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The gaming world has sped across the ages of Super Mario and his quests on a 2D screen. Over the years, innovation and technology have revolutionised virtual reality. Gaming is now a multibillion business that combines creativity and technical skill. Today, you have mammoth size games with lifelike characters and intricate plots, online games with millions of players playing at the same time. You could be in development or purely in design or in both. The excitement this industry produces for young aspirants is beyond words. So, are you an artist? Or do you love programming? The gaming world is for you. There are plenty of gaming courses online offered by top institutes. You can also opt for free gaming courses from top online learning providers and global universities. 

What is Gaming?

The definition of gaming would be the act of playing games. But what you as an aspiring professional in this field are keen on is what goes behind the scenes. Gaming has evolved to become an art form. It is a complex multidisciplinary field, where storytelling meets graphic designing and soundtrack and programming. Each game is unique and is the product of dedicated professionals. It has a level of refinement and aesthetics to make compelling plots, characters, interfaces and others. There are a variety of games of all sizes - Sports, Adventure, Role-playing, Simulation, Action, Strategy, Puzzle and more.

Who can pursue Gaming courses?

  • You love to play games and have a good couple of ideas yourself
  • You are a compelling storyteller and can weave intricate plots and characters
  • You love to code and see the vast horizons spreading across the gaming world
  • You can draw and colour the game characters into life

Do any of these (or most, or all!) statements fit you? Then Gaming courses are for you.

Eligibility Criteria for Gaming courses

Note: The gaming sector is vast. You could contribute as the master storyteller, the skilled graphics artist or the exceptional programmer. For programming, you will need excellent coding skills which you can master on your own or it is always advisable to take a degree (B.Tech, BCA, B.Sc) in computer science

Entrance Exams for B.Tech Computer Science Engineering courses

Coming to gaming design you can follow this eligibility:

For gaming courses, you should have (10+2) qualifications. Computer science as one of the subjects would be an advantage as you will learn basic programming skills.

Entrance Examinations for Gaming courses

 UG Gaming courses

PG Gaming courses

There are also numerous online gaming courses in India that you can take to increase your skills.

Important skills for Gaming courses

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Great visualisation skills
  • Logical and Analytical skills 
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Programming skills (game development)
  • Storytelling

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What will you learn in Gaming courses?

Depending on the course, the subjects of gaming courses may vary.

Computer Science

  • Programming Languages (C++, Python, Java)
  • Software engineering
  • Computer Architecture and Organisation
  • Data Structures
  • Computer Networks
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Fundamentals of Computer Programming
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms

 Gaming Design

  • Animation (2D, 3D)
  • Multimedia & Computer Graphics
  • Visual effects
  • UX and UI 

Popular Gaming certification courses

While degree courses and experience can make you a professional and in most cases keep you updated with the latest trends, gaming certification courses prove to be still crucial. Because the institutes and companies that provide gaming certificate online courses are always ahead of the curve and they know what the market is demanding. Here's the list of some of the best gaming certificate courses offered by top eLearning providers. 


Offered by



3D Digital Game Art and Design

Arena Animation

16 months

RS 1,30,000/-

Game Art Program

Arena Animation

21 months

RS 1,95,000/-

Game Design

Arena Animation

7 months

RS 1,50,000/-

Game Development Mobile, AR and VR Unity

Arena Animation

10 months

RS 2,25,000/-

How To Start Your Career In Games Development

AVM via Futurelearn

4 weeks


Other Gaming certification courses

Career Opportunities after Gaming courses

Video Game Programmer

As a video game programmer, you will write codes to bring to life the exquisite game design. You will also modify codes to add recommended features and take care of various technical glitches. 

Average Base salary p.a.: Rs 406,946/-

Video Game Designer

As a video game designer, you will work with the development team. You might pitch the idea of the game or design the existing story by creating the storylines, characters, environment and others. You might also be required to do some coding on your own.

