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“To speak a language is to take on a world, a culture.” says the great philosopher and psychiatrist, Frantz Fanon. When you learn another language, you become part of the community which speaks that language. And linguistics is the scientific way of understanding the mechanisms of a language. There are roughly 6,500 languages spoken in the world today, each with its rich history. When you learn a language, you cross a barrier that was there before and you get to become intimate with that culture. You get to appreciate its nuances. With training in linguistics, you are able to learn the science behind languages. This is a skill that is much needed in academia, corporate worlds, governmental affairs, and others. So if there is a linguist in you, then there are myriad linguistic courses online. You can also opt for free linguistics courses online from top online learning providers and universities. 

What is Linguistics?

The term linguistics is the scientific study of languages. This includes figuring out how a language was put together, how it is still evolving, and what will become of it in the future. To understand this linguists delve deep into the various building blocks of the language. These include phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics.

Who can pursue Linguistics courses?

  • You always had a penchant for words
  • You could be from any stream (science, commerce, humanities) You wish to pursue linguistics
  • You are already in the field of linguistics (perhaps an undergrad/postgrad or even a scholar) and wish to gain more knowledge in the field

If this is you, then Linguistics courses are for you.

Eligibility Criteria for Linguistics courses

For UG Linguistic courses (e.g.: BA ), you must have (10 + 2) qualification with a minimum passing percentage.

Note: Depending on the institute you might be required to pass entrance exams.

For PG Linguistic courses (e.g.: MA), you must have a relevant bachelor's degree with a minimum passing percentage.

Note: For an Integrated program (5 years), you just need a (10 + 2) qualification with a minimum passing percentage. 

For a diploma in linguistic courses, you must have a relevant bachelor's degree with a minimum passing percentage.

Entrance Exams for Linguistics courses

For UG linguistic courses

For PG linguistic courses

For a Diploma in linguistic courses

Important skills for Linguistics courses

  • Logical and analytical skills
  • Linguistic Intelligence
  • Observational skills
  • Time Management
  • Research skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Attention to detail

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What will you learn in Linguistics courses?

There are many online linguistics courses in India aimed to give you training in analysing languages. This can prove beneficial when you are trying to learn a language. Linguistic courses online teach you how language conceptualises the world words, phrases and sentence construction. Some of the important subjects taught in linguistics courses are: 

  • General Linguistics
  • Syntax & Semantics
  • Old Persian
  • Phonetics
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Phonology & Morphology
  • Old and Middle Indo-Aryan Linguistics
  • A synchronic study of the language          
  • Avestan
  • Phonology and Morphology
  • Lexicographic programming
  • Computational Syntax and Computational Semantics
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Acoustic phonetics and speech processing
  • Advanced Syntax programming in Perl
  • Machine translation
  • Language Technology

Popular Linguistics Certification courses

While electives in college can give you an overview, and a degree in linguistics can give you foundational knowledge in the subject, linguistics certification courses can play multiple roles in education: giving an overview, introducing the professionals in the field to newer trends, and more. Here's a list of some of the best linguistics certification courses offered by top institutes.

Career Opportunities after Linguistics courses 


You conduct research on language/languages and publish papers. You translate primary documentation, summarise and also add metadata. You also work on transcription, interpretation, and analysis of language (local and foreign languages.) You conduct web/media analyses, and train professionals (corporate/public companies.).


You edit different types of documents, ensuring proper language is used. (spelling, grammar, expressions, phrases, and more). You also assist in light copyediting.

Other Careers

  • Teacher
  • Speech Therapist
  • Dictionary Compiler
  • Speech-language pathologists,
  • Lexicographers

Salary Trends

Careers in linguistics offer great compensation. While the pay can vary depending on different factors such as skills, experience, brand, location, and other factors, the compensation gets quite well within a few years. One just needs to be consistent and enhance their skills and land rewarding roles. Here are some of the average Base salaries of professions related to linguistics


Average Base Salary p.a.


Rs 300,196/-


Rs 500,000/- 


Rs 256,760/-

Speech Therapist

Rs 306,703/-

** Source of Salary Details: Payscale

Popular Online Competition Courses and Certifications

Scope after Linguistics courses

If you have linguistic skills, then you are someone who can communicate effectively and also teach the skill to others. After completing linguistics courses, you can expect great opportunities in India as well as abroad. These are education, publishing, etc. Both private and public sectors offer opportunities in these fields. If you are a qualified linguistics professional, then you can demand high salary packages, because the demand is high. So take the best online linguistics courses in India to embark upon a rewarding career.

Top Recruiters

  • CNN
  • BBC
  • NDTV
  • Amar Ujala
  • Sahara News

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Q: Is it possible to learn online linguistics courses?

A: Yes. There are top institutes and educational organisations that are offering online linguistics courses. After completion, you will get a certification as well.

Q: What is the duration for different linguistics courses?

A: It takes 3 years to complete UG linguistics courses and 2 years for PG linguistics courses. For research in linguistics, it can take from 2 years to even 8 years (depending on the pace). You can complete most online linguistics courses within a few months.

