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Yoga courses give you the amalgamation of mental, physical, and spiritual practices for the attainment of inner peace. Over recent years, Yoga has been an integral part of people all around the world as it poses to offer tons of health benefits. People who have an interest in learning the inception, and the practices of yoga can pursue a career in this field with many yoga courses online.

A career as a yoga teacher or instructor after learning any yoga certificate course can be promising, and rewarding both in terms of the growth of an individual. The aim of yoga is to keep the mind, and body prepared for striking harmony in an individual's life. Hence a career through free yoga classes online can be a convenient, secure, and feasible option.

What is Yoga?

Yoga, an ancient practice simply means to help connect an individual spiritually through different forms, and practices of yogic activity, by providing focus, and concentration. With the advent of yoga courses online, candidates can channel a lot of health as well as mental benefits. The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuji’ which means union, and any yoga certificate course will teach this to the students. 

The healthy practices in yoga that originated in India, include breathing using various techniques by indulging in physical exercises that induce relaxation in the mind and body in the long run. The yoga courses online, yoga certification courses and yoga training courses are designed in such a way that the candidates will learn about the different kinds of asanas, the anatomy of the human body, and the history, and benefits of yoga.

Who can learn Yoga?

Yoga is for all and can be practiced by people of all abilities, and ages. For anyone who wants to practice the techniques of spirituality that can help integrate the mind, spirit, and body towards enlightenment that any yoga certificate course usually teaches. Anyone can learn yoga but in case one is a beginner, then taking professional training should be taken directly from yoga teachers.

Eligibility Criteria For Yoga Courses

The yoga courses have different kinds of eligibility criteria for the different undergraduate, graduate, and diploma courses or certification courses.

Eligibility Criteria for Undergraduate Yoga Courses

  • Successful completion of the 12th class with any stream but from a recognized board, and a minimum average mark of 40-50 percent.
  • Sometimes the candidates may have to qualify for an entrance examination, and reach the minimum cut-off before the admission process begins.

Eligibility Criteria for Postgraduate Yoga Courses

  • A bachelor's degree with 50% marks, and that too from a recognized university
  • Both national, and state-level entrance exams may be held annually for postgraduate yoga courses that have to be cleared by the graduate students.

Eligibility Criteria for Diploma Yoga Courses

  • The candidates must have completed their class 12 examinations and got 50 percent marks.
  • Also, a medical test is conducted by the college authorities that have to be cleared off to be a part of the diploma courses.

Entrance Exams for Yoga Training Courses

The entrance exams for joining yoga courses are AIPGET and KIITEE. The Ayush Postgraduate Entrance Test or AIPGET is for enrolling in postgraduate yoga training courses. The Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology holds the KIITEE exam for students enrolling in both UG and PG yoga courses.

Skills Required For Yoga Courses

The skills that a yoga teacher should have are not complicated. They must have the basic capability of pursuing clients and making them aware of how yoga can benefit them in the long run. They must be clear in their communication and must be mindful of their behavior. The skills mentioned below must be possessed by the candidates if they are looking to pursue yoga certification courses.

  • Communication Skills
  • Practical Application
  • Demonstration Ability
  • Observation Skills
  • Creative Thinking
  • Flexibility
  • Social Perceptiveness
  • Ability to Persuade others
  • Active Listening
  • Ability to Monitor
  • Coordination
  • Decision Making
  • Time Management
  • Learning Strategies
  • Service Orientation

What You Will Learn in Yoga Online Courses?

The topics covered in different yoga certification courses will include many scientific topics like the physiological, and psychological aspects of yoga on the body, and mind. Yoga courses online will discuss the different kinds of yoga poses, their invention, and their benefits. Some of the topics discussed are mentioned below can be found in any yoga training course:

  • Theoretical Perspectives in Yoga
  • Philosophy and Basics of Yoga Studies
  • Consciousness and Yoga
  • Therapeutic Yoga Practice
  • Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Basic Physiological Processes
  • Messages of Upanishad
  • Yoga and Health
  • Basic Research Methodology and Statistics in Yoga
  • Practical Applications of Yoga
  • Scientific Study of Yoga and Consciousness
  • Advanced Techniques in Yoga

Popular Online Yoga Courses and Certifications

Yoga courses are taught in India both online, and offline. Let us look at some of the most popular yoga certifications offered to interested candidates. 