Average Base salary p.a.: Rs 606,272/-

Some other careers are: 

  • 3D Asset Artist
  • Game Tester
  • Game Designer
  • Graphics Simulator
  • Interactive Product Demo Artist

Salary Trends

Professionals who have pursued game development courses, game design courses, and other gaming courses online are well compensated. The salary of these professionals may vary depending on skills, experience, organisations and location. Mentioned below is the average salary of a Video Game Programmer based on experience:

Experience in years

Average Base Salary p.a.

< 1

Rs 330,000/-

1 - 4 

Rs 475,000/-

5 - 9 

Rs 859,884/-

** Source of Salary Details: Payscale 

Popular Online Design Courses and Certifications

Scope after Gaming courses

Gaming is no longer something that is considered a way of passing time. There are international, national and local tournaments for different platforms (computer, mobile, PlayStations, and others). To name a few of these competitions (Call of Duty, Counterstrike, Clash of Clans, and others). And when you sum up gaming as a sport, as a means of passing time, as a favourite hobby for many and more the industry exceeds over 300 billion dollars. As of 2021, there are over 2.7 billion people globally engaged in virtual games. (source: Accenture). So whether in India or abroad, the opportunities are limitless.

Hence take some of the best gaming courses and create the best games of tomorrow.

Top Recruiters for Gaming Professionals

  • Ubisoft
  • Gameloft
  • Electronic Arts
  • Microsoft
  • Sony Games

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Q: How can I learn online gaming courses?

A: There are numerous online gaming courses in India and gaming certifications that you can pursue from top institutes. These best gaming courses in India are world-recognised that give you specialisations within the gaming industry.

Q: Is gaming a good career?

A: The gaming industry is vast. You can have a degree in computer science or in visual graphics/animation design and enter this world as a developer or a designer. Gaming certification courses give you additional skills that can enhance your career prospects. 

Q: How long does it take to complete gaming certification courses?

A: Gaming certificate courses can be completed in a few weeks to even almost 2 years.

Q: What is the cost of gaming certification courses?

A: There are many gaming certifications which are free. Then there are gaming certification courses which can cost up to Rs 2 lakhs.

Q: Is gaming a difficult field? 

A: The career is indeed challenging as it combines innovation and technical skills. But with the right education and experience, you can develop the skills. This is a multi-billion dollar industry and the opportunities are endless.

Q: How do I start a career in gaming?

A: That would depend on which career within gaming you are aspiring for. To become a game developer, you will need programming. To become a game designer, you will need to learn animation design and its different aspects.

Career Category
Job Role



Offered by


Game Art

The programme Game Art Program course covers the theoretical as well as the practical foundations of Game and Art production powered by the Unity 3D game engine. The Game and Art Program provides the very basic fundamentals for creating games along with some designing concepts of creating models (character, prop and the environment) in a game.

Game and Art Program will help the applicants acquire a good amount of knowledge from the industry expertise and plunge into Anatomy Drawing of the techniques and designs. It helps the program users to get a good insight into different aspects of Game and Art – it helps them deal with the variety of gaming divisions, to create games and put lights, colour  and perspectives into a game, thereby adding many elements to it in the process of its creation.

Arena’s Game and Art Program puts a lot of opportunities into designing and creating a power-packed game, including variety of art and techniques into it, thereby increasing the role of Game and Art as a source of acquiring knowledge. From designing shapes to drawing sketches, along with the new techniques in the new form of world- Digital Painting,  the course provides different elements, at your disposal.

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21 Months
Skills Covered:
Designing skills Animation skills

Offered by


3D Digital Game Art & Design

The definition of Gaming has changed with evolving technologies. It is no more confined to entertaining gameplay or an encaptivating story, but the horizons of Gaming technology has now expanded to stunning game art with the incorporation of vivid display and crisp three-dimensional arts which transgress upon the avenue of digital gaming. 

