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Healthcare and technology are closely linked, driving innovations that improve patient care and medical practices. This article explores the importance of Health Technology courses, showing how these programmes help individuals combine their passion for healthcare with advanced technology. In these courses, aspiring healthcare professionals can develop the skills to confidently move across the growing healthcare industry.

What is Health Technology?

Health Technology, often called "HealthTech," talks about the application of technology to healthcare processes, aiming to improve patient care and medical procedures. It ranges from wearable devices and online telemedicine platforms to advanced diagnostic tools and electronic health records systems.

Who can Pursue Health Technology Courses?

Health Technology courses are made for a diverse audience that includes aspiring healthcare professionals, those interested in technology, and individuals interested in improving medical practices. Whether you're a medical student aiming to combine technology with patient care or a software engineer interested in the healthcare sector, these free Health Technology courses offer valuable insights. Furthermore, professionals in healthcare administration can gain knowledge and skills in managing healthcare systems driven by technology.

Eligibility Criteria of Health Technology Courses

Eligibility criteria for Health Technology courses can vary based on the institution and programme level. Generally, candidates with a background in healthcare, life sciences, engineering, or related fields are eligible to apply. The following criteria are often applicable:

Undergraduate Level:

  • Eligibility: 10+2 passed with a minimum of 50% overall marks.
  • Preference: Candidates with a science background and Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Postgraduate Level:

  • Eligibility: Bachelor's degree in a relevant field with minimum 60% overall marks.

Health Technology Certificate Programs:

  • Eligibility: Varies, but often requires a relevant bachelor's degree or equivalent experience.

Skills Required for Health Technology Courses

To excel in Health Technology, certain skills are important. These include:

  • Understanding of Healthcare Workflows
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Technological Proficiency
  • Problem-Solving
  • Communication Skills
  • Ethical Considerations

Health Technology Course Specializations

Health Technology courses offer a range of specialisations that cater to the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. Some popular specialisations include:

  • Medical Informatics: Focuses on using data and technology to improve patient care and medical decision-making.
  • Biomedical Engineering: Combines engineering principles with medical sciences to design medical devices and equipment.
  • Healthcare IT Management: Focuses on managing and optimising technology systems in healthcare settings.
  • Digital Health Innovation: Explores the development and implementation of innovative digital health solutions.
  • Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring: Covers technologies for remote patient care and monitoring.

Topics Covered in Health Technology Courses

Health Technology training courses encompass a wide array of topics essential for understanding the intersection of healthcare and technology. Key subjects covered include:

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems
  • Medical Imaging and Diagnostic Technologies
  • Healthcare Data Analytics and Big Data
  • Telehealth and Virtual Care Platforms
  • Mobile Health (mHealth) Applications
  • Cybersecurity in Healthcare
  • Regulatory Compliance and Ethics

Popular Health Technology Certification Courses

Advancements in health technology have changed the healthcare industry, giving innovative solutions to improve patient care. If you're interested in learning the potential of health technology and staying up-to-date with the latest trends, pursuing certification courses in this field is a wise choice. Notable providers include:

Career Opportunities After Health Technology Courses

Completing Health Technology courses opens up a diverse array of career opportunities in various sectors, including:

  • Healthcare IT Specialist
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Health Informatics Analyst
  • Telemedicine Coordinator
  • HealthTech Startup Entrepreneur
  • Clinical Data Analyst
  • Healthcare Systems Consultant

Salary Trends in Health Technology Fields 

Salaries in the realm of Health Technology vary based on experience, industry, and location. Generally, professionals with specialised skills command competitive remuneration. It is a growing industry in the current times and is expected to create more jobs for skilled healthcare workers who have expertise in technology.


Entry Level Salary (approx.)

Health Information Analyst

Rs. 19,115 / month

Biomedical Engineer

Rs. 3,62,242 / year

Healthcare Data Analyst

Rs. 7,50,000 / year

Health Informatics Analyst

Rs. 2,10,000 / year

Source: Payscale, AmbitionBox

Scope of Health Technology Courses

The Health Technology field has great potential to transform healthcare. Graduates in this area can contribute to better patient care, improved diagnostics, and shaping the future of healthcare technology. Health Technology includes various disciplines like medical imaging, managing electronic health records (EHR), telemedicine, creating medical devices, and healthcare informatics.

Health Technology courses provide students with a solid understanding of how technology interacts with healthcare. These courses cover challenges and opportunities in this growing field. By enrolling in these courses, students learn about the latest developments in medical equipment, data analysis, and software development.

