Indian Institute of Technology Banaras Hindu University Varanasi

Also known as: IIT BHU

Quick Facts

Ranked in Universities
Type of Institute
Institute of National Importance
Genders Accepted
  • Estd. Year: 1919
  • Total Faculty: 338
  • Total Students Enrollment: 5902
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Ranking / Rating

Rank Score Rating
35th 238.65 AAAA
Careers360 Rank NIRF Rank
AAAA+ 11th
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Exams and Cutoffs

Exam Date: 17 May, 2020
Exam date has passed


Engineering and Architecture (B.E /B.Tech)

Median Package 11 Lakhs

Engineering and Architecture (M.E /M.Tech.)

Median Package 6.25 Lakhs

Engineering and Architecture (Dual Degree)

Median Package 10 Lakhs
Source: NIRF


  • Boys Hostel Boys Hostel
  • Girls Hostel Girls Hostel
  • Gym Gym
  • Library Library
  • Sports Sports
  • Cafeteria Cafeteria
  • Auditorium Auditorium
  • Hospital Medical/Hospital
  • WiFi Wifi
  • IT Infrastructure IT Infrastructure
  • Laboratories Laboratories
  • Alumni Alumni Associations

Student Reviews

4.2/5 43 Reviews

I think it is great, amazing and life long unmemorible.

Posted on 15 Feb' 20 by HANSHIL
Batch of Jan. 1, 2021 | B.Tech Pharmacy
College Infrastructure
Its good but... building infrastruture is old as compare to other iit beacuse it is one of the oldest iit which was founded find one of ther finest leader of congess and great freedom fighter madan mohan malviya ji. From this institute a nearby railway and bus station is 6 km away. Airport is quit far , which is 15 km far from campus.
I an 3rd year student of pharmaceuticla engineering and technology and hear i am pursuing my b.TeCH. .here teaching skills of our prof. Are execllent.. we have finest prof. Havig lot of experience of academics and research.
Placements is excellent as compare to other collagesor institute. From last 4 years palcements are around 95% . In iit bhu more then 1000+ students come every year for pursuing there bechlors. And from then around 200 goes for hire study ,upsc or IES EXAM.
A general student of UG course pay 1 lakh fee for there each same .. but other categerory student pay lesser fees than general student..
Campus Life
A campus life is very good . In our institute we have lots of activity to do. Far from engineering we have lots of opportunities to do. We have lots of platform for other actuvities. Our institute also organize fest like KASHIYATRA, Technex,spardha ,fmc weekend,etc.
  • Infrastructure
  • Placements
  • Academics
  • Campus Life
  • Value for Money
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An average new IIT in India which needs improvement