Offered By



Yoga Practices 3


15 Weeks


Introduction to Yoga and Applications of Yoga


8 Weeks


Yoga At Home - Flexibility, Fitness, Strength & Weight Loss


33 Days

Rs. 3499

Know more:

Have a look at some of the most sought after specialisations under the certifications stream that are worth considering other than yoga training courses:

Career Opportunities after Yoga Courses

There can be diverse job roles for the candidates who have pursued yoga courses online. Both yoga, and naturopathy are upcoming careers because propel are getting aware of their mental, and physical health as the years are passing by. Both graduates and undergraduates can never face stagnation in their careers as they can take up both part-time jobs and regular career options. The students can work as yoga instructors in gyms on an hourly basis keeping their flexibility intact after pursuing any kind of yoga training course. However full-time career options in schools, colleges, and government-administered yoga centers can also be taken up based on their knowledge and expertise.

Salary Trends After Yoga Courses

Different organizations may hire yoga instructors, and pay them depending on their qualifications, years of experience, and the learnings gained form yoga certification online courses. The usual average salary may vary depending on the profile the candidates choose for themselves. Here are some job profiles, and their average annual salary trends after a person pursues some of the best yoga certification courses:

Job Profile

Approx Average Salary (Per Annum)

Yoga Instructor

Rs. 3-4 LPA

Yoga Specialist

Rs. 3-4 LPA

Researcher Yoga and Naturopathy

Rs. 5-8 LPA

Yoga Therapist

Rs. 6-7 LPA

Yoga Aerobics Instructor

Rs. 3-4 LPA

Physical Education Teacher

Rs. 5-6 LPA


Rs. 3-4 LPA

Scope of Yoga Courses

The scope of pursuing a career in yoga is constantly on the rise because, with days passing, people are realizing the health benefits yoga has on the body, and mind. Both nationally, and internationally, the scope of yoga has become broader and is expanding into different sectors like public, and private gyms studios, and health clubs along with schools, and colleges. Hence yoga certification online courses are a great way to kickstart a career as a yoga teacher.

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Top Recruiters

Yoga is a fitness-based career, and the top-level recruiters can be anyone ranging from schools, colleges, medical institutions, and fitness clubs. Any place that hires physical educational training teachers can be a top recruiter like fitness community centers, wellness resorts, and spa clubs. Many hospitality companies also provide yoga memberships and offer attractive salary packages to yoga professionals. Some of the top recruiters who hire yoga professionals after they pursue yoga online training courses are:

  • Yoga Certification Board
  • Gold's Gym
  • Cult Fitness
  • Ministry of Ayush
  • Pradipika Institute of Yoga and Therapy
  • Vyayam Yoga Energy Centre
  • Yoga Alliance
  • Aum Yoga Shala
  • Bodhi Wellness Centre Pvt Ltd
  • Indian Federation of Yoga

Yoga Courses by Top Providers

All kinds of free yoga classes online, yoga courses online, online yoga certification, and yoga online training classes are made available for everyone by top online providers like Udemy, Swayam, and more.

Explore Popular Platforms Yoga Certification Courses

Here are some of the most popular online yoga online certification courses offered by some of the top providers:


Q)  What are the benefits of pursuing yoga certification courses?

Ans) Online yoga certification courses will help people develop a connection between healthy eating, and maintaining an active lifestyle by practicing yoga.

Q) How much does it cost to pursue a master's degree in Yoga?

Ans) On average, the cost of pursuing a Yoga Science or yoga therapy professional master's degree varies between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000.

Q) What is the minimum age to pursue yoga certification courses online?

Ans) After the candidates turn 17 they can pursue any different kind of free yoga certificate course that is available online.

