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    April 29, 2023 - 06:38 AM IST :

    NTA had declared the JEE Main 2023 result session 2 on April 29. 

    April 29, 2023 - 06:36 AM IST :
    April 23, 2023 - 10:25 AM IST :
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      Amity University Gurugram courses are offered in four levels which are UG, PG, PG Diploma and Doctoral levels. More than 102 courses are offered by the university. Amity University Gurgaon UG courses include B.Tech, B.A., B.B.A, B.C.A, B.H.M and many more. The duration of the Amity University Gurugram courses at the UG level ranges from 3 to 5 years. The PG level courses offered by the university are M.Sc, M.Tech, M.B.A, M.A., etc. Most of the Amity University Gurugram PG courses have a duration of 2 years with some having a duration of 3 years. For more information on the Amity University Gurugram courses, fees and duration check the table below.

      Amity University Gurugram UG Courses, duration & fees

      Programme by Discipline/School (Alphabetically Listed)Duration

      1st Year Non-sponsored Semester Fees (Rs.)

      B.Sc. (Hons) - Physics3 Years45,000
      B.Sc. (Hons) - Chemistry3 Years45,000
      B.Sc. (Hons) - Mathematics3 Years45,000
      B Sc (Hons) Earth Sciences3 Years45,000
      B.Sc. (H) Biochemistry3 Years45,000
      Bachelor of Architecture5 Years57,000
      Bachelor of Planning4 Years59,000
      Bachelor of Interior Design4 years78,000
      B.Tech (Biotechnology)4 Years132,000
      B.Sc. (Hons) - Biotechnology3 Years83,000
      B.Sc. (Hons) - Biological Science3 Years63,000
      B.Com (Hons)3 Years72,000
      B.A. ( Journalism & Mass Communication )3 Years80,000
      B.Sc. (Animation & Visual Graphics)3 Years46,000
      B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) -3 Continent3 years181,000
      B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communicaion) International3 Years179,000
      BCA3 Years83,000
      B.Sc. (IT)3 Years60,000
      B.A. (Hons) - Economics3 Years68,000
      B.Tech (Aerospace Engg.)4 Years96,000
      B.Tech (Civil Engg.)4 Years96,000
      B.Tech (Computer Science & Engg.)4 Years140,000
      B.Tech (Electronics & Communication Engg.)4 Years96,000
      B.Tech (Mechanical Engg)4 Years96,000
      B.Tech (Electrical & Electronics Engg.)4 Years96,000
      B.Tech (Internet of Things)4 years96,000
      B.Tech (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)4 years96,000
      B.Tech - Computer Science & Engg + MBA ( Dual Degree)5 Years162,000
      B.Tech + M.Tech (Data Sciences)5 Years114,000
      B.Tech + M.Tech (Network & Cyber Security)5 Years114,000
      B.Tech + M.Tech (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning5 Years114,000
      B.Tech (Computer Science & Engg.) - 3 Continent4 Years177,000
      B.Tech (Civil Engg) - 3 Continent4 Years177,000
      B.Tech (Electronics & Communication Engg.) - 3 Continent4 Years177,000
      B.Tech (Mechanical Engg.) - 3 Continent4 Years177,000
      B.Tech ( Biomedical Engg.)4 Years93,000
      B.Tech (Computer Science & Engg ) International4 Years179,000
      Bachelor of Technology (Defence Technology)4 Years96,000
      B.Tech + M.Tech (Defence Technology)- Integrated5 Years88,000
      BA (Hons) - English3 Years37,000
      Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design)4 Years57,000
      Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design) - 3 Continent4 years136,000
      Bachelor of Fine Arts4 Years39,000
      B.Sc. (Hons) - Forensic Sciences3 Years60,000
      Bachelor of Hotel Management4 Years65,000
      BA (Hons) - French3 Years28,000
      BA (Hons) - German3 Years28,000
      BA (Hons) - Spanish3 Years28,000
      BA LLB (Hons)5 Years103,000
      B.Com LLB (Hons)5 Years51,000
      BBA LLB (Hons)5 Years103,000
      BA (Hons) - History3 Years28,000
      BA (Hons) - Political Science3 Years37,000
      BBA3 Years137,000
      BBA (Business Analytics)3 Years104,000
      BBA (International)3 Years200,000
      BBA (Banking & Finance)3 Years104,000
      BBA (3 Continent)3 Years206,000
      B.Sc. (Dietetics & Applied Nutrition)3 Years47,000
      B.Sc. (Medical Lab Technology)3 Years47,000
      Bachelor of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology4 Years71,000
