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Top Liberal Arts Specialisation in India

Top Liberal Arts Specialisation in India

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“The value of an education in a liberal arts college is not the learning of many facts, but the training of the mind to think something that cannot be learned from textbooks.” - Albert Einstein.

Liberal art is a broad term, it refers to the study of subjects related to the humanities, social sciences, and pure sciences. Liberal studies aims to develop critical thinking, intellectual knowledge, and moral values and help students become better human beings. Liberal arts education prepares students to explore various fields instead of focusing on a specific specialisation.

The word ‘Liberal’ is derived from the Latin phrase ‘liber’ which means ‘to be free’. Liberal arts studies prepare students to select from various career paths apart from their specialisation. ‘Flexibility’ is one of the most important benefits of Liberal Arts. The main motive of Liberal Education is to promote critical thinking, creativity, and effective communication skills.

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Importance of Liberal Arts

Nowadays, there has been an increased focus on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary education. Since traditional degrees focus on providing discipline-specific education, students are not well equipped with the skills required for today’s complex environment. At present, many students are applying for a Liberal Arts degree due to its broad scope and relevance in today’s competitive environment.

The benefit of a liberal arts education is not in learning diverse subjects but in learning something that cannot be taught through rote learning. The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 also recognises the importance of liberal arts education. According to the NEP 2020, engineering colleges must include subjects like humanities and social sciences, similarly, humanities or social science colleges have science and engineering.

What are the Top Liberal Arts Specialisations?

Liberal Arts education has changed a lot in recent times. Instead of subjects related to humanities and social sciences, it also includes subjects from diverse disciplines such as Biology, Psychology, Mathematics, Economics, and Physics. Mentioned below are the popular liberal arts specialisations along with their top colleges and career options. Liberal Arts will help them decide which liberal arts specialisation to choose and its career prospects.

1. BA Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts or BA Liberal Arts is an undergraduate degree programme in liberal studies. The duration of the course is three years spread across six semesters. BA Liberal Arts is one of the most popular degree choices for liberal arts aspirants. It provides a comprehensive knowledge of diverse disciplines such as social science, humanities, economics, and sciences.

The syllabus includes subjects such as Psychology, Sociology, Finance, Political Science, and Economics. A BA degree in Liberal arts equips students with skills that can be applied to a variety of careers. Below, we have mentioned the popular BA Liberal Arts colleges along with their fee and top colleges offering the degree.

Top Colleges Offering BA Liberal Arts

Candidates can apply to some educational institutes in India. It is important to fulfil certain eligibility requirements before applying for admission. Some of the popular colleges offering BA Liberal Arts are mentioned below.

Career Options available after BA Liberal Arts

There are a variety of career choices for the BA Liberal Arts graduates. It is a diverse degree, therefore candidates have the flexibility to explore different careers. Some of the popular job roles are mentioned below:

2. BA History

BA History is a three-year-long undergraduate degree programme. BA History is a study of past events and their impact on today’s world. It is the study of societies, people, cultures, and events of historical times. Understanding history is very important, it helps us understand how the world was before and how it has evolved over time.

History is an important part of Liberal arts education. It provides students with skills such as logical skills, written and oral communication skills, and critical thinking abilities all of which are necessary for personal and professional growth. The course curriculum covers the History of India and Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Ancient World.

Top Colleges Offering BA History

Several colleges offer BA History in India. The eligibility criteria is almost similar. For more information, students are advised to visit the official website of the colleges.

Career Options available after BA History

A bachelor’s degree in History prepares the candidates for many job roles. Many people think of History as a boring subject, but it provides many interesting career opportunities. History graduates can work in various settings such as museums, universities, and government and private companies. Listed below are the popular job opportunities after a BA History degree.

3. B.Sc Mathematics

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics or B.Sc Mathematics is an undergraduate degree programme. The course duration of a B.Sc in Maths is three years. Mathematics is the study of numbers, various theories and their applications. It provides skills related to quantitative reasoning and critical thinking.

Since mathematical skills can be applied to various fields such as finance, economics, psychology, and accountancy, it is also an important subject of Liberal Arts education. The major topics covered in the curriculum include Calculus, Algebra, Number Theory and Mechanics. We have mentioned a list of top colleges and career options below.

Top Colleges Offering B.Sc Mathematics

Listed below are the popular B.Sc Mathematics colleges in India. Students must fulfil the eligibility requirements before applying for admission.

Career Options available after B.Sc Mathematics

Mathematics graduates can contribute to fields such as engineering, finance, accountancy and academics. Every industry requires qualified mathematicians to help with complex mathematical problems. Popular job roles are mentioned below:

4. BA Journalism

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism or BA Journalism is an undergraduate degree programme. The course duration is three years including six semesters. BA Journalism involves the practice of gathering and editing the news and conveying it to the general public. It can be through newspapers and magazines, or via news channels and radio.

