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Online Financial Analytics Courses & Certifications

Enterprises these days require real-time information regarding their business, people and customers to make significant business decisions. Finance is an indispensable factor to increase the value of businesses. As it exists in important business functions, it overlaps with analytics in various areas. For effective financial planning and forecasting, analytics plays a crucial role, helping in accomplishing business goals. By integrating financial analytics, companies can gain financial data and take pivotal actions in order to improve their performance.

Pursuing financial analytics courses in India will give you in-depth insights into a business's financial information and performance. By enrolling in financial analytics courses, you will learn financial and statistical formulas and their analysis. After completing the courses, you will become a financial analyst. You can make a career in financial analytics in many ways, e.g., doing B.Com/ M.Com, Chartered Accountant, etc.

Upon the completion of financial analytics courses online or on-campus, you will have ample job opportunities in areas such as finance, insurance, banking, securities and mutual funds. 

What is Financial Analytics?

The term financial analytics deals with a company’s financial data and envisages future financial scenarios. It significantly helps in shaping strategy for businesses through reliable, accurate insights. With financial analytics, organisations can easily calculate their business profits and address all the questions related to their businesses while forecasting future business profits.

Who Can Pursue Financial Analytics Courses?

Candidates interested in making a career in finance can apply for financial analytics courses. Students who have a background in accounting, commerce, and finance subjects can find financial analytics courses more apt and relatable. Also, finance and account professionals may opt for online financial analytics certification courses.

Eligibility Criteria for Financial Analytics Courses

  • To pursue financial analytics courses, candidates must have completed 10+2 or hold a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, science with mathematics or an equivalent field based on course requirements.
  • Candidates who have completed CS, CA, CFA, MBA Finance, CPA, ICWA, B.Com, M.com, or an equivalent degree are eligible for financial analytics courses. 

Skills Required for Financial Analytics Courses

  • Excellent communication
  • Presentation skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Accounting skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Understanding of finance

What Will You Learn in Financial Analytics Courses?

  • Enrolling in financial analytics courses will provide you with the theoretical knowledge and analytical skills required to make a career in finance.
  • You will learn advanced skills in business and management and get familiar with various topics such as Foundations of Economic Analysis, Statistics for Financial Analysis, Advanced Derivatives Analysis, Fixed Income Analysis, and Corporate Financial Reporting.
  • Financial analytics courses will also help you master risk management and give you hands-on experience in financial planning, optimisation, budget planning, and risk mitigation.

Popular Financial Analytics Certification Courses

Modern enterprises need timely information for business growth. With financial analytics certification courses, you can help your organisation by providing analysis on finance and performance. With these certificate courses, you can build strategies and bolster the company’s productivity, efficiency and position. The duration of financial analytics certification courses will vary as per the course type and institutions.

Have a look at the best financial analytics certification courses:

Course Name

Offered by



Executive Education Program Analytics for Finance and Accounting Professionals

IIM Lucknow via Wileynxt

6 Months

INR 140,000

Chartered Financial Analyst Program

CFA Institute via Edupristine

24 Months


Financial Analysis and Decision Making with Xero and Tableau


12 Weeks


Financial Analytics

Jigsaw Academy

3 Months

INR 24,000

Financial Market Analysis

International Monetary Fund via Edx

7 Weeks


Professional Certificate Programme in Financial Analysis, Modelling and Valuation

IIM Kozhikode via Eruditus

5 Months

INR 100,000

The Complete Financial Analyst Course 2021


18 Hours

INR 4,480

Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management - Core Finance


7.5 Hours

INR 4,480

The Complete Financial Analyst Training & Investing Course


22.5 Hours

INR 5,120

Learn to be a Financial Analyst


2 Hours

INR 1,600

Career Options in Financial Analytics

The field of financial analytics has vast career prospects. After completing online financial analytics courses and certifications, you can find numerous employment opportunities in financial services, banking, insurance, and corporate sectors. You can get into areas, like financial analysis, investment analysis, market trading, stockbroking, investment and commercial banking, corporate financing, etc. You can also work in financial management boards, educational institutes, and retail outlets.

