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Electromagnetism stands as an important pillar in our understanding of the physical world, governing the behaviour of electric and magnetic fields. This article explores the significance of Electromagnetism courses, shedding light on how these courses provide students and professionals with an understanding of the complex play between electricity and magnetism.

What is Electromagnetism? 

Electromagnetism is the study of the electromagnetic force, covering electric and magnetic fields and their interaction with charged particles. It forms the basis for various phenomena, from the lighting of a bulb to the functioning of electronic devices. The principles of electromagnetism lie under our modern technological advancements.

Who can Pursue Electromagnetism Courses? 

Electromagnetism courses are made for individuals interested in the secrets of electricity and magnetism. Whether you're an aspiring physicist, an electrical engineer, or a student seeking to find the complexities of electromagnetic waves, these free Electromagnetism Courses offer a deep understanding. Moreover, professionals in fields such as electronics, telecommunications, and materials science can improve their knowledge through advanced electromagnetism courses.

Eligibility Criteria of Electromagnetism Courses 

Eligibility criteria for Electromagnetism courses may vary based on the institution and programme level. Generally, candidates with a background in physics, engineering, or related fields are eligible to apply. The following criteria are often applicable:

Undergraduate Level:

  • Eligibility: 10+2 passed with a minimum of 50% overall marks.
  • Preference: Candidates with a science background and Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry.

Postgraduate Level:

  • Eligibility: Bachelor's degree in a relevant field with minimum 60% overall marks.

PhD in Electromagnetism:

  • Eligibility: Master's degree in a relevant field with minimum 70% overall marks.

Topics Covered in Electromagnetism Courses

Electromagnetism online training courses encompass a wide array of topics which are important for understanding electromagnetic phenomena. Key subjects covered include:

  • Coulomb's Law and Electric Fields
  • Gauss's Law and Electric Potential
  • Magnetic Fields and Forces
  • Electromagnetic Induction and Faraday's Law
  • Maxwell's Equations and Electromagnetic Waves
  • Electromagnetic Radiation and Antennas
  • Applications in Electronics and Communication

Popular Electromagnetism Courses by Top Providers

Electromagnetism holds importance in physics and engineering. To cater to those learners who are interested in learning electromagnetism and its applications, famous educational providers offer a range of certification courses. These courses go into the principles, theories, and practical applications of electromagnetism. Notable providers include:

Career Opportunities After Electromagnetism Courses

The world of electromagnetism is changing with a wide range of career lines that come forward after completing relevant courses. These courses not only give you a deep understanding of electromagnetic principles but also pave the way for a wide range of exciting career opportunities across different sectors. Consider the following sectors/careers where your knowledge of electromagnetism can make a big impact:

Salary Trends in Electromagnetism Fields

Salaries in the electromagnetism area depend on factors such as experience, industry specialisation, and location. Professionals who have specialised skills and in-depth knowledge tend to get higher compensation packages. Here's a list of expected salary ranges for different roles:


Average Salary (Approx.)

Electrical Engineer

Rs. 4,00,885 / year

Research Scientist

Rs. 7,83,225 / year

Telecommunications Specialist

Rs. 12,69,131 / year

Source: Payscale

Scope of Electromagnetism Courses

Electromagnetism is a fundamental branch of physics that plays an important role in understanding the behaviour of electrically charged particles and their interaction with magnetic fields. The applications of electromagnetism are widespread and have transformed modern technology. From generating power and transmission to telecommunications and medical imaging. As a result, the demand for individuals well-versed in electromagnetism principles and their practical applications has increased across various industries.

In response to this growing demand, many educational platforms and institutions offer a wide range of electromagnetism courses. These courses cater to individuals with varying levels of prior knowledge, from beginners aiming to establish a strong foundation to professionals seeking to increase their knowledge in specialised areas.

