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Online Ecommerce Analytics Courses & Certifications

Ecommerce analytics courses provide essential skills for analysing online retail data. They cover topics like customer behavior, sales trends, marketing effectiveness, and inventory management. You will learn to use tools like Google Analytics, interpret customer journeys, optimize marketing campaigns, and even explore predictive analytics and machine learning. These courses emphasise creating actionable insights through data visualisation and reporting, ultimately helping you make informed decisions to drive ecommerce success.

What is Ecommerce Analytics Courses

In Ecommerce Analytics courses individuals will learn how to effectively analyse and interpret data related to online retail operations. These courses cover a range of topics, including customer behavior, marketing strategies, and sales trends within the context of e-commerce. Participants will learn to use various tools and techniques for data collection, analysis, and visualisation, enabling them to make informed decisions that can enhance the performance and profitability of e-commerce businesses. These courses are typically offered online through platforms and they are suitable for professionals looking to enhance their skills in ecommerce data analysis and optimization.

Who can Pursue Ecommerce Analytics Courses?

Ecommerce Analytics certifications are for a wide audience, including ecommerce professionals, data analysts, marketers, business owners, and students. These courses teach data-driven insights and strategies to optimize online retail operations, making them valuable for career advancement, skill enhancement, and informed decision-making in the e-commerce industry.

Eligibility Criteria of Ecommerce Analytics Courses

The eligibility criteria for Ecommerce Analytics certificate courses can vary depending on the specific course and institution offering the programme. However, in general, there are usually no strict prerequisites and individuals from diverse backgrounds can often enrol. Here is an overview of the eligibility criteria:

  • Educational Background: Many Ecommerce Analytics Courses are designed to be accessible to a wide range of learners, including those with different educational backgrounds. While some courses may recommend prior knowledge of basic data concepts or business fundamentals.
  • Experience: Some courses might target beginners looking to enter the e-commerce analytics field, while others may aim at individuals with existing experience in e-commerce, data analysis, or related fields.
  • Technical Skills: Basic computer literacy is generally required, as these courses often involve using analytics tools and software for data analysis and visualisation.

Skills Required for Ecommerce Analytics Courses

Ecommerce Analytics Courses aim at individuals with varying levels of experience, and specific skills can vary depending on the course's complexity. Here are some general skills that can be beneficial for success in these courses:

  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Numerical Literacy
  • Data Literacy
  • Business Understanding
  • Curiosity and Critical Thinking
  • Problem-Solving
  • Attention to Detail
  • Basic Excel Skills

What You Will Learn in Ecommerce Analytics Courses

Ecommerce Analytics courses with certificates cover a wide range of topics designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively analyse and optimise online retail operations. The specific content of these courses can vary depending on the institution and programme, but here are some common areas you can expect to learn about in Ecommerce Analytics courses:

  • Introduction to Ecommerce Analytics
  • Data Collection and Management
  • Google Analytics and Other Tools
  • Key Performance Indicators 
  • Segmentation and Targeting
  • Customer Behavior Analysis
  • Forecasting and Predictive Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics

Popular Ecommerce Analytics Courses by Top Providers

There are several reputable Ecommerce Analytics courses and certification programmes available through various educational institutions or online platforms. Below are some top online providers and their Ecommerce Analytics courses:

Career Opportunities After Ecommerce Analytics Courses

Completing Ecommerce Analytics courses can open up a range of exciting career opportunities in the rapidly growing field of online retail and digital marketing. The skills you acquire through these courses are in high demand as businesses increasingly rely on data-driven insights to optimise their online operations and drive growth. Here are some potential career paths you could pursue after completing Ecommerce Analytics courses:

Salary Trends in Ecommerce Analytics Courses

Salaries in the field of Ecommerce Analytics can vary widely depending on factors such as your location, level of experience, specific job role, company size, and industry demand. Here is a general overview of salary trends based on different job roles within Ecommerce Analytics. 

Job Profile

Average Salary Per Annum

Ecommerce Analyst

Rs. 2,92,774 (Approx.)

Digital Marketing Analyst

Rs. 3,52,991 (Approx.)

Web Analytics

Rs 4,61,299 (Approx.)

Data Analyst

Rs. 4,97,222 (Approx.)

Business Intelligence Analyst

Rs. 6,10,138 (Approx.)

*Source: Payscale

Scope of Ecommerce Analytics Courses

Ecommerce Analytics training courses offer a comprehensive understanding of data-driven strategies essential for growing in the competitive world of online retail. You can master key concepts like data collection, customer behavior analysis, conversion optimization, and marketing performance evaluation. These courses equip individuals with the skills to enhance online shopping experiences, maximize sales, and drive business growth. Graduates can pursue rewarding careers as Ecommerce Analysts, Digital Marketing Specialists, Conversion Rate Optimization Experts, and more.

Top Recruiters in Ecommerce Analytics Courses

Several top companies across various industries actively recruit professionals with expertise in Ecommerce Analytics. These companies value individuals who can analyse data, optimise online experiences, and drive business growth. Here are some notable recruiters in the field of Ecommerce Analytics:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Alibaba Group
  • Shopify
  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • Zalando
  • Nike
  • Adobe
  • Google
  • Criteo
  • L'Oreal
  • Wayfair

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1. Who can benefit from Ecommerce Analytics courses?

