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The world is always in danger from natural and man-made disasters. What you can do is to be prepared so that you can either avert the disaster or if it is inevitable, reduce its impact. This process of taking measures before, during and after the disaster is called disaster management. There are numerous NGOs working in disaster management. Not to mention the efforts by governments and world organisations as well. This goes to show the importance of disaster management. This highly respected field attracts hundreds of thousands of individuals every year. Take some of the best Disaster Management courses to be prepared for disasters as well as to be a qualified professional. There are also many free disaster management courses & certifications offered by top institutes.

What is Disaster Management?

It is the process of managing different resources and responsibilities to handle various disasters (natural and man-made). This means being prepared with effective plans, responsive measures, preventive measures, and recovery plans in times of disaster.

Who can pursue Disaster Management courses?

  • As a responsible individual, you want to protect people around you
  • You have always wished to serve the government or NGOs in disaster management
  • You are a professional in the company and wish to and are also required to know disaster management

 Do any of the above reasons appeal to you? Then Disaster Management courses are for you.

Eligibility Criteria for Disaster Management courses

PG Disaster Management courses

For MBA in Disaster Management courses, you should have completed a Bachelor’s in any subject with a passing percentage of 50% marks 

For MSc in Disaster Management courses, you should have a Bachelor’s in any of the following disciplines (Geography/Geology/Civil Engineering/Environmental Science) with a passing percentage of 55% marks 

For MA in Disaster Management courses, you should have a Bachelor’s in any discipline with a passing percentage of 50% marks. 

For M.Phil. in Disaster Management courses, you must have a Master’s degree in the relevant discipline with a minimum of 55 % marks.

For PhD in Disaster Management courses, you must have a Master’s or MPhil in the relevant field with a minimum of 55 % marks.

Entrance Exams for Disaster Management courses

You can also take online Disaster Management courses to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Important skills for Disaster Management courses

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work under extreme pressure
  • Focus
  • Technical skills (disaster management equipment)
  • Time Management
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Multitasking

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What will you learn in Disaster Management courses?

  • Disaster Theory, Statistics and Logistics
  • Field Skills
  • Disaster Mitigation, Preparedness and Response
  • Earth catastrophes, Fire and Explosion
  • Hazards, Risks and Disasters
  • The Experience of Vulnerability
  • Disaster Medicine
  • Understanding Natural and Man-made Disasters
  • Risk Analysis Techniques
  • Strategies for Survival
  • Logistics Management
  • Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Recovery
  • Resources Analysis and Mobilization
  • Emergency Preparedness Plan

Popular Disaster Management certification courses

There are plenty of disaster management certification courses from top institutes around the world. These Disaster Management online courses are of short duration. The aim of Disaster Management certification courses is to equip the professionals in the field with the latest skills and knowledge; to enable the individuals with enough knowledge and skills to act in times of disaster. Students can pursue a certificate in disaster management as per their convenience and at their own pace.

Here are some of the best Disaster Management certification courses.


Offered by



A Resilient Future Science and Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne via Edx

7 weeks


Nature-Based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience

SDG Academy via Edx

7 weeks


Tsunamis and Storm Surges Introduction to Coastal Disasters

Waseda University, Tokyo via Edx

6 weeks


Urban Disaster Risk Mitigation and Climate Resilient Development

SPA Delhi via Swayam

15 weeks

Free (charge for certificate)

Career Opportunities after Disaster Management courses

Disaster Recovery Manager

You develop strategies for disaster recovery. These could be to ensure effective communication, and resource allocation (staff, database, technology, medicine, and more). This ensures effective disaster management.

Average Base Salary p.a.: Rs 10,55,110/-

Safety Specialist

You develop safety measures and policies which organisations follow to prevent disasters as well as follow during and after a disaster. You also monitor mock procedures to prepare the staff of a company in times of disaster. Your plans will be in compliance with government standards.

Average Base Salary p.a.: Rs 7,20,000/-

Environmental Health and Safety Manager

You prepare organisations and societies in preparing as well as preventing disasters. You conduct evaluations to ensure that people are taking safety standards seriously. You also make them understand the importance of protecting their environment. 

