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Ever wondered how easy it is to just open your computer and access the entire world? For this, you need the software and the hardware to work together. An Operating system is software which acts as the medium between the hardware and the software. Any professional in the IT field, who boasts of an in-depth understanding of programming languages, different software, and others should know the ins and outs of the operating system. There are many operating system courses online that can turn you from a passive user to an active user. Learners can also find operating system certification courses free from top institutes and online learning providers.

What is an Operating System?

It is the most fundamental software in the computer environment. Operating System manages the software resources (memory) and different processes within a computer. It stands between the hardware and the software as a platform. An OS allows the user to communicate with the computer even though the user doesn’t know the language of the computer. Some of the popular Operating System are Google's Android OS, Linux Operating System, Apple iOS, Apple macOS, and Microsoft Windows.

Who can pursue Operating System courses?

  • You want to be the top contender in the IT industry. Hence learning about the Operating System (OS) is important.
  • You wish to work as a computer technician and it is important to know everything about the OS so you can do tasks such as troubleshooting, analysis, and more.

If this is you, then Operating System courses can help you become that professional.

Eligibility Criteria for Operating System courses

There isn't a particular eligibility requirement for Operating System courses and operating system certifications. You can pursue them after class 10, even if you have a basic understanding of the computer. However, there are more advanced Operating System courses that are suitable for professionals (either those with relevant experience in programming, networking, system administration, and software development or relevant qualifications or both.) Some qualifications could be

Either you can learn Operating systems as part of your degree (if it is offered as an elective) or you can take online operating system courses.

Important skills for Operating System courses 

  • Analytical and logical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Soft skills

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What will you learn in Operating System courses?

Operating system courses will help you develop your cognition and have a better understanding of the Operating system. You will learn to execute applications and programs. You will also get to know about the OS and its applications in connection with hardware components as well as the practical knowledge of troubleshooting, synchronisation, and others. Here are some of the prominent subjects in an operating system course:

  • Basics of Operating system 
  • Memory management by the OS
  • OS processes
  • Interrupts and context switching in a computer
  • Scheduling techniques
  • Synchronisation methods
  • Deadlocks in an operating system
  • OS Security 

Popular Operating System Certification courses

While an IT professional would definitely be equipped with skills in handling an operating system, a fresher or beginner in the IT field would only have theoretical knowledge. Operating System Certification courses can help the individual master this skill. Mentioned below are some of the best operating system certification courses:


Offered by



AWS SysOps Associate Certification Training


24 hours

Rs 18,012/-

Introduction to Operating Systems

IIT Madras via Swayam

8 weeks

Free (charge for certificate)

Career Opportunities after Operating System courses

Software Tester

As a software tester, you will need to ensure the quality of the software system. You will conduct manual and automated tests for the evaluation of the system. This way you make sure the system is bug-free. 

Average Base Salary: Rs 3,11,231/- p.a.

System Administrator

As a system administrator, you will be required to give 24*7 support (operations, troubleshooting, and maintenance) and make sure that the system is working efficiently. You will also need to conduct a meticulous diagnosis and fix errors.

Average Base Salary p.a.: Rs 4,34,535/-

App Developer

In this role, you have to develop applications for various platforms. You also need to modify them as per customer requirements. 

Average Base Salary p.a.: Rs 5,35,362/-

Other careers

Salary Trends

The remuneration of operating system professionals varies from one organisation to another and from one place to another place. It also varies depending on skills and experience. Mentioned below is the average base salary of a Software Tester based on experience:

Experience in years

Average Base Salary p.a.

< 1

Rs 2,06,893/- 

1 - 4

Rs 3,00,368/-

5 - 9

Rs 6,58,336/-


Rs 9,76,020/-

** Source of Salary Details: Payscale

Popular Online IT Courses and Certifications

Scope after Operating System courses

Operating systems are the most important glue that holds the hardware and software together. It is a necessary skill that should be part of the arsenal of any IT professional. Be it a computer programmer or an IT technician, all careers related to computer software require theoretical as well as practical knowledge of Operating systems. Hence the employer/clients look forward to seeing this skill in your resume. So take the best Operating System online courses and certifications to land amazing careers.