Q) Can you pursue courses in yoga sciences after class 10th?

Ans) Candidates who have not passed class 12 are not allowed to pursue yoga courses that are paid or any kind of free yoga certificate course.

Q) Is there any limit on the age to pursue free yoga classes online?

Ans) For someone to apply for yoga courses, their minimum age should be 17 years or older.

Career Category
Job Role



Certificate Course in Yoga

Certificate Course in Yoga is a 6-month programme offered by Somaiya Vidyavihar University. The course is designed to equip students with a deep understanding and practical knowledge of yoga principles and techniques. Students will explore the philosophy of yoga, exploring its ancient roots and modern applications. 

The course fosters physical strength, flexibility, and mental well-being. It also covers anatomy and physiology relevant to yoga practice, ensuring students understand the physiological effects of different postures and breathing techniques. Thus, students will learn the skills and confidence to lead yoga classes through the Certificate Course in Yoga training.

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6 Months

Yoga Practices 3

Yoga Practices 3 Course is useful to understand the Relaxation Techniques including Deep Relaxation Techniques and Quick Relaxation Techniques. 

Yoga Practices 3 Classes is useful to learn about the Mindfulness Meditation and Unity in Diversity shlokasangrahah or collection of chants. 

Yoga Practices 3 Course Syllabus includes chanting of shlokas, bhajans and patriotic songs and activities such as ananda sabha or happy assembly krida yoga, karma yoga activities, along with Mudras, Pranayama, Dhyana or Meditation, Sukshmavyayama, Breathing Exercises, Loosening Practices, Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation, Asanas, Kriyas, Bandhas including presentations and skits, dramas and many more such activities. 

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15 Weeks

Yoga Practices 1

The Yoga Practices 1 training course is a 12 weeks online course. It offers holistic, practical, and theoretical knowledge about yoga. Even though the course is designed for beginners, it is equally useful to other yoga practitioners as it contains salient practices. Dr Vikas Rawal will deliver this beginner-level course.  

The Yoga Practices 1 certification by Swayam consists of intensive video directions and learning from the instruction manual. It also involves meditation, asanas, mudras, kriyas, and much more. The key feature of this course is that it uses the eight-step learning methodology for each asana and helps thoroughly embed the acquired knowledge.

The Yoga Practices 1 certification begins with preparatory practices and progresses with various breathing exercises, loosening practices, and sun salutation. These practices will guide the learner’s personality and help it develop from Tamas to Rajas to Sattva, and eventually to Gunathita, i.e. attainment. Take a step towards a healthy and calm life with the Yoga Practices 1 online course.

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12 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Yoga

Yoga Practices 2

The Yoga Practices 2 certification course is a Massive Open Online Course, specifically created for the learners who want to improve their life through Yoga. This online course contains numerous modules that aim to teach the many dimensions of Yoga with the help of written material and video lectures.

Yoga practices are mental, physical, disciplines, and spiritual which focus on the overall development of an individual. The Yoga Practices 2 certification course teaches Kriyas, Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras, Dhyana or meditation, among others. 

Besides, the Yoga Practices 2 certification by Swayam is designed to focus on the outer, as well as the inner growth of the disciples. To that end, the course comprehensively covers the various techniques of mindfulness and meditation including pranayama practices, breathing exercises, and loosening practices. 

Candidates looking to develop their personality are welcome to register for the Yoga Practices 2 online course.

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12 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Yoga

Introduction to Yoga and Applications of Yoga

A government initiative, Swayam is a platform for learners to gain knowledge on certain topics. It provides the candidates with proper education and instructions by university mentors. With online classes and doubt clearing sessions, learners would get to learn easily. This course also leads to self-development and growth. Participants can easily practice these yogas and its applications after learning through this course.

Under this course, various topics such as both yogic concepts of health, effect of diet, disease principles of healthy living, physiology, anatomy, mental health, stress management, research, education, etc will be covered.

Such a topic will help learners to understand all about yoga and also six systems of Indian philosophy. After completing this course, candidates can easily indulge in teaching yoga to others by their gained knowledge and skills.