Here are some top job roles you can find after financial analytics courses:

Financial Analytics Salary Trends

Professionals who graduated in financial analytics courses are in high demand. They get lucrative salaries among other business and management professionals. As per PayScale, the average salary of a financial analyst in India is INR 414,560/ year.

Salary as per experience level:

Less than 1 year

1-4 years

5-9 years

10-19 years

20 years & above

INR 340,155

INR 391,044

INR 593,016

INR 857,831

INR 1,347,500

*Source: PayScale

Scope of Financial Analytics

Every business in India and abroad needs effective financial planning and forecasting strategies for its growth. Financial analytics significantly helps enterprises achieve their goals by providing analysts with a complete view of the company’s financial data and performance. As it is considered a subset of business intelligence and enterprise performance management, financial analytics helps companies envisage and plan for the future. As a career option, financial analytics offers tremendous job prospects nationally and internationally to students who have pursued financial analytics courses.

With significant changes in the finance department, business processes and models, along with the role of data warehouse, financial analytics becomes indispensable these days. Thus, financial analytics is a popular business growth tool as well as a great career choice for both students and professionals to enter this domain.

Top Recruiters for Financial Analytics Graduates

SBI Capital Markets

Karvy Group

L&T Finance Ltd.

PNB Gilts Ltd.

Centrum Finance Ltd.

Birla Global Finance Ltd.

Bajaj Capital Ltd.



Q: How to learn financial analytics courses online?

A: Websites like Udemy, Coursera, and Futurelearn offer online financial analytics courses you can learn for free or at a few costs.

Q: Is it worth pursuing online financial analytics courses?

A: Pursuing online financial analytics courses and certifications promises numerous career opportunities with lucrative salaries across the field of finance, banking, insurance, corporate financing, retail outlets, and more. 

Q: Who is eligible for financial analytics courses?

A: Individuals interested in entering the finance field can apply for financial analytics courses. Candidates who hold a degree in finance, business, commerce, or a relevant stream can choose financial analytics certification courses to excel in this field.

Q: How long does it take to complete financial analytics courses?

A: The duration of financial analytics courses may depend upon the courses type and provider institutes. Certificate courses in financial analytics usually span from a few weeks to 1 year or more.

Q: What can I do after financial analytics courses?

A: Once you complete financial analytics courses online or offline, you can find employment opportunities in banks, insurance companies, corporate financing, educational institutes, financial management boards, and more.

Q: What are the job roles available in financial analytics?

A: You can explore different job roles after completing financial analytics courses, depending on your interest and qualifications. Some of them include financial analyst, manager, risk manager, financial advisor, investment and business development manager, investment strategist, etc.

Q: How much can I earn after financial analytics courses?

A: Pursuing financial analytics courses open numerous job opportunities with attractive salary potential. As a financial analyst, you can earn an average salary of INR 414,560/ year in India.

Career Category
Job Role



Offered by

CFA Institute via Edupristine

CFA® Program

EduPristine CFA® Program Training helps you clear and excel at the Post-Graduate Professional Certification by US-based CFAI for finance and investment professionals. The curriculum of the CFA training course includes concepts of financial analysis, economic forecasting, financial management, finance segment, equity investments, global operations, and portfolio management. 

The CFA certification is recognized as the highest designation in the finance industry. The EduPristine CFA® Program covers critical topics including quantitative methods, financial reporting, tax analysis, professional standards, debt, corporate finance, fixed income, wealth planning, commodities, and more. The training is best suited for finance aspirants and investment professionals.

The CFA® Program curriculum consists of three levels: Level I CFA® Program, Level II CFA® Program, and Level III CFA® Program to help you clear the CFAI examination in one go. With 300+ hour intensive instructor-led classroom sessions or LVC training, the course can take you a minimum of two years to complete. Additionally,  you will also learn experiential learning methodology, including real-life challenges, mock exams, sample problems, and task-based simulations mirroring the CFA® Exam.

