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Online Design Courses & Certifications

As a stream, design deals with making or drawing plans for something to give shape, show look and function, for example, building, clothes or anything of value. As a field of study, design is a rapidly growing career option among students having creative vision skills. Candidates can pursue design courses at undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctorate level to become a designer. There are also various design certifications and diploma courses available online or in distance/ correspondence mode. These courses can be pursued through online learning mode.

Pursuing these courses open up various specialisations for candidates. These include fashion designing, web designing, graphic designing, interior designing, apparel design, industrial designing, textile design, jewellery design, accessory designing,furniture design, product designing, and more.

Design as a career is much more rewarding as it offers ample opportunities to candidates with different educational backgrounds and skills. Some of the design courses at the UG level are Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Visual Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Fine Arts, among others. Design courses after graduation include Master of Design, Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc), Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Master of Architecture (M.Arch), and PG Diploma. 

What is Design?

It refers to the process of conceptualising and creating new things. They could be anything, from new ideas, information, interactions, and objects to products, places, systems, services, and more. The design field involves extensive research, conciliation, negotiation, reflection, modelling, interactive adjustment and re-design. The person who designs something is called a designer. He/she is a professional who works professionally in various design areas. 

Who Can Learn Design?

Candidates with 10+2 can pursue design courses online or offline at UG, PG and doctoral level. There is no restriction to get into the field of design. Anyone from any stream in 10+2 can look for a career in design. Moreover, people having creativity vision, strong artistic skills, and drawing and presentation skills can find this field much more relatable and pursue design certifications or online design courses with certificates.

Eligibility Criteria

  • For UG design courses, candidates must have completed 10+2 in any stream – Science, Arts, and Commerce – from a recognised board.
  • For PG design courses, candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in any stream from a recognised college/ university. However, many colleges prefer a bachelor’s degree in design for admission to PG design courses. 

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Skills Required for Design

  • Creativity and artistic skills
  • Visual imagination
  • Good observation
  • Presentation skills
  • Innovation
  • Good communication skills

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Edx Design Courses & Certifications
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Coursera Design Courses & Certifications


What You Will Learn in Design?

Pursuing design courses or certifications will teach you about the different aspects of design. As these courses will open various opportunities, you will be able to express your creativity every day.

With design courses, you will be able to bring your ideas to life. You will also learn about design processes and various design applications in areas, including Fashion, Accessory, Textile, Leather, Web and others. 

Popular Online Design Certification Courses

A wide range of design certificate courses are available online or on-campus. Many colleges/institutions offer design courses in distance/correspondence mode. Design certifications significantly introduce students to fundamentals of design, architectural trends and history, drawing, photography, modelling.

Here’s the list of top design certification courses:

Course Name

Offered by



Certification course to become a Certified Textile Designer



Rs. 3,499

Design Thinking

IIM Ahmedabad

4 Days

Rs. 130,200

Design Patterns Certification Training



Rs. 8,899

UX Design Fundamentals

California Institute of the Arts, Santa Clarita via Coursera

4 Weeks


Post Graduate Certificate Program in Design Innovation and Strategy

Jigsaw Academy

5 Months

Rs. 120,000

Professional Certificate Programme in Design Thinking and Innovation Management

IIM Kozhikode via Eruditus

5 Months

Rs. 102,500

Visual Elements of User Interface Design

California Institute of the Arts, Santa Clarita via Coursera

4 Weeks


Introduction to User Experience Principles and Processes

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor via Coursera

6 Weeks


Web Design: Strategy and Information Architecture

California Institute of the Arts, Santa Clarita via Coursera

4 Weeks

Rs. 3, 592

User Interface (UI) Design Certification Course

Pearl Academy, West Delhi Campus, New Delhi

11 Months



Career Options in Design

After pursuing design courses, candidates can acquire relevant skill sets that they can utilise in their professional career. Design graduates may find various career options in areas like marketing, advertising, retail, design agencies, and corporate. As they learn and understand the theory behind how design affects consumer behaviour during their studies, they can work in big firms and drive their online or retail sales. Some of the exciting job roles in design available for candidates are: 

Design Salary Trends

The salary of a design graduate or designer depends mainly on qualifications, skills, and experiences. According to Glassdoor, a designer can earn an average salary of Rs. 510,437 /year in India. The salary can be varied based on additional skills and profiles. For example, the average salary of a fashion designer is Rs. 386,842/ year, as per PayScale. 