Top Recruiters in Electromagnetism

Experts skilled in electromagnetism are highly sought after by companies aiming to develop cutting-edge technologies and technological solutions. These professionals have a deep understanding of how electromagnetic principles affect the behaviour of waves, signals, and devices. Notable recruiters include:

  • Intel
  • Qualcomm
  • Cisco
  • IBM
  • Ericsson
  • NASA


Q: Who can benefit from Electromagnetism courses?

A: Students and professionals interested in electricity, magnetism, and electronics can benefit from these courses.

Q: What skills are essential for success in Electromagnetism?

A: Strong analytical skills, mathematical knowledge, and a solid understanding of physics concepts are important.

Q: Are Electromagnetism courses only for engineers?

A: No, these courses are valuable for anyone curious about the science behind electricity and magnetism.

Q: What job roles can I pursue after studying Electromagnetism?

A: Career options include electrical engineer, telecommunications specialist, researcher, and more.

Q: Are there free Electromagnetism courses available?

A: Yes, some platforms offer introductory courses for free, while more comprehensive courses may have a fee.

Career Category
Job Role


Classical Electromagnetism 1 Electrostatics

Offered by


Classical Electromagnetism - 1 (Electrostatics)

Classical Electromagnetism - 1 (Electrostatics) is one of the online courses by Dr H C Verma and others in his team. The course will be completed online through videos of the lectures prepared by Dr H C Verma and his team members in Hindi language. And the total duration of the course is four months and three lectures will be released every week and usually on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The lectures released can also be accessed after the completion of the course.

In case you are pursuing BSc or MSc related to any field of physics, or have an interest in increasing theoretical knowledge in the theories of physics. So, it is the best way to utilize your time. Moreover, it is free of cost, and if you attend this, then certificates will also be issued depending on your performance from the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE), IIT Kanpur. During the course, you will be evaluated on the four multiple-choice quizzes that will be held.

In this course, you will be covering topics of Classical Electromagnetism - 1 (Electrostatics) such as Coulomb's Law, Gauss's Law, Dipole Moment, and many more. All the contents of the course are mentioned in the following article.

...Read More
4 Months
Skills Covered:
Quantam Mechanics

Offered by



The Electromagnetism programme by Swayam is an undergraduate course of twelve weeks. In this, students will learn, apply, and analyse how Maxwell’s equations govern electric and magnetic fields’ dynamics. This comprehensive curriculum falls under the ‘Physics’ domain and covers critical topics such as electrostatics, magnetostatics, electrodynamics, a magnetic field’s energies, dielectrics forces, spherical coordinate systems, and Faraday's law.

The Electromagnetism training also helps course-takers familiarise with vector calculus, Stoke’s theorem, Divergence theorem, and Dirac Delta function. Students will study the motion of charged particles in magnetic and electric fields, and gain fluency about the equation of continuity. With merely a prior knowledge in Calculus, aspirants can gain admission into this programme and start learning these concepts.

Moreover, the Electromagnetism certification course is an undergraduate-level one, and it is targeted at first-year B.Sc. students. This core programme offers a holistic syllabus and is free to learn from. However, candidates can achieve a digitally-verifiable certificate for this course by appearing for the proctored exam and completing the course.

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12 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of physics

Offered by


Electromagnetism Part-1

Subrahmanya L. Hegde - Physics Teacher created the Electromagnetism Part-1 certification course, which is presented by Udemy and is meant for candidates preparing for the GRE physics examination to obtain a bachelor's or master's degree in physics. The goal of the Electromagnetism Part-1 online classes by Udemy is to help candidates have a better understanding of the concepts and processes involved with electromagnetism so that they can solve issues about electrodynamics.

Electromagnetism Part-1 online training includes 68 hours of downloaded study materials as well as assignments on topics such as the electric field, magnetic field, vector calculus, electrostatics, magnetostatics, potential, electromagnetic waves, and more. This course is organized into two parts: the first half covers all of the concepts, procedures, and mathematical structure of the topics, and the second half covers the approaches for applying what candidates will learn to real-world applications.

...Read More


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