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24 Months
Skills Covered:
Financial Management
Executive Education Program Analytics for Finance and Accounting Professionals

Offered by


Executive Education Program Analytics for Finance and Accounting Professionals

The Executive Education Program Analytics for Finance & Accounting Professionals certification programme by Manipal Prolearn is ideally best suited for candidates who are looking forward to driving their career in Finance and Accounts domain. 

This is the only programme that covers a vast spectrum of areas such as finance and accounts value chain and many other areas. The institute had ensured that the programme is being prepared and conceptualised by expert faculties. 

This 6 months intensive training programme is ideally best in providing outcome-based and experiential learning to candidates. It integrates the concepts and applications as per the scenarios in the real world. 

The programme makes candidates capable of understanding the processes that increase operational efficiencies and aids in detecting frauds well beforehand. 

The candidates will learn how to mitigate the risks and further increase the revenues. 

The candidates will be able to take data-driven decisions and utilise the algorithms and techniques learnt during the programme. Esteemed faculties and industry experts conduct this programme. 

The faculties deliver this programme in an interactive manner which enhances the interest of candidates and further aid in increasing focus towards the learning part. 

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6 Months
Skills Covered:
Financial knowledge
Executive Development Program in Financial Analytics

Offered by


Executive Development Program in Financial Analytics from XLRI

Executive Certificate Program in Financial Analytics course provides domain knowledge on different financial tools and techniques to help the candidates to make better decisions. To drive business strategy, you need to deal with an enormous amount of data in your daily lives. 

Companies need predictive financial insights which can ease the process of decision-making in day-to-day activities.  Financial analytics provides a platform where you can combine both external and internal financial information by using big data and social media to offer predictive insights. (stock market prediction or customer profitability). This course will equip the participants with the sophisticated machine learning tools and algorithms which are required for analysing data. 

The Talentedge Executive Certificate Program in Financial Analytics course is designed and taught by the excellent faculties of XLRI. After completing the Financial  Analytics program, the students will be able to deal with various financial problems easily using data analytics. The Executive Certificate Program in Financial Analytics course will have significant benefits for working professionals who wish to sharpen their careers in the finance field. The participants will be able to perform the required financial analysis using powerful tools like Python and R upon competition of the Executive development program in financial analytics from XLRI. 

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5 Months
Skills Covered:
Financial knowledge Data science knowledge R Programming Knowledge of Python

Offered by


Financial Analytics

Analytics is extensively used in businesses today. Financial data analysis is essential in the process of making crucial business decisions. Financial Data analytics provides valuable insights about cash flow, profitability and the value of the company. 

With the Financial Analytics Programme by Jigsaw Academy, you will learn analysis techniques, reporting and how to apply financial analytics to the eCommerce domain to make better and informed business decisions. Additionally, you get features like mobile app access, faculty and technical support and case studies which ensure that you get the best learning experience.

Finally, every organisation is in urgent need of trained professionals with thorough knowledge of financial analysis. This equals to plenty of opportunities for you if you pursue the Financial Analytics Course. Besides, the entry-level salaries in analytics have risen by more than 200% in the last decade. Therefore, as a data scientist stepping into the industry, you can expect a salary of up to 10 lakhs per annum.

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3 Months
Skills Covered:
Risk taking Marketing skills Knowledge of Banking Analytics

Offered by


Financial Analysis and Decision Making with Xero and Tableau

The Financial Analysis and Decision Making with Xero and Tableau microcredential is brought to you by FutureLearn in collaboration with Xero and Tableau. The Financial Analysis and Decision Making with Xero and Tableau certification course is validated by Coventry University, London. This 12-week long microcredential is created in union with leading business intelligence (BI) experts.

As you progress through the Financial Analysis and Decision Making with Xero and Tableau course at FutureLearn, you will uncover important decision-making techniques. They will help your business leap to the next level. You will become confident at making data-driven decisions that are ultimately responsible for success in a business.

