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‘Architecture begins where engineering ends’, said Walter Gropius, the legendary German architect. You live in a world where the two disciplines rely on each other more than ever. Hence, enter architecture engineering.

Known by many times, (Architectural engineering, building engineering) this is a field that ensures the beauty of the structure stands the test of time. With the population, ever one the rise, it is crucial that the design can be translated into sturdy structures that can last for long. Hence on the global spectrum, the discipline of architecture engineering has such high appeal. If you have the talent for finding the best ways to make a design feasible, then you can become a pro in this field. There are numerous opportunities waiting for you.

What is Architecture Engineering?

It is a multi-disciplinary approach that incorporates the technical aspects of engineering and the aesthetic aspects of architecture. It involves planning, design, construction and operation of structures. This further requires a thorough analysis of: building components and materials, structural systems, environmental factors (lighting, plumbing, Heating,ventilation, air conditioning, acoustics, fire & safety,  energy conservation, electrical power systems, etc.), 

Difference between Architectural engineering and Architecture 

When it comes to architecture, it is the combination of art and science to create the aesthetic designs. In architectural engineering, it covers all aspects of building design and construction. This involves structural drawings, electrical, mechanical, calculations, etc.

Who can pursue Architecture Engineering courses?

  • You love to draw and sketch, and you have always designed buildings in your mind. It is time to make it a reality. You are a high school student
  • You are in college pursuing architecture engineering, wishing to learn more
  • You are already a professional (architect, civil engineer) who is looking to fine tune her skills
  • Do any of the above reasons appeal to you? Then Architecture Engineering courses are for you.

Eligibility Criteria for Architecture Engineering courses

For UG Architecture Engineering courses, you must have (10 +2) qualification with a minimum passing percentage (50%) with relevant subjects: Physics, Chemistry and mathematics.

For a diploma in architecture engineering courses, you need passing percentage (55%) 

For PG architecture engineering courses, you must have a bachelor’s (B.Arch) with a minimum of first-class (60%) marks or distinction.

You can take admission either through merit or through entrance exams.  There are common entrance exams as well as specific exams conducted by institutes for gaining admission.

Entrance examinations for Architecture engineering courses

For UG Architecture engineering courses

For M.Tech/M.Arch

You can also take online Architecture Engineering courses to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Important skills for Architecture Engineering courses

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Observational skills
  • Logical and Analytical skills 
  • Problem solving skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Focus
  • Time Management
  • Interpersonal skills

What will you learn in Architecture Engineering courses?

From its inception to the contemporary trends, the architecture engineering courses cover everything within the field. You learn about the aesthetics as well as the practical applications that you will have to do as a professional. You also learn about the importance of taking into account environmental factors for safety and sustainability.

  • Visual Arts and Basic Design 
  • Architectural Design 
  • Building Construction 
  • Theory of Structures 
  • Computer Applications 
  • History of Architecture 
  • Professional Communications 
  • Sociology and Culture
  • Model making and Workshop
  • Climate-responsive Design
  • Surveying and Leveling
  • Environmental Studies            
  • Human Settlement & Vernacular Arch           
  • Water, Waste and Sanitation
  • Electrification, Lighting & Acoustics
  • Site Planning and Landscape Studies
  • Solar Active and Passive Systems
  • Art and Architectural Appreciation
  • HVAC. Mech. Mobility & Fire Safety 
  • Green Systems Integration
  • Energy System & Renewables
  • Sustainable Urban Habitats
  • Specifications & Contracts
  • Contemporary Architecture
  • Project Management 
  • Urban Design Studies

Popular Architecture Engineering certification courses

Architecture is an ever expanding field, as more innovative methods are used to accommodate better buildings in a more sustainable way. The industry experts, after extensive research, have prepared Architecture Engineering certification courses that can keep you up to date with the latest developments in the field.


Offered by



Sustainable Architecture

IIT Roorkee via Swayam

12 weeks

Free (charge for certificate)

The Architectural Imagination

Harvard University, Cambridge via Edx

10 weeks


Career Opportunities after architecture engineering courses

Design Architect

You design the buildings catering to the demands of the client and also giving due consideration to. You work on the sites to gain practical exposure and take photos and survey on the project conditions. You use 2D and 3D drawings to design the buildings. 

