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If you are a technology geek and wish to build a career as a programmer, there are numerous relevant courses you can pursue to fulfil your dream. GitHub is one such option that is more popular these days when it comes to software version control and hosting service. GitHub is used by millions of developers to share code and build businesses. In 2017, it was reported that the GitHub community reached 24 million developers working across 67 million repositories. GitHub is not only a Git repository hosting service but also a valuable skill for a programmer. There are many GitHub courses online you can pursue. You can choose GitHub courses from beginner level to advanced. You can also opt for free Github courses & certifications from top online learning providers and universities.

A good GitHub profile can set you apart in an interview. Unfortunately, only a few candidates have a GitHub page on their resumes, and most of them are not well-maintained. So, this is the right time to take your profile to the next level by learning GitHub. Once you complete online GitHub courses and certifications and are trained in Git and GitHub, you can explore exciting job roles in the software development and DevOps domains. There are many companies out there that look for a candidate to show GitHub acquaintance.

What is GitHub?

As one of the largest open-source repositories, GitHub is the world’s largest platform for developers. It strengthens collaboration and communication between developers and provides cloud storage for source code. It also supports all popular programming languages and streamlines the iteration process. GitHub enables slick and easy collaboration and version control, allowing a developer to work on code with anyone from anywhere.

Who Can Purse GitHub Courses?

Eligibility Criteria for GitHub Courses

  • As there is no specific requirement to learn GitHub courses, candidates must have a basic knowledge of Microsoft GUI and Windows Command line.
  • Candidates should be completed at least secondary-level formal education or graduated.

Skills Required for GitHub Courses

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Coursera Github Courses & Certifications
Udemy Github Courses & Certifications
Udacity Github Courses & Certifications
Edureka Github Courses & Certifications
Swayam Github Courses & Certifications
The Linux Foundation Github Courses & Certifications
Internshala Github Courses & Certifications
Mindmajix Technologies Github Courses & Certifications

What Will You Learn in GitHub Courses?

  • Enrolling in online GitHub courses will teach you how to create open-source projects with Git and provide knowledge of hosting and reviewing codes on GitHub.
  • With GitHub certification courses, you will be able to apply branch and merging concepts in your projects, use rebase, revert, and reset in Git, and learn Git file life cycle and workflow strategies.
  • GitHub courses will also teach you how to use a version control system to effectively work with code.

Popular GitHub Certification Courses

There are numerous GitHub certification courses available online that help you master Git. These online GitHub courses are designed to provide you with the comprehensive knowledge you need to know while working with Git. You can pursue GitHub certification courses from anywhere at your own pace for free or at a few costs. These online GitHub courses are short duration.

Here’s a look at some of the best GitHub certification courses:

Course Name

Offered by




IIT Bombay via Swayam

6 Weeks


Introduction to Git and GitHub

Google via Coursera

4 Weeks


Git and GitHub



Rs 7,203

Version Control with Git


4 Weeks


Git and GitHub Certification Training Course


16 Hours

Rs 10,032

Git & GitHub Complete Masterclass: Beginner to Git Expert


14 Hours

Rs 385

DevOps: Foundations and tools

Universidad Anáhuac via edX

4 Weeks


Learn Git


10 Hours


GitHub Ultimate: Master Git and GitHub - Beginner to Expert


6.5 Hours

Rs 385

Complete Git Guide: Understand and master Git and GitHub


23 Hours

Rs 385

Career Options after GitHub Courses

Since software technology is being used in almost every domain today, Git and GitHub are becoming extremely important. GitHub is one of the leading software development platforms in the world used by millions of developers worldwide. Once you complete online Github courses and certifications and are trained in Git and GitHub, you can find lucrative career options in the software development and DevOps fields. By adding GitHub skills to your profile, you can impress interviewers and get a job with a handsome salary package. You can build a career as a developer and programmer in areas, such as gaming, mobile app, website development, and more.

GitHub Salary Trends

Depending on job profiles, skills and experience, professionals with relevant Git skills are well compensated. Their pay may vary depending on the employment area and employer. According to PayScale, a Software Developer can earn an average salary of Rs 545,404 p.a.