Furthermore, Tableau and Xero are two of the best analysis and financial planning tools out there. The Financial Analysis and Decision Making with Xero and Tableau microcredential will provide you with the skills needed to analyse finances. Financial Analysis and Decision Making with Xero and Tableau certification course enables you to enhance organisational performance and prosper in the market. Also, you will get hands-on experience on Xero, a world-leading accounting platform, to increase productivity and manage the load.

...Read More
12 Weeks
$ 724
Skills Covered:
Financial knowledge Knowledge of Data Visualization
Analytics for Finance

Offered by


NUS ACE – Wiley Program in Analytics for Finance

The National University of Singapore (NUS) offers the Analytics for Finance certification programme in collaboration with WileyNXT. It aims to help Finance and Analytics professionals to improve their finance agility, scalability, and efficiency. The course offers rich learning content, including videos, e-books, toolkits, etc.

The Analytics for Finance online course by WileyNXT comprises live interactive classes on weekends. You will also learn via hands-on sessions and online labs for contextual learning. Moreover, you will get access to a discussion forum for asking queries and peer learning. You will explore concepts such as Machine Learning (ML), analytics methods, analytical lifecycle, and more.

During WileyNXT’s Analytics for Finance online programme, you will learn how to enhance financial activities through analytics. It focuses on facilitating finance, treasury, tax, and risk while contributing to effective planning for an elevated performance of a business organisation. You can also receive a joint certificate from NUS-Wiley and a digital badge after this course.

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8 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Decision making skills Knowledge of Algorithms Financial knowledge Data science knowledge

Financial Market Analysis

Financial Market Analysis online course aims to help you analyse and interpret financial data by providing a common language in finance. It is a great foundation course. You can use the knowledge you gain from this training for more specialised or policy-oriented training areas, especially where finance and macroeconomics meet.  

Financial Market Analysis by edX curriculum covers a wide variety of concepts with hands-on demonstrations. These concepts include calculating different measures of bond yields and comparing them across different types of instruments, pricing different types of bonds, and interest rates term structure. Moreover, you will understand why stock prices fluctuate, why they vary for different companies. You can apply these fundamentals to understand stock markets as a whole. 

The course is offered by The International Monetary Fund. The training has a panel of educators, each highly experienced in their field of work. The course duration is seven weeks of 100% online learning. This is an intermediate course in Economics and Finance with self-paced learning and optional certification. 

...Read More
7 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Financial Management
Financial Analytics Forecasting, Modeling, and Optimization

Offered by

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia via Emeritus

Financial Analytics: Forecasting, Modeling, and Optimization

The Financial Analytics: Forecasting, Modeling, and Optimization Training Course is a 6-week long course that discusses fundamental aspects of data analytics and its applications in the financial sector. The course will explore the role of financial management strategies in the modern industrial world.

Through the Financial Analytics: Forecasting, Modeling, and Optimization Certification Course, learners will be introduced to the core principles of data analytics and data-driven decision-making skills. The online course will be covered in 6 modules taught by experts at The Wharton School.

After successful completion of the Financial Analytics: Forecasting, Modeling, and Optimization Online Course, learners will receive a digital certificate of completion from the Wharton School. 

...Read More
6 Weeks
$ 2,600
Skills Covered:
Financial knowledge Data science knowledge
Certificate Program in Financial Analytics

Offered by


Certificate Program in Financial Analytics

With data-driven decisions becoming a necessity for businesses, it is important to stay updated about the latest analysis techniques. The Certificate Program in Financial Analytics will help professionals such as managers, officers, working executives to start or improve their careers in the field of finance and analytics.  Through the Certificate Program in Financial Analytics by IIM Ranchi trains individuals with the techniques used for re-examining existing theories surrounding financial analysis. Not only this, they will be developing their ability to come up with informed and comprehensive decision-making processes. 

Certificate Program in Financial Analytics Syllabus aptly covers the use of analytic methods in the finance sector while offering a robust and detailed understanding of the value implications of decision alternatives.

...Read More
8 Days
Skills Covered:
Financial knowledge


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