Salary based on experience

Less than 1 year

1-4 years

5-9 years

10-19 years

Rs. 298,811

Rs. 351,678

Rs. 592,042

Rs. 814,221

*Source: PayScale

Popular Online Design Courses and Certifications

Scope of Design

The demand for designers in India is surging at a rapid pace in both IT and non-IT fields. After completing design courses, candidates can launch their careers as graphic designer, concept and design technician, production manager or packaging developer. Most big firms and corporations require design professionals to create new designs for their products and services to have a good impression on their customers. Candidates can also find different types of media jobs like photographer, magazine cover designer, layout editor, or design associate. They can also become a store designer, showroom design consultant, and visual merchandiser.

Top Recruiters for Design Professionals





Orient Craft

Shoppers Stop


Pearl Global


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Q: How do I start with design?

A: To make a successful career in the design field, you must get a degree or certification in design. After pursuing online design courses, you can launch many types of design careers.

Q: Do I need a prior qualification to learn design courses?

A: To pursue a career in design, you don’t need to follow a particular degree or course. But having a background in a design specialisation or the necessary skills can be useful. 

Q: How to do design courses online?

A: There are numerous design courses online that provide a set of tangible skills required for various design specialisations. You can also find free online design courses and video tutorials.

Q: Is design a good career?

A: The field of design is very competitive and demanding. It is a great career for those truly passionate about art and has a creative flair.

Q. How long does it take to complete design courses?

A: Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in design and a master’s degree in design from a recognised university will take about 4 years and 2 years, respectively. Pursuing a diploma or online design courses with certifications will take about a few weeks to 1 year.

Q: How do I get certified in design?

A: Earning a professional degree in design or pursuing design certifications from a recognised institution will validate you as a certified designer.

Q: What is the cost of design courses?

A: The design courses fees vary depending on course types. If you seek to pursue a bachelor of design, the average fees range between Rs. 2 LPA to 4 LPA.

Q: How much can I earn money from design?

A: Based on your qualifications and skills, you can make good money in the design field. In India, the average salary of a designer is Rs. 510,437/year.

Q: What can I do after pursuing design courses?

A: There are ample career options available to you after design courses. Some of them are Fashion Designer, Accessory Designer, Graphic Designer, Jewellery Designer, Interior Designer, Web Designer, and more.  

Q: Which companies hire design graduates?

A: Companies like Raymonds, Span India, Pantaloon, Shoppers Stop, Levis and others hire design graduates.

Career Category
Job Role


Certificate Program in Experience Design

Offered by


Certificate Program in Experience Design (CPED)

9 Months

Offered by


Suspension Design using ADAMS

The Suspension Design using ADAMS certification course is a full package of knowledge and information related to the Suspension system and its design using ADAMS. It explains a lot of difficult and advanced Multibody Dynamics concepts namely, steering wheel simulation, wheel travel simulation, and others. This course will help its learners to start a new and effective career in vehicle dynamics/motorsport engineering.

This course The Suspension Design using ADAMS certification by Skill Lync will help its learners to understand the need for a solver for some applications, utilise the model, and process the end results. This course also deals with the analysis of car models with their fundamentals. The  Suspension Design using ADAMS online course is flexible and hence easy to study and pursue. It is highly effective and helpful for the learners to have a great career ahead. 

...Read More
3 Months
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of engineering
UX UI Design Bootcamp

Offered by


UX/UI Design Bootcamp

Design thinking, lean management, and agile organisation are essential methodologies in today’s ever-evolving tech industry. They are a vital component of any performance-centric tech team. The UX/UI Design Bootcamp by Ironhack will help you develop these techniques and enable you to develop innovative solutions for your stakeholders and users.