Top Recruiters

  • HP
  • Tata
  • Puma
  • Suzuki
  • Boeing
  • Toshiba

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Q: What are the different ways I can learn operating system certification courses?

A: When you take degree courses in computer science, you may get electives which will teach you about Operating systems. Or if you are a professional or someone who has garnered some computer knowledge on your own, then you can take online operating system courses.

Q: Can I get a job by learning just Operating System courses?

A: No. Operating system courses are useful as a supplementary aspect which can amplify your  pre-existing knowledge in computer science (programming, system administration.) So it is crucial that you learn the other skills either by self-teaching or by taking some degree courses (B.Tech, BCA, B.Sc). Note: Most of the time, the client/employer looks for degrees.

Q: How much does it cost to study different Operating System courses?

A: Most of the Operating System certification courses are free of cost. The paid ones can range up to INR 20,000/- or even more depending on the course as well as the course provider.

Q: How long does it take to complete Operating system courses?

A: In colleges, the course may be offered as electives. In that case, it can be completed within the span of a semester. When it comes to Operating system certification courses, it can range from a few days to a few weeks.

Q: What is the future of Operating System courses?

A: Learning operating system courses will be worth your time, effort and money. Take any job related to IT, the employer would demand technical skills in Operating systems. As different OS (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and others) come with better versions every few years, it is important to stay ahead. Thus take some of the best online operating system courses.

Q: Are operating system courses difficult to learn?

A: No. If you are willing to learn it so you can upskill yourself, then any challenging aspect related to the course wouldn’t be a problem. Most online operating system courses are designed to be user-friendly and you will be able to master them quite easily.

Career Category
Job Role


Introduction to Operating Systems

Offered by


Introduction to Operating Systems

The Introduction to Operating Systems training programme is a free introductory course that will help you learn about operating systems in the span of 2 months (approximately). This is a graduate-level course that dives into the abstractions, implementations and mechanisms of basic operating systems. 

Furthermore, the Introduction to Operating Systems course syllabus has been set at an intermediate level. It is divided into four sections that include an Introduction, Process and Thread Management, Distributed Systems, and Resource Management and Communication. The core of this programme consists of concurrent programming (threads and synchronisation), an introduction to distributed operating systems, and inter-process communication. 

In addition, the Introduction to Operating Systems online course will be taught by two experienced course instructors, Ada Gavrilovska and Jarrod Parkes. You will learn through a combination of instructor videos, interactive quizzes and learning exercises for maximum comprehension. 

What’s more, this is a free course offered by Udacity and Georgia Tech which means you can enrol in the Introduction to Operating Systems training and learn to accelerate your career.

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Operating System Certification Courses

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2 Months
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Linux
Introduction to Operating Systems

Offered by


Introduction to Operating Systems

The key connection between the hardware of a device and the programmes that run on it is given by operating systems [OS]. This enables us to write programmes without thinking a lot about hardware. It also guarantees that the resources of the computer, such as its CPU, memory and hard disc are used sufficiently. In this programme, it is concentrated on how the OS is able to do all this effectively. For candidates with previous computer organisational experience, this is an introductory programme. The Introduction to Operating Systems programme will focus on an OS called xv6, which is similar to the Linux operating system in many aspects.

For the Introduction to Operating Systems programme, SWAYAM is not charging any learning fee. Candidates can learn the programme for free but to get a certificate they have to pay a fee. Candidates will get an e-certificate with the logos of NPTEL and IIT Madras.

The curriculum of the Introduction to Operating Systems programme is designed by experts of IIT Madras and it will be containing all necessary details for a candidate. The programme will be having 8 weeks of duration and candidates will be able to learn from any where.