Posted on 18 Apr' 18 by rajdeep Konar
Batch of Jan. 1, 2020 | B.Tech Chemical Engineering
Infrastructure: 3.5 / 5.0 Academic buildings are more or less modest. Many lecture halls are old- fashioned with the traditional blackboard & chalk (which is not bad at all). Though many of these support projectors, not many professors make use of it. The acoustics within the lecture halls is average & students sitting at the back generally find it difficult to grasp the lectures efficiently. Lack of air conditioning makes it seemingly impossible to sit in these halls during the scorching hot summers. The hostels are spacious with lush green gardens boasting awesome scenic beauty. You could even find peacocks roaming in gardens of certain hostels during dawn. This proximity to nature is a thing you'll not find in many other institutes. The rooms, although small, are reasonably habitable. The bathrooms & toilets on the other hand, mostly remain dirty (with exception of few hostels). The absence of western style toilets, frowned upon by many students hailing from metropolitan cities, can pose a big inconvenience for physically disabled students. The common rooms are quite spacious, (for God knows what reason) equipped with a single LCD TV and one - two T.T. tables. The biggest problem faced by the students is absence of proper LAN infrastructure in the hostels. It is a big hassle at the beginning of the session, to manually set-up LAN cables from the warden office to respective rooms, made even worse by the petty fight over who gets the 8 LAN-ports of the switch in the warden office. Icing over the cake, the students have to struggle with poor LAN (speed as low as 1 kbps) all throughout the year. Miserly attempts to revive the non-functional LAN are made but mostly in vain. Faculty & Research: 2.0 / 5.0 Ah, the faculty! The quality of faculty, again with the exception of few, is bordering on the line between average and below average. Many professors are incompetent when compared to that of sister IITs. Hence, the teaching in general is poor. Majority of the professors are downright arrogant and instead of delivering quality education they like to believe that they have a bunch of idiotic, drunkard and irresponsible students to teach to. The methodology of checking answer scripts in the institute has puzzled the students for a long time. Some say that a random number generator is deployed by the professors to award marks while others maintain that you have to have nice handwriting and the ability to write long answers (incoherent gibberish would do) to extract good marks. Anyways, the true story is still not known and students claim inconsistency in their credits. Research output of IIT (BHU) is, again, quite low. Large percentage of the faculty is involved in administrative tasks and focus on research is less. Even the existing research is not highly recognized in international journals. Neither are there many promising research projects currently running in the institute nor the research facilities are state-of-the-art. So, in a nutshell, it is definitely not one of the places one might consider for quality research. Facilities: 3.5 / 5.0 I would segregate the various aspects: a. Library: Many a times people have struggled to find books which they need in the library. It may be due to highly disorganized way in which the library keeps the books. One can find a mathematics books in the physics section, a chemistry one in computer science's section etc. There's no specific place to look for a particular book even with the reference from book catalog. Besides, there seems to be a dearth of popular course-books. Hence, their availability is governed by the first-come-first basis. The prescribed course-books disappear within a week after commencing of the semester. The library has two sections: one for the use of General students and one for SC/ST. The general students can issue three books at a time while the SC/ST can issue four - a logic which surpasses my comprehensive abilities. b. Internet: Some claim, that BHU has one of the best LAN infrastructure among the universities in India. However, the end-users - the students, fail to agree with this supposition. The Computer Center is the provider of the LAN. Internet is accessed through various proxies. On some proxies, the officials have banned social networking sites and porn by an algorithm which operates on a string matching basis. For instance, if there is a specific keyword (like 'sex') in the page you have requested, the page would not be displayed. Since, these are the proxies that are available in the hostels, students adopt anonymity software to bypass the firewall and have full-fledged access to the Internet. The result being highly trafficked network and a 'Sorry..' page popping up on a simple Google search. The LAN in the academic buildings, on the contrary, is quite fast and reliable. c. Office Hours: Where other institutes provide 24*7 lab facility, here you'll find a lock in every department after 6 o' clock in the evening which is a deterrent for students motivated for research. Besides, the library, which should be open for 24 hrs is closed down at 10.00 pm. This may not be big factor in normal days, but is a serious drawback during examination days. Student Activities & Campus Life: 4.0 / 5.0 The students are undoubtedly the biggest asset to the institute. Various activities are organized in IIT-Gymkhana by the students, right from the scratch. Kashiyatra, the annual cultural festival of the institute attracts, although not much, but still ample crowd from universities across India, to witness the awesome display of talent by the IIT (BHU) student fraternity inspired the lifestyle of the Holy City. Various clubs like Western / Indian Music Club, Cine Club, Literary Club etc function at full potential within the Gymkhana. Spacious grounds and fields provide voluptuous opportunities for sports like Cricket & Football. Other sports like Badminton, Tennis are played with equal participation and enthusiasm. Besides, the institute has a well furnished Technology Business Incubator for budding entrepreneurs within the institute. IIT (BHU) students can boast of one of the best campus life one can ever get in an Indian university. The city in itself is amazingly vivid in the terms of its culture. Although dirty, chaotic and crowded, one's heart clings to this city and yearns for more of it. Initially, people find it hard to adjust to the conditions in the campus (which is far more cleaner than the rest of the city) and Varanasi. However, in due course of time the mystical intricacies of the city cast a spell on our senses and one falls in love with the same crowded streets, narrow gullies, the nocturnal deafening & deadly silence in the ghats(which teem with life during the arti in the evening), the distant chiming of the temple bells, the psychedelic concerts by stoned foreigners, the delicacies of roadside chat and what not. The campus turns into an infinitely silent and beautiful abode in the night and you feel like to roam the lonely roads on and on. The hostels are designed in a very traditional manner - a manner which promotes socializing. Unlike many hostels in other IITs, every room has gardens facing it. Waking up to find lush greenery in front of your door refreshes your senses. In winters, these gardens are the best place to lie down and absorb loads of warmth and vitamin-D from the sun. The hostel dining facility, managed by Maharajas, provides a wide array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, served directly at your plate. Although not the food (maybe), but the feel of catering is homely. These people will serve you anything(in their capacity) on your demand. The academics aren't as hectic as other IITs and hence students get to explore various other opportunities besides engineering. Many enroll in Diploma courses in foreign languages while others prepare for several other entrance examinations. The only drawback here is the absence of 24*7 canteen / shop. All the shops / eateries close down by 7 - 8 pm, with the exception of hostel canteens. The latter are unable to fulfill all the needs of students. Placements and Training: 4.5 / 5.0 IIT (BHU) Varanasi stands among the top engineering institutes in India when it comes to placement. The placement rate has consistently been more than 100%. Best companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Oracle, L&T, Tata Steel, Reliance, Infosys etc visit the campus and recruit candidates every year. The average CTC package varies for different branches, but is pretty decent. Due to lesser amount of academic workload many people also prepare for and qualify other competitive exams like UPSC, CAT, GRE etc. All in all, IIT (BHU) is reputed in terms of recruitment and will definitely gain popularity among other good companies which recruit from other IITs, after its recent conversion. Thus my rating would be 3.5 / 5.0.
  • Infrastructure
  • Placements
  • Academics
  • Campus Life
  • Value for Money
  • Industry Exposure
  • Student Crowd
  • Hostel
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It is one of the most reputed college with good placement

