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Italian used to be considered solely a language of love and passion. However, it is now recognised as a practical language that young people can utilise to advance their professional aspirations. There is a common misconception among people that their native language is the easiest to learn and that other languages are the most challenging to learn and use in daily life. This is not the case. No matter if you learn Italian for leisure, your job, or even simply for personal travel, it is advantageous. Learners can launch their professions in business, linguistics, consultancy, translation, MNCs, BPOs, tourism, and KPOs. 

Almost 80 million people in Italy and other European nations, including Malta, San Marino, and portions of Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, and France, speak Italian, making it a significant language. You can learn Italian online free along with an Italian language certification.

What is Italian?

Italian is an Indo-European Romance language that developed from the common Latin of the Roman Empire. It is the ninth most widely used language on earth and is recognised as such in 32 nations. Italian is a sensible option and a stunningly sophisticated and beautiful language. Research indicates that learning a new language improves analytical thinking abilities. Learning a new language stimulates the brain by enhancing memory and problem-solving abilities.

Who can learn Italian?

Italian courses can be taken by people who desire to improve their language abilities, gain knowledge about modern Italian culture and society, and learn more about Italian food, history, fashion, and other aspects of Italian culture. 

Eligibility Criteria For Italian Courses

You must fulfill the eligibility standards established by the institution in order to enroll in undergraduate, and postgraduate Italian courses. With a few minor exceptions, the qualifying requirements are mostly the same as in most universities. 

At the undergraduate level:

  • A candidate must receive at least 50% of the required marks in their 10+2 exam from an approved board. A minimum age of 17 is required for the candidate.

At the postgraduate level:

  • For PG applications, the individual must have a UG degree in the language. One must successfully complete their master's degree with the necessary proportion of marks, which varies between universities, to pursue an M.Phil. and a PhD simultaneously.

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Entrance Exams for Italian Courses

Candidates that meet the requirements may have to take an admission exam and are given the desired seat. It is advised that if the aspirant wants a part-time certificate for the course, they contact the colleges separately to find out the requirements since they vary by college. Various institutions may have different minimum scores. 

The Italian UG and PG admission tests are listed below:

1. Delhi University Entrance Examination (DUET)

This test is frequently referred to as DUET. Delhi University organises it. Candidates may apply for admission to UG, PG, MPhil, and PhD degrees. It takes place in 18 cities. It is a computer-based exam at the national level.

2. The entrance test for Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI)

The Centre for European and Latin American Studies offers a part-time Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma in Italian. 

3. BHU - Foreign Languages Department

For undergraduate and graduate degrees, the entrance exams are known as BHU-UET and PET, respectively. In the Varanasi center, they provide a 2-year, part-time diploma programme in Italian. 

This course is offered by numerous additional institutions, and entrance is based on performance on the prerequisite exams. like Ramakrishna Mission Institute and Mysore University. Both of them provide undergraduate and graduate-level Italian courses.

Skills Required for  Italian Online Courses

There are numerous approaches to learning a new language. However, emphasising grammar and vocabulary as well as listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills would aid learners in learning the language. The same will be applied here.

What Will You Learn in Italian Online Courses?

Basic vocabulary, salutations, pronunciations, and other essential subjects will be covered in introductory Italian language lessons. Beginners can pick up the skills of self-introduction, everyday activities, and occupation description. The learner at this level can write and read short texts. You'll learn the following in Italian courses:

  • Italian culture
  • Presentational skills in Italian
  • Interpersonal skills in Italian
  • Interpretive skills in Italian
  • Italian grammar from basic to advanced structures
  • Fluency in the Italian language
  • Characteristics of the Italian language

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Popular Online Italian Courses and Certifications

There are numerous online course enterprises that offer Italian courses. Through engaging learning sessions, they aid in enhancing language abilities. Students can learn at their own pace and are provided with study materials, video transcripts, and certificates of accomplishment. The renowned Italian certification programs offered by some institutions, including Edx, are listed in the table below. Have a glance at Italian language course fees, duration, and other details given below:


Offered By



AP Italian Language and Culture


12 months


Introduction to Italian


6 weeks


Italian Language Training (A1 and A2)


60 hours

You can also learn Italian free with free Italian courses online available in the market. Not only the Italian language but there are many other language courses available.

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Career Opportunities After Italian Courses

The range of Italian courses and job prospects for foreign language are on the rise. An aspirant can choose from a wide range of industries and build a highly successful career in each of them. One benefit of taking this educational path is that one can pursue other interests and learn more about various topics. The individual can combine both of these skills and open up new opportunities once they have obtained extensive knowledge and skills in a different field. People can establish their careers in business, travel, linguistics, consulting, translation, MNCs, BPOs, and KPOs. Some of the role available after the Italian courses are; 

Salary Trends After Italian Courses

The salary trends of the professionals with proficiency in Italian languages in India will vary based on the company they work for and experience they have. The average Indian packages for some of the profiles are tabulated. 

