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Online Cyber Law Courses & Certifications

Online cyber law courses in India are one of the most sought-after online courses in today's digital world where everything is connected to the internet. The digital world has its own set of rules and regulations similar to the ones each nation has. These rules and regulations are called Cyber Laws, and they are placed to make digital/cyberspace a safe haven. There are various online cyber law courses offered by top online learning providers and institutes worlds. These cyber law online certificate courses equip learners with effective concepts and practices of cyber law and help them launch their careers as lawyers, cyber consultants, security auditors, legal advisors, cyber lawyers and many more. Some popular cyber law courses are diploma in cyber law distance learning, cybersecurity law and policy online course, free online certificate course in cyber law, BTech Cyber Security, and more.

As cyberspace makes trillion-dollar businesses grow and has become home for the personal and the professional, it is imperative to have professionals who are skilled in cyber law. The duration of a cyber law online course varies from one institute to the other. As the degree programmes take 2-4 years, online cyber law courses in India and cyber law free certificate courses range from a few hours to a few weeks. If you wish to make cyberspace a better place, then arm yourself with the best cyber law online courses.

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What is Cyber Law?

It is a discipline which specialises in law against cyber crimes. Also known as Internet law, cyber law is designed to handle legal issues related to the Internet. These involve privacy, intellectual property, jurisdiction, data protection, contract and freedom of expression.

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Who can pursue Cyber Law courses?

  • If you wish to make cyberspace a safer space.
  • You as a user for professional/purposes use the internet and wish to know about the safeguards. This way you are able to use the internet safely.
  • As a professional, you learn this to handle the legal issues of your company.

Does this fit you? Then cyber law certifications are for you.

Eligibility Criteria for Cyber Law Courses

For a UG diploma in Cyber Law online courses and diploma course in cyber law, you should have (10+2) qualifications and should be from the science stream.

For a PG diploma in Cyber Law online courses, you can enrol if you:

  • Have A bachelor’s degree
  • Have completed 3 years of your 5 years integrated LLB 
  • Have taken the final exams for your graduation/bachelor’s

Some top institutes offering cyber law courses

Here are some of the popular institutes that provide course on cyber law:

Entrance Exams for Cyber Law Courses

Note: Common Entrance Examination (Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra conduct Common Entrance Examinations).

You can also enrol in online cyber law courses to earn a certificate in cyber law as they can expand your knowledge and skills.

Important Skills for Cyber Law Courses

These are some of the skills recommended for learners to have while taking courses in cyber law. 

  • Logical and Analytical skills 
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Excellent language skills

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 What will you learn in Cyber Law Courses?

What you will learn in cyber law course in India will differ based on which institution and which level programmes you opt for. Some of the topics covered by cyber law diploma programmes are listed below. 

  • Digital Signatures
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Cybercrime Law in India
  • E-commerce
  • International Legal Regime
  • Information Technology Act, 2000
  • Copyright Issues
  • Trademark Issues
  • Regulation of Cyber Crimes

Popular Online Law Courses and Certifications

Popular Cyber Law Certification Courses

There are a vast number of cyber law certificate courses from top online learning providers. The online cyber law certification India courses can be pursued anytime and from anywhere. Students can complete these cyber law online certificate courses at their own pace and convenience. Any individual seeking to advance their skills without compromising their current jobs or existing commitments can enrol in the best online cyber law course in India.

The table below shows the popular cyber law certification courses and free courses on cyber law. 


Offered by



Online Certificate Course on Cyber Laws

ILI Delhi

3 months

Rs 7,500/-

Certificate Course in Cyber Laws
IFHE Hyderabad
6 monthsRs 15,000/-
Certified Cyber Law AnalystVskillsSelf-pacedRs 3,499/-
Cybersecurity Law & PolicyUdemy2 hoursRs 389
Professional Diploma in Cyber Investigations and LawsHITS Chennai6 monthsNA

Career Opportunities after Cyber Law Courses

The advancement in the digital world, unfortunately, gave rise to cyber crimes (data theft, scams, and cyberbullying). Thus, the Indian government enforced the Information Technology Act in the year 2000. Globally as well, there is a need for strict adherence to cyber law. This gives rise to multifarious career opportunities. A student who has pursued a cyber law online course free or at a rational cost, or cybersecurity law and policy online courses will explore a variety of career opportunities in both public and private companies. Here are some popular job roles a student will explore after a paid and free online certificate course in cyber law.

Salary Trends

The average salary of a cyber lawyer varies depending on experience, skill, company, location and other factors. According to PayScale, the average salary of a legal advisor in India is Rs 601,597 annually. Mentioned below is the average salary of a legal advisor based on experience.

Experience in years

Average Base Salary p.a.

< 1

Rs 491,692/-

1 - 4 

Rs 487,920/-

5 - 9 

Rs 610,419/-

10 - 19  

Rs 726,250/-

20 & above

Rs 1,831,257/-

** Source of Salary Details: Payscale

Popular Specializations

Scope after Cyber Law Courses

Every government spends millions to ensure the safety of their country. In this day and age, every nation is vulnerable to attacks within the digital platform. So that sums up the defence of the nation. Coming to the private sector and other public sectors, you see the necessity of securing data. The digital platform is sprawling with legal disputes. As a professional, you can give clarity and safety to others. So, choose the best online cyber law courses in India distance learning and cyber law diploma courses to earn a certificate in cyber law and become a professional who can ensure the proper implementation of cyber laws.

Top Recruiters of Cyber Law Professionals

There are many legal firms that hire professionals who have done cyber law diploma courses. Some of such recruiters are:

  • Infor
  • Wipro
  • Google
  • Trilegal
  • Kochhar & Co
  • AZB & Partners

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Q: Can I pursue Cyber Law courses online?