Salary based on job profiles:

Job Profiles

Average Base Pay (annually)

Software Engineer

Rs 607,338

Front End Developer/ Engineer

Rs 500,000

DevOps Engineer

Rs 750,000

Android Software Developer

Rs 411,515

*Source: PayScale & Glassdoor

Popular Online IT Courses and Certifications

Scope of GitHub

As an open-source developers platform, GitHub is the most popular source code hosting facility. It is used by millions of developers worldwide and continues expanding its reach. GitHub offers several useful features to developers that enable them to work together on the same project and easily create new software versions without disrupting the current versions. It also allows them to work on code with anyone from anywhere. Thanks to its number of benefits for development teams, there is an immense scope of GitHub. After completing online GitHub courses and certifications, you will have a plethora of career opportunities in software development and development operations domains.

  • TCS
  • Ericsson
  • Mu Sigma
  • Cognizant
  • GitHub
  • Cisco

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Q: How do I start learning GitHub online?

A: There are many online GitHub courses available out there that you can pursue from anywhere for free or at a few costs.

Q: What should I learn in GitHub courses?

A: By enrolling in online GitHub courses and certifications, you will learn about creating open-source projects and deploying branching and merging in Git. You will also learn how to configure upstream and downstream projects, Git file life cycle and workflow strategies, and more.

Q: Who is eligible for GitHub courses?

A: From students to freshmen and web developers, anyone can apply for GitHub certification courses.

Q: How long does it take to complete GitHub certification courses?

A: The duration of GitHub certification courses can vary depending on the course. Most courses contain a few weeks of learning content.

Q: How much do GitHub courses cost?

A: Many online GitHub courses are available for free, while some charge a few costs.

Q: How much can I earn after GitHub courses?

A: As a DevOps Engineer, you can earn an average salary of Rs 750,000 p.a.

Career Category
Job Role


Learn Git and GitHub

Offered by


Learn Git & GitHub

Github is the provider of internet hosting for software developments. The cloud-based hosting service shall help the software developers to manage functions, and source code using Git. It was founded in 2008, and it is widely used by prominent organizations. Git on the other hand is a version control system, it lets the user manage and keep track of source code history. Many organizations have adopted the technology and are hiring professionals who have the skills of using and managing the technology. 

The Learn Git & GitHub course is provided by Internshala Training for the learners who wish to be a part of software development. This is a beginner-friendly, online course of 6 weeks duration and downloadable content. The learner can get their doubts resolved by experts and shall also get the project for practical training. After the completion of the course, the learners shall receive Learn Git & GitHub certification by Internshala. Besides this, the learner shall also get placement assistance and get their profile highlighted on Internshala. This can be the career-defining course for the learners who want to kick start their careers as software developers. 

...Read More
6 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Software development skills

Collaborative Coding with Git

Used by over 90% of developers, Git is one of the most powerful and adaptable version control systems. In the Collaborative Coding with Git certification course the candidates will find ways to visualise and explore a project’s history via Git repositories. The candidates will enable them to quickly adapt to a new collaborative environment, especially if they are working with Git remotely.

The Collaborative Coding with Git certification by Futurelearn is in collaboration with the University of Manchester and the Institute of Coding. The course teaches you techniques such as maintaining high-quality code, code review to ensure safe code changes, maintaining consistent coding styles across large teams, etc. 

The Collaborative Coding with Git online course will teach students how to explore Git as a quality assurance tool, and learn how to use GIT to facilitate team learning, as well as enhance their workflows, collaboration, and code quality. The course is ideal for freshers/professionals interested in or working in software development.

...Read More
6 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Software development skills Collaboration

Offered by


Version Control with Git

The Version Control with Git training is a 4-week course planned as a beginner-level program and will cover all the essentials of the GIT version control system. The candidates enrolled will be able to create GIT repos, commit necessary changes and also review the existing repo’s commit history. In Version Control with Git by Udacity, the candidate will learn to preserve organized commits from tags and branches with the art of crushing merge conflicts through changes. The candidate will also learn how to make changes as well as edit or even delete commits. The Version Control with Git certification is taught by industry professionals at the self-paced mode of learning, free of cost and rich in learning content.

...Read More
4 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Software development skills

Using Git for Distributed Development

Git is the most popular open-source distributed version control system. Git is a content tracker that keeps track of the progress that individuals make to files because they have documentation of what has been accomplished and can go back to particular versions if necessary. The Linux Foundation developed the Using Git for Distributed Development online certification, which is offered by Coursera and is instructed by Jerry Cooperstein, Director of Training.

