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OpenStack, the open-source cloud computing platform, has revolutionised the way organisations manage their cloud infrastructure. With its flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, OpenStack has become a cornerstone of modern cloud solutions. OpenStack courses offer comprehensive training in deploying, managing, and scaling cloud environments. In this article, we'll delve into the importance of general as well as free OpenStack training courses, their eligibility criteria, essential skills, popular specialisations, and top providers offering online training.

What is OpenStack?

OpenStack is a cloud computing platform that provides a set of software tools for building and managing public and private cloud infrastructure. It enables organisations to create and manage virtualized resources like computing instances, storage, and networking components. OpenStack's modular architecture allows customization and integration with various technologies, making it a preferred choice for businesses seeking agile and efficient cloud solutions.

Who can Pursue OpenStack Courses?

OpenStack online courses are designed for individuals interested in cloud infrastructure management, system administrators, DevOps engineers, and IT professionals who want to specialise in cloud computing. If you identify with any of these profiles, OpenStack courses can help you enhance your cloud management skills.

  • Computer Systems Administrators aiming to expand their expertise to cloud technologies.
  • DevOps Engineers interested in automating cloud infrastructure provisioning.
  • IT Professionals seeking to implement and manage OpenStack environments.
  • Cloud Enthusiasts aiming to build a career in cloud infrastructure.

Eligibility Criteria for OpenStack Courses:

Eligibility criteria for OpenStack certification courses may vary based on the course level and provider. Generally, familiarity with Linux systems, virtualization, and basic networking concepts is beneficial. Some advanced courses might require prior experience in cloud technologies and programming skills.

Skills Required for OpenStack Courses:

While specific prerequisites differ, certain skills can accelerate your OpenStack training journey:

  • Proficiency in Linux command-line interface (CLI) and system administration.
  • Basic understanding of virtualization and cloud computing concepts.
  • Networking fundamentals, including IP addressing and routing.
  • Familiarity with scripting languages like Python (for advanced courses).
  • Problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.

What You Will Learn in OpenStack Courses:

OpenStack certifications offer a comprehensive exploration of this open-source cloud computing platform, empowering individuals to effectively deploy, manage, and scale cloud environments. The content covered in OpenStack courses varies based on the course level and specialization, ensuring that learners acquire a robust understanding of both foundational and advanced concepts. Regardless of the specific course, students can expect to gain proficiency in a range of essential topics. Some of the common areas covered include

  • OpenStack architecture and components overview.
  • Installation, configuration, and management of OpenStack services.
  • Virtual machine provisioning and management.
  • Network creation and configuration in OpenStack.
  • Storage management using OpenStack Cinder and Swift.
  • Automation and orchestration with tools like Ansible.

Popular OpenStack Courses by Top Providers:

Renowned online platforms and institutions offer OpenStack courses. Mastering the intricacies of OpenStack, the open-source cloud computing platform, opens doors to enhanced IT capabilities. A multitude of reputable online platforms and institutions offer a spectrum of OpenStack certification courses. These OpenStack free courses empower learners to harness the potential of cloud infrastructure and expand their skill set. Here are some top providers:

Career Opportunities After OpenStack Courses:

Professionals with OpenStack certification training expertise are in demand across industries, especially in cloud service providers, technology companies, and enterprises. Upon completing OpenStack courses, individuals can explore roles like:

Salary Trends in OpenStack Courses:

Salaries for professionals with OpenStack skills vary based on experience, location, and job role. The cloud computing domain has witnessed significant growth, and individuals well-versed in OpenStack technologies are in demand across various industries. Here's a closer look at the average salary figures for specific job profiles within the cloud computing sector:

Job Profile

Average Salary (Approx.)

Software Engineer

Rs. 1,200,000

Solutions Architect

Rs. 2,100,000

Software Architect

Rs. 1,600,000

Software Developer

Rs. 330,000

Source: Payscale

Scope of OpenStack Courses:

The evolving landscape of cloud computing has brought about a surge in the adoption of cloud-based solutions by businesses across various sectors. In this paradigm shift, OpenStack, an open-source cloud computing platform, has emerged as a pivotal player, empowering organisations to build and manage their private and public cloud infrastructures with flexibility and efficiency. As the reliance on cloud technology continues to grow, so does the demand for proficient OpenStack online training professionals, who can harness its potential to optimise operations and deliver scalable services.

Top Recruiters in OpenStack:

In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing, OpenStack professionals play a pivotal role in creating and managing flexible and scalable cloud infrastructures. As organisations across industries realise the significance of efficient cloud management, the demand for skilled OpenStack experts continues to rise. For those embarking on or advancing in a career in this domain, aligning with the right employers is crucial. Here, we present a list of top recruiters in the OpenStack realm, each offering a unique platform to showcase expertise and contribute to cutting-edge cloud solutions:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Red Hat
  • IBM Cloud
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)


Q) Can individuals with no prior cloud experience take OpenStack courses?

