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How much do you know about cells? What is going inside those building blocks of your body? You can agree that in 50 years you will know a lot more. Biochemistry is the science that studies such things.

Why should you know this? Because to build things at a macro level, one should know everything about the microlevel. Man can only advance in all spectrums (space, technologies etc.) if he has also learned everything about microorganisms. Biochemistry is crucial for mankind to make advances in healthcare and other research and technology.

What is Biochemistry?

It is the branch of science which deals with systematic study and analysis of various chemical processes within living organisms at a molecular level. Biochemists study components such as lipids, vitamins, proteins, hormones,nucleus etc. as well as processes such as the functioning of the brain, cellular multiplication and communication between cells and organs. 

Who can pursue Biochemistry courses?

  • You are passionate about biology and wishes to delve deeper 
  • You wishes to contribute in areas of healthcare and research
  • You love science and finds rewarding career prospects in the field

 Do any of these statements fit you? Then Biochemistry courses are for you.

Eligibility Criteria for Biochemistry courses

For UG Biochemistry courses, you must have (10 + 2) qualification in either PCM, PCB or PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology). You should have a passing percentage (50 %).

For PG Biochemistry courses, you should have a bachelor’s in a relevant subject with a passing percentage (50 %).

For Ph.D. Biochemistry courses, you must have a master’s degree in the relevant subject. 

Entrance Exams for Biochemistry courses courses

There are also online Biochemistry courses which you can take to increase your skills.

Important skills for Biochemistry courses

  • Logical and Analytical skills 
  • Problem solving skills
  • Research skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Technical skills (lab and computer equipment)
  • Time Management

What will you learn in Biochemistry courses?

  • Biological Science
  • Biomolecules
  • Analytical Biochemistry
  • Environmental Studies
  • Introductory Microbiology
  • Human Physiology & Nutrition
  • Biophysical and Biochemical techniques
  • Intermediary Metabolism
  • Computer application in Biology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Basic Immunology
  • Cell Biology
  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biomolecules
  • Biostatistics
  • Enzymology
  • Plant Biochemistry
  • Basic Biotechnology
  • Bioenergetics and Intermediary Metabolism
  • Biostatistics and Research Documentation
  • Stem Cell and Reproduction

Popular Biochemistry certification courses


Offered by



Analytical Techniques

AIIMS Delhi via Swayam

15 weeks 

Free (charge for certificate)

Biochemistry - IITKGP

IIT Kharagpur via Swayam

12 weeks

Free (charge for certificate)

Biochemistry - IITM

IIT Madras via Swayam

12 weeks

Free (charge for certificate)

Biochemistry of Biomolecules

St Xavier's College, Kolkata via Swayam

16 weeks

Free (charge for certificate)

Principles of Biochemistry

Harvard University, Cambridge via Edx

15 weeks


Career Opportunities after Biochemistry courses

Clinical Researcher

Your research on the cell, its component as well as various other microorganisms. You work in a lab and conduct experiments.

Average Base salary p.a.: INR 5,55,489/-


You study how medicines and drugs interact with the bodies of humans and animals at different levels, (micro and macro) Your research helps pharmaceutical companies to comprehend the safety and effectiveness of drugs.

Average Base salary p.a.: INR 4,87,957/-

Lab Technician

You work in pathology and research labs where you test samples and also give reports from the results obtained for the patients.

Average Base Salary p.a.: INR 2,46,307/-

Some other careers are:

Salary Trends  

Average salary of a Research Scientist based on experience

Experience in years

Average Base Salary p.a.

< 1

INR 5,83,775/-

1 - 4 

INR 5,50,805/-

5 - 9 

INR 7,69,038/-

10 - 19  

INR 10,06,900/-

20 and above

INR 17,50,000/-

** Source of Salary Details: Payscale

Note: The given salary details may vary depending on experience, skill, company, location etc. 

Scope after Biochemistry courses

A wide array of opportunities opens up to you in different fields. To give you an idea.

You can work in clinical and forensic fields after doing  advanced studies in medicine, dentistry, veterinarian science etc. With a masters degree or Phd you could work as a Researcher for pharmaceutical companies, independent research, diagnostic centers, biotechnology firms, universities. You could also work as a Professor/ lecturer.

With the right biochemistry courses you can pursue all of these rewarding fields.

Top Recruiters

Aurobindo Pharma


Sami Labs



Cipla, Ranbaxy

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

Panacea Biotech.



Q: What is the use of biochemistry courses?

A: The course teaches you how to research complex biological and chemical phenomena at a molecular level. The field emerged in the early 20th century when different sciences (chemistry, physiology, and biology) were combined to understand more about what is going on in the living organisms. Hence biochemistry courses are very crucial.

Q: How long does it take to complete various biochemistry courses?

A: The duration of UG biochemistry courses is 3 years whereas for PG it is 2 years. For research it can vary from 2 to 8 or even more years depending on the pace. Biochemistry certification courses can last upto a few months.

Q: What are some of the best colleges for biochemistry courses?

A: Some of the top colleges in India for Biochemistry courses are:

Q: Do biochemistry courses fall under medicine?

A: Biochemistry courses is a discipline in science which hugely overlaps with healthcare, because the study of chemical processes within a cell is imperative in medical science as well. So there is an overlap.

Q: How do I learn biochemistry courses online?

A: Fortunately, top institutes  (IITs, AIIMS, Harvard etc.) have collaborated with the Swayam initiative to bring you top Biochemistry certification courses. These courses can either give you an overview or help you focus on various specialisations. However it is important that you should also pursue not just bachelor’s but higher degrees as this is a research based field.

Q: What is the cost of biochemsitry certification courses?

