeline and vision.

Their job is to ensure the representation of a creative directors idea. They review and approve the work of the artists under them.

Product/industrial designer

Their job is to design the product and its packaging based on the ideology and function of the product.

They also keep a check on competitor products and their design to ensure that their product never lags in the market.

Film/video editor

Their job is to edit all the multimedia shots to create a holistic experience for a viewer. They work for the client after understanding their requirements.

They can make a series of shots look like a continuous process.  They establish the desired feel and remove all the unnecessary gibberish to improve the visual experience.

Motion Graphic Designer

They produce 2d and 3d animated motion pictures or text by using various technologies. They conceptualise storyboards and create dynamic visuals. They work for marketing, subtitles, advertising etc.

Layout Designer

Layout Designer works closely with the web designers to ensure an aesthetically appealing website. They specialise in the composition of a page and the colour palette.

They work tirelessly to build an easy flowing user-friendly layout. They work for magazines, newspapers, reports and websites.

Web Developer

A web designer is responsible for the designing, coding and programming of a website. They understand the client’s requirement and design a user experience friendly website for a company.

They need knowledge about web designing and programming to be a good web developer.


Top Recruiters in Graphic Designing Sector

Some of the Top Recruiters for graphic designers are: 

  • Decathlon Group

  • Think Design, Hyderabad

  • IKEA

  • Cogwheel Studios

  • Fisheye, New Delhi

  • Edge Studio, New Delhi

  • Mangoblossom Design, Mumbai

  • Eastern Silk Industries Ltd

  • Moonraft Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd

  • Vistaprint Inc

  • Wipro technologies

  • Deloitte

  • General Motors Design

  • Accenture

  • SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd

  • Design Factory India

Required Skillset for Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is a brilliant career option in recent times as it provides the possibility of a wide range of opportunities. The students that follow graphic designing are generally tech geeks who have an artistic influence. There is a certain set of required skill set that furthers their academic brilliance and offer a higher possibility of employment. Same has been listed below:

  • Creativity – Graphic designing is an artistic profession, where one cannot be guaranteed a career unless they can brew fresh ideas to solve communication problems with visual content. You require a plethora of creative imagination to captivate the audience and deliver a crisp message without copying the content.

  • Adaptability – The trend around the world is changing rapidly, and unless one can adapt to the changing scenario and further their skill, it would be tough to survive in such a competitive creative field. 

  • Team spirit – The process of developing an idea or concept requires multiple brilliant minds. Unless one can collaborate and work with different clients and professionals effectively, it’s not possible to deliver the required content. A graphic designer has to often work closely with various other professionals.

  • Knowledge – In India, Graphic designing graduate needs to be master-of-all. They should have first-hand knowledge about HTML/JAVA, programming languages, and photography, among others.

Course Curriculum for Graphic Designing

The bachelor’s of design is a four years long course. Graphic Designing is the culmination of technology and fine art to express one’s view and thoughts, and it has various disciplines such as web designing, deciding the layouts and colour combinations for aesthetic visuals.

The graphic designing course is designed to develop an Individual that can portray an idea through their art.

The course mainly focuses on developing visual communication skills, the idea is not just building a pretty website or visual content but establishing the message through it.  The course is mainly practical and requires a student to build a portfolio of their work.

Graphic designing is a wide field, and a professional can specialise in either one of the following or many-

  • Visual Indenting Graphic Designing

  • Marketing and advertising graphic designing

  • UI designing

  • Publication Graphic Designing

  • Motion Graphic Designing

  • Environment Graphic Designing

Questions related to Graphic Designing

Showing 68 out of 68 Questions

Can I do graphic designing after M.SC maths ??

Atif Ali 1st May, 2021


Look, Graphic Designing course is not a degree course like M.Sc or B.Sc or any other Undergraduate and Postgraduate programme. Graphic designing is a Certification course like Digital Marketing, SEO etc. You can do this course as an additional skills. Anyone who has completed his 12th from any board from any stream (Science Commerce and Arts) can pursue this course. You will be rewarded with a Certificate instead of a degree. There is no particular College who offers Bachelor's or Master's degree in Graphic Designing because it's just a 3 months or 6 months Course. I hope you have understood my point.

After. Completion of this course, you can get a job in this organisations-

1. Publishing House

2. Advertisement Agencies

3. Media Agency

4. E-learning Companies

5. Website Development Studios

6. Graphic design Studio

But you can a decent job if you have a M.Sc Mathematics degree too.

Good Luck.


can i do graphic designing after math

Aadarsh Gupta 26th Apr, 2021

Hello aspirant,

Yes you can do it but I think there will not be more scope in graphic designing as compare to from maths, you can have good future in stream with maths Also. As graphic designing will come under computer applications. Learning such a course on a bachelor basis won't be that good because you should have your basics first. And computer applications or computer science would have been better than maths but since you are studying maths, just keep learning the basis of computer applications on the side and then opt for graphic designing in masters.

