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Online Automotive Engineering Courses & Certifications

The movement has been fundamental in man’s history of progress. It started with what is now simple, but then revolutionary: the wheel. And now in the 21st century, man is building self-driving cars, flying cars, and more. How is this done? Automotive engineering gets it done.

This multi-trillion dollar industry aims to provide automated transportation so you could enjoy spending time catching up with work, social media and so on. If you are excited by these amazing opportunities and believe that you have what it takes to design and develop some of the revolutionising machines of tomorrow, then jump right in! There are many automotive engineering courses online that can make you a professional. 

What is Automotive Engineering?

It is a branch of engineering which involves the design, development, manufacture and testing of vehicles. Using creativity, innovation and technical skills, automotive engineers and other related professionals create top-notch machines that make transportation easier and easier by the day. Some of the prominent fields within the industry are rapid prototyping, ergonomics, aerodynamics, and manufacturing.

Who can pursue Automotive Engineering courses?

  • You have a fascination with transportation and have your own innovative thoughts to express.
  • You are a problem solver and are always ready for a challenge.
  • You have a strong science background and wish to pursue it.

If this is you, then Automotive Engineering courses can help you become that professional.

Eligibility Criteria for Automotive Engineering courses

UG Automotive Engineering courses

You must have a (10+2) qualification with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in the science stream (Physics, Chemistry, and Maths). You will need to crack different entrance exams for different institutes. Sometimes there will be interviews as well.

PG Automotive Engineering courses

You must have a Bachelor’s in Engineering with a minimum of 50% marks.

Similar to UG, there will be entrance exams as well as interviews. 

Entrance Examinations for Automotive Engineering courses

You can also opt for online Automotive Engineering courses.

Important skills for Automotive Engineering courses

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Research skills
  • Observational skills
  • Analytical and logical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Time Management

Popular providers offering automotive engineering courses and certifications

What will you learn in Automotive Engineering courses?

Some of the important topics in UG are:

  • Mathematics
  • Engineering Physics
  • Engineering Chemistry
  • Engineering Graphics
  • Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Fundamentals of Computing and Programming
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Marketing Management
  • Robotics
  • Statistics and Numerical Methods
  • Engineering Thermodynamics
  • Engineering Metals and Metallurgy
  • Automotive Transmission
  • Automotive Safety
  • Automotive Chassis & Engines
  • Automotive Pollution and Control
  • Production Technology

Popular Automotive Engineering certification courses


Offered by



BAJA ATV Virtuals Preparation


Rs 2,500/-

Introduction to Automotive Embedded Systems and Autosar

Skill Lync


Rs 15,000/-

M.Tech Automotive Engineering

BITS Pilani

2 years

Rs 2,47,500/-

Multibody Dynamics for Automotive Applications

Skill Lync


Rs 7,000/-

Multibody Dynamics using SolidWorks

Skill Lync


Rs 3,000/-

Career Opportunities after Automotive Engineering courses

Automotive Engineer

As an automotive engineer, you design and improve the mechanisms in the automotive field. You use CAD software for designing. You also carry out tests to ensure all the technologies are efficient. 

Average Base Salary p.a.: Rs 6,14,451/-

Automobile Designer

As an automobile designer, you design and develop cars, motorbikes, buses, trucks etc. depending on the company. You combine various elements of mechanical, electrical, and software engineering to build these machines.

Average Base Salary p.a.: Rs 4,50,000/-

Quality Assurance Engineer

As a quality assurance engineer, you maintain the automobiles through periodic evaluation (testing for repairs)before it is launched. Your detailed report is viewed by the development team and they will make the necessary changes to the machine.

Average Base Salary p.a.: Rs 3,95,115/-

Salary Trends

Average Base Salary of an Automotive Engineer based on experience:

Experience in years

Average Base Salary p.a.

< 1

Rs 584,274 /- 

1 - 4

Rs 5,86,326/-

5 - 9

Rs 7,02,206/-


Rs 9,82,635/-

20 & above

Rs 10,00,000/-

** Source of Salary Details: Payscale

Note: The given salary details may vary depending on experience, skills, company, location etc.