A: Yes you can. There are numerous online cyber law courses and cyber law free certificate courses that you can learn from the comfort of your home. But also go take some bachelor’s degree (preferably in law) to become a professional in cyber law.

Q: How long does it take to complete cyber law courses?

A: That would entirely depend on the institute and the course it provides. Cyber Law certification courses can be completed within a few months. Cyber Law degree and diploma courses can take a few years. 

Q: What are the different job profiles in Cyber Law?

A: After completing cyber law courses, you can become a cyber lawyer, cyber consultant, legal advisor, legal counsel, and others.

Q: What are the costs of various online cyber law courses?

A: It can change depending on the course and the institute. UG Cyber law courses can cost up to Rs 20 lakhs. PG Cyber law courses can cost between Rs 1-2 lakhs. Cyber Law certification courses can cost up to a few thousand rupees. 

Q: Why are cyber law courses important?

A: The digital world is prone to all kinds of attacks and disputes just like the outside world. As the outside world has laws and law courses to create professionals to implement the laws, similarly there is a high demand for cyber law courses.

Q: What do you learn in Cyber Law courses?

A: To list a few of the fundamental concepts: Intellectual Property Rights, Cybercrime Law in India, Digital Signatures Trademark & Copyright Issues, E-commerce, and IT regulations. Also, consider some online cyber law courses as they can help you advance in your career. 

Career Category
Job Role


Professional Diploma in Cyber Investigations and Laws

Offered by


Professional Diploma in Cyber Investigations and Laws

Communication and computers have become the backbone of various sectors in society. They are used to share information, support critical infrastructure, and organise operations enterprises. Due to the large access requirements, dynamic insistence on the internet and advanced network intricacies, cybersecurity has become quite crucial amongst organisations.  In the Professional Diploma in Cyber Investigations and Laws course, you will learn about the various facets of cybersecurity and the corresponding laws. 

The Professional Diploma in Cyber Investigations and Laws syllabus has been designed by the Hindustan Institute of Technology & Science. This is a six-month diploma course that will talk about various aspects of cybersecurity such as cyber risk management, cyber forensics, SIEM and log trails, cyber investigation management, and cyber laws. There will be theoretical as well as practical sessions to help you absorb the subject matter more thoroughly.   

Professional Diploma in Cyber Investigations and Laws certification has immense scope in various industries. Banking and other financial institutions, public sector companies, the police force and many other industries are always looking for security professionals to protect their assets and fulfill management requirements. So you can pursue several career opportunities once you complete the training.  

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6 Months
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Cyber Laws
Certificate Course in Cyber Laws

Offered by


Certificate Course in Cyber Laws

6 Months
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Cyber Security Knowledge of Cyber Laws
Online Certificate Course on Cyber Laws

Offered by


Online Certificate Course On 'cyber Laws'

With rapid technological advancements in society, the necessity of imposition of legal regulations to prevent any illegal act is obvious. Whether it be online banking and other commercial transactions, technology has revamped public convenience and brought general administration and good governance. However, the prime concern turns out to be the abundance of online frauds and other criminal activities; pornography and pishing being the common ones. This poses a challenge to identify the culprit behind the anonymity of the seamless internet and overcoming jurisdictional or conflict of law issues. 

Online Certificate Course on Cyber Law has been crafted by Indian Law Institute, which has been the pioneer in the field of teaching and training of IP laws and cyber laws for the very purpose of equipping people to differentiate between what is genuine and what is not and help them become more vigilant on the internet. 

The Online Certificate Course on Cyber Law training also suits the lawmakers and judicial persons who encounter such cases on a daily basis and need to have a holistic knowledge of legal compliances. The distant learning programme makes it convenient for learners to attend the course in synchronisation with their schedule. Relevant queries regarding anything related to the course will be addressed online.

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3 Months
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Cyber Laws
Certified Cyber Law Analyst

Offered by


Certified Cyber Law Analyst

The aim of this course to become a Certified Cyber Law Analyst is mainly to ensure security against the offenses committed on the internet. Since in recent years, where everything has become digitalised, it has left a greater scope for cyber frauds to take place which is why cyber law analysts are in great demand. 

This Certified Cyber Law Analyst training course aims to spread awareness about the frauds taking place online as well as equip aspirants to master the various facets of online crimes. The candidates would learn to better understand the problems arising from usual online procedures, such as online transactions, selling artwork, etc look into these problems from the perspective of a professional and resolve them.

This Certified Cyber Law Analyst online course from Vskills is best suited for candidates looking to improve their technical skills and also cyber law aspirants who want an all-around learning experience. An interactive and experienced faculty will be provided to the students so that they can face the challenges and assessments to the best of their abilities. 

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Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Cyber Laws

Offered by


Cybersecurity Law & Policy

Cybersecurity law is one of the fastest fast expanding areas of law, with essential concerns such as privacy, cyberattacks, bitcoin banking, international legal concerns, and internet governance. The Cybersecurity Law & Policy online certification was developed by Victoria Sutton, a law professor, and is offered by Udemy, which is one of the best cybersecurity certifications for candidates who want to learn about the rules and regulations governing cybersecurity and internet governance.

Cybersecurity Law & Policy online course involves 2 hours of video-based lectures supported by 8 downloadable resources that discuss the current and future state of cybersecurity laws and cover topics such as net neutrality, cybercrime, internet of things, cyber attacks, social media integration, litigation, digital currency, and more. By the end of the Cybersecurity Law & Policy online classes, candidates will have acquired the skills of recognizing essential cybersecurity legal concerns and will be introduced with the basic knowledge to understand when they need to consult an attorney.

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Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Cyber Security Knowledge of Bitcoin


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