Liberal Arts includes the study of interconnected disciplines. Therefore, Journalism helps the students to get a broad range of skills which can be applied to multiple disciplines. History of English, Travel Writing, and American Literature are the core topics of the course. Some of the leading educational institutes and popular job roles are mentioned below.

Top Colleges Offering BA Journalism

Many private and government colleges in India offer BA Journalism degrees. Students are advised to check the college website for other course details. Popular BA Journalism colleges are mentioned in the table below:

Career Options available after BA Journalism

There are a lot of options for a Journalism graduate. They can work for a newspaper, magazine, radio station or news channel. They can also work as a freelancer and sell their briefings to news agencies. Popular career options for a BA Journalism graduate are listed below:

5. B.Sc Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or B.Sc Computer Science is an undergraduate degree programme. The duration of the programme is three years. It equips the students with knowledge of various computer processes and functions, web development, and different programming languages and software.

Nowadays, technology plays an important role in every industry. Understanding of computer science has become crucial for a well-rounded education. Computer Science graduates can work at manufacturing companies, software companies, financial institutions, schools and universities. The average salary of a computer scientist in India is Rs. 39 LPA.

Top Colleges Offering B.Sc Computer Science

Many educational institutions in India offer a B.Sc in Computer Science course. Fulfilling the eligibility criteria is a must. Listed below are some of the colleges.

Career Options available after B.Sc Computer Science

Computer Science is a very broad discipline. The knowledge and skills can be applied to various fields. Due to technological advancements, everyone needs to know how to operate a computer. Some of the desired job profiles are listed below.

6. BA Psychology

BA Psychology abbreviated as Bachelor of Arts Psychology is an undergraduate level course. The course duration of BA in Psychology is three years. Psychology is the study of the mind and how people behave. Clinical Psychology, Counselling Psychology, and Sports Psychology are some of the sub-disciplines. The work settings of a Psychologist are hospitals, clinics, colleges and universities, government offices, and private practice.

Psychology is an important liberal arts discipline. Every field requires the knowledge of psychology. Economics, mathematics, medical sciences, physics, and chemistry are the important areas where the principles and concepts of Psychology are applied. Some of the subjects studied in psychology are mental disorders, consumer behaviour, and human development.

Top Colleges Offering BA Psychology

BA Psychology courses can be studied at a variety of colleges in India. A list of popular colleges and universities can be found below.

Career Options available after BA Psychology

BA Psychology graduates can explore various career paths. Psychology is a very versatile degree with many applications. It can be applied to social sciences, pure sciences, and medical sciences.

7. BA English

BA English is an undergraduate programme. The course duration is three years. It provides a detailed understanding and practice of written and spoken English. English is the most widely spoken language in the world. Therefore, knowing the correct grammar and usage is important for everyone and is an essential part of liberal arts.

BA English graduates learn about Literary forms and terms, the history of English literature, communicative English, and poetry. Candidates can contribute to administration, public relations, academics, print media, and news channels. English is a major part of liberal studies as it is helpful in all industries.

Top Colleges Offering BA English

The eligibility requirements for a BA English course are quite similar for every institute. Candidates can apply for admission once eligible. Some of the leading colleges are mentioned below.

  • Presidency College, Chennai

  • PSGR Krishnammal College for Women, Coimbatore

  • Loyola College, Chennai

  • MCC Chennai

Career Options available after BA English

English is one of the most popular languages in the world. Therefore, having the correct knowledge is important. They can work at academic institutions, public relations, media, and administration.

8. MA Liberal Arts

MA in Liberal Arts is a degree programme at the postgraduate level. The course duration is two years and is spread across four semesters. Students who have completed their bachelor’s degree in liberal arts or related disciplines are eligible for an MA in Liberal arts.

Students pursuing an MA in Liberal Arts study Introduction to Liberal Studies, International Relations and Diplomacy, and Cultural Studies. Students can find a list of leading MA Liberal arts colleges and their popular career options below.

Top Colleges Offering MA Liberal Arts

Many educational institutes offer an MA degree in Liberal arts. Listed below are the leading MA Liberal arts colleges in India.

Career Options available after MA Liberal Arts

MA Liberal Arts graduates can contribute to many areas depending on their interests. Some of the popular career options are listed below.

9. M.Sc Geology

Master of Science in Geology or M.Sc Geology is a degree programme at PG level. The duration of the course is two years. The course curriculum is spread across four semesters. Geology is a broad discipline which studies the interior structure and formation of the earth and its composition.

M.Sc Geology graduates can contribute to almost all the science disciplines due to their broad skill sets and understanding. The work settings of Geologists include private and government agencies, museums, labs, and colleges or universities. The average salary of a Geologist in India is Rs. 6.4 LPA.