Average Base Salary p.a.: INR 3,49,330/-

BIM (Building Information Modeling) Manager

You oversee BIM engineers and coordinators. You coordinate the project team in developing and updating 3D models during the lifecycle of the project. You handle different challenges that may arise during the project. 

Average Base Salary p.a.: INR 8,91,62/-

Interior Designer

You design based on the client’s needs and also based on the space available. You know all the trends (from vintage to contemporary) and even invent your own unique styles. 

Average Base Salary p.a.: INR 3,05,163/-

Other careers

Salary Trends

Average salary of a Design architect based on experience

Experience in years

Average Base Salary p.a.

< 1

INR 2,39,008 /-

1 - 4

INR 295,317  /-

5 - 9 

INR 6,22,916/- 


INR 12,07,309/-

20 and above

INR 23,58,324/-

** Source of Salary Details: Payscale

Note: The given salary details may vary depending on experience, skill, company, location etc. 

Scope after Architecture Engineering courses

With the boom in real estate and construction all over the world, there are more and more construction companies sprouting up. You can gain experience by interning and by taking online architecture engineering courses. You could work for architecture firms, consultancies, real estate projects, etc. You will be in high demand in both the private and public sector. Along with your innovation, you will also need the educational credentials and training. Then you are all set to go. You would be designing the best of all structures in the world.

So take some of the best architecture engineering courses to become that professional.

Top Recruiters


Sahara Group

Malwadkar and Malwadkar


Perkins and Will 



Q: Is it difficult to learn architecture engineering courses?

A: It is all about having the passion. If you can nurture your talent, you will find the theoretical aspects as elements for building your foundation. Take some online architecture engineering courses so you can have an idea about the discipline or to enhance your already existing skills and knowledge. 

Q: What is the duration for different architecture engineering courses?

A: For UG architecture engineering courses, the duration is 5 years. For PG architecture engineering courses it will take 2 years to complete. If you are considering a diploma in architecture engineering courses,  it could be 2-3 years. For research in the field, it can range from 2- 8 years. You can complete most architecture engineering certification courses within a few weeks.

Q: What are some of the top colleges that offer architecture engineering courses in the country?

A: Some of the top colleges that offer architecture engineering courses are:

Q: What is the cost for different architecture engineering courses?

A: For UG architecture engineering courses it can cost from  INR 56.23 K /- to 27.80 lakhs (private) and INR 16.22 K/-to 13.26 lakhs (public). For PG architecture engineering courses it can range from INR 55.00 K /- to 14 lakhs (private) and INR 23.46 K  to 3.74 lakhs (public). For diploma in architecture engineering courses, it can range from INR 40,ooo/- to 2 lakhs. For research in architecture engineering, it can range from 90.00 K to 15.2 lakhs (private) 75.00 K to 1 lakhs (public). For a diploma in architecture engineering courses it ranges from 3.90 K to 2.16 lakhs(private) and 2.69 K to 1.1 lakhs (public) Most architecture engineering certification courses are free of cost.

Q: What are some of the specialisations in architecture?

A: Some of the prominent specialisations given in architecture courses are:

  • Landscape Architecture
  • Urban Planner
  • Restoration Architecture
  • Research Architecture
  • Lighting Architecture
  • Political Architecture
  • Extreme Architecture

Q: Is it possible to master the basics of architecture engineering courses?

A: No. While you can get an overview (if you are a beginner) or learn new trends (if you are a professional), online architecture engineering courses can only supplement degree courses.

Career Category
Sustainable Architecture

Offered by


Sustainable Architecture

Buildings are one of the primary consumers of resources today. Thus, it is imperative to consider sustainability aspects in designing more efficient buildings. As such, the Sustainable Architecture certification course aims to understand the role of sustainable practices in developing efficient buildings for reduced consumption. 

Available at the UG level, the Sustainable Architecture online course touches upon various parameters of planning and designing sustainable buildings. It also elucidates concepts of design, technology, and practices used to create efficient buildings. The Sustainable Architecture program explains the science behind the high performance of efficient buildings; and covers the various tenets of sustainable architecture planning as a subset of sustainable development.

The Sustainable Architecture course by Swayam is approved by AICTE and caters to the needs of individuals involved in the domain of architecture and planning. Moreover, you can earn a digital course certificate on successful completion and find lucrative work offers across the design and architecture industry. 