I hope my answer helps.


what is the duration of graphic designing course after 10th?

Abir Gayen 30th Mar, 2021

Hi Aspirant,

Generally you can pursue graphic designing courses after class 10 and they are provided for a time span as decided by the institution from which you take it.however they do not carry much weightage.You can pursue diploma in Graphic designing after class 12 for a time span of 1 year which can help you a lot.

Hope it helps!!


is it ok to do and then do graphic designing? I want to do cause I havent decided that what I will do at the end after at least I will have a shot for MBA. The colleges I can apply for in Kolkata.

Ruhani 7th Apr, 2021

Hi, hope you’re doing well.

Graphic design has become one of the most prominent professions among today's youth. The career necessitates a high level of imagination, as well as a skilled use of words and imagery to present ideas through visual concepts in order to captivate the masses.

I'd like to make three points ahead for clarity:

1. To be eligible to appear for MBA entrances, you must either be a graduate securing at least 50% marks in aggregate from a recognized university

Or, a final year student of a recognized university.

As a result, any bachelor's degree may be used to pursue an MBA ; there is no exclusive or restrictive domain. Due to their criteria, even Engineering, Medical, and BJMC students pursue MBA.

You can also get a creative-industry-specific MBA. MBA in Communication Management is provided by B-schools such as Symbiosis, Pune, and Flame University, which caters directly to the needs of the industry.

For more information:

2. According to the previous point, you can pursue a Bachelor of Graphic Design, Visual Communication, or Mass Media degree straight away. For an MBA, you do not need to especially pursue a B.Com (H) degree.

For more information:

3. There’s an option to pursue B.Com (H) and Graphic Design simultaneously. Students can now obtain two degrees in Regular and Distance Mode concurrently, thanks to recent reforms in New Education Policy. The following are the possibilities:

  • Take a regular B.Com (H) course and a distance diploma, degree, or certificate course in Graphic Design. You may enroll in vocational certificate training at places like MAAC and Arena Animation.

  • Pursue B.Com (H) in distance mode from recognized university and Graphic Design as regular degree, diploma or certificate courses. You may apply to a number of design schools in Kolkata.

As every student, a graphic design course will teach you the technicalities of software and limited design skills. Your initiative will determine your level of knowledge.

Even if you don't pursue a graphic design degree, you can acquire experience and skills from a number of sources. Consider the following information:


- Get command over theoretical knowledge. Short-term courses in graphic design, visual grammar, colour theory, typography, and design are available on a variety of online platforms, including Adobe tutorials, Udemy, Skill Share, Shaw Academy, Cousera, and EDX.

For more information:

-  Online or Offline course from institutes like MAAC, Arena Animation, Pearl Academy and similar other institutes.

- Learn how to use all of the essential software programmes, such as Adobe Illustrator, Coral Draw, Photoshop, InDesign, and others.

Watch tutorials

For practical information, you can watch video tutorials or go to a few free portals that have topic-specific content. Websites such as Adobe tutorials and YouTube are excellent sources of information.

Reading Blogs & Ebooks

This is one of the most important and successful ways to learn the principles of graphic design and techniques. Platforms like Adobe Creative Cloud Blog will provide you with a lot of information and tips that will assist you in learning practical skills and running campaigns

Developing designs or content and promoting on Social Media, digital communities

Start creating content or preparing a blog on a subject that interests you, and learn about design concepts and audience suitability. This will provide you with information about your performance, skills, and exposure, as well as areas where you can improve. Furthermore, it will provide you with a realistic application of your knowledge. This will assist you in developing an online presence for your portfolio.

Attend webinars and workshops conducted by expects or watch their videos

Many industry-specific workshops and trainings are held on a regular basis. This will allow you to gain new perspectives and connect with people who share your interests. Graphic designers excel in environments where they are surrounded by other designers. Networking clearly aids you in staying current with industry knowledge and demand.

Join and participate in design communities

You will find inclusive graphic design communities like Behance, Dribble, Ficture, Httpster and Microcopy Inspiration. Here all graphic designers share their wonderful art work to get inspired and creative.

Do internships and freelance work

This is an excellent way to engage in real-world competitions, since you will be given goals and your output will be evaluated. Internships will expose you to a wide range of projects and provide you with valuable experience. Freelancing and internships will help you discover your style, interests, and niche.

Follow and observe great professional designers and their work.

For more tips:

Hope this information helps!

For more information:

All the best:


what is the duration of graphic designing course? what is the duration of digital marketing course?

Vidya Mandadi 28th Mar, 2021

Hello there,

It takes 1 year to complete graphic designing diploma coarse but for bachelors it takes 4 years. And for digital marketing coarse it takes 3 years for bachelors and for diploma it takes 3 months. It totally depends on the time you are willing to invest in order to choose between bachelors and diploma.

Thank you.

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