Average Base Salary p.a: Rs 9,17,664/-

 Other careers

  • Emergency Services Director
  • Nuclear Emergency Planner
  • Hurricane Program Manager

Salary Trends

The salary of disaster management professionals is varied depending on experience, skills, employers and location. The average salary of an Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Manager based on experience is mentioned below.

Experience in years

Average Base Salary p.a.

< 1

Rs 3,79,993/-

1 - 4 

Rs 5,00,000/-


Rs 8,06,315/-


Rs 12,07,841/-

20 and above

Rs 19,16,215/-

** Source of Salary Details: Payscale

Note: The given salary details may vary depending on experience, skill, company, location etc. 

Popular Online Competition Courses and Certifications

Scope after Disaster Management courses

Governments, Non-governmental organisations across the world spend billions of dollars together on disaster management. This is a skill that is not just for the professional. As a responsible citizen, you should know disaster management. So taking some of these free online disaster management might make you more prepared to help yourself and others. Coming back to the scope, this fulfilling career makes you a hero. Your expertise is needed in relief agencies, fire departments, drought management, schools, hospitals, construction, law enforcement, insurance companies, petroleum mining, and chemicals, to name a few. 

So take some of the best disaster management courses to become a professional.

Top Recruiters

  • United Nations
  • World Bank
  • Clean Harbors
  • National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM)
  • Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA)

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Q: What is the cost of different Disaster Management courses?

A: It is around 5 lakhs for PG Disaster Management courses. For PhD, it can vary from a few lakhs rupees depending on the institute. For a diploma, it will be under 1 lakh. Most Disaster Management certification courses are free of cost.

Q: What are some of the top colleges that offer Disaster Management courses in the country?

A: Some of the top colleges are:

Q: What is the duration for different Disaster Management courses?

A: For PG Disaster Management courses, it is 2 years. For Mphil it is 1 -2 years and for PhD, it can range from 3 to 8 or even more depending on the pace, the institute etc. Online Disaster Management courses can be completed within a few months.

Q: What is the need for Disaster Management certification courses?

A: As a professional, you already have the relevant qualification (degree) and experience. Then Disaster Management certification courses can enhance your skills. As an individual, you can prepare yourself better and be of service in times of disaster after taking online Disaster Management courses.

Q: Can I learn online Disaster Management courses?

A: While Disaster management requires practical skills and thus a degree course is important, you can learn the basics and become prepared with online Disaster Management courses. You can complete them from the comfort of your home.

Career Category
Job Role


Urban Disaster Risk Mitigation and Climate Resilient Development

Offered by


Urban Disaster Risk Mitigation & Climate Resilient Development

Over the past few decades, the world saw some unfortunate and unprecedented situations. With urbanization and globalization peaking throughout the years, we witnessed a drastic decline in environmental quality and an increase in natural emergencies. It is essential to be aware of the consequences of our actions in our communities and surroundings. With Swayam’s Urban Disaster Risk Mitigation & Climate Resilient Development Course, learn about urban development and its relationship with disaster risks, emergency management, and climate change.

With a Certificate in Urban Disaster Risk Mitigation & Climate Resilient Development Course, you will be able to analyze the factors behind climate emergencies, disaster management, and urban development. The course will also take you through resilient methods of community development in urban sectors.

Moreover, you will also understand the strategies to make surroundings anti-fragile and contribute to a risk-free environment. With each passing day, people are becoming more conscious and aware of their actions and their consequences. Get your certificate today to attain knowledge and spread insight about the situation to others as well.

...Read More
15 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Disaster Management

Offered by

IsraelX via Edx

Resilience - The art of coping with disasters

Successful coping and disaster management instances have a common element - resilience. In recent decades, this word has become a buzzword in discussions around disasters and crises. The Resilience - The art of coping with disasters course by edX will equip you with the necessary resources and techniques to manage stressful experiences. The programme will also help you to emerge victorious from such situations.

The Resilience - The art of coping with disasters online course will introduce a clearer definition of resilience with the prospect of enhancing your crisis management capabilities. You will learn to manage and execute protective measures and emergency response interventions and preparedness. You will comprehend the relevance and significance of resilience in various times and situations.