Top Colleges Offering M.Sc Geology

To apply for a M.Sc Geology course, students should meet some eligibility requirements. After fulfilling the eligibility requirements students can apply for admissions. Popular colleges offering M.Sc Geology courses are mentioned below.

Career Options available after M.Sc Geology

M.Sc Geology graduates can work in various areas. They can work at museums, labs, and government and private offices. They spend most of their time outdoors taking surveys and acquiring samples. The in-demand job roles are listed below.

  • Petroleum Geologist

  • Hydrologist

  • Geologist

  • Palaeontologist

10. MA Music

Master of Arts in Music or MA Music is a postgraduate degree programme of two years. Students learn about the history of music, its interpretation, how it has evolved, and various styles and genres of music. The course covers all kinds of western and non-western music. The students are prepared in all aspects of music from singing to playing different instruments and composition.

Music courses help a person to express themselves emotionally and feel free. Furthermore, music is one of the most traditional subjects of Liberal Arts. Musicians can perform solo or in a group. They can also perform at concerts, clubs, malls, or auditoriums. The average salary of a music composer in India is Rs. 3.7 LPA.

Top Colleges Offering MA Music

In India, many private and government colleges offer MA Music degree programmes. Students must check the website of the college for more information. Popular colleges are mentioned below.

Career Options available after MA Music

Music is one of the most popular liberal arts subjects. Musicians can work at almost any place. Street performances, clubs, malls, art exhibitions, live concerts, educational institutions, and auditoriums to name a few.


To conclude, liberal arts education is very important in the current scenario. With a lot of changes happening in the world, liberal arts prepares students to explore a variety of career paths. Apart from traditional subjects related to humanities, arts, and social science, it also promotes subjects from pure sciences.

Some of the popular career options include Journalist, Painting, Computer Scientist, Actor, Business Analyst, Human Resource Manager, and Psychologist. Students also have a chance to contribute to various other fields and earn handsome salary packages.


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Questions related to B.A.

Have a question related to B.A. ?


The percentage required for admission in BA course is different from college to college. Generally, students who have completed their class 12 from a recognised board in any stream, including science, arts, and commerce, with 50% marks are eligible for admission in BA. However, there are some colleges which offer admission with lesser marks and there are also colleges where the percentage requirement is very high. It is advisable to check the website of the college you are planning to join for the eligibility criteria.

Hope this information will help you. Thank you.


Yes, you are eligible for admission in BA Sociology. Generally, the eligibility criteria for this course is 12th standard pass from a recognised board with atleast 50% marks. However, there are some prestigious colleges that have high cut-off and it will be difficult to get admission with your marks.

That's why, it is advisable to check the website of the colleges you are planning to join for the required marks and other information.

Hope this information will help you. Best wishes ahead!

It is generally not possible to directly join another university like Delhi University (DU) and start from the 1st semester after completing one year of a BA program in a different state university.

Universities typically have limited flexibility for credit transfer between institutions. Even within the same university system, transferring a full year's worth of credits might be difficult. Course structures and curriculum might differ between universities. Your completed first year at the state university might not perfectly align with DU's BA program requirements.

If both your state university and DU are affiliated to the same university grant commission (UGC) recognized university system, you might be able to explore an affiliation transfer process. This would allow you to continue your BA program under the new university (DU) but might still involve some credit evaluation and course adjustments.

Some universities allow students to apply for admission to a higher semester (like 2nd or 3rd) based on their previous academic performance and credit evaluation.  Explore DU's admission process to see if they offer such a program transfer option for students coming from other universities.

If the above options aren't feasible, you could consider starting a fresh BA program at DU. This would involve applying for admission again and potentially losing the credits you earned in your first year at the state university.

I hope it helps!

Yes, it is possible to get admission for BA LLB without appearing for CUET (Common University Entrance Test).
Some universities and colleges might still conduct their own entrance exams or base admissions on merit ( Class 12 marks) for BA LLB programs.
Private colleges might have a specific quota of seats allocated for management quota admissions. These seats don't necessarily require entrance exams, but selection might be based on factors like an interview, previous academic record, or donations.

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No, it's not currently legal in India to pursue a dual degree with MBBS (regular mode) and a BA (online mode) simultaneously.

A student can pursue two degrees: one in full-time physical mode and another in Open and Distance Learning (ODL)/Online mode.

Two degrees in regular mode are not permitted.

MBBS is a demanding medical program requiring extensive classroom learning, laboratory work, clinical rotations, and practical training. Pursuing another full-time degree (like another MBBS) alongside MBBS (regular mode) wouldn't be feasible or meet the program's rigorous requirements.

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