Job Profile

Average Salary 

Communications Consultant

Rs. 9.1 lacs p.a. (Approx.)


Rs. 5.4 lacs p.a. (Approx.)


Rs. 7 lacs p.a. (Approx.)

*Source: Ambition box

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Scope of Italian Courses

Italian multinational companies with operations in India are seeking individuals who are fluent in Italian. Italian language specialists are in high demand in India. Several foreign and Indian businesses are always searching for employees in India who are fluent in Italian. There are plenty of job opportunities in numerous MNCs, BPOs, and KPOs across a wide range of industries thanks to globalisation, outsourcing, and offshore. The future seems bright if you wish to pursue a profession in Italian.

Due to its application in musical terms and concepts, Italian is recognized as the language of music (La Lingua Della Musica). So, people who are interested in establishing their careers in Italian music and movies have scope for learning Italian.  

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Top Recruiters

As an official language of the European Union, Italian plays a key role in international affairs, and Italy continues to play a large part in the global economy.

Moreover, Italian is the standard language, and Italy is the global centre for fashion and design! Italian language specialists have the potential to secure jobs in Italian MNCs in Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Noida, Bengaluru, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, and other regions of the nation as below:

  • Banco
  • Fiat
  • Benetton
  • Gucci
  • Lloyd
  • Ferrari
  • Marconi
  • Pinnacle
  • Accenture
  • Amazon
  • TCS
  • Infosys

Italian Courses by Top Providers

Online Italian courses and free Italian courses are available from a variety of online course providers. The list below contains some of them.


Q: What are the top providers of  Italian courses?

Ans: Edx, FutureLearn, Careerera, and Udemy are the top providers of Italian courses.

Q: What are the career opportunities after Italian courses?

Ans:  People can establish their careers in business, travel, linguistics, consulting, translation, MNCs, BPOs, and KPOs. Suitable roles would be communications consultant, cultural consultant, historian, historical site guide, interpreter, speech coach, speech writer, translator, and tour manager.

Q: Who can learn Italian?

Ans:   People who want to improve their language skills and learn more about modern Italian culture, food, history, fashion, and society can enrol in  Italian courses.

Q: Who are the top recruiters for the learners of Italian courses?

Ans: Banco, Fiat, Benetton, Gucci, Lloyd, Ferrari, Marconi, Pinnacle, Accenture, Amazon, TCS, and Infosys are the top recruiters for learners of Italian courses.

Q: What will you learn in Italian online courses?

Ans: Basic vocabulary, salutations, pronunciations, and other essential subjects may be covered in introductory Italian language lessons. Beginners can pick up the skills of self-introduction, everyday activities, and occupation description. The learner at this level can write and read short texts.

Career Category
Job Role



AP® Italian Language and Culture

The AP® Italian Language and Culture certificate course has been designed by edX and the experienced faculty of Wellesley College. It is being imparted to enable the learners to strengthen their language skills and knowledge about contemporary Italian culture.

This course aims to provide the intermediate/advanced level learners of Italian, an interactive learning experience combining the high academic standards with language proficiency.

Through this course, the participants will improve their language skills and learn more about contemporary Italian society. They will learn the various aspects of contemporary Italian culture. They will learn Italian grammar from basic to advanced level. It will help the high school students prepare for the AP Italian exam independently at their own pace. Along with this, Wellesley College also offers an online live class to enable the participants to practice the language regularly. They will be given a certificate from Wellesley College with a letter grade for the same.

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12 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Language skills
Introduction to Italian

Offered by

University for Foreigners of Siena, Siena via Futurelearn

Introduction to Italian

The Introduction to Italian certification course is a 6 weeks course where 3 hours of weekly study is offered by Futurelearn. If students have a dream of visiting different cities like Rome, Venice, or Florence and exploring their culture, then this course is the best suited for this bunch of students.

The Introduction to the Italian training programme is spread over 6 weeks in which regular conversational skills can be developed. The students will be learning to introduce themselves in different situations or ask questions, and also talk about their interests, culture, and food tastes. The curriculum will be taught through thorough assistance of short videos that will introduce different grammar and vocabulary patterns in the Italian language. The certification will be offered which is subject to students choosing the different course options available.

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6 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Language skills

Italian Language Around the World

5 Weeks

Introduction to Italian Opera

The Introduction to Italian Opera certification course is an estimated 4 weeks course that is offered by DartmouthX in association with edX. This programme is prepared by keeping in mind both the advanced, and beginner level lovers of Italian opera. In this two-act experience of learning, all the candidates will listen, to and experience opera music in new and improved ways.

The Introduction to Italian Opera training is basically an introduction to Italian opera music. This gives all the participants experiences, and tools to become improved students of opera music. Finally, this will help all the candidates to make their listening skills better for their favorite Italian composers. The course ends by encouraging the students to become lovers of opera for a lifetime.