      B Sc ( Molecular Medicine & Stem Cell Technologies )3 Years47,000
      Bachelor of Optometry4 Years47,000
      Bachelor of Pharmacy4 Years94,000
      B.Sc. (Nursing)4 Years73,000
      B.Sc. (Nursing) Post Basic2 Years28,000
      B.A. (Hons) - Applied Psychology3 years39,000
      B.Sc. (Clinical Psychology)3 years61,000
      Bachelor of Tourism & Travel Management4 Years44,000
      M.Sc. (Applied Physics)2 years27,000
      M.Sc. (Applied Chemistry)2 years27,000
      M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics)2 years27,000
      M.Sc. (Biochemistry)2 years57,000
      M.Sc. (Forensic Sciences)2 years57,000
      M.Sc. (Environmental Sc. and
      2 years57,000
      M.Sc. (Renewable Energy )2 years43,000
      M Sc (Renewable Energy ) PartTime3 years26,000
      Master of Planning (Urban & Regional)2 Years78,000
      M.Tech (Biotechnology)2 Years63,000
      M.Sc. (Biotechnology)2 Years68,000
      Master of Commerce2 Years65,000
      M.A. ( Journalism & Mass Communication )2 Years100,000
      PG Diploma in Journalism & Mass
      1 Year72,000
      Master of Computer Applications2 Years94,000
      M.A. (Economics)2 Years45,000
      M.Tech (Computer Science & Engg.)2 Years65,000
      M.Tech (Electronics & Communication E2 Years65,000
      M.Tech (Solar & Alternate Energy)2 Years65,000
      M.Tech (Data Science)2 Years65,000
      M.Tech (Mechanical Engg.)2 Years65,000
      M.Tech (Civil Engg.)2 Years65,000
      M.Tech (Network & Cyber Security)2 Years65,000
      M.Tech (Artificial Intelligence with specialisation in Robotics/ Machine Learning )2 Years65,000
      M.Tech. (Amtospheric Technology and Climate Management)2 Years65,000
      M.Tech (Computer Science & Engg ) Inte2 Years100,000
      Master of Technology (Defence
      2 Years64,000
      M.A. (English)2 Years47,000
      Master of Fine Arts2 Years37,000
      LL.M.1 Year39,000
      MBA (Specializations Offered -
       IB/M&S/HR/Retail Mgmt/E- Commerce/IT/Finance)
      2 Years204,000
      MBA (3 Continent)2 years
      MBA (Banking & Finance)2 Years204,000
      MBA ( Business Analytics )2 Years204,000
      MBA (Executive) Full Time1 Year301,000
      MBA ( Hospital & Healthcare Management)2 Years204,000
      MBA (Executive) For Working Professionals2 Years74,000
      PG Diploma in Business Analytics (For Working Professionals)1 Year43,000
      Executive MBA (Sustainability Management)2 Years59,000
      MBA (Sustainability management)2 Years162,000
      MBA (International)2 Years310,000
      M.Sc. (Clinical Research)2 Years59,000
      M.Sc. (Dietetics & Applied Nutrition)2 Years59,000
      M.Sc. (Medical Lab Technology)2 Years59,000
      Master of Optometry2 Years59,000
      Master of Public Health2 Years59,000
      Master of Optometry (M.Optom) Practio2 Years44,000
      Master of Science (Speech Language Pathology)2 Years80,000
      M Sc ( Molecular Medicine & Stem Cell Technologies )2 Years59,000
      Master of Hospital Administration2 Years133,000
      Master of Hospital Administration (Executive) for working professionals3 Years48,000
      M.Sc. (Microbial Science and Technology)2 Years57,000
      M Sc Nursing Spl Offered : Community Health Nursing/Medical Surgical Nursing/Obstetric & Gynaecolgical Nursing/Paediatric Nursing/Psychiatric Nursing2 Years35,000
      M.A. (Counselling Psychology)2 Years37,000
      M.Sc. (Clinical Psychology)2 Years59,000
      M.A. ( Applied Psychology)2 Years37,000
      Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology1 Year124,000
      M Phil ( Clinical Psychology )2 Years137,000
      Master of Social Work2 Years35,000
      M Sc ( Data Sciences )2 Years57,000
      PG Diploma in Data Science1 Year43,000

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      BA LLB Hons

      Duration: 5 Years
      Full time
      Total Fees: 10.30 L
      Seats: 180

      B.Com LLB Hons

      Duration: 5 Years
      Full time
      Total Fees: 9.80 L
      Seats: 60

      B.Sc Nursing

      Duration: 4 Years
      Full time
      Total Fees: 5.84 L
      Seats: 60

      BBA LLB Hons

      Duration: 5 Years
      Full time
      Total Fees: 10.30 L
      Seats: 60


      Duration: 5 Years
      Full time
      Total Fees: 5.70 L
      Seats: 30
      Accepted Exams: NATA

