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Have you ever been to a function or meeting where everything went wrong? The joy was gone. Crucial discussions couldn’t take place. A power cut, a fire, or there was not enough food for everyone? This is due to terrible event management. You want everything to be perfect. This is where an event manager comes in. They manage event location, staff, and finances, and their work is only done if the event goes well. 

If you aspire to have a great career in this field, then there are many event management certification courses to choose from. Over the years event management has become a popular field and with the advent of online learning, the field has become more popular as several students or opted for online education to learn new skills. There are several event management courses after 12th now. Read more to learn about free event management certification courses.

What is Event Management?

In technical terms, event management means taking care of all the logistics before, during, and after the event.  Any event that you can think of - a business meeting, a humanitarian cause, or simply an informal occasion with your loved ones requires event management. When you create, and then manage, and maintain the entire event then that is called even management. If this is your passion, there are many event management certificate courses to choose from. 

Who Can Pursue Event Management Courses?

Candidates who have graduated from any stream will be able to pursue postgraduate-level event management courses. However, some students who have a background in mass communication will be preferred over others. Candidates who are interested in your developing the skills, personal qualities, and experience in the industry.

  • You are full of vigor yet calm and organised 
  • You have an eye for detail
  • You can juggle multiple things at once and be on time
  • You are a great leader and an awesome team player
  • You can bring to life the kind of event your client has in mind

If this is you, then event management courses are for you!

Eligibility Criteria for Event Management Courses

You can go for a diploma in event management, which requires (10 + 2) with minimum aggregate marks (50 %). However, your prospects would be higher if you complete diploma and certificate courses after graduation as they add more value. You can always go for advanced courses (PG Diploma, MBA in Event Management) after graduation with a minimum aggregate (50 %) marks. One interesting fact is that these courses do not mandate that you should have event management as the subject for your undergraduate degree. Here are the eligibility criteria for online event management courses.

Graduation in Event Management

  • Bachelor of Event Management (B.E.M)
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Fees: Rs. 4-5 lakhs

Top Entrance Exams for B.E.M

 Postgraduate Event Management Courses

  • MAMC (Master of Arts in Mass Communication) Event Management
  • MA (Master of Arts) Event Management 
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration) Event Management
  • PG (Postgraduate) diploma in Event Management
  • MHM (Master of Hospitality or Hotel Management) Event Management

Entrance Exams for PG Event Management Courses

There are a lot of management entrance exams that can be attended by candidates who are thinking of applying for an event management course online in india. These entrance exams are the benchmark for getting into any kind of management courses. Some of the top-rated ones are stated below:

Skills Required for Event Management Courses

Event planning is one of the most stressful jobs that requires some different specialised skills. It is a rewarding career for a rare breed of hyper-organised, hard-working individuals. If you think you have the zeal to become an event management expert. Event management requires sharp organisational skills and one should be eager to plan and then plan for post-event analysis. Here are some necessary skills for event management courses:

  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Multitasking
  • Time Management
  • Prioritise things based on relevance
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Teamwork

What Will You Learn in Event Management Courses?

Event Management courses will help in providing comprehensive training that is equipped with at least a diverse skill set, that includes communication, negotiation, project management, budgeting, marketing, and problem-solving. Event Management is a great career path for students with solid managerial skills and creative imagination skills. Here are some topics that can be learned from the event management course online India:

Popular Event Management Courses By Top Providers

With the expansion of the world, event management has become a huge industry, and day by day it is growing in India. This will in turn increase the hiring of employees who have pursued event management certification courses. You take these online event management courses and be ready to work for the best companies in the world. Here are some of the top providers offering event management certification courses:

Career Opportunities after Event Management Courses

The event management industry is ever-changing, and this industry offers tons of different kinds of opportunities to work on anything right from small staff events and festivals like charity fundraisers, and weddings. Event managers will have to be very adaptable so that they can prove their multi-faceted role to potential hiring employers. Here are some of the most sought-after career opportunities after pursuing event management courses:

Event Planner

You create the vision and develop an overall theme. You then select the venue apt for that theme. You also create the planning menu catering to the demand of the occasion.

Average Base Salary: Rs. 3,95,264/- p.a.

Event Manager

While the event planner creates the vision, you are the one who executes it. You supervise all the administrative details (location reservations, hiring staff) in an event. You work with the staff and execute the event effectively.

Average Base Salary: Rs. 4,45,116/- p.a.

Exhibition Organiser 

You plan and execute the exhibition on behalf of your client. You secure sponsorship, a suitable venue, and potential exhibitors. You arrange layouts and activities for the exhibition. You supervise from registration forms to place decorations. You also ensure insurance health and safety requirements are met.

Average Base Salary: Rs. 3,95,264/- p.a.

Logistics Manager

You are responsible for the overall management of the supply chain. You coordinate with the entire supply chain to ensure maximum productivity, You negotiate with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. You supervise transportation and warehouse affairs.