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4 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Music
Italian Language Training A1 and A2

Offered by

Offered by

Offered by


The Complete Italian Masterclass with Andrea


Offered by

Offered by


Complete Italian Course: Learn Italian for Beginners

Complete Italian Course: Learn Italian for Beginners aims at facilitating the learners to build mastery of the basics of Italian and a thorough grounding enough to enrich the Italian language proficiency. Created by Linguae Learning and Linguae Teaching Assistant, the online short course will train the participating students with a set of knowledge that will be beneficial to fulfill their dream of Italy and the capacity to talk with the locals.

Offered by Udemy, Complete Italian Course: Learn Italian for Beginners curriculum will equip the students with everyday phrases, basic sentence structure, plenty of vocabulary, fundamental rules of grammar, and whatnot. The short programme will cover a broad range of Italian basics including creating the sentences in the past tense, continuous tense, and future tense; the ways to greet people; formal and informal introductions and greetings;  receiving and giving directions; making questions and negative forms, etc.

Complete Italian Course: Learn Italian for Beginners certification also provides the participants with a 30-day money guarantee and a certificate of completion by the end. The folk who are interested in learning the basics of Italian can opt for the online beginner-level course by paying the fee.

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Skills Covered:
Language skills

Offered by


Learn Italian ( in 15 Lessons / beginners )

Learn Italian ( in 15 Lessons/beginners) course is an online beginner level programme created by Federica Serra, a native Italian speaker, that will help the participants to learn Italian from scratch to the  B1 proficiency with aid of various exercises, translations, images, writings, subtitles, and drawings. The curriculum will explore about 40+ topics of Italian including alphabet, pronouns, articles, Italian present perfect, Italian special verbs, vocabulary, prepositions, and many more.

Learn Italian ( in 15 Lessons / Beginners ) online course, offered by Udemy, will facilitate participants to enhance their Italian language skills and listening skills as well using the audiovisual exercises built on seven levels of difficulty. The people who are planning to take this programme must have a good command of the English language. The course that consists of 15 lessons is recommended for the English-speaking cohort who are interested in learning Italian from Zero and learners who are looking for a course to learn Italian in a simple, but fast, way.

The Udemy will provide the students who take the Learn Italian ( in 15 Lessons / Beginners ) certification a 30-day money-back guarantee along with lifetime access to the learning materials. Besides, the students will be provided with a certificate of completion by the end of the programme. People who are passionate about learning Italian can join the online programme by giving the fee payment.

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Skills Covered:
Language skills

Offered by


Complete Italian course: Learn Italian from level A1 to B2

Complete Italian course: Learn Italian from level A1 to B2 course is an online short programme created by Javier Gumucio, the founder of PRONTO!, that helps the students obtain proficiency in Italian from scratch. The short certificate course will cover the Italian language from the basics to the intermediate level content (level of A1 and A2 ) with more than 90 lessons within the span of three months. The prerequisite for the Italian language course is to have a good command of the English language or speak it fluently as a first language and no need for prior knowledge of Italian.

Offered by Udemy, Complete Italian course: Learn Italian from level A1 to B2 course curriculum will cover all the major aspects of the Italian language such as grammar, vocabulary, formal and informal situations, numbers, the human body, and other interesting topics that provide a real-life speaking experience. Importantly, the short course will help the students to gain a detailed knowledge of four pillars of the Italian language, namely, speaking, writing, reading, and understanding and will cover the content from the beginner level of A1 to the expert level content of B1.

Complete Italian course: Learn Italian from level A1 to B2 course certification will provide 30-45 minutes of lessons and exercise to enable students to master Italian step by step. The course will also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee along with a certificate of completion and lifetime, unlimited access to the 25 hours of full HD lessons. 

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Skills Covered:
Language skills

Offered by


Italian Vocabulary Course (68 hrs. **5,311 Italian words**)

Italian Vocabulary Course (68 hrs. **5,311  Italian words**) is a short programme in the mode online created by Fevzi Karsili that helps the Italian language learners to familiarize themselves with 5,3311  Italian words fast through 68.5 hours of vocabulary lessons. The programme curriculum will cover the structure of Italian, Italian - English translation practice, and listening and comprehension skills along with the vocabulary. The course is designed specifically for Italian learners with the expert level of A 2.1.

Italian Vocabulary Course (68 hrs. **5,311  Italian words**) Certification, provided by Udemy,  will cover a wide range orange of life aspects including Adjectives, InformationTechnology, Leisure, Training, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Music, Shapes, Forms, Numbers, Food, and many more. Through this course, the learners will be able to enrich their Italian knowledge using various methods to learn vocabulary such as cartoons, flashcards, photographic visuals, and practical sentences.

Italian Vocabulary Course (68 hrs. **5,311  Italian words**) by Udemy also renders lifetime and unlimited access to the learning materials along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.  Udemy will provide the participants with a certificate of completion at the end. Those who plan to improve their Italian language skill, especially vocabulary, can enroll in the course by paying the fee.

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Skills Covered:
Listening skills Language skills


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