Popular Online Engineering Courses and Certifications

Scope after Automotive Engineering courses

According to a study by Mckinsey and Company, the automotive industry’s revenue will increase by a whopping 30%. This is roughly equivalent to 1.5 trillion dollars. You will find yourself in high demand in both the public and private sectors. Along with your passion and skills, you will also need the right training.

Hence career after automotive engineering courses is nothing but rewarding.

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Q: What are the different entrance exams for automotive engineering courses?

A: Some of the top competitive entrance exams for automotive engineering courses are JEE Main, JEE Advanced, GATE, BITSAT, and KCET.

Q: What are the different ways in which I can pursue automotive engineering courses?

A: After (10+2) you can enrol for UG automotive engineering courses through entrance exams and interviews. And then go for PG Automotives courses as well. If you still have a thirst for knowledge you can go for research. Also, you can take online automotive engineering courses which can enhance your skills.

Q: How long do automotive engineering courses last?

A: It would vary depending on the course. UG automotive engineering courses will take four years to complete whereas PG will take 2 years. Automotive Engineering certification courses can be completed in a few months. 

Q: What are the different job profiles after automotive engineering courses? 

A: Here is a list of potential careers for you: Automotive Engineer, Automotive Designer,  Quality Assurance Engineer, Automobile Engineer etc. Also, go for online automotive engineering courses to augment your skills.

Q: What technical skills do I need for automotive engineering?

A: The following skills are crucial in automotive engineering:  Excellent analytical and logical skills, problem-solving skills, in-depth knowledge of the subject, Creativity, Innovation, Soft skills, Time management, organisational skills, Teamwork etc. You can develop more on the technical aspects through degrees and online automotive engineering courses.

Q: How much does it cost to study automotive engineering courses?

A: There are numerous automotive engineering certification courses which you can enrol in for free. Some automotive certification courses are paid but come up to only a few thousand rupees. There are Automotive Engineering courses which can cost up to 15 lakhs for UG and up to 7 lakhs for PG.

Career Category
Job Role


M.Tech Automotive Engineering

Offered by

Online Degree

M.Tech Automotive Engineering

Those who want to make their career in the automobile industry as an Automobile designer, Senior production engineer, Quality engineer, Service engineer, etc can enroll in the M.Tech Automotive Engineering course from BITS Pilani. This two-year UGC-approved program has a module of a four-semester course. Since the classes are online hence applicants can attend the program without any break. There will be a special focus on Automotive control systems, Engine technologies, Electric mobility, and Automotive systems engineering subjects. Candidates who will successfully complete the online course will be awarded the status of the community of BITS Pilani Alumni. Go to the article to know more about eligibility, program offerings, the application process, and other details. 

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24 Months
M.Tech Automotive Electronics

Offered by

Online Degree

M.Tech Automotive Electronics

The M.Tech. Automotive Electronics course is offered under BITS Pilani Work Integrated Learning Programme (WILP). This course is a UGC approved four semester program which has a Dissertation (Project work) in the final semester . After completion of this course individuals can make their career in Automotive, Auto component, Design, Manufacturing etc. This online programme from BITS Pilani has a major focus on Autotronics,Automotive Networking, ADASEmbedded System Design, Control and Communication Systems and Hybrid Vehicles. The syllabus of the course is designed in such a way that it will benefit the candidates the most.  The fee per semester is Rs. 57,750 for M.Tech. Automotive Electronics course. Go to the article to know details about program offerings, eligibility, syllabus and application details.  

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24 Months

Offered by


Post Graduate Program in Computational Design and Pre-processing

Along with technological advancements, the design methodology has changed drastically. Throughout history, humans have shaped the world with design. Computational design is now taking the advantage of mass communication power and is slowly and gradually changing the fundamental role of humans in the designing field. It has become extremely easy for humans to design new products through this. They no longer sit and do everything by themselves instead they guide the machine to do so. These technologies have augmented the designing process and have made it extremely efficient.