Average Base Salary: Rs. 6,00,528/- p.a.

Event Management Salary Trends 

As the demand for an event manager is on the rise, the compensation for him or her is also on the rise. When your expertise along with experience increases, you may expect a more handsome salary package. This is true both in India and in the global context. Salary trends can change depending on different factors such as industry sectors, years of experience, location, level of education, and job roles. Let us have a look at the average salary trends that an event management professional can make.


Average Salary p. a.

Less than 1 year

Rs. 3,50,000/-

1-4 years

Rs. 360,490/-

5-9 years

Rs. 5,61,000/-

10 years and above

Rs. 6,16,736/-

**Source of Salary Details: payscale

Note: The given salary details may vary depending on skills, experience, company, and location. 

Scope of Event Management Courses

Ideas come easy. But the execution is everything. Wherever you look, from weddings to meetings, you will find yourself in high demand. And the demand is increasing. According to Allied Market Research, the events industry was worth a whopping 1,135.4 billion dollars in 2019. This is expected to reach 1,552.9 billion dollars by 2028. So arm yourself with one of the best event management courses and this industry is yours.

Top Recruiters

If you are best at what you do then there is a high chance that recruiters will be hiring you for your desired role. Event management professionals are skilled at building finances so that they can divide and allocate the right amount of budget so that there is no way the event shuts down because of a shortage of budget. Here are some top-level recruiters who hire online event management courses with certificates in India pass outs:

  • Cineyug Entertainment
  • JM Events
  • Platinum Events
  • DNA Networks Pvt Ltd.
  • Cox and King
  • Percept D Mark
  • Tafcon Group
  • Wizcraft
  • Britt Worldwide


Q. What qualifications do I need to pursue event management courses?

A. You need (10 +2) qualification. With that, you can pursue a diploma in event management. 

Q. Is graduation in event management enough for a good career?

A. While it is possible that one can become a successful event manager even with just a diploma, having a post graduation in event management will only boost your career. Also, go for some online event management courses to give yourself an upper hand. 

 Q. Are event management courses expensive?

A. There are the best free online event management courses with certificates that are free of cost and there are graduation courses that can cost up to 5 lakhs.

Q. What are the different career prospects after event management courses?

A. After successful completion of event management courses, you can look forward to Event Manager, Wedding Planner, Logistic Manager, Event Planner, and Exhibition Organiser.

Q. Are event management courses worth it?

A. Any event management course and a diploma in event management online course will teach you the foundations as well as the applications to become an excellent event manager.

Q. What are some of the industries where I can work as an event manager?

A. Many industries demand professional event managers. They are Entertainment, Journalism, IT, Healthcare, corporate, sports, and wedding.

Q. Are there any online event management courses available?

A. Yes. Many institutes offer online event management courses. However, it is advisable to have a diploma or a graduation degree from campus so that you can have practical experience. The candidates can also opt for the best free online event management courses with certificates.

Career Category
Job Role


Online Degree

BBA Event Management

Dr DY Patil University, Navi Mumbai offers an online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme in Event Management. The online BBA Event Management course is a three-year undergraduate degree programme in the field of event management. Online BBA in Event Management at Dr DY Patil University is focused on the use of management skills to create, plan, market and organize events. With the online BBA Event Management programme at Dr DY Patil University, Navi Mumbai, students will learn to set budgets and purchase materials. Upon completion of Dr DY Patil University Online BBA Event Management, graduates will be able to build a career as Event Managers, Venue Managers, Social Media Event Coordinators, Wedding Planners, Communications Managers, and others.

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36 Months
Online Degree

MBA Event Management

Master of Business Administration in Event Management at Dr DY Patil University is a two-year postgraduate online degree programme. Online MBA in Event Management from DY Patil University equips students with the theoretical knowledge, field expertise and competencies essential to land a successful career in the Events sector in France or abroad. Students seeking to thrive in the Events sector can apply for the online MBA Event Management programme at Dr DY Patil University, Navi Mumbai. This online MBA course in Event Management consists of an international curriculum and multicultural environment that will intensify students’ knowledge, develop their management skills and pursue successful careers in event management.

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24 Months
Event Management Marketing and Public Relations

Offered by


Event Management, Marketing & Public Relations

Markets are generating multiple opportunities for learners who have the skills to move the trajectory of an organization upward. We are residing in a world where some basic skills can yield us a powerful and promising career. The certification course of Event Management, Marketing & Public Relations provided by Campus of Open Learning, Delhi University, and RK Academy of Arts and Design is an initiative to groom and enhance the skills of learners. 

Event Management, Marketing & Public Relations training is delivered by experts to inculcate the skills of event management, marketing, and public relations. In prominent organizations and MNCs, these skills can help the learner to latch onto desirable job opportunities. Moreover, the learner will be trained by the experts of RKAAD through offline and online classes. The practical training will help in the comprehensive learning of the candidate. Interested candidates must fill in the application form, attach the required documents and post it at the address of COL-DU. Event Management, Marketing & Public Relations certification by COL-DU and RKAAD will be given to the candidates after the completion of the course. 