Moreover, the Resilience certification training curriculum will explore resilience measurement concepts to build a response plan for emergencies. During the course, we will also uncover social media’s role in the crisis management lifecycle. The programme’s duration is 11 weeks and it has a self-paced learning plan. The instructor-paced programme can take the course by paying the fee and get a certificate. The students can also audit the programme for a limited period free of cost. 

...Read More
11 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Disaster Management
Disaster Recovery and Build Back Better

Offered by


Disaster Recovery and Build Back Better

The Disaster Recovery and Build Back Better Certification is an 8-week online course. Even if Swayam is assigned to teach the course, IIT Roorkee creates and validates the course syllabus. The Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, and NPTEL are the organizations accredited to issue this course certificate.

Disaster Recovery and Build Back Better training is a part of the architecture and technology elective curriculum. This certification course is taught by Ram Sateesh Pasupuleti, and Subhojyothi Samaddar.

This course takes a comprehensive and integrated approach to post-disaster restoration and regeneration in order to deal with a wide range of issues and ensure that the impacted community is rebuilt in an adaptable manner for the upcoming years. It exposes research concepts, methodologies, industry experience, field observations, rational analysis, and vital findings on the following areas of disaster recovery Build Back Better (BBB).

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8 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Disaster Management

Offered by

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne via Edx

A Resilient Future Science and Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction

The aspirants enrolling in A Resilient Future: Science and Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction by edX will learn how science, technology, and innovation can help us save the risk of disaster on a large scale. The course involves citing real-life examples for the aspirants to learn in a comprehensive way.

The candidates will have a wide exposure to putting their ideas from paper to real-world applications. The overall aim of sustainable development has been well brought up during the course. Assignments, quizzes, discussions, and projects help candidates know more and learn in a better way. 

The different challenges have been cleared out for the candidates to come up with innovative ideas in the best possible way. Once the candidates complete the entire course, they shall receive a certification if they enrolled by paying the fee. During the course, the aspirants can ask their queries to the team of experts held responsible for conducting the course. The candidates can also audit the self-paced course for free for a limited duration. 

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7 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Disaster Management

Offered by


Nature-based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience

Nature offers many solutions to avoid or reduce the impacts of natural disasters, such as wetlands as a buffer to excess rainwater, sand dune to maintain coastlines, and protecting forests on steep slopes. Such solutions are called Nature-based solutions or NbS. 

Nature-based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience online course will help you understand the concept of NbS in greater detail and discuss various NbS to build resilience in reducing the impact of climate risk and disasters. 

The Nature-based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience syllabus answers many questions related to the NbS’ relevance and how it can be applied to work and daily life. The SDG Academy has designed the course and will be taught by a panel of experienced faculty. This is an online course of seven weeks. You can complete the course in the stipulated time by spending an average of 3-6 per week. 

Besides, the Nature-based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience course also offers certification. It is an introductory course in Environmental studies and provides free enrolment as well. 

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7 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Environmental Science

Offered by

Waseda University, Tokyo via Edx

Tsunamis and Storm Surges: Introduction to Coastal Disasters

After years of close observations and experiences in disaster management, the experts of Waseda University have come up with the Tsunamis and Storm Surges: Introduction to Coastal Disasters online course.  This course is packed with disaster prevention methodology and foundational disaster management tools. As the name suggests, this course introduces the participants to coastal disasters such as tsunamis and Storm Surges. This course mainly deals with disaster management. 

In this course, field surveys will play an important part. Along with the introduction, the participants will also learn the reasons behind such disasters, how they become a major factor in lost human lives, and how institutions and infrastructures collapse. One of the chief tools the course will use is numerical simulations and hydraulic experiments to validate the disaster scenarios. The Tsunamis and Storm Surge: Introduction to Coastal Disasters certification course specifically aims at reducing the negative impacts of the natural disaster. It is practice-based and drawn from real-life studies.

The Certification provided by this course is of great value. The candidates can benefit from the shareable attribute of the certificate if they take the programme in the verified track by paying the fee.  It will be signed by the course instructor and there will be the logo of Waseda University. The students can get limited access to the programme for a limited period. 

...Read More
6 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Disaster Management

Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster

5 Weeks

Offered by

Offered by


Emergency Management


Offered by

Offered by


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