...Read More
12 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of engineering

The Architectural Imagination

The architecture depicts the most profound social significance of civilization in artistic and material form. The Architectural Imagination course will let you look at architecture from different viewpoints of methodical accomplishment and cultural manifestation. You will examine the most commendable buildings of human history to derive insightful lessons from them.

As a learner of The Architectural Imagination MOOC, you will get to explore various concepts of architecture with practical exercises in modelling and drawing as well as study the important theoretical ideas to strengthen your understanding. Ideas such as architectural typography and perspective drawing will be taught in considerable detail.

With the learnings of this course, investigate how architecture represents the sophisticated yearnings of a cultural system. The Architectural Imagination course is a MOOC created by the Harvard University of USA and is eligible for AIA (American Institute of Architects) CUE (Continuing Education Units). Therefore, this course is academically fulfilling and professionally insightful. 

...Read More
10 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of engineering
Contemporary Architecture and Design

Offered by


Contemporary Architecture and Design

The Contemporary Architecture and Design online course offered by Swayam, an initiative by the education ministry of the Indian government. The course will teach students about the historical context and current architectural trends and discusses primary stages of modernism, contemporary architecture, and postmodernism.

The Contemporary Architecture and Design training briefly discusses key characteristics with examples of both stages of modern architecture. For a more comprehensive understanding, these periods of the architectural model of philosophy will be expanded into the domains of fine arts and visual design. The contemporary Architecture and Design syllabus will assist students in developing critical thinking skills related to architectural appreciation as well as developing design vocabulary.

The Contemporary Architecture and Design training covers various Post-Modern Architecture's Stages, Master architects' works from the modern period. The course also offers participants a government-recognized certificate through Swayam. Students must register and take the course provider's proctored in-person test at one of the certified testing centres, which costs Rs 1000.

...Read More
8 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Designing skills Knowledge of history
Culturally Responsive Built Environments

Offered by


Culturally Responsive Built Environments

The Culturally Responsive Built Environments online course is an 8 weeks program provided by Swayam, an initiative by the Ministry of Education of the Indian government. The goal of this course is to present cultural discourse theory, practice, education, and research in the built environment. 

The Culturally Responsive Built Environments training aims to lay the groundwork and re-orient learners to apply interdisciplinary and systems thinking approaches for putting together the ecological, scientific, technical, and political elements of the topic of the culturally relevant living environment under one roof.

The Culturally Responsive Built Environments syllabus includes culture risk and disaster, practices and principles of conservation, cultural economies, social change, architectural education, winter urbanism, etc.

...Read More
8 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Sociology
Housing Policy and Planning

Offered by


Housing Policy & Planning

The 8 weeks Housing Policy & Planning online course is offered by Swayam. For a long time, the Government of India has prioritized ‘Housing for All.' It has developed the Housing for All mission, which includes a sub-mission centred on ‘technology' to improve social housing delivery. The government has also been working to create an enabling environment for private companies by implementing changes in the land and finance sectors in order to boost the total housing supply.

As a result, the housing market is always changing. The Housing Policy & Planning training teaches about new conditions which helps academics and practitioners to deliver in the field of housing projects without a solid understanding of the rapidly changing housing planning practice and policy dynamics.

The Housing Policy & Planning syllabus includes current housing land and policy reforms, planning, and strategic intervention at the municipal and sub-regional levels. The program is highly engaging and full of best practices and important cases, as well as course resources that are extremely valuable for students at the bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D. levels, academics, professionals/consultants, and policymakers at all levels.

...Read More
8 Weeks
Principles and Applications of Building Science

Offered by


Principles and Applications of Building Science

Principles and Applications of Building Science certification is an AICTE approved course that is conducted for a period of 4 weeks. It is held on the Swayam platform by two renowned institutions IIT Roorkee, and NPTEL. Both the construction and design professionals need command over the fundamental principles in the building of physics for ensuring efficiency functionally in already built environments. Hence this course is ideal for providing a holistic solution for professionals to understand the disciplines of architecture and engineering for understanding the practical application of these principles.

Principles and Applications of Building Science training will make the participants engage in a series of learning which is experiential, and in the modules, the candidates will go through basic tutorials, and animated examples with the inclusion of case studies that can be applied, and also some self-done exercises. The end certificate will help those in the design and construction engineering firms.

...Read More
4 Weeks
July 25 - August,19 2021


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