Ans: Anyone involved in online retail, digital marketing, or business management can benefit from these courses. This includes business owners, marketers, analysts, and those seeking careers in e-commerce.

2. What skills will I gain from these courses?

Ans: You will develop skills in data analysis, using analytics tools, interpreting customer behaviour, making data-driven decisions, and optimising e-commerce strategies.

3. Are Ecommerce Analytics certifications valuable?

Ans: These certifications can add credibility to your skills and enhance your job prospects. However, experience and practical application of skills are equally important.

4. Can I take Ecommerce Analytics courses online?

Ans: Yes, these courses are available online through platforms like Coursera, Swayam, Udemy, and others, offering flexibility in learning.

5. Do Ecommerce Analytics courses teach specific tools like Google Analytics?

Ans: Yes, many courses cover tools like Google Analytics and other relevant software used for Ecommerce Analytics.

6. Do Ecommerce Analytics courses cover mobile analytics and cross-device tracking?

Ans: Yes, mobile analytics and cross-device tracking are often covered as they are crucial aspects of Ecommerce Analytics.

Career Category
Job Role


ACCP Pro- E-commerce

Offered by


ACCP Pro- E-commerce course

Aptech Learning is an online platform providing various types of career-oriented courses to its students. It has courses for different domains such as banking, finance, hardware, networking, and information technology. It provides access to all the course material and gives the students an opportunity to associate with industry experts.

The framework of the ACCP Pro– E-commerce course by Aptech Learning has been designed to provide the learners with a detailed perspective on E-commerce. This course aims to give the learners a comprehensive introduction to the essential concepts of E-commerce.

Through this coursework, the participants will be trained in web productivity tools, logic building, building next-generation websites, elementary programming, and E-commerce implementation. The coursework will provide the required training to handle the various career opportunities that will come along once they step into the industry. They will be capable enough to start and sustain their career in the E-commerce industry effectively. They will have developed the required professional skills and expertise required in the industry.

...Read More
23 Months
Skills Covered:
SQL knowledge Automation skills Knowledge of Taxation Financial knowledge Knowledge of CSS Java

Offered by


eCommerce Analytics

The eCommerce Analytics programme by Jigsaw Academy comprises all the essentials of E-commerce analytics, to help you learn how analytics work in this domain. The course curriculum consists of key E-commerce analytics lessons, including the digital economy, ClickStream Analytics, analytics processes, data analytics usage, customer targeting, market basket analysis, and more. 

Trained experts of the industry have carefully curated the eCommerce Analytics course curriculum to help you master E-commerce analytics and its numerous applications. Moreover, eCommerce Analytics programme also offers several features to provide you with a comfortable and interactive learning experience. The training consists of an online learning module with six months of content access. 

Upon satisfactory completion of the eCommerce Analytics by Jigsaw Academy, you will receive Jigsaw Academy’s certification as well, to help you proceed in this career path.  Candidates receive an easy ticketing system for technical and faculty support to clear their doubts, easy mobile app access, industry-related case studies, and data sets spread across numerous industries. 

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3 Months
Skills Covered:
Analytical skills Machine learning Knowledge of Big Data

Ecommerce Technologies

With the rapidly growing digital world, many industries have undergone a huge demand in recent times and an important one among them that witnessed a surge higher than most of the other sectors is the sector e-commerce. It has since produced many a number of jobs, opportunities, and has helped in the growth of technologies it was invested in and is estimated to steadily grow even higher in the upcoming years.

That is why this course, Ecommerce Technologies, by Grace Technology Solutions is so important. It covers every topic of the industry in broad detail and makes sure to leave no doubt in the participants’ minds. The course makes it a point to keep every topic clear and well understood even in modules going over contents like web promotion, computer crimes and more.

The Ecommerce Technologies online course has been designed via an initiative by the government to make the education of the higher level easily accessible to all the participants of the nation, especially for the people who don’t come from an unprivileged background.

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12 Weeks
July 30 - October,21 2023
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of ecommerce

Offered by


Build a Profitable Dropshipping eCommerce Business in Days

Build a Profitable Dropshipping eCommerce Business in Days certification course is created by Chase Bowers - Founder at Dropified and Lowell Rempel - CEO at Dropified and is made available by Udemy which is designed for anyone interested in starting an online business and using digital marketing tools to grow and track their business activities. Participants in the Build a Profitable Dropshipping eCommerce Business in Days online course do not need any prior coding experience, so even a complete newbie may get started learning about dropshipping and e-commerce.

Build a Profitable Dropshipping eCommerce Business in Days online classes provide more than 50.5 hours of extensive pre-recorded video lectures, as well as articles and 27 downloadable resources, cover various digital marketing concepts such as social media marketing, YouTube marketing, Facebook marketing, and Pinterest advertising, as well as teach about various dropshipping platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, GrooveKart, and CommerceHQ, where individuals do not need to maintain any inventory.

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