Ans) Yes, OpenStack courses cater to beginners as well as experienced professionals. Beginner-level courses offer a solid foundation in cloud infrastructure management.

Q) Are OpenStack courses beneficial for DevOps professionals?

Ans) Absolutely, free OpenStack courses are valuable for DevOps professionals aiming to automate cloud infrastructure deployment, management, and scaling.

Q) Which industries hire professionals with OpenStack skills?

Ans) Industries such as cloud service providers, technology firms, and enterprises actively hire professionals skilled in OpenStack for efficient cloud infrastructure management.

Q) What skills are essential for success in OpenStack courses?

Ans) Proficiency in Linux systems, virtualization, networking, and basic scripting is essential for success in OpenStack courses.

Q) How does OpenStack contribute to cost optimization in cloud deployment?

Ans) OpenStack's open-source nature eliminates vendor lock-in, allowing organisations to choose hardware and software components that best suit their needs and budget. This flexibility contributes to cost optimization by reducing infrastructure expenses.

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Job Role



OpenStack Administration Training

OpenStack Administration Training Course is created to enable you to gain a solid foundation of OpenStack Administration and learn the key related concepts to clear the OpenStack Administrator certification test. The curriculum will make you expert and adept in the concepts of OpenStack services including Cinder, Swift, Nova, Heat, and much more, and will furnish intensive practical training through projects and real-time examples. OpenStack Administration Training online course, the online training programme by Mindmajix, will also provide you with in-depth knowledge of Trove, Neutron, Keystone, Glance, Ceilometer, etc. 

OpenStack Administration Training certification could be enrolled in three modes and the learners can choose as per their preference. Post the training programme, Mindmajix will also give the candidates the benefits of job assistance, support for preparing interviews, lifetime access to the pre-recorded videos, and the like.  

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June 10 - June,25 2022
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of cloud computing Automation skills

Offered by


OpenStack: Design and Implement Cloud Infrastructure

OpenStack is an accessible system for creating and managing private and public clouds in business data centers that makes use of distributed virtual resources. Openstack is one of the cloud infrastructures that are commonly usually employed to facilitate big data analytics and software development. OpenStack: Design and Implement Cloud Infrastructure online certification is created by Packt Publishing - a global educational organization delivering courses and ebooks for skill development, which is delivered by Udemy.

OpenStack: Design and Implement Cloud Infrastructure online classes are designed for applicants who wish to become professional cloud engineers and Linux administrators by mastering the skills necessary to establish private clouds using the capabilities of OpenStack. OpenStack: Design and Implement Cloud Infrastructure online course provides more than 4.5 hours of in-depth lessons supported by 4 articles, downloadable materials, and quizzes covering topics like cloud computing, OpenStack API, OpenStack networking, DevOps OpenStack, as well as methodologies useful to develop skills in OpenStack development by mastering task automation.

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Skills Covered:
Troubleshooting Knowledge of open stack platforms Knowledge of cloud computing

Offered by


Private Cloud with OpenStack and Ceph Storage

A private cloud is a type of cloud-based technology where the architecture is designated for a certain user organization. Any application or resource can be operated on a private cloud, including webpages, custom application backend services, big data, virtualization infrastructure, machine learning apps, and databases. The Private Cloud with OpenStack and Ceph Storage certification course was designed by Kar Wei Tan, an IT infrastructure professional, and is offered by Udemy.

Private Cloud with OpenStack and Ceph Storage online classes comprise 4 hours of digital lectures accompanied by 15 downloadable resources that guide the individuals through the deployment strategies for a private cloud using the OpenStack cloud platform and a Ceph Storage cluster as the data backend to the OpenStack. Private Cloud with OpenStack and Ceph Storage online training class discusses topics like a virtual machine, VirtualBox, virtual instance, glance, neutron, nova, controller node, computer node, and more.

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Skills Covered:
Networking Knowledge of open stack platforms Knowledge of cloud computing

Offered by


Preparing to Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) Exam

The Open Infrastructure Foundation primarily offers one professional credential, Certified OpenStack Administrator, which was created for OpenStack administrators with a minimum of six months of experience in the field. Preparing to Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) Exam online course is created by Kris Celmer - Cloud Expert & IT Infrastructure Professional, which is offered by Udemy for individuals who want to acquire the knowledge and expertise to become certified OpenStack Administrator (COA).

Preparing to Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) Exam syllabus offers 19 hours of detailed video-based lessons supported by 30 downloadable study materials which provide a great introduction to OpenStack and cloud technologies as well as cover all the topics stated in the latest COA standardized criteria. Preparing for Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) Exam online training teaches about various technologies including Vagrant, Keystone, Nova, Neutron, Cinder, Swift, Heat orchestration, image management, identity management, network management, and more.