Q: How long will it take to complete linguistics courses?

A: This would depend on the linguistics courses as well as on the institute. For UG linguistics courses it can cost from Rs 1.14 lakhs to Rs 1.20 lakhs (private) and Rs 6,600/- to Rs 60,490/- (public). For PG linguistics courses, it can cost from Rs 3 lakhs (private) to Rs 2,640/- to Rs 66,990/- (public).  For Research in linguistics courses, it can range from Rs 23,150 to Rs 40,550/- (public). Most linguistics certification courses are free of cost.

Q: What are the best colleges in India for linguistics courses?

A: Some of the top colleges for studying linguistics courses are MSU Baroda, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, BHU Varanasi, University of Hyderabad, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, JNU Delhi, and DU Delhi.

Q: How is linguistics useful for teachers?

A: If you are a teacher, you learn about the origins of languages, historical applications, present-day relevance, and others. This will prove beneficial in the class. If you are still hesitant about a career in linguistics or related fields, take online linguistics courses as they can give you a basic overview.

Career Category
Job Role


Applied Linguistics

Offered by


Applied Linguistics

The ‘Applied Linguistics’ online certification program is a massive open online course for students in their undergraduate and postgraduate level to understand the theoretical tools and practical aspects involved in the comprehension of language and its applications in various domains. This course discusses the process of language acquisition to analyze and implement the same with real-world situations. This free online course is provided by the Swayam education portal in association with the National Program for Technology Enhanced Learning(NPTEL).

The classes of this course are conducted online for a period of twelve weeks through videos, lectures, books, references, and other online resources. The instructor for this program is Prof. Rajesh Kumar from the department of humanities and social sciences at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras

The ‘Applied Linguistics’ certification course enables students to receive a course certificate and credit points after successfully completing this course which is an elective program approved by the All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE).

...Read More
12 Weeks
July 23 - October,12 2023
Skills Covered:
Communication skills Research skills Language skills
Appreciating Linguistics A Typological Approach

Offered by


Appreciating Linguistics: A typological approach

The ‘Appreciating Linguistics: A typological approach’ online course is developed for the students to study the language forms and functions, the process of language acquisition, and the description of natural language. This course will focus on the different languages and their linguistic attributes along with the grammatical implications. This free online certification course is provided by the Swayam online portal in association with the National Program for Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL).

The course instructor for this online program is Prof. Anindita Sahoo teaching linguistics at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. The elective program for the undergraduate level students is categorized under the humanities and social sciences domain and enables the students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the concepts through the online classes aided by videos, lectures, and other online resources.

The ‘Appreciating Linguistics: A typological approach’ online certification course offers the students the course certification with credit points after successfully completing the program according to the qualifying standards.

...Read More
12 Weeks
July 25 - October,14 2021
Skills Covered:
Communication skills Research skills Language skills

Introduction to Applied Linguistics and TESOL

The Introduction to Applied Linguistics and TESOL course by FutureLearn is a part of the Study UK Campaign. It is developed by the University of Leicester. The university ranks in the top 20 Universities of UK for its teaching excellence and research. This six-week course includes a weekly study time of three hours. Also, TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

The Introduction to Applied Linguistics and TESOL programme is free and online. Students can opt for additional benefits for a fee. They can either opt for an upgraded course for $74, or an unlimited one for $279 a year. At the end of the course, candidates have the option of joining the Applied Linguistics and TESOL community at Leicester. 

The instructor of the FutureLearn Introduction to Applied Linguistics and TESOL course is Prof Pamela Rogerson Revell. She is an associate professor of the Applied Linguistics and TESOL department at the University of Leicester. Involved in the research of TESOL and areas in applied linguistics, she teaches them as well, including online language learning. 

...Read More
6 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Communication skills Research skills Language skills

Offered by

Leiden University, Leiden via Coursera

Miracles of Human Language: An Introduction to Linguistics

The ‘Miracles of Human Language: An Introduction to Linguistics’ online certification course is a study of the various fundamental aspects of language and is about the domain of linguistics. In this course, students are delivered with insights into the features of linguistics and the internal structures of languages. This certification program is provided by the Coursera education platform in collaboration with Leiden University and Meertens Institute for the course content and instruction.

The students can complete the modules, videos, quizzes, readings, and other exercises of the course within an approximate period of twenty-three hours. The course modules are offered with subtitles in languages such as Arabic, French, Portuguese, Greek, Italian, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, German, Russian, Turkish, English, Spanish, Romanian to enable students from different countries to get an optimized learning experience. 

The ‘Miracles of Human Language: An Introduction to Linguistics’ online training program helps students earn a course completion certificate at the end of the program. The course instructor for this training is Professor Marc van Oostendorp from the Meertens Institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts & Sciences.

...Read More
6 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Language skills Analytical skills Knowledge of history Research skills Communication skills Knowledge of Psychology Writing skills

Offered by

Autonomous University of Barcelona via Coursera

Linguistic Diversity, What for?

5 Weeks
Forensic Linguistics Language Law and Society

Offered by


Forensic Linguistics: Language, Law and Society

Our society is experiencing an increase in language-based crimes like threats or any other that involves the usage of language. Forensic Linguistics: Language, Law And Society course is an initiative by IIT Patna to make the participants aware of the relationship between sociolinguistics and forensic linguistics. The course shall guide the candidates with the crime that involves language and the law language that includes policies, and orders to maintain peace and to punish the guilty. 

Forensic Linguistics: Language, Law And Society certification course are organized by IIT Patna and the lectures shall be delivered by Prof. Peter French University of York, England, and Prof. Tej K. Bhatia Syracuse University, New York. The aim of the course is to make candidates aware of sociolinguistics, and forensic linguistics and hence draw a relationship between the two aspects. The duration of this course is one week and the candidate will receive an electronic certificate from IIT Patna after the completion of Forensic Linguistics: Language, Law And Society training. 

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7 Days

Offered by


Introduction to Linguistics

The scientific study of human language is linguistics. It is referred to as a scientific study because it involves a thorough, systematic, objective, and precise analysis of all aspects of language, especially its nature, and structure. The study of linguistics encompasses both the cognitive and social aspects of language. It has been classified as a social science, natural science, cognitive science, or part of the humanities, and is regarded as both a scientific field and an academic discipline. syntax, semantics, morphology, phonetics, phonology, and pragmatics biolinguistics, and psycholinguistics. Introduction to Linguistics certification is made available by Udemy to candidates who want to explore the fundamentals of language.

Introduction to Linguistics online training includes five hours of video, six articles, five downloadable resources, and a digital certificate upon course completion.

Introduction to Linguistics online classes consist of syllabus, syntax, semantics, morphology, phonetics, and phonology.

...Read More

Offered by


The properties of human language

Language facilitates communication. Language evolved from abstract symbols to systematic communication. Over 7,100 languages are spoken worldwide. Humans use oral-auditory arbitrary symbols to communicate and interact through language. Language formalizes speech. Vocabulary is free-form, while grammar is structure. Languages spoken, written, and visual are how humans communicate. The most widely used languages have writing systems that record sounds or signals for later activation. Language is not limited to sight or sound and varies across cultures and time. Human languages produce and displace and depend on social convention and education. The properties of human language certification is made available by Udemy to candidates who want to explore the language's complexity and importance.

The properties of human language online training consist of 5.5 hours of digital class, and lifetime access with a digital certificate upon course completion.

The properties of human language online course focus on an introduction to linguistics, phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and historical linguistics.

...Read More

Offered by


Literary Text Analysis: Theory and Practice

A literary genre is a literary category. Literary technique, tone, content, or length can all be used to define a genre. They usually start with more abstract, all-encompassing classes, which are then subdivided into more concrete distinctions. The distinctions between genres and categories are fluid and ill-defined, and even the rules defining genres change over time and are somewhat unstable. All genres can take the form of prose or poetry. Furthermore, a genre such as satire, allegory, or pastoral may appear in any of the above, not just as a subgenre, but as a genre mixture. Finally, they are defined by the historical period in which they were composed's general cultural movement. Literary Text Analysis: Theory and Practice certification is made available by Udemy to candidates who want to explore Linguistic tools for literature.

Literary Text Analysis: Theory and Practice Online training includes one hour of video and a digital certificate upon course completion.

Literary Text Analysis: Theory and Practice classes  consist of literary text analysis, criticism, and theory, formalism, criticism, historicism, materialism, structuralism, poststructuralism, modernism and postmodernism.

...Read More
Skills Covered:
Writing skills

Offered by


Introduction to English Linguistics

Linguistics refers to the study of language from a scientific perspective. Linguistics is considered a branch of science since it analyses language in an exhaustive, methodical, objective, and precise fashion, focusing on its nature and structure. Linguists are interested in how language functions in the brain as well as how it functions in society. A variety of academic disciplines have attempted to classify it, including the social sciences, natural sciences, cognitive sciences, and the humanities. Linguistics has many theoretical and applied subfields. Applied linguistics uses language research to improve language education and literacy. Human language systems are consistent with findings from classic areas of linguistic research like syntax, morphology, and others. Biolinguistics and psycholinguistics are two examples of specialized areas that branch out from phonology, phonetics, and pragmatics. Introduction to English Linguistics certification is made available by Udemy to candidates who want to explore the different levels of language.

Introduction to English Linguistics online training includes seven downloadable resources,  1.5-hour video, and a digital certificate once the course is finished.

Introduction to English Linguistics online classes consist of IPA transcription, orthography to IPA, from IPA to orthography, natural classes, natural class exercises, features, phonemes & allophones, complementary and contrastive distribution, morphology terms and definitions, subcategorization frame exercise, morphology trees, lexical categories, syntactic trees, ambiguous sentences, complex sentences, transformations, semantics, tautologies, contradictions, and contingencies.

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