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10 Months
Skills Covered:
Marketing skills Event management skills Public Relations skills
Event Coordination and Control

Offered by


BHC-013: Event Coordination and Control

People who practice in the event industry put a lot of emphasis on event management strategies. This BHC-013: Event Coordination and Control course offers knowledge of event planning, control systems, execution of events, assessment of events and a variety of events that will enable aspiring event organisers to choose the field they want as a career.

This BHC-013: Event Coordination and Control programme by Indira Gandhi National Open University, and Swayam also offers a thorough understanding of event control and measurement, because to assess the effectiveness of an event, performance metrics need to be achieved. The emphasis on a variety of events or special events that will create an awareness of the field to be chosen as a career, as well as improving candidates' experience of these fields, is another exciting feature of this programme.

For those who want to join the field of event management, for those who are already employed in the industry and for those who want to start their own event company, this BHC-013: Event Coordination and Control training programme is perfect.

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16 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Event management skills
Event Planning

Offered by


BHC-012:Event Planning

When planning an event, it is important to know what the client's desires and needs are and how one can organise that while staying inside the legal reach to avoid certain legality issues and processes. Under the whole event management process, there are also important contexts of risk and risk management processes.

The BHC-012: Event Planning course by Swayam teaches the candidates all they would need to learn to make it as an Event Planner and be successful in that line of work. It teaches them the elements of event planning, how important it is to have unique elements and what is the process of implementing it with one’s creativity.

Furthermore, the applicants will also cover some great concepts like management of human resources and the introduction of event logistics in the planning process. The BHC-012: Event Planning training course is a tailored fit for all aspiring event planners and the contents of the course have been specifically made to cater to every doubt or need that may arise from the candidates side.

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16 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Event management skills
Basics of Event Management

Offered by


BHC-011: Basics of Event Management

The event industry has multiplied over the past few decades. The sector has flourished into a million-dollar industry in recent years. The BHC-011: Basics of Event Management certification course by Swayam, and IGNOU, will take you through the current trends in the event industry. The curriculum will help you understand the operations and functions that fall under the sector. 

This BHC-011: Basics of Event Management training programme provides an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to kick-start their careers in the field of event management. Interested candidates can enrol in the course to get a direction into the scope, requirements and functions of an event manager.

Get your certification in BHC-011: Basics of Event Management and acquire expertise in events and activation. The booming industry is full of tremendous opportunities, excelling in getting the most out of this growing sector. The course will familiarise you with the importance of an event manager. You will learn about topics like characteristics and types of an event and the future of the industry. 

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12 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Event management skills
Events Management

Offered by


Events Management

During the time of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the ways to deliver beautiful memories that connect to younger consumers are highly-priced. The Events Management certification course by Get Smarter gives a comprehensive view of event management and introduces students to a wide range of practical abilities in this industry.

A career in the event management industry may be extremely lucrative, but success necessitates a thorough understanding of the most recent concepts, ideas, and practices. The Events Management Training teaches how to negotiate or propose for an event, organize suppliers and service providers, create an operational budget, and execute marketing tactics by utilizing the numerous platforms accessible, all while being guided by industry experts.

The Events Management certification syllabus explains the idea of occasion greening and helps students acquire confidence in creating and implementing various events ranging from a marketing campaign to a ceremony or a sporting event. The course gives a strong foundation in all of the central topics, ideas, and procedures necessary to plan, design, promote, and manage a wide range of events successfully.

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10 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Event management skills

How to Plan a Wedding

4 Weeks
Certificate in Event Management Quality Licence Scheme Level 3

Offered by

Certificate in Wedding Planning Quality Licence Scheme Level 3

Offered by

Certified Event Management Professional

Offered by


Certified Event Management Professional

Explore the intricacies of successful event management in the field of event management and aesthetics. The Certified Event Management Professional online course is designed for aspiring students who have an inclination towards event skills and who hold a keen interest in building a career based on this in the industry. 

The course curriculum is practical application-oriented where students get an opportunity to create their own projects on Events, Digital Media, giving further details into Events concepts, making Videos, event Advertisement, Making event logos, event taglines, ways to organize events on their own, event Posters, Brochures, event public Relation Strategies, event Management skills, Digital platforms for events and many more related techniques and strategies. 

The Vskills Certified Event Management Professional training course provides the basic fundamentals for candidates to cater to the company’s need for organizing and successful management of the events. The certification tests the candidates' credentials into learning the different areas in event management like CPM/PERT, event planning, event marketing, public relations, taxes and budgeting of the events, human resource management, financing, lawslogistics, branding and wide publicity of the event, safety and security of the general audience and special guests, lodging and catering and many more.

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Skills Covered:
Event management skills
How To Organize Successful Events

Offered by


How To Organize Successful Events

$ 999


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