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8 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Computer skills
Hello Real World with Robot Operating System

Offered by

Delft University of Technology via Edx

Hello (Real) World with ROS – Robot Operating System

7 Weeks
Computer Hardware and Operating Systems

Offered by

NYU via Edx

Computer Hardware and Operating Systems

6 Weeks
Introduction to IBM z OS Mainframe

Offered by

IBM via Edx

Introduction to IBM z OS Mainframe

3 Weeks

Offered by


Operating Systems and Shell Scripting

Operating Systems and Shell Scripting online certification, developed by Accenture and offered by FutureSkills Prime, is targeted at individuals seeking a comprehensive training program in shell scripting for operating systems such as Linux and Unix. The objective of the Operating Systems and Shell Scripting online course by FutureSKills Prime aims to take individuals through the fundamental concepts of the operating system, shell scripting, and regular expressions from the ground up.

Operating Systems and Shell Scripting online classes include 6 hours of detailed video-based training sessions, as well as informative web links, exercises, and quizzes, focusing on explaining the features and functionalities of operating systems, teaches about Unix operating components, aspects to use the command-line shell for a shell script, and the meaning of regular expressions to modify and collaborate with text files. The course employs command prompts with Cygwin and Python 3.6 and above to assist individuals to gain a practical understanding of the course content.

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6 Hours
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Python Knowledge of Linux

Offered by


AWS SysOps Certification Training for Administrators

AWS SysOps Certification Training for Administrators is used to know all the advancements in cloud technology. The programme is curated to assist professionals such as system engineers and IT administrators who want to gain expertise in deploying, operating, and managing fault-tolerance systems in the cloud platform. The advances in cloud technology make the candidates learn how to secure data in the cloud in an efficient manner.

Cloud computing has changed the technology and shapes the advancements that are used to produce any type of result easily and efficiently. Nowadays cloud technology paradigm consoles both hardware services and software services that increase demand in the market. The cloud can be able to help the users for completing all the business needs. Therefore there is a need for studying deep-dive cloud technology advancements.

The AWS SysOps Certification training programme conducted by Intellipaat can combine ideation and creation to meet the requirements of cloud technology. The academy produces high-quality content that is used to know very useful information. Intellipaat strives to give its best to its students by conducting mock interviews, High-quality resumes placing in top MNCs.

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Skills Covered:
Networking Knowledge of AWS Technology Knowledge of cloud computing

RHCE Training

RHCE Training Course is an online course developed to provide the students with a deep understanding of the core concepts of Red Hat from the scratch and enable them to take the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)  certification. The curriculum of RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer)training will discuss numbers-related topics such as integration of Red Hat technologies, automation tasks of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, automation for innovation and efficiency, and many more. 

Administered by Mindmajix Technologies, RHCE Training online course will impart the candidates a thorough knowledge of Linux, history of UNIX, application of Linux OS, types of desktops and consoles, Linux File Systems, and the like along with the practical exposure. RHCE Training certification will facilitate the students with the capacity to perform the process of automation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, integration of Red Hat developing technologies, and making use of automation for innovation and efficiency. 

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September 08 - September,23 2023
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Linux

Build and Release Engineer Training

Build and Release Engineer Training Course is a short programme on Build and Release Engineering created and provided by the e-learning platform  Mindmajix. The curriculum will walk the students through all the gamut of strands of the build and release engineering and will develop expertise in DevOps Concept and Process, Build and Release Concept and Process, Apache Maven Fundamental, basics of Windows Administrator, Sonatype Nexus, and many more. 

 Learners who enrolled in the Build and Release Engineer Training Online Course also will be provided with guidance, practical questions, etc to clear the  Build and Release Engineer certification test. Instructed by Satish, a specialist in Build and Release Engineer, the programme will give the participants in-depth knowledge of Continuous Integration and Delivery Process, Linux Operating System, Subversion (svn) Fundamental, MsBuild Fundamental, Sonatype Nexus, etc. The students can take the  Build and Release Engineer Training certification in two ways provided by Mindmajix; live online via Zoom or Google meet and self-paced e-learning videos. The support for building a carer in build and release engineer, resume building, and preparing for interviews will be provided to the candidates. 

...Read More
September 04 - September,19 2023
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Linux
Ansible Getting Started

Offered by


Ansible - Getting Started



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