The Post Graduate Program in Computational Design and Pre-processing by Skill Lync is a perfect platform for the candidates to develop their knowledge and skills and become a pro in it. Get your hand on properly using the tools of computational designing and upgrade your portfolio.

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6 Months
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of engineering

Offered by


BAJA / ATV Virtuals Preparation

This course is aimed at the candidates who want to prepare themselves from scratch for participating in different ATV Championship events, including the SAEINDIA BAJA Event. The participants of the BAJA / ATV Virtuals Preparation will get to know about different methods to build up as well as design their own All-Terrain Vehicles. With DIYguru, the candidates will be provided with a learning environment that is convenient for the learner. 

The tenure of this course is 30-days, and the contents of this programme can be accessed by the candidates anytime and anywhere, according to his/her ease, making it an asynchronous programme. The candidates need not worry about the malfunction of the device they are accessing the course on, because this course can be accessed on multiple devices as well. The candidates who successfully complete the course with a score of more than 60% will also be provided with a valuable certification to help them gain employment opportunities and confidence. 

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90 Days
Skills Covered:
Knowledge of engineering
Commercial Vehicle Driver

Offered by


Commercial Vehicle Driver - ASC/Q9703 (NSQF Level 4)

The Commercial Vehicle Driver - ASC/Q9703 (NSQF Level 4) online course helps experienced commercial drivers to get advanced knowledge and understanding of their job profile. In addition to this, the course guides beginners to grab the knowledge of their role and responsibilities as commercial drivers. The certification course is available on the TCS iON portal, learners can easily enroll themselves by subscribing to it. Commercial Vehicle Driver - ASC/Q9703 (NSQF Level 4) classes help in overall grooming from scratch to the professional level for commercial drivers. 

Commercial Vehicle Driver - ASC/Q9703 (NSQF Level 4) training duration is twelve weeks, in which the learner must commit 1-2 hours per week to complete the course on time. The certification course is divided into distinct modules, each has different topics and test assignments for self-tracking. Moreover, the course ends with the practical assessment in which the learner should score 70% for receiving Commercial Vehicle Driver - ASC/Q9703 (NSQF Level 4) certification by Skills Trainer and ASDC

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12 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Attention to Safety

Offered by


Design Engineer Master’s Certification Programme

The foundation of any big innovation is always a Design. Design, a base structure that stems in the imagination of an engineer, which is then worked upon and implemented, first into the paper, and next into the real world.

Engineering itself was a result of the curiosity of a creative mind, which has evolved into a system, over the years. Design Engineering is an art which has led humans to walk on the moon and peek into the magnificent riddles of the cosmos. Automatic, self-driven cars are a gift from Design Engineering, but individual jetpacks are not- not yet.  The first and foremost pre-requisite for a design engineer is to have an innovative and curious mind. The next is to be able to formulate ideas. Ideas that can change the world. To doubt if a successful career can be made out of your Design Engineering skills is mere folly.

This Design Engineer Master’s Certification Programme will instill into students a deep knowledge and understanding of the process of design engineering across the world. This programme will teach students crucial attributes like incorporating various aspects of modelling and architecture while creating their designs, working in domains of product and automotive design, and much more.

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Skills Covered:
Knowledge of engineering

Offered by


Multibody Dynamics for Automotive Applications using Motionview and Motionsolve

Multibody Dynamics in Automotive Applications course enhances the learning of course takers regarding the utility of the advanced set of equipment used for structural configuration of multibody structural mechanics through the use of Kinematics of Mechanisms. Practical application of course learnings will enable candidates to use one of the most abundantly used multibody dynamics software packages by Altair Hyperworks- Motionsolve/ Motionview. The curriculum has been designed by mechanical engineers adept in this field so as to transfer their expertise to learners as well.

The syllabus contains topics aimed at stimulating the kinematic analysis towards various automobile mechanisms. After successful completion of this online course, students shall gain an upper hand over other Multibody Dynamics software as well namely, ADAMS and SIMULIA.