The UX/UI Design Bootcamp training will be hands-on, guided by expert instructors who combine teaching with their own work and projects. You will get a chance to develop your own exercises and projects based on real-life scenarios from day one. Feedback is the best learning tool, and Ironhack employs it generously. The course doesn’t feature any exams or grades and only focuses on offering job-ready skills.

Moreover, the UX/UI Design Bootcamp programme offers both online and in-person training. In-person training is available in cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Mexico City, Madrid, Lisbon, Paris, Miami, and Sao Paulo. On the other hand, online training can be accessed worldwide.

...Read More
9 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Designing skills Knowledge of CSS

Cryptography I

The Cryptography I certification course is useful to the aspirants who are looking for the growth statistics of their careers in this field. Cryptography has improved in the digital world with more benefits than earlier. The main objective of Coursera is to give aspirants vast knowledge about cryptography that is very beneficial in the digital platform to increase the work experience of people for data security.

The Cryptography I certification by Coursera and Stanford is crucial in a world with better enhancements taking place in the digital economy. All businesses, and governments, are looking for a way of safeguarding the data and securing the data from any type of hacking. Providing authentication to the user only that eradicates intruders from accessing data is possible with Cryptography and its applications. Therefore, every organization requires cryptographers to encode and decode the data properly so that third parties cannot access the information. In this path, this programme comes to educate how the mechanism is done. Thus the Cryptography I online course is ideal for Cyber Security professionals, Computer Programmers, Data managers, etc. 

Coursera is an online learning platform where it offers many courses for free access to the course materials. The online lectures are provided by professionals from foreign top universities. Therefore, aspirants can use this course and get certified with successful completion of the course.

...Read More
7 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Cyber Security
Engineering Design for a Circular Economy

Offered by

Delft University of Technology via Edx

Engineering Design for a Circular Economy

The Engineering Design for a Circular Economy certification course teaches how to develop innovative product designs to find solutions for a sustainable way of engineering. The reuse and recycling of materials will promote a circular economy that addresses material supply challenges by utilising resources for a longer duration and returning them for new use for minimisation of waste. This program will teach you to design products that are meant to last longer and can be easily reached, repaired and remanufactured. 

The goal of the Engineering Design for a Circular Economy certification by Edx is to promote innovative product designs in a way that creates value whilst securing supply chains by the integration of smart engineering and design practices. The Engineering Design for a Circular Economy online course draws knowledge from experts from leading European Universities and research organisations to impart education on sustainable strategies in product design. 

The Engineering Design for a Circular Economy certification course course is suitable for participants with an interest in product design, innovative engineering, new business activities, entrepreneurship, sustainable development, etc.

...Read More
6 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Designing skills Knowledge of engineering
Basics of Inclusive Design for Online Education

Offered by


Basics of Inclusive Design for Online Education

Offered by the University of Colorado Boulder, the Basics of Inclusive Design for Online Education certification programme is available on Coursera. The programme requires an approximate time of 7 hours which requires the complete dedication of the candidates. Available in different subtitles, the language is not an issue for candidates present worldwide. 

The Basics of Inclusive Design for Online Education Certification by Coursera and the University of Colorado Boulder aids candidates in mastering the basics of inclusive design. The course teaches the candidates how to design courses that are accessible to students of learning levels and students with disabilities. The Basics of Inclusive Design for Online Education covers accessibility of PDF documents and Microsoft Office, how to create course instruction pages accessible for all, how to caption videos, how to make images accessible, etc. 

...Read More
5 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Designing skills MS Office skills

Offered by


Introduction to Design

4 Weeks
$ 349
Design Principles an Introduction

Offered by


Design Principles: an Introduction

A design is an approach or strategy for the development of systems, products, operations, or activities, as well as the output of that strategy or specification in the form of a model, finished good, or methodology. Design Principles: an Introduction online certification is designed by the University of California San Diego and taught by Scott Klemmer - Professor, which is delivered by Coursera.