A: Most of the biochemistry certification courses are free. Their certification is recognised worldwide as well.

Career Category

Biochemistry of Biomolecules

As a noble initiative founded by the Government of India to achieve accessibly, quality, and equitable education, SWAYAM comes out as a commendable online training venture which prioritises excellence in education. The initiative aims at the free and unhindered transmission of teaching-learning resources to everyone beyond their financial and miscellaneous obstacles. With SWAYAM, learners can bridge the digital divide caused due to them belonging to areas untouched by the digital tsunami by being a part of the knowledge economy like regular learners.

Biochemistry of Biomolecules Certification Programme focuses on one of the most significant parts of the interdisciplinary subject of Microbiology-Biochemistry. This topic deals with the interesting interplay of Chemistry and Biology to comprehend some of the highly fascinating and educationally relevant systems of the human body with deliverables from an expert in the domain.

The 36-moduled course includes discussion over Bioenergetics, Lipids, Biochemistry of Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins, Enzymes, and Practicals and involves candidates through the discussion forum. 

The course works on the idea that to understand microorganisms and their behaviour, Biochemistry is an important background subject. Throughout the span of four months, candidates will work on tests and quizzes which would test their learnings and help them revise the same.

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16 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Chemistry
Analytical Techniques

Offered by


Analytical Techniques

Analytical Techniques course by Swayam gives the learners an understanding of the analytical techniques used in Biochemistry. Swayam is a programme by the government to bridge the educational gap amongst the underprivileged. 

These courses are provided for easy accessibility and learning. In order to understand the subject effectively, it is necessary for the learners to have a strong foundation of the techniques and experiments on which the theories are built. This is where these analytical techniques become not only important but also essential.  

This course covers the diverse techniques, their principles and includes Electrophoretic techniques, general Laboratory techniques, separation techniques based on hydrodynamic properties, centrifugation and  Chromatographic, HPLC, Microscopic techniques, Purification methods, and ELISA. They will be trained in biomedical research applications and certain clinical diagnostic methods like RIA, PET, ELISA, Molecular diagnostics and clinical biochemistry.

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15 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Chemistry

Principles of Biochemistry

The course of Principles of Biochemistry offered by the platform of edX is in association with Harvard University. The duration of the course is 15 weeks. This course is a 100 percent online course. The enrolled candidate should at least invest 4-6 hours weekly for the completion of the course. 

This course is free of cost course but to avail of the certification for this course, the enrolled candidate has to pay according to the guidelines of the platform. The course provided by the platform is easily accessible and a self - paced course.

The candidates will learn about the structure of macromolecules and cellular functions. The candidates will gain knowledge about complex metabolisms like the brain, liver, and muscles. Additionally, the candidates will develop problem-solving and analytical skills which are required in the field of life sciences. The course completion certificate is highly valuable and is beneficial in various organisations, industries, and functional areas.

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15 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Biology

Offered by



The Biochemistry certification course is designed in a manner that will engage students with elementary education about the field and later it will bring them to the main scope of the course. This curriculum is an initial study that focuses on fundamental principles of biochemistry. The Biochemistry - IITKGP certification reflects on the understanding of the biological biomolecules: carbohydrates, sugars, nucleic acids. 

In addition to the principles of enzyme chemistry, the arrangement and functional functions of the macromolecules will be studied: kinetic models, pathways, resistance, structure, and process. The course will also discuss the fundamentals of membrane transportation and bioenergy concepts. After the end of the Biochemistry training, students are expected to grasp the chemical composition and the three-dimensional arrangement of these biomolecules in relation to their biological role. 

The course will take the modules of the whole curriculum one by one that will be engaged with the equally practical and theoretical studies for the program. The entire course will make the students more and more engaged with learning biochemistry with different assessments. 

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12 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Biology

Offered by



The proposed course on Biochemistry by Swayam aims to provide the applicants with the fundamental concepts of biochemistry and so that appearing students can learn about the core concepts that pertain to biochemistry in detail. The Biochemistry- IITM certification syllabus over the period of twelve weeks will be covering concepts like- water, enzyme, citric acid cycle, carbohydrates, buffer, acids, oxidative phosphorylation, ATP synthesis, and others. 

The programme will be recognised by the government and will help the students with economically vulnerable class to study about the higher concepts of biochemistry for free. The program will be offering the applicants free registration. Also, during the course tenure, the students will be gaining access to - quizzes, assignments, lecture videos, and others. The students after completing the course will thus have their skills increased in the subject of “catabolism of lipids”. They will learn about the various core concepts of biochemistry and its allied subjects.

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12 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Biology

Offered by

SNU via Edx

Life in the Universe Syntheses for Life

Life is a fascinating phenomenon in itself. Life in the Universe: Syntheses for Life online course is designed to help you explore various chemical principles that play a significant role in synthetic processes. These processes include ammonia synthesis, photosynthesis, and protein synthesis, which are essential for life. The course delivers a synopsis of several ground-breaking scientific discoveries.

You will learn about many concepts of Chemistry, including Niels Bohr's model of a hydrogen atom, chemical bonding, chemical evolution, Haber’s ammonia synthesis, and production of amino acids. With the learnings of edX’s Life in the Universe: Syntheses for Life digital course, you will be acquainted with topics like reduction and oxidation related to photosynthesis.

The edX Life in the Universe online course utilizes pivotal scientific papers and Nobel lectures to teach you some of the subject matter. You will also learn key chemical principles such as the primary structure of insulin, X-ray crystallography, mass spectrometry, and electrophoresis. Many more concepts will be used throughout the course duration.

...Read More
5 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Chemistry


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