This course vests candidates with sufficient skills to replicate the motion of a fully functioning vehicle which will eventually make them comprehend the importance of Multibody Dynamics as domain expertise. Additionally, candidates can avail a personalised one-on-one demo session to get an overview of the course. Live webinars and workshops ensure that learning never stops for students.

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Skills Covered:
Knowledge of engineering

Offered by


Multibody Dynamics using SolidWorks

The movements of a physical body can be measured by using the study of kinematics and dynamics where it can use all the relative terms of acceleration and motion. The course itself is designed for the aspirants who are interested in motion study and its interesting learning to make their career placed in their interested wing. With this type of programme, the learner can learn Multibody Dynamics and Motion study.

In this engaging world with all the physics and its applications, people may be interested to know how this all happens and the answer arises from Skill Lync academy through many demonstrations and practical knowledge. Learnings from the practical knowledge are applicable anywhere and there the main strategy of Skill Lync academy arises. However, the student's capabilities and performances are raised with conceptual learnings.

Skill Lync generates future engineers with probable practical knowledge by partnering with industrial experts. The academy has a professional and deep knowledgeable faculty who fills creativity in students. The conceptual study by this academy differs from any other academy. The required support is ensured by the academy by enrolling in the course. Therefore this academy becomes the reason for student’s dreams and achieves higher.

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Skills Covered:
Knowledge of engineering

Offered by


Introduction to Automotive Embedded Systems & Autosar

"Introduction to Automotive Embedded Systems & Autosar" Certification is a short term online software course provided by Skill Lync. When hardware is changed there is a danger of updating it with the same functionality, and to control this, Autosar based Software Development Architecture is adopted where software remains generic, and this generic software architecture can be used for multiple OEMs.

The "Introduction to Automotive Embedded Systems & Autosar" Syllabus covers every aspect of the Electrical and Electronic complexities of automotive systems, and different automotive domains including Powertrain Control, Body Control Module, and ADAS etc. Along with this, the learners are also taught about the most important tools like MATLAB, and SIMULINK required for Automotive Software Development. 

The learners irrespective of being a fresher or any experienced working professionally after taking the "Introduction to Automotive Embedded Systems & Autosar" training can magnify their knowledge in Automotive Embedded Systems.

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Skills Covered:
Knowledge of MATLAB Knowledge of engineering

Offered by


Automotive BIW Design and Development Part 1 using NX CAD

The automotive BiW design and development part 1 using NX CAD online course is offered by the online education provider Skill Lync which helps you improve your industrial skills to excel in your career. The course consists of six projects which will provide the candidates with hands-on experience on Hood, Fender, Tailgate, Windshield and body side panels of an SUV. 

The course study is about the automotive design and development of the different kinds of automotive Body in White Parts(BIW). 

The automotive skill development course gives an experiential learning experience to find relevant job opportunities in the automotive industry. The technical support system for this programme comes in handy for the learners to gain an in-depth understanding of the concepts. The automotive BiW design and development part 1 using NX CAD online certification course ensures both practical and theoretical knowledge of the design factors of the BIW components.

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Skills Covered:
Knowledge of engineering

Offered by


Automotive Seating Design using CATIA V5

The Automotive Seating Design using CATIA V5 online course is offered by the online educational platform Skill Lync for engineering graduates. This course is a part of the mechanical engineering industry and the course study is about the basics of designing, the various steps involved in structuring, the building procedures, and the methodologies. The online course will help the students develop problem-solving skills and counter challenges with automotive technology. 

The course on ‘Automotive Seating Design using CATIA V5’ enables the candidates to know about the geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) of passenger car seat design according to the automotive level. In this course, the student will gain experience with handling the software tool Catia for foam and structure design. The course educators who are leading professionals from the fortune 500 companies guide the students and provide an extensive understanding of the subject through the lectures and project support during the course.

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Skills Covered:
Designing skills Problem Solving Ability Knowledge of engineering

Offered by


Automotive Ethernet


Offered by


Vehicle Dynamics In Automobiles


Offered by

Offered by

Offered by

Offered by


Automotive Radar


Offered by


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