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8 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Yoga
Engineering Health Introduction to Yoga and Physiology

Offered by


Engineering Health: Introduction to Yoga and Physiology

6 Weeks

Offered by


Yoga At Home - Flexibility, Fitness, Strength & Weight Loss

Tristan Cox - Yoga & Wellness Expert created the Yoga At Home - Flexibility, Fitness, Strength & Weight Loss certification course, which is presented by Udemy and targeted at learners who want to understand the principles of yoga for losing weight, gaining muscle, and consequently improving fitness and health. Yoga At Home - Flexibility, Fitness, Strength & Weight Loss online course by Udemy teaches learners the strategies and techniques of yoga to lose weight, increase muscle, and establish healthier behaviors through a 30-day program.

Yoga At Home - Flexibility, Fitness, Strength & Weight Loss online classes feature 33 hours of digital training sessions, two articles, and 34 downloadable resources that aim on offering a comprehensive grasp of the tactics and concepts to follow to improve strength and flexibility through yoga practice. Learners will also study the yoga diet for weight loss and gain a grasp of Tristan's health philosophy through this course.

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Skills Covered:
Flexibility Knowledge of Yoga Physical Fitness

Offered by


Born to Fly Study Yoga Philosophy Inversions and Kirtan

Yoga's core theory is straightforward: body, mind, and spirit all seem to be interconnected and cannot be distinguished. However, several philosophical theories might have been useful in exploring the deeper layers of the mind, body, and spirit. Understanding these concepts is critical for realizing the unitive condition and shifting our sense of ourselves as distinct. Raghunath Cappo - Yoga Teacher & Harmonium Player developed the Born to Fly: Study Yoga Philosophy, Inversions, and Kirtan online certification, which is offered through Udemy.

Born to Fly: Study Yoga Philosophy, Inversions, and Kirtan online course aim to help candidates acquire the skills to strengthen and improve their yoga practice by incorporating arm balances and inversions. Born to Fly: Study Yoga Philosophy, Inversions, and Kirtan online classes include 31 hours of video lectures that teach bhakti philosophy and the rationale behind yoga practice.

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Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Yoga

Offered by


Vinyasa Flow Yoga Getting Grounded Centered and Balanced

Vinyasa flow yoga, commonly known as flow yoga due to the obvious technique the poses move together smoothly, is among the most popular yoga forms. It's a broad category that incorporates a variety of yoga techniques, including power yoga and Ashtanga. Niamh Condron BA MA - YogaWorks Certified Instructor, Barre & Body Work Trainer created the Vinyasa Flow Yoga; Getting Grounded, Centered, and Balanced certification course, which is presented through Udemy.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga; Getting Grounded, Centered and Balanced online course focuses on providing comprehensive, specific instructions to help individuals learn the patterns of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Individuals will discover the tactics and principles to engage their body, heart, and mind through Vinyasa Flow Yoga; Getting Grounded, Centered, and Balanced online classes, thereby, discovering the delight of being awake with power, grace, and tenderness.

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Offered by


Hatha Yoga Unplugged-Series 1 - A Regular Practice

Hatha yoga is the form of yoga that most people seem to think of when they consider yoga in general. Breath, body, and mind are all involved in the practice, and workshops typically last 60 minutes and include breathing, yoga positions, and meditation. Malcum Marolia - Professional Yoga Teacher designed Hatha Yoga Unplugged-Series 1 - A Regular Practice online certification, which is offered on Udemy.

Hatha Yoga Unplugged-Series 1 - A Regular Practice online course contains over 65.5 hours of video sessions that guide students ahead and encourage a safe and consistent practice of hatha yoga positions. Hatha Yoga Unplugged-Series 1 - A Regular Practice online classes feature no background music, allowing students to focus solely on the breath yoga posture. The goal for learners is to gain a practical understanding of pranayama, Surya namaskar, and techniques to improve their mobility, strength, flexibility, and breathing.

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Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Yoga


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