Design Principles: an Introduction online training aims to assist the candidates to learn the fundamentals of design and how to properly assess their work. Design Principles: an Introduction online classes include 13 hours of online learning resources that cover topics like graphic design, information design, visual design, user interface, user experience, typography, A/B testing, chi-squared testing, and explain the best ways to arrange and present information in their interfaces.

...Read More
3 Weeks

Offered by

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver via Edx

Re Imagine Work Strategies During COVID-19 and Beyond

1 Week

Offered by


Unreal Engine 4 : Complete Creation of Two Natural Scenes

Unreal Engine 4: Complete Creation of Two Natural Scenes online course focuses on teaching students how to make their sceneries with advanced rendering, as well as how to build all vegetation models such as trees, ground vegetation, or more generic vegetation such as ferns or clovers. The course will also teach students how to use Unreal Engine 3's hidden features and how to build models in 3ds Max using the Megascans library textures.

Unreal Engine 4: Complete Creation of Two Natural Scenes online certification is created by Michael Gerard - Vegetation Artist & Instructor and presented by Eduonix, an ed-tech organization aimed at providing skill development courses. The course is designed for individuals who are interested in designing the in-game environment for video and other graphic projects.

Participants taking Unreal Engine 4: Complete Creation of Two Natural Scenes online training are expected to have a basic understanding of Unreal Engine 4, including item placement and camera movement. Participants are advised to have a personal computer running Windows 10 (64 bits) with installed software such as Unreal Engine 4 (version 4.22.3 or higher), Speedtree 8.4, Quixel Mixer, Bridge, Photoshop or equivalent, Winrar or 7zip to decompress resources, and optionally, a 3D modelling software (Blender / 3DS Max / Cinema 4D / Maya). Students who are interested in taking the course must purchase a subscription.

...Read More
50 Hours

Offered by


Unreal Engine 4 : The Complete Guide (2020)

Unreal Engine is one of the most powerful engines on the market, which has enabled the construction of numerous titles in the video game business. Unreal Engine 4: The Complete Guide (2020) online course is designed and updated based on the demand of what students what to learn other than the concepts which are already present in the course.

Unreal Engine 4: The Complete Guide (2020) online certification is developed by Michael Gerard - Vegetation Artist & Instructor and offered by Eduonix, an educational organisation targeted at individuals who want to gain skills to enhance their career prospects.

Unreal Engine 4: The Complete Guide (2020) online training aims to teach about Vertex Painting, lights, blueprints, character, and animations, heads up display, cube map or HDR using Nvidia plugin, Ansel and many more interesting tools and techniques. Learners pursuing the course are required to have a computer with Windows 10 (64Bits) with Winrar or 7zip to decompress resources and 3d modelling software like Blender / 3DS Max / Cinema 4D / Maya which is optional. Interested learners can enrol themselves in the course by making a one-time payment.

...Read More
30 Hours
Skills Covered:
Animation skills Game designing skills
Adobe Captivate Training

Offered by


Adobe Captivate Training Course

16 Hours
Live Training on inDesign has Style

Offered by


Live Training on inDesign has Style

4 Hours
$ 249
In Design Tables and Photo Tips and Tricks

Offered by

Offered by


Permaculture Design

A permaculture method for land management and settlement design incorporates a set of guidelines drawn from whole systems thinking and is based on the arrangement seen in functioning natural ecosystems. Tagari Publications Permaculture Institute, Tagari Student Support, Lisa Pucci, and Greg Knibbs created the Permaculture Design Course online certification, which is presented by Udemy and is intended for learners who are interested in sustainable land use design to grow their food and make their better use of their gardens and properties.

Permaculture Design Course online training allows learners to improve their awareness of permaculture principles and develop their knowledge of all important components to become completely acquainted with permaculture. The Permaculture Design Course syllabus includes over 54.5 hours of detailed video lessons, as well as 19 downloadable resources, case studies, and quizzes that cover a variety of permaculture-related topics such as aquaculture, tree energy transactions, waste management, permaculture design, housing, climate profile, landscape profile, and much more.

...Read More

Offered by


Screen Printing Made Easy

Building Blocks Of InDesign

Offered by


Building Blocks Of InDesign

$ 999


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