Arena Animation's 3D Digital Game Art & Design is the right recourse for gaming designers to enhance their career prospects by gaining useful insights on this particular domain. This course will provide learners with the scientific knowledge of how game mechanics works. Further, it would brief upon the processes and practices of designing games along with the role of game characters and how to refine them. It ensures candidates are kept engaged and hooked throughout with its effective learnings.

Finally, the course vests course takers with skills required for the production of concept designs for different game settings and characters. At the end of this course, they will be able to learn how to digitally sculpt and model 3D characters, learn the process of animation of game assets and rigging, creating game asset textures, and setup characters in Unreal Game Engine.

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16 Months
Skills Covered:
Animation skills

Offered by


Game Development- Mobile, AR & VR

The increasing demand and popularity for video games have opened a whole new market for video game developers and this course is customised for those who are passionate about designing their own 2D or 3D games. If you are a learner passionate about Game Development or are looking to acquire a new skill then this course will help you with it 

 GAME DEVELOPMENT- MOBILE, AR &VR (UNITY) by Arena Animation is designed in a way such that the learner will be ingrained with knowledge as to how to use Unity 2D/3D engine to develop and design a video game from scratch even without any prior knowledge of coding. It helps the learner to create a prototype of game design ideas and turn those ideas into reality with hands-on practical training and exposure to industry interaction and workshops.

GAME DEVELOPMENT- MOBILE, AR &VR (UNITY) by Arena Animation will help the learner to achieve a detailed and clear understanding of what and how to develop a game from scratch and also will teach you all the technical skills required to do the same. 

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10 Months
Skills Covered:
Game designing skills

Offered by


Game Design

Initiated and started by Arena Animations, this game design programming course is a target the young and talented minds who have a keen interest in the world of games. In this world, the young generations are more inclined to get involved in more and more games, such as games having competitive goals and developing their minds and making them even sharper and sharper. 

With this course, one can be able to create his own game, customize it and update it with this ever-evolving technological world. Nowadays, 3D gaming takes on more interest and wins these young minds with their awestruck graphics. With access to this course specially offered by Arena Animations, it becomes easy for one to be a wonderful 3D game designer which has a demand in this generation. The participants will have both exposures to different gaming environments and learn more things than the usual with the practical experience.

...Read More
7.5 Months
Skills Covered:
Animation skills
How To Start Your Career In Games Development

Offered by


How To Start Your Career In Games Development

Enrol in the How To Start Your Career In Games Development course to kickstart a successful career in developing games. The course follows the career journeys of four individuals who recently began their careers as a part of the game development industry. It is free to join the course.

The FutureLearn How To Start Your Career In Games Development course covers the different skills that game development teams utilise. The programme will also take you through the process of strategising to display your skills while you apply for a position. Also, you get to know several ways to stand out from the competition.

How To Start Your Career In Games Development is an online course. It is delivered by three educators who boast years of relevant experience in the gaming and game development field. BGI developed this course along with The National Videogame Museum. Both these organisations work closely to bring a revolution in the gaming industry.

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4 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Game designing skills

Create Expressive Videogames

Prepared by UAL Creative Computing Institute, and Institute of Coding mainly for the FutureLearn’s platform, this Create Expressive Videogames certification is a monthly online course wherein the candidates will have to utilize only 2 hours of their precious time. Candidates will learn how they can explore the theory and then practice creating video games on their own. 

With the Create Expressive, Videogames certification syllabus candidates will be able to make brilliant video games by incorporating artistry and other techniques. Students will also analyze the decisions taken in published games, and create small games so that each week their toolbox is filled. Later on, with this course, candidates will feel the confidence to construct their video games which can take the video games to a level higher up.

Create Expressive Videogames training falls under the IT, and Computer Science category of courses, and will provide a detailed feminist approach to game design, and also its analysis. It helps in emphasizing the creation of smaller versions of independent games so that the developing agents can explain their experiences of creating those games.

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4 Weeks

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