As the healthcare industry continues to grow with digital transformation, professionals with knowledge of Health Technology are in high demand. Graduates can find rewarding careers in hospitals, medical research institutions, healthcare startups, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies.

Top Recruiters in Health Technology

As the healthcare industry continues to involve technological developments to improve patient care and streamline processes, the demand for individuals skilled in Health Technology is increasing. These professionals contribute to the development and implementation of cutting-edge healthcare solutions that can change medical practices and improve patient outcomes. If you're considering a career in Health Technology, you'll find yourself in high demand among companies at the front of healthcare innovation. Some of the recruiters actively searching for skilled professionals in this field include:

  • Epic Systems Corporation
  • Cerner Corporation
  • Philips Healthcare
  • GE Healthcare
  • Google Health
  • Apple Health


Q: Who can benefit from Health Technology courses?

A: Healthcare professionals, tech enthusiasts, and individuals passionate about improving healthcare through technology can benefit.

Q: What skills are essential for success in Health Technology?

A: Strong analytical skills, understanding of healthcare workflows, and technological proficiency are crucial.

Q: Are Health Technology courses only for medical professionals?

A: No, these courses are valuable for anyone interested in merging healthcare and technology.

Q: What job roles can I pursue after studying Health Technology?

A: Career options include healthcare IT specialist, biomedical engineer, health informatics analyst, and more.

Q: Are there free Health Technology courses available?

A: Yes, some platforms offer introductory courses for free, while more comprehensive courses may have a fee.

Career Category
Job Role


Economic Evaluation for Health Technology Assessment

Offered by


Economic Evaluation for Health Technology Assessment

HTA is commonly described as a multidisciplinary process that brings together medical, social, and economic issues related to the usage of health technologies in a transparent and unbiased manner. It acts as a bridge between the world of research and decision-making. Many times policymakers get stuck while formulating policies. Where to invest, how to invest? How to measure the benefits of healthcare inventions? Etc. As costs from making wrong decisions continue to grow, it has become increasingly important for policymakers to make apt decisions.  

Economic Evaluation for Health Technology Assessment course aims to provide participants with essential skills and knowledge to improve the healthcare system through the proper application of economic principles. It will enable participants to commission, estimate, undertake, critically examine and use economic evaluation for policymaking. Through this, the participants will also be able to prioritize and get the best value for money. It will strengthen their ability to implement services in the field of health care through health economics. Financing has become an essential function of the health system; the learners will gain an in-depth knowledge of how to generate and effectively allocate resources. 

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12 Months
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Economics
Advanced Certification Programme in Digital Health and Imaging

Offered by


Advanced Certification Programme in Digital Health and Imaging

As the world progresses ahead in all the fields, Artificial Intelligence also advances ahead even in the Healthcare department. More and more companies are shifting to it and adapting this way of saving lives and even statistics show better results with it. A person interested in the course has to have a certificate in this sector to grow.

That is where this course comes in. Advanced Certification Programme in Digital Health and Imaging teaches the candidates all about biotech devices and how to use data analytics to their best. Moreover, it teaches how the landscape of the healthcare system is changing with the introduction of the Deployment of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of things along with other new coming technologies and delivery systems.

The contents of the course have been brought by the expert faculty of the Indian Institute of Sciences in association with TalentSprint. The course offers one-on-one mentoring with the absolute best faculty of India and with this course the candidates will learn so much about Medical Devices, Digital Therapeutics, and Personalized Healthcare that it will open up a great number of opportunities for them to grow and shine.

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6 Months
Skills Covered:
Data science knowledge

Offered by

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology via Coursera

Traditional Herbal Medicine in Supportive Cancer Care: from Alternative to Integrative

The Traditional Herbal Medicine in Supportive Cancer Care course by Coursera has been designed to focus on the principles of important aspects of Oncology that are often overlooked. This course dives into the world of Integrative Oncology and includes interviews with leading world experts from the field. 

The Traditional Herbal Medicine in Supportive Cancer Care: From Alternative to Integrative course is tailored for non-medical individuals and patients. It offers related information and guidance. Medical professionals who are interested in receiving evidence-based guidance can also benefit from the course. They can develop an understanding of the safety and effectiveness of traditional herbal medicine in cancer care.

Furthermore, the Coursera Traditional Herbal Medicine in Supportive Cancer Care: From Alternative to Integrative course is online training. Besides, it is a self-paced beginner-level course that helps participants learn at their convenience. The course has a combination of video sessions, interviews, and several learning aids. Additionally, participants also get a shareable certificate on completing the course.