      Post Basic B.Sc Nursing

      Duration: 2 Years
      Full time
      Total Fees: 1.12 L
      Seats: 30

      M.Sc Obstetric and Gynaecological Nursing

      Duration: 2 Years
      Full time
      Total Fees: 2.84 L
      Seats: 5

      M.Sc Community Health Nursing

      Duration: 2 Years
      Full time
      Total Fees: 2.84 L
      Seats: 5

      M.Sc Paediatric Nursing

      Duration: 2 Years
      Full time
      Total Fees: 2.84 L
      Seats: 5

      M.Sc Psychiatric Nursing

      Duration: 2 Years
      Full time
      Total Fees: 2.84 L
      Seats: 5

      M.Sc Medical Surgical Nursing

      Duration: 2 Years
      Full time
      Total Fees: 1.40 L
      Seats: 5

      B.Sc Chemistry Hons

      Duration: 3 Years
      Full time
      Total Fees: 2.70 L

      Filter by Study Mode

      B.Sc Information Technology

      Duration: 3 Years
      Full time
      Total Fees: 3.60 L

      BA Economics Hons

      Duration: 3 Years
      Full time
      Total Fees: 4.08 L

      B.Sc Animation and Visual Graphics

      Duration: 3 Years
      Full time
      Total Fees: 2.76 L

      B.Com Hons

      Duration: 3 Years
      Full time
      Total Fees: 4.32 L

      B.Sc Biotechnology Hons

      Duration: 3 Years
      Full time
      Total Fees: 4.98 L


      Duration: 3 Years
      Full time
      Total Fees: 4.98 L

      BA English Hons

      Duration: 3 Years
      Full time
      Total Fees: 2.22 L

      B.Tech Internet of Things

      Duration: 4 Years
      Full time
      Total Fees: 7.68 L

      Student Reviews for Amity University Gurgaon

      College Infrastructure: 4.3/5
      Academics: 3.9/5
      Placements: 3.5/5
      Value for Money: 3.4/5
      Campus Life: 4/5


      College Infrastructure

      Infrastructure is very good high-class facility AC in classroom. Infrastructure of the main building and teaching building is very good also there are many departments such as office of career services et cetera there are others like the hostel building.

      Amity University Gurugram Review

      College Infrastructure

      The infrastructure is really good and all the facilities are provided like classroom, laboratories,libraries and hostels. To students also there are many canteens for students and staff and the canteens are clean and hyvenic

      College brings the best out of everyone

      College Infrastructure

      We have all well equipped and comfy hostel rooms, classrooms, library, sportw centres.. Hostels are cleaned everyday. With proper Wi-Fi connection and with hygienic food. Campus has few departments for basic needs.

      Have a question related to Amity University Gurgaon ?

      please suggest me which college is best for Bsc psychology Amity IIPR St. Xavier or any other college


      A BSc in psychology is frequently related to the study of the humanities. Psychiatry is another option for earning a degree; this path leads to a Bachelor of Medicine degree with a speciality.

      Your basic foundation is already in place if you choose St.Xaviers for psychology.

      The course material is in-depth and teaches you the subject matter in great detail. The incredibly small batch size is a pro, but it also becomes a drawback as admission to the course becomes more competitive. The professors are excellent teachers, each adding their own unique personal touch. Weekly seminars add interest to lectures. Numerous opportunities exist outside the world of academia.

      Additionally, the emphasis that Xaviers places on your academic performance as well as extracurricular activities and social welfare helps you in the long run.

      Thank You

      if i have done one year of bba from IPU and now i want to pursue online bba from amity so would i get the benefit of this one year?


      Distance learning can be beneficial or it can't. It all depends on the types of businesses you applied to and the standards they used for hiring.

      Amity University is a well-known university among others. They do give its freshmen and graduates improved placement prospects.

      Finding a few current students who have completed a distance learning programme is all you need to do to acquire their feedback.

      I am unable to offer any opinion on such a business or person. You must conduct research.

      Good Luck!!

      hy respected sir and. ma'am which amity campus is good in terms of placement for mba between amity jaipur and amity lucknow


      There isn't much of a difference between Amity and other top 2-3 colleges, but they are both good colleges. You may select Jaipur. Compared to Lucknow, it has greater placement conversions.

      With a placement rate of 100%, the college's placement cell is superb. Starting in the fourth semester, it offers internships during the summer. A stipend of 1500 to 3000 rs is provided to interns for a maximum of three months, in addition to free housing and meals. There shouldn't be any back papers, and the placement starts during the last semester. As long as you're not employed, you can attend interviews; but, if you're, you can no longer do so. Depending solely on the CGPA and the interview, the average income is 3 lakhs per year and can go as high as 25 lakhs per year. Among the top employers are Wipro, ITC, Google, Mercedes Benz, HDFC, Amazon, and many others.

      Good Luck!!

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