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Skills Covered:
Troubleshooting Knowledge of computer networking

Offered by


OpenStack Essentials

OpenStack is a genuinely free cloud-based platform that is typically used in IaaS models in both public and private clouds, where users can access virtualized resources and other services. The software platform is made up of interconnected components that manage various hardware units of computing, memory, and networking resources spread throughout a data center from multiple providers. Ugur Oktay, an IT architect, developed and published the OpenStack Essentials certification course, which is offered by Udemy.

OpenStack Essentials online training comprises 6 hours of digital sessions, 8 downloadable resources, articles, and quizzes, and is intended for candidates who want to learn about OpenStack and its main services thoroughly from scratch. OpenStack Essentials online classes cover topics like cloud computing, lifecycle management, OpenStack cluster, troubleshooting, and command line interface as well as discuss how to operate and use OpenStack and gain the confidence to proceed onto the next steps.

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Skills Covered:
Troubleshooting Knowledge of cloud computing

Offered by


Fundamentals of the OpenStack Cloud with Hands-on Labs

An accessible cloud platform called OpenStack is intended to handle distributed computing, networking, and storage infrastructure in data centers. In general, OpenStack combines material assets into a single large pool and distributes virtual resources from this pool to clients who may then request them as needed through a customized portal or application programming interfaces. Naveen Joy, an expert in open source technologies like the OpenStack, Kubernetes, docker, AWS, and DevOps, designed the Fundamentals of the OpenStack Cloud with Hands-on Labs online certification, which is provided by Udemy.

Fundamentals of the OpenStack Cloud with Hands-on Labs online training is intended for students who wish to enhance their knowledge and comprehension of the methodologies used in cloud computing and OpenStack cloud to obtain their OpenStack administrator certification. Fundamentals of the OpenStack Cloud with Hands-on Labs online course involves more than 7.5 hours of prerecorded lessons supported by 3 downloadable resources, 2 practice tests, quizzes, and assignments that revolve around topics like floating IP address, security group, neutron virtual router, cloud controller, cloud nodes and more.

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Skills Covered:
Troubleshooting Knowledge of cloud computing Knowledge of computer networking

Offered by


OpenStack Installation and Deployment

Building and managing both private and public clouds is made possible by the open-source platform known as OpenStack. The compute, networking, memory, authentication, and image services that are the foundation of cloud computing are handled by the tools that make up the OpenStack platform, referred to as projects. The OpenStack Installation and Deployment certification course was created by Kris Celmer, an expert in cloud computing and IT infrastructure, and it is offered through Udemy.

OpenStack Installation and Deployment online course incorporate more than 12,5 hours of in-depth lectures in addition to 9 downloadable resources, and it is designed to provide applicants with a deeper comprehension of the OpenStack installation and deployment processes so they may develop the abilities to carry out manual installations. OpenStack Installation and Deployment online training also covers subjects like automation, networking, and security and explains how technologies like Ansible, vagrant, docker DE, google cloud, GitHub, and others work.

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Skills Covered:
Automation skills Knowledge of computer networking

Offered by


OpenStack: Public & Hybrid IaaS Cloud with OpenStack

For creating and administering our customized IaaS cloud infrastructure, users can use the free and open-source software platform known as OpenStack. This cloud software platform consists of multiple services and modules that may design and manage physical groups of computing power, storage, and networking resources throughout a data center. The TetraNoodle Team and Manuj Aggarwal, a business strategist, author, inventor, and instructor, developed OpenStack: Public & Hybrid IaaS Cloud with OpenStack online certification, which is provided through Udemy.

OpenStack: Public & Hybrid IaaS Cloud with OpenStack online course contains more than 3.5 hours of in-depth video lectures aimed to instruct Learners about OpenStack and all of its elements and services. With the help of the OpenStack: Public & Hybrid IaaS Cloud with OpenStack online classes, learners will study public IaaS clouds, hybrid IaaS clouds, IaaS clusters, and OpenStack management as well as will also examine some data which shows how important these skills are for becoming software engineers or system administrators as well as how the popularity for these skills is rising.

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Skills Covered:
Troubleshooting Knowledge of cloud computing

Offered by


Hands-on introduction to OpenStack, Docker & Cloud Computing

Naveen Joy, an expert in OpenStack, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, and DevOps, created the Hands-on introduction to OpenStack, Docker & Cloud Computing certification course. It is made available through Udemy for students who wish to master the knowledge and skills associated with the most recent cloud technologies, including Docker and OpenStack, to pursue careers as professional cloud engineers and IT architects.

Hands-on introduction to OpenStack, Docker & Cloud Computing online training comprises more than 5.5 hours of practical instruction and 3 downloadable resources to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of cloud computing, Docker, and the OpenStack cloud. Hands-on introduction to OpenStack, Docker & Cloud Computing online classes also includes assignments and quizzes which deal with topics like IaaS cloud, Python, AWS cloud, application development, networking, and more.

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Skills Covered:
Knowledge of cloud computing Knowledge of open stack platforms Knowledge of AWS Technology Networking Knowledge of Python Web application development skills


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