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14 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of healthcare sciences

Certificate Course on Healthcare Technology (CCHT)

Healthcare Technology is vital for healthcare delivery. It can provide economical solutions in today’s age when the demand for social care, along with health services, is constantly rising. The Certificate Course on Healthcare Technology (CCHT) aims to teach the pragmatic, technical, and theoretical dimensions of healthcare technology at each level of healthcare delivery.

The Healthcare Technology certification course touches on tackling the challenges faced by India’s healthcare industry. The training teaches modern and emerging technologies like remote sensing, e-ICUs, telemedicine, artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printing, virtual reality (VR), and more. The programme is designed to execute a capacity-development strategy in healthcare technology.

Moreover, the Healthcare Technology course is developed by a unique association of leading institutes including the Association of Healthcare Providers of India (AHPI), Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST), Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), and Indian Institute of Science (IISc). Interested candidates can join this programme by registering online. The two-month-long curriculum is self-directed.

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2 Months
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of healthcare sciences
Healthcare in India Strategic Perspectives

Offered by


Healthcare in India: Strategic Perspectives

The Healthcare in India: Strategic Perspectives online course is a study about the Indian healthcare system and the risks and strategies that enable its effective implementation. This online course is provided by the online education platform Edx and is offered by the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. The course is scheduled for five weeks and the students are expected to spend a minimum of three to four hours every week. 

The training program is led by the instructor Chirantan Chatterjee who was a faculty member of the department of strategy in IIM Bangalore. This business and management course on Indian healthcare enables the students to gain perspectives on the strategies and innovation in the domain. The students are provided with opportunities to discuss the hospital, pharmaceutical industries, and companies that provide diagnostic equipment along with healthcare markets. 

The ‘Healthcare in India: Strategic Perspectives’ certification course improves the business knowledge and opportunities in the field of healthcare.

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5 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Strategic Mindset Innovative Business Management Knowledge of Economics Knowledge of healthcare sciences
Operations and Patient Safety for Healthcare IT Staff

Offered by


Operations and Patient Safety for Healthcare IT Staff

Operations and Patient Safety for Healthcare IT Staff is an online programme offered by Johns Hopkins University that will give an insight into the role of technologies in maintaining the operation of healthcare. Administered by Coursera, Operations and Patient Safety for Healthcare IT Staff Certification Course, the third programme in the Healthcare IT Support Specialization,  is entirely designed in the online self-paced mode. 

The learners can make a detailed understanding of the technologies that will have a deep effect on patients and providers, Health IT and the safety of the patients through the Operations and Patient Safety for Healthcare IT Staff Certification Syllabus. Though the online course is self-paced, the learners can cover the certification programme within approximately 7 hours. After the completion of the Operations and Patient Safety for Healthcare IT Staff Certification by Coursera,  the learners will be provided with a shareable certificate if they enroll on the course by paying the fee. 

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4 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of healthcare sciences
Health Information Technology Fundamentals

Offered by


Health Information Technology Fundamentals

Health Information Technology Fundamentals online certification is designed by Prof. Ebony Williams and Prof. Ashwini S. Davison and is presented by Coursera which seeks to provide an insight into the health technology ecosystem with a particular emphasis on the significance of electronic health records. Students in the Health Information Technology Fundamentals online course will learn about the causes which contribute to the transition from documentation to computerized databases, as well as explore the techniques to understand the most suitable vendors.

Health Information Technology Fundamentals online classes by Coursera teach students about how performance issues with the electronic health report applications could be as basic as authentication errors or password substitutions or as intricate as notifications triggering and data preprocessing. This course also explains the database model, interfaces, and SQL servers before proceeding on to explain the need for more measuring performance in healthcare technology and how ongoing quality improvement approaches are important. Students will have the opportunity to learn about encouraging experiences from health tech professionals as well as learn about strategies for clearing the recruiting process and guidance on how to thrive in their particular professions.

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4 Weeks
Foundations of Telehealth

Offered by


Foundations of Telehealth

4 Weeks
Program Design and Evaluation for Health Systems Strengthening

Offered by


Program Design & Evaluation for Health Systems Strengthening

3 Weeks

Offered by


CompTIA Healthcare IT


Offered by


Health Data 101


Offered by

Offered by


Data Science for Healthcare Claims Data

Certified ECG and ICCU Equipment Mechanic

Offered by

Certified X-Ray Machine Technician

Offered by


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