Posted on 23 Mar' 18 by Shubham kumar Singh
Batch of Jan. 1, 2018 | B.Tech Pharmaceutics Engineering and Technology
Since it's an IIT , it's one of most reputed and beautiful college , it has a very vast campus spread around 400 acres , we have I total 18 departments with various degrees like , integrated and, only and PhD research scholars . Students here are very talented and teachers are also very knowledgeable, our hostel and lobby and bathroom is also in good condition , life here is very enjoyable , sportsman here get great exposure as they go to inter IIT and many competition. Ours placement is best almost all get placed except those who go for higher studies , even we have yoga session in our college and there is good bonding among students , our library is also very good and vast , we have cyber library also, we have 3 institue annual fest that is Kashi yatra( cultural) , spardha( sports) , technex (technical) which is fully student organised so we get to show our marketing and management skills also, you can study here anything for making your career
  • Infrastructure
  • Placements
  • Academics
  • Campus Life
  • Value for Money
  • Industry Exposure
  • Student Crowd
  • Hostel
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IIT BHU's Civildepart. student's review

Posted on 24 Feb' 17 by Anonymous
This user choose to post privately in case a user is anonymous.
Batch of Jan. 1, 2018 | B.Tech Civil Engineering
IIT BHU is one of the part of BHU itself. IIT BHU has oldest infrastructure among all IITs. Here in particular in civil department, some professors are good in teaching, but very strict about attendance and they have high nos. of passing criteria.IIT BHU collage life is some times hacktik, but very enjoyable. Student visit to Ghats for hangouts and finding peace and Hostels are not so good. Rooms are so small and each rooms occupied by 2 student. Internet facility is for 24 hours. But 4 GB net per day aloud to use. Here Placement and industury exposure is kind of okk-okk with respect to other branches.
  • Infrastructure
  • Placements
  • Academics
  • Campus Life
  • Value for Money
  • Industry Exposure
  • Student Crowd
  • Hostel
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IIT BHU campus

Posted on 21 Feb' 17 by Shubhamraj
Batch of Jan. 1, 2018 | B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
Campus is very beautiful and very large ( 1400 acres).The rules are not very strict so you go out at the middle of the night and roam around inside or outside the campus.Labs are well equipped and are also being continuously developed. All kinds of sports facilities are available including basketball, tennis, swimming etc.You can have your own bike or scooter in campus which is not allowed in any other IIT .The quality of faculty, again with the exception of few, is bordering on the line between average and below average. The placement rate has consistently been more than 100%. Best companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Oracle, L&T, Tata Steel, Reliance, Infosys etc visit the campus and recruit candidates every year.
  • Infrastructure
  • Placements
  • Academics
  • Campus Life
  • Value for Money
  • Industry Exposure
  • Student Crowd
  • Hostel
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Questions related to IIT BHU

Showing 253 out of 253 Questions

Is delhi university is better than bhu university

Koyel Bagchi 17th Feb, 2020


If you mention the course then it is easy to compare between this two.

But if I compared this two reknowned institutes than I have some points and those are as follows

1) In case of Campus life BHU is more secured because it is fully residential.

2) Fir social sciences DU is good but in case of pure science then BHU have the best faculty.

3) In case of Campussing both are same.

4) As BHU have an IIT also then obviously there is a possibility to get the more features in case of campus.

So after having an overall view it is clear the BHU is better. The further criteria is depends on your course.

Hope it will help you.

Thank you.


Can I apply for Bsc (hons) with physics in BHU university

Sanjay Khandelwal 2nd Feb, 2020
Yes you can apply for Bsc physics honours in BHU. You will have to give under graduate entrance examination for admission in this course. You must have studied Physics, chemistry and mathematics in your 10+2. If you get above 210 in entrance examination then you will get admission in the course .

cutoff of IIT BHU various branches???

sumit ranjan 31st Dec, 2019
Hi dear hope you are doing well.
I am sharing you the cutoff of various branches at IIT bhu.these rank are of general category .these are 7 th round closing rank.

Ceramic engineering 10448
Chemical engineering 6421
Civil engineering 6984
Computer science and engineering 748
Electrical engineering 3026
Electronic engineering 2376
Mechanical engineering 4248
Metallurgy 8169
Mining engineering 10212
Hope this will help you good luck

what is the minimum rank to get computer science branch in IIT kanpur IIT BHU and IIT roorkee

prem meghani 29th Dec, 2019

Dear Aspirant,

IIT kanpur kanpur

Closing rank-919

IIT roorke

Closing ranks-416

IIT bhu

Closing ranks-2493

If you want to know about cutoff for top IITs then you can visit the link mentioned below


All the very best


can you please know me that is Delhi university or BHU university have public administration with NCC and sports activity like cricket

Shubham Dhane 29th Dec, 2019

Delhi University does not have public administration but it has NCC unit and cricket and other sports

Banaras Hindu University has public administration and NCC unit and sports including cricket and many others

Please click the below link to know more about Delhi University

Please click the below link to know more about BHU

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