 Using Git for Distributed Development online training is intended for developers who are dispersed throughout the world and working on challenging projects while coordinating their work rationally and monitoring their distributed systems. Using Git for Distributed Development online classes offer the chance to help applicants utilize git effectively and contribute in a short period as well as to explain the git workflows, spot issues with their workflows, and find solutions to those issues.

...Read More
3 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Linux
Getting Started with Git and GitHub

Offered by


Getting Started with Git and GitHub

3 Weeks

GitHub Training

GitHub Training Training Training Course is a training programme created and offered by Mindmajix, the online educational platform, in the online mode to enable the learners to make a detailed understanding of GitHub which is a software configuration management tool. The curriculum will explore the Repository approach, source code management, basic and advanced algorithms on GitHub, Server Management and GitHub applications, GitHub essence and many more. GitHub Training Training online course could be taken by the student by means of the three modes of enrolment i.e the corporate training, the 30 hrs of E-Learning Videos and 30 hrs of Remote Classes in Zoom or Google meet. 

GitHub Training Training certification will also provide the learners with practical knowledge through many real-life examples and projects. The learners will learn Web hosting, GitHub essence, Server Management and GitHub applications. Mindmajix will render the students the premium features of job assistance, mock interviews, career counselling, quizzes etc after the completion of the programme. 

...Read More
October 27 - November,11 2023
Skills Covered:
Web application development skills

Offered by


Git Mastery Beginner to Expert with GitHub and GitLab

Git Mastery: Beginner to Expert with GitHub & GitLab certification course is developed by Mike Kilic - QA & DevOps Engineer & Network System Administrator and is presented by Udemy and aimed at learners who want to gain a practical understanding of everything about Git from the basics to advanced levels. The Git Mastery: Beginner to Expert with GitHub & GitLab online course covers not only Git but also possible Git hosting providers like GitHub, GitLab, and Azure DevOps, therefore no previous knowledge or expertise is necessary.

Git Mastery: Beginner to Expert with GitHub & GitLab online classes offers includes more than 30.5 hours of prerecorded video-based lectures, as well as 7 articles and 7 downloadable learning resources on topics such as Git, GitHub, GitLab, branching, merging, rebasing, hooks, subtrees, submodules, Git repositories, BitBucket, and Azure DevOps. Learners will have mastered the ability to perform pull requests and merge requests, as well as resolve merge conflicts, by the end of this training.

...Read More

Offered by



Swayam’s Git online course is a six-week, practical training programme. It strives to provide you with real-time, hands-on expertise required for becoming a proficient Git programmer. The course consists of ten audio-video tutorials, following which you can learn the Git version control by yourself.

The Git online training programme by Swayam follows a side-by-side learning methodology. This system includes spoken tutorials, which you will have to listen to. The procedure essentially involves carefully following the instructions spoken by the mentor, pausing the video, and typing the command in your system. You must also get the result which is displayed in the video.

You can register for the course through a quick and easy online application process. Moreover, Dr Kannan M Moudgalya mentors the Git online training course. He is a professor, currently teaching in Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, and is the principal investigator of the spoken tutorial project. Lastly, the course does not require a fee payment, which means you can access all the course tutorials for free.

...Read More
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of IT industry

Offered by


Git Certification Training

The Git Certification Training by Edureka will help you to gain expertise in Git tools. You will learn both fundamental and advanced concepts such as Git branch, commits and progress as well as the advanced topics like design and Git workflow. 

Moreover, the course covers various components of Git Certification Training, and learn how to use them in software development operations. The training course comprises many essential concepts like dealing with conflicts, branching & merging, rebasing, Git workflows, Merge strategies, and so on. 

Through the Git Certification Training course, you will develop an in-depth knowledge of Git concepts by working on related demos. The course builds an understanding of how Git tools are used in real-time projects in the industry. 

The course is self-paced to enable learning at your convenience. You will learn through the PPTs and videos in the LMS. Besides, the training course is designed and developed by expert practitioners and industry experts with years of experience in relevant fields. Upon the completion of the Git Certification Training programme, you will receive the “Git and GitHub Professional” certificate.

...Read More
Skills Covered:
Software development skills

BitBucket Training

September 29 - October,14 2023

Git Training

October 13 - October,28 2023